Horoscopes for the Week of Aug. 9th – 15th

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This week Eclipse energy continues to intensify. A shift comes on Saturday, August 12th, when Mercury reverses course and begins a month long stint in retrograde motion. This is the second-last retrograde phase of the year. The next occurs in December.

A chance to slow down thought processes, to give the brain time to reorganize, regroup, and recuperate, and to have the luxury of moving back in time to a situation that was never satisfactorily resolved – and resolve it is the opportunity. With the advantage of retrospection we can separate ourselves from emotions that once produced a less than self-respecting response. If past decisions diminished you, it may be time for those to be reversed. New lines in the sand may need to be drawn.

With a retrograde Mercury under intensifying eclipse energy, it is likely that what comes up may be very central to your predominant life challenge, your life purpose, and the sacred longings of your soul. Very consequential unfinished business is likely to rise to the surface – often in dream form, but not necessarily. Maybe you now face the results of experiences and decisions that were initiated in the summer of 1999. With the clarity of “a neutral 3rd party,” divine grace, a more mature perspective, and the urge to re-center yourself, this is a “getting back on track with your central purpose” time. The fact that it occurs under an impending total eclipse in Leo seems very fortunate.

Treat the characteristic retrograde delays as a chance to relax a little, and the confusion caused by inevitable technological glitches as a chance to remember that you have only so much control. The rest is in the hands of a universe that has nothing but love and your best interest at heart.

MERCURY RETROGRADES AT 11 DEGREES OF VIRGO 38’ ON SATURDAY, AUGUST 12, 2017 AT 6:00 PM PDT & 9:00 PM EDT. It’s Sabian symbol is the following:

“An investigative reporter snatches away the curtain that leads to the subterranean lair of a nefarious secret society. Exposing secrets, secret societies, corporate malfeasance, governmental cover ups, and marital infidelities; unearthing an ugly truth; being upfront with intimates vs. closing the door on secrets – especially sexual secrets; fishing expeditions; realizing that one has been kept purposefully in the dark (or has unwittingly kept himself in the dark); a chance to achieve a much higher level of consciousness; finally recognizing the underlying game plan and deciding whether or not you want to continue to play.”

So exposing secrets can come in the form of remembering something you forgot that provides essential new clarity. If you’ve been hiding or suppressing something, this is your chance to come clean, to accept the consequences, and to move forward with your sense of self and self-respect fully intact.

Looking ahead Mercury turns direct again on September 5th at 28 degrees of Leo (4:30 AM Pacific time and 7:30 AM Eastern time.) When it changes direction it triggers the degree of the August eclipse almost exactly. An important decision, new commitment, resolution, plan, environment, or relationship status will take hold then as anchoring aspects of your “old life” continue to fade.

Have a great week!!

And thank you, as always, for reading what I write.


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ARIES (March 21-April 21)
You may be in the process of reconsidering what it is that promotes within you a solid sense of integrity. Important is a feeling that your whole system is operating in sync, that one part of your personality enhances the other, that you’re aligned with your most natural rhythms, and that your “process” for achieving your goals is becoming as efficient and fine-tuned as it needs to be. When you feel stable enough to enter into relationships at anytime without disrupting the inner harmony and efficiency you’ve achieved, it’s time to move forward. During the upcoming Mercury retrograde period, you may be dealing with the details, cleaning up some lingering “bad habits,” eliminating meaningless commitments and responsibilities, and finally letting go of a past that has haunted you for too long. What you’re preparing for is entry into the realm of a “fully adult” relationship. Seeking entry as a whole, complete, person changes the game. The freedom it allows moves you into relationships that are exactly right for you.

TAURUS (April 21-May 21)
The upcoming retrograde cycle may have you reconsidering love – what you love most, what ignites your passion, what serves your interests, and a willingness to conduct an honest, “no frills assessment” of what specifically is most capable of moving your life in a joyful direction. It may not be what you always thought it was. But you’re moving much closer to being able to identify it specifically. Knowing what doesn’t ignite your passion narrows your options. At stake is your ability to serve yourself efficiently with all the right methods and techniques in place to do whatever you do with grace and panache. Process matters most. Getting from point A to point B is actually beside the point. It’s more how you get there than where you actually arrive. Consider carefully what frees you to be the “ethereal dancer” whose process, technique, and inimitable style becomes an end in itself. Mesmerizing people along the way is your gift. You can make people forget what their original goal was and in doing so change their entire perspective on what matters most.

GEMINI (May 21-June 21)
As Mercury retrogrades in your 4th house you may be tying up loose ends and attending to details involving home, family, security issues, and making peace with the past. Issues may involve moving on before you’re ready vs. outgrowing an old situation and failing to update your life to reflect the change. Something has become unsettled regarding your current living arrangements. You may be in the process of updating, tying up loose ends, serving your need for something more secure, and finding a “home base” that frees an uninhibited expression of your true talents, creative ability, and expressions love. Children or your child-like need for more playtime seems intricately involved. Essentially a realignment with what truly reflects you and serves your needs is about to take hold. If you’re actually moving this involves lots of detailed work, checklists, discontinuing old services and initiating new ones. Gemini is especially efficient in this regard. The current challenge is a pivotal life-changer. On many levels, leaving something behind feels like a monumental step in the right direction.

CANCER (June 21-July 21)
Before you’re fully capable of settling into a home that feels like home – or that you have the right kind of foundation fully in place to support your most cherished goals, or that you can make peace with the past – a reconsideration of your relationship with siblings and neighbors may be in order. Or possibly it’s the outdated structure of your mindset – an assumption that you’re powerless to create the kind of future you want. Recognizing old thought patterns that sabotage you, routines that enslave rather than serve you, and work that threatens the most passionate expression of your true self, need to be reviewed over the next four weeks. At stake is a home base that feels comfortable, secure, restorative, and solidly capable of supporting the achievement of your highest goals and full potential. Something has changed. Consider that you may need some support in recognizing or learning new ways to compromise without betraying yourself.

LEO (July 21-Aug 21)
Leo may be in the process of re-thinking their approach to maintaining their existence – what’s involved in stabilizing themselves or keeping the family alive and well provided for. There is most likely an element of self-sacrifice involved, the feeling that you’re not being as efficient as you could be, that something elusive continues to undermine as you work harder and harder to make headway. It may be time for a re-arrangement of your priorities, an efficiency evaluation, a financial re-structuring, or a careful assessment of the condition of your sense of self-worth. If you’re working harder and harder to prove yourself to yourself or to keep your obsessions, fears, and compulsions under control, it may be time to get off that treadmill long enough to identify where your real passion and power lies. You are preparing for a chance to expand your reach, your connections, your options, and to learn something new and stimulating. Broadening your base may require a mind more open to something adventurous and untried. If it involves a foreigner or a foreign place, all the better.

Virgo (August 21 – Sep 21)
A financial opportunity awaits. Or maybe an opportunity for a relationship that aligns you more closely with who you are most naturally, a chance to finally understand your true worth and value, and to stabilize your life with something beautifully basic. Whatever it is, during this upcoming Mercury retrograde an updated analysis of your current style and approach to life, your ability to force your will on the world, to make an impact, and to put your personal stamp on everything you do and everyplace you go is required. Intricately tied up in all of this is an identification of the kind of role you want to play within the realm of relationships. An update of your appearance over the next four weeks may facilitate or accelerate needed change. You have a lot to think about and there appears to be a lot at stake between now and mid-October. Sticking with what you know may be the most comfortable answer. But make sure you’re very honest with yourself about what ignites your passion and what dampens it.

LIBRA (September 21-October 21)
Mercury retrogrades in your 12th house of “oceanic oneness” and things you cannot control. The process of reconsideration, refocus, and restructuring occur at the deepest levels of your being. I anticipate that dreams and old memories will nudge you into remembering what has been left unresolved. Or maybe the antics of another whose behavior you cannot control will push you to address what you’ve yet to address. At stake is further development of a graceful, artistic, balanced, “full of love” approach to life – and a relationship that frees you to play the role that aligns you with your most natural rhythm. What’s needed is a hyper-vigilant approach to your health – a recognition of how at any given moment, health problems essentially reflect your state of mind and heart. If you’ve ever considered keeping a dream journal this is the week. Reconsider exposing the secrets you’ve been keeping and give full attention to the memories (even seemingly insignificant ones) that flow into your mind.

SCORPIO (October 21 – November 21)
Mercury retrogrades in your 11th house of your social life – all the people, places, and things that serve your desire to love more freely, and to create with exuberance something intoxicatingly beautiful, to find more playtime especially within the sexual realm, while infusing your life with an abundance of joy. It seems you may be rethinking where you’re at and what you’re doing in this regard. You can’t access the deep wells of raw material, psychic assistance, hidden talent, and infinite source of inspiration without a supportive fan base, friends, allies, and full membership in the tribe to which you truly belong. I expect you’ll be receiving some guidance this week as to how to make this come together more completely for you. The odds are changing in your favor.

SAGITTARIUS (November 21- December 21)
Mercury retrogrades in your 10th house of “making preparations for a more fulfilling social life – finding your tribe – the people and the place where you truly belong.” Most likely your soul longs for something less harsh, more beautiful, refined, magical, spiritual, artistic, and with a common thread of deep commitment to the sacred idea of preserving the past, home, and family. What must you achieve first in order to open this new door for yourself? Most likely it involves a commitment to keeping passion alive by resolving and finally letting go of the past. You’re well on your way. Details may be blocking you. Big visions come easily for Sagittarius. It’s often the details that seem insurmountable. Loose ends need to be tied up. Whatever you’ve pushed aside, neglected, or pretended would resolve itself, won’t. If you’re whining stop it. Attend to what frightens you most and refuse to sabotage what is finally within reach.

CAPRICORN (December 21-January 21)
Mercury retrogrades in your 9th house of “making the needed preparations for further achievement and greater success.” This retrograde phase may prompt you to revisit an old strategy. A previously unthinkable life direction change may be considered. A more authoritative and independent professional or personal role may be considered. And a more personally meaningful role within the public sphere may no longer feel as optional as it once was. Long-standing goals may need to be re-thought. Do you actually want what you’ve always wanted? Or is an update in order? You may be opening your mind to ideas that once frightened you. A risky (possibly foreign) adventure may seem to have some new appeal. It may be time to get that advanced degree, to learn a new language, or to seriously take into consideration the deeper longings of your soul. Your old “life plan” may be in need of an overhaul and an update.

AQUARIUS (January 21-February 21)
For you Mercury retrograde throws you back into a period of reconsideration involving the most sensitive areas of life. Up for re-examination may be issues involving betrayal, self-respect, powerlessness, financial manipulation, dark secrets, and/or those who remain emotionally and psychologically impaired, and therefore treacherous. Unfortunately the least qualified may have the most influence. You may come to the conclusion that the only person you can control is you, and finally commit to taking full control of the reins. Most important is that the truth is exposed. The time may be coming to state it clearly – or to be willing to hear it. Distortions need to be unraveled so that something healthier becomes possible. It may feel like you’re in the process of untangling a very complicated web. But it seems you’re determined. Hard decisions may be inevitable. Expect more pain until the second week in September. Then you may finally be free to move forward into a future full of opportunity, simple, straight-forward love, and peace.
pisces otherworldly
PISCES (February 21-March 21)
This retrograde period brings on a phase of reconsideration within the realm of relationships – your approach to love, balance, beauty, and grace. An analysis of where you’ve been, what went wrong, how to improve the nature of your work life, the need to be more discriminating, less self-sacrificing, or more skilled, may be on the table. You may come to the conclusion that there needs to be room in any relationship – personal or work-related – for kindness, the sublime efficiency of a fine-tuned partnership, sensitive questions and response, the rarified air you wish to breathe, beauty, magic, romance, and protection from cold-hearted intrusions. It may be time for a job change. Or it may be time for a relationship overhaul. In either case the basic functioning of whatever you connect yourself with must be spiritually elevating, deeply connected, highly inspiring – and always kind.

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