Post-Eclipse Horoscopes for the Week of 8/23 – 8/29

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Yesterday, the day after the total eclipse of the Sun, it immediately transited from the fiery sign sign of Leo into the earthy sign of Virgo. It’s now time to ground the energy shift. Because Mercury, Virgo’s ruler, continues to transit in retrograde motion, what we’re trying to ground has roots in the past. We’ve traveled this road before. But a higher level response using more efficient methods and improved skills may now be possible.

The eclipse has finally eclipsed. Now we anticipate it being activated on earth at various intervals over the next several months.

The first major activation looks to take place Saturday through Monday of this week. Mars aligns then with the position of the North Node at the time of the eclipse – 24 degrees of Leo. The North Node is our optimal path forward. How can we harness all we’ve accumulated in terms of experience and skill to project our lives forward in the most personally meaningful and practical ways. The Sun in Virgo may ask for a more specific answer than we’re used to giving. Something involving the need to lead rather than follow may feel challenging.

The next activation after the North Node appears to be on September 2nd when Mars activates the exact eclipse degree – 28 degrees of Leo – by conjunction. This may be a wake-up call that clarifies our true passion – what we love most, what we truly desire, what we can’t not do. It may come in the form of a call to action. Culturally it may be explosive or war-like.

Consequential in and of itself is Saturn’s shift into direct motion on Friday. Saturn has been traveling in retrograde motion since April 7, 2017. After five months of reconsideration, re-examination, and attempts to clarify, this cycle is almost complete. Wrapped up in our ongoing process since April was a triple repeated challenge to Jupiter in Libra by Pluto in Capricorn (beliefs about relationships) – AND a powerful total Solar eclipse. This week the “exclamation point” following this “long sentence” is put in place.

The issue now becomes Saturn’s stationary point – 21 degrees of Sagittarius – as he slowly reverses direction and begins to pick up speed. For the next 33 days he grinds down on that 21 degree Sagittarius position. If you have planets at 19 – 24 degrees of any sign you’ll feel the cosmos insisting that you deal with the issues surrounding the challenges presented. Saturn is always a challenge to “bring it down to earth,” to structure it, and to make it real in a way that represents the achievement of freedom from long standing restriction.

The myth of Prometheus is wrapped up in the 21st degree of Sagittarius. In Greek mythology he was the deity who created mankind and continues to be its greatest benefactor. He stole fire from Mount Olympus and gave it to mankind.

Fire was the ingredient that quickened into life Prometheus’s clay images. His life energy symbolizes the power to bring thought (ideas) into concrete form. I suspect over the next 33 days it will no longer be enough to talk about our great ideas. It’s time to do what it takes to bring them into form.

The Sun’s move into Virgo re-focuses us on something practical and necessary.

This Friday Venus transits from the sign of care-taking Cancer into Leo. It’s a good time to dedicate ourselves to self-improvement. If you’re used to dramatizing your self-improvement efforts (raising my hand – guilty) that strategy may be less effective than usual. The time seems right for keeping your head down, staying focused, and letting the results speak for themselves.

Have a great week….

And thank you, as always, for reading what I write.


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ARIES (March 21-April 21)
It seems you’re ready to take responsibility for your future in ways you previously haven’t been. It’s time. A new clarity may take hold as you focus on the practicalities of what’s most needed to structure a freely creative, joyful, environment. That seems to hinge on letting go of an old lover or an old depleting social life. Venus asks and assists you in finishing up something that frees you to move forward. It looks like family relationships, money, your home, or living arrangements may be involved. Because we’re talking about Venus here, the conclusion should work in your favor. Venus is also supporting you in uprooting deeply embedded inner restrictions that made you “the follower”, not the leader. Pay attention to your mindset as you take the reins of your future firmly in hand. Promise never to never give them away again as you proceed to take back the sacred power you once relinquished. Pay attention to details and be very discriminating as you carefully pick and choose from an expanding array of options.

TAURUS (April 21-May 21)
Venus in your 3rd house of communication and habitual mindset is coming to the end of the road. It seems you may be in a position to end something, to tie up loose ends, to change an outdated routine or belief that renders you a caregiver rather than “artist-in-residence”, or the “lover-in-residence.” What you say and what you hear yourself or another say, may no longer ring true. The challenge is for you to take back the power you gave to another to determine your future. The Sun in your 5th house asks you to be more considerate of yourself as you choose something very practical and necessary to move in the direction of “freedom from restriction in love.” No one can save you. This is an inside job. Venus is in the process of healing an old wound that distorted your perception of your social life …or the capacity of another’s love to make it all work when self-love was actually the missing ingredient. Do something practical and self-centered to re-align yourself with your true worth and dignity. Release outdated goals.

GEMINI (May 21-June 21)
The Sun highlights in a practical way your “home, family, roots and the past” sector of your solar chart. Mercury indicates you’ve been in this position – or some variation of it – before. Venus and Chiron team up to move you forward in a way you were too wounded and impaired to move in the past. A release is indicated. The challenge is to take back your power and to regain the lead position over your life. Relationships may have sapped your strength and energy “forcing” you into a dependent, helpless, or overly restrictive role. Over the next 33 days is a chance to dethrone whatever (or whoever) currently occupies your rightful place. Whatever is impractical needs to be released. After that it seems all the pieces begin to fall into place. The more artistic, spiritual, “other-worldy” or compassionate you are, the greater your need for a practical, grounded, workable, secure, space. It appears that may be coming together.

CANCER (June 21-July 21)
There may be something more practical and efficient that is required as you let go of a future that seemed to depend on someone else stepping in to take he lead. Someone else may have stepped in but you need to take control to protect your interests. A deep wound from the past is healed rather quickly and easily this week as Venus exerts her influence to repair old emotional damage. Within the workplace you may need to assert yourself strongly as you honestly evaluate whether or not your current role moves you in the direction you want to go. If you are upholding a role that seems designed by someone else not entirely familiar with what’s most meaningful to you and the future you want to create, it may be time, for practical reasons, to say no. Your job and the responsibilities you agree to take on limit or advance your future aspirations. Be careful now that you shift something in a direction that is most favorable to you. This week Venus performs some magic in your 2nd house of self-worth and net-worth.

LEO (July 21-Aug 21)
Time to get down to business, to re-align yourself with your talent, to do something practical to make financial partnerships work more efficiently, or to stabilize yourself in some way. You have lots of natural charisma that can be put to good use as you attempt to take back your power. Something was sacrificed along the way as you second-guessed the power of charm, humor, love, and a magnetic performance to move you in the right direction. Maybe you felt the need to be polite, or that it was time to pay your dues, or to share the spotlight with someone less talented. You’ve proven you can tone it down. Now it’s time to do something practical to begin to ramp it back up. Between now and the end of the year something outdated needs to move into the background as you step forward into your rightful leading role. Venus would like you to end a relationship in its current form – this is most likely your relationship to work and the responsibilities you currently own. She makes it easy for you if that’s what you decide.

Virgo (August 21 – Sep 21)
You may be backtracking or rethinking your approach to life and relationships for the next few weeks. Something practical that once seemed unclear or impossible may now be reconsidered. It’s time for you to do something concrete and maybe very challenging to take back your power – especially as you consider creating a new “base of operations” from which to launch your newly unburdened idea-filled inner life. Long periods of uninterrupted creative time may be required. Venus is asking you to put an end to an old social life or love life that does not inspire and encourage. That may be easier than you originally thought because Venus tends to assert her most supportive kind of influence. This week it pays to notice old habits that make you shy away from rocking the boat. Your new life may have everything to do with rocking the boat. Your inner life is what matters most now. It’s in the process of a jarring and amazing rebirth. Ready or not it’s time to clean and clear everything that stands between you and a stronger leadership role.

LIBRA (September 21-October 21)
Your social life may seem confusing, vague, or in the process of dissolution. You may have more questions than answers regarding who you can and can’t count on. You’re at the end of a yearly cycle and your task is to clean and clear what has become old, outdated, and/or uninspiring. Chances are that may relate to the company you’ve kept for the past year, your friends, the nature of your friendships, allies, and group affiliations. Where you belong and the role you choose to play within that realm may factor in. Your soul may be attempting to convey that for its own sake something needs to be abandoned. You may still be attached to what needs to go. You may love something or someone that stands in your way. Something very practical or difficult may need to be done to protect your heart and evolving soul. It’s time to take back your power by relinquishing it. If someone or something is trying to exit your life, let it go. There is a greater plan than the one you have in mind and a new beginning right around the corner.

SCORPIO (October 21 – November 21)
Finding the role you most want to play within the public realm may be evolving to a place you’d always hoped would be your destination. Tapping into something deep within, a unique gift, a passion, a role that embodies the “real you” may be within reach. Venus is about to move over your Midheaven and into your house of your highest achievements. Venus is the gift giver. Whatever support you need to further your role, she will provide it. Still you may not have taken the final step that would allow you to soar. Something practical may need to be communicated to a lover, ally, or enemy. Something unfinished may need to be finished. Making way for a system of support and encouragement for the professional life you’re creating hinges on doing something difficult to eliminate a drag on your energy. It’s time to take your power back by engaging only in those situations that enhance and expand your sense of self worth and your creative gifts. Lead in the direction of light and encouragement. Others are waiting for you to lead them in the right direction.

SAGITTARIUS (November 21- December 21)
The long delay is about over. It will soon be time for you to approach life in your own, confident, updated way. Your future options are expanding. Those who stood in your way may be stepping back to clear a path. It’s time for you to take the lead into foreign territory or a new adventure. It’s time to believe that you have what it takes to transform your life in ways that free you to expand fully into your most creative and generous self. Old restrictions or addressing bad habits may feel mundane and trivial compared to the exciting options you’re entertaining. But it’s the little things that trip you up and can keep you in a small prison of your own making – no matter where you go, what you do, or what we achieve. So it’s time to deal with the small things – bad health habits, an inability to enjoy the simple things, or restrictive relationship with food, sex, money, or personal power. Now it’s time to do the unglamorous things that require focus, consistent effort, determination, and a belief that the ability to enjoy the simple things enhances every experience. Venus richly rewards your efforts to take responsibility to transform and heal.

CAPRICORN (December 21-January 21)
Capricorn may be in the process of tying up loose ends or putting the finishing touches on something deep within. Feelings and relationships may be at stake as you continue to be driven to succeed. Except you’re not quite as driven as you used to be. Wisely over the past few years you’ve become more closely acquainted with the part of yourself that loves partnerships, loves being in love, romance, expansion, adventure, having fun and being funny. So finding room for more parts of yourself and bringing the equation into full balance is a challenge – but a very promising one. Something practical involving work, expansion, or foreign travel may need to be worked into the mix. You are used to leading but not necessarily in the direction of balance. Now the “soul’s comfort and deep inner urgings” must be taken into consideration along with money, security, and everything that always mattered to you. Finding the words to communicate what you feel is a practical consideration that could make all the pieces fall into place.

AQUARIUS (January 21-February 21)
Aquarius may have mastered the art of adjusting to others who seem to suck up all the oxygen in the room. But now that the “other” seems to be softening and evolving you may realize it’s your turn in love to play a more active, confident, leadership role. You may need to take on more responsibility for the direction of a relationship than you’re used to doing. You may need to develop the part of yourself that is highly entertaining, charismatic, and full of ideas about what you prefer. You may feel pressured to contribute more and to take responsibility for decisions. You may feel the urge to move a relationship into the realm of something more unorthodox. It may be time to insist on the freedom to experiment. That’s different from getting it right the first time. It may be time to share your views on working for the advancement of humanity, finding a cause you’re passionately devoted to, or an environment that frees you to be your most generous, unorthodox self. It’s time for you to lead in the direction of something more enlightened. It’s good to express your newly awakened charismatic and entertaining self as you make your case.
pisces otherworldly
PISCES (February 21-March 21)
Your relationship with others may be gong through an interesting transformational process that requires you to shift in some way, your style and approach. Old wounds that have diminished your sense of confidence are being healed. Venus is the major influence over that process so it may be proceeding smoothly and relatively comfortably. There is something about the hidden side of yourself – the part you’re just vaguely aware of or continually trying to suppress – that’s retracing its steps and reconsidering how much of an “out of sight out of mind” low visibility role he’s willing to continue to play. Something practical and difficult may need to be said to change that – if you’re sure you want it to change. Even if you’re not, there’s an indication you’ve already expanded out of an old, outdated role. It’s time to fully own more, most, or all of who you are. There is no downside. It’s time to take back your full power as you consider taking on a new professional role. Openly being all of who you are pretty much ensures your success and the life you crave.

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