Eclipse Horoscopes for the Week of 8/16 – 8/22

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Next Monday, August 21st, the Total Solar Eclipse occurs at 28 Degrees of Leo 53′ – 11:30 AM PDT and 2:30 PM EDT.

As I write this week’s horoscopes Monday’s Solar Eclipse will be my primary focus. Check out my feature article “The Great American Eclipse of 2017” at for more information.

On Tuesday, August 22nd, the day after the Eclipse, the Sun transits into the sign of Virgo. At this time I usually think in terms of some kind of clean-up operation after the party or after the mayhem. It may include a return to school and more regular set schedules; a re-organization of some kind, a humbling, the need to get to get back to work, and the need to focus.

It matters most – whether you’re right under the eclipse’s path of totality or experiencing it from afar – that you note how you feel before and especially after the Sun’s energy returns in full force.

As the Sun moves into Virgo, Mercury, its ruler, continues to regress in retrograde motion. He’s also traveling through the constellation of Virgo. The Sun’s transit into a new, more grounded, or realistic position embodies elements of reconsideration – retracing steps, taking something back, undoing what’s been done, a repeat of some previous similar event, some regret, or wish that the hands of time could be turned back. What’s likely introduced is something faintly familiar or profoundly familiar.

But the eclipse changes the nature of our options. The lay of the land is new. Our “mode of operation” or approach to life may have advanced in some way. Our heart may be opened.

I’ll personalize the outlines of the current picture for each sign. I’m thinking it makes sense to read for your Moon sign first this week – also Sun and Ascendent as usual. The Moon’s intuitive voice speaks loudest under a Solar eclipse.

Have a great week….

And thank you, as always, for reading what I write.


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ARIES (March 21-April 21)
Aries may feel the need to infuse a sense of integrity and self-respect into their life by finally moving into the lead, controlling, authoritative position. That requires some risk. A destabilized personal or family life – or the willingness to destabilize it – may be required. A new foundation must be set in place. Most likely this involves something financial or the enhancement or preservation of your sense of self-worth. Probably both. You’re in the process of setting yourself free of old conditioning and patterns that have kept you confined in a prison of your own making. You inherited a sense of vulnerability but it’s now time to break free of that. Part of this process involves taking back control by setting the time frame and organizing the structure of the “game.” You make the rules and you and your allies enforce them. You may demand that life revolve around you for awhile. It’s a risk, but one you’re ripe for taking on. You’ve come a long way. Time to finish with a flourish and a renewed connection to the depth and breadth of your potential.

TAURUS (April 21-May 21)
Integrity and a fortified sense of self-respect involves you taking full control and responsibility for your future. Aligning your actions with the beautiful vision you have in mind for your future may entail letting go of some old restriction. It has the flavor of “dethroning the guy who used to be in charge” and taking your rightful place in the space he used to occupy. You can’t afford to be a follower. You must set some limits and feel newly determined to have – one way or another – what you want and deserve. The price you pay is facing the fact that there is garbage hiding in the deepest recesses of your mind – a belief or expectation that what you crave most will not be attainable. Maybe you’ve given away the power to manifest what you want to another who is incapable. Now is the time to take that back. A new foundation needs to be set in place. It looks like a new approach to life where you’re in the lead taking full responsibility for success or failure. It’s the eclipse opportunity and the challenge.

GEMINI (May 21-June 21)
Taking charge of the financial realm of your life may be the current challenge. It’s important because it represents a willingness to take back your power by releasing something you’re deeply attached to or doing something you’re afraid to do. A new foundation must be set in place and it may require moral courage and a difficult decision. That decision may have the flavor of a failure, or an agreement to settle for something short of your original goal. Actually it’s a profound silent victory over the past and fearful patterns that have kept you confined for too long. A new sense of integrity, alignment with your most natural rhythms, and self-respect may accompany a feeling of finally being back in the drivers seat. Your future requires the freedom to take more risk and to create a vision that takes into consideration your full potential. A sense of reconnecting and knowing for sure the vastness of your potential moves you back on track. Faith that you’re moving in the right direction accelerates your creative flow.

CANCER (June 21-July 21)
A renewed sense of integrity and self-respect requires that you fully engage in the business of relationships, that you take the leading role in deciding how the financial or sexual part of a relationship with unfold, and that you take some risk in insisting others support your goals. Your financial partnerships may not be established or grounded in the “usual way.” There is something unusual about how you stabilize relationships. Most likely its something risky. Maybe an open relationship works for you. Acknowledging the need for more sexual freedom or experimentation may be required. Coming to terms with your sexual needs or those of another may be challenging. A willingness to delve into the occult or something mysterious to find evidence of your own uniqueness – or of something more enlightened and empowering – may be necessary. The price of freedom involves a release of most of what you learned about balancing financial/sexual power. Reworking your old foundation involves moral courage, the freedom to love in your own way, and the willingness to uproot what you’ve been taught about superficial but respectable social roles. Something more reflective of the real you is required.

LEO (July 21-Aug 21)
Process for you is more important than getting from point A to point B. Staying true to yourself and the small voice within as you make moment-to moment decisions about where you’ll spend your time and what you’ll do in order to get where you want to be determines the level of self-respect you’ll be able to maintain. It’s tempting to betray what you value most if you follow traditional formulas and tune into an old voice of authority that stressed overwork and self-neglect while instilling fear – all for the sake of some “worthy” goal. You may be in line for a wake-up call if you’re operating in a way that’s become outdated. It’s about the journey – not the destination. The old formulas probably aren’t working as well as you were promised they would anyway. For the sake of your relationship with yourself it may be time to take some risk. It may be time to soften your steely resolve in favor of something more connected to your soul and what it is you crave most. Reversing the process of denying yourself the things you love most is the wisest thing to do. It ensures something happier and more reflective of your wholly integrated self.

Virgo (August 21 – Sep 21)
Virgo may be dealing with issues of love, receptive or unreceptive friends and lovers, playing an outdated supporting role, or setting free your creative flow. Within the realm of love it may be time to become more businesslike. It may be time to say no and to insist that life revolve around you and your desire to connect with the fullest extent of your true potential. It’s time for you to take back power as you take the lead and design a more supporting roles for others to play. You may be in the process of developing your talent within the financial realm. Financial management, though not necessarily what you had in mind, may actually get your creative juices flowing at a rapidly accelerated pace. Old ways of managing your resources – or not needing to, old attitudes about your financial security and its source, old beliefs about your ability to stabilize your life without relying on others to do it for you, needs to fall by the wayside in favor of something more current. Faith in yourself is the bedrock of the new foundation you set in place. It sets you free to practice what you preach and to heal on a grand scale.

LIBRA (September 21-October 21)
Libra may deal professionally or personally with old restrictions, the hard task of letting go of the past, and of nourishing a sense of self-respect and integrity rooted in the willingness to let go of control. It’s time to set friends, lovers, parents, and children free as you find new reasons to love yourself more and to entertain enlightened ideas that accelerate creative flow. It’s time to do what you love as you leave behind an old burdensome sense of responsibility and the expectations of others. There is something inventive that needs to be developed – something new and different or old and mysterious – that needs to be applied in new ways to advance humanity in some important way. Your cause may be one that involves children – something warm-hearted, entertaining, or playful. There is a lot at stake awaiting your decision to move on in a direction that may not necessarily be socially advantageous but more importantly, fully aligned with your true self.

SCORPIO (October 21 – November 21)
Secret loves or secrets in general present challenges in relationships. A blind spot or compulsion to stay connected to something that’s not real, or to escape current responsibilities, may reside deep beneath the surface of consciousness. Others may insist that the path forward is to tell yourself the truth about how unorthodox your source of security actually is. Or how unbalanced it actually is. Or how you must resist it, or own it, or make yourself into someone different. Or how it has nothing to do with your surroundings or them or your need to transform the mundaneness of life or the pain of loss into something more tolerable and imaginative. You may simply want to be free of the need to transform, update, and bounce back on a regular basis. Your sense of security comes from an odd place. But your insistence on staying aligned with your own rhythms and sense of timing may work well as a catalyst to clarifying how much you need relationships to last – and everything to last – no matter what the cost.

SAGITTARIUS (November 21- December 21)
Evolving events may necessitate a re-ordering of old priorities. What was once most important may no longer be. A sense of self-possession and an awareness of the need to be true to yourself (and your soul) may have taken hold. What you contribute to the world vs. how supported you feel in your efforts may be an issue. Taking root is a more realistic evaluation of your sense of self worth. A shift in a relationship or some new freedom from old conditioning enables you to see yourself as more valuable or worthy than you previously assumed. So the old compromises and betrayals of self no longer feel right or even possible. An old fearful mindset begins to dissolve and something more deliberative begins to take hold. Working harder in the interest of yourself and preserving the value of who you are allows you to make the hard choices you couldn’t previously make – and your future breaks wide open. Emotionally you may feel more settled and somewhat relieved. Coming back down to earth allows you to soar.

CAPRICORN (December 21-January 21)
Capricorn’s issues may involve an awareness of the need for a change in their style and approach to life and the role they play within the realm of relationships. A shift may be required. The old ways may have involved complete control based on fear. Now there’s a chance to up your game. A loss or threat of loss may stimulate a mode of operation that advances in the direction of something more flexible. An awareness that you can’t control all the variables moves you into the realm of something freer and more self-respecting. Taking some risk is part of the emerging picture. The willingness to let go of old foundations that solidified your control but not your happiness is critical. A strenuous challenge involves balancing the scales in the direction of a relationship role that is less defensive and more open to nurturing and love. A softening of your heart makes it stronger and more resilient and this may be the risk you need to take. Something much happier and inspiring may be your reward.

AQUARIUS (January 21-February 21)
The Aquarian challenge is maybe the hardest. It requires a willingness to dive deep into delicate, frightening territory – to uproot fear and an old habit that involves taking responsibility for another’s happiness while you put your own happiness on hold indefinitely. The momentum fueling your own motivation, focus, and determination may be routinely interrupted or overwhelmed by another’s need to feel secure, safe, and comfortable. This eclipse may have you finally saying no to the old responsibilities you previously took on. It’s time for your agenda to be given equal weight as others take responsibility for their own inner sense of security. You don’t need to articulate clearly exactly what that agenda is in order to be taken seriously. It all becomes clearer as you’re able to pursue what your instincts tell you you must. You’re in the process of freeing your sensitivity to work in your favor and in the process gaining a level of self respect and self-worth that has eluded you for too long.
pisces otherworldly
PISCES (February 21-March 21)
The issue for you may be setting your creative flow free – or setting a child, your child-like, playful self, or love-life free – by taking control of your social life. It’s time to be very discriminating as you focus on friends and groups you’ve allied yourself with. Everything and everyone that has an uplifting, encouraging, dynamic influence can stay. The rest must be eliminated. The tribe to which you truly belong allows you to play the role of a creative nurturer. Your tribe must be willing to designate you the “interior designer” in charge of making the tee pee a more beautiful and homey place. Or maybe you’re the one designated to welcome new members as part of the team and make them comfortable in their new home. Your creative brilliance requires an “artist studio” (social life) that inspires and encourages you to step into your natural position as an artist/creator. It’s your responsibility to “keep it clean” and to make sure it’s filled with only the objects and people capable of facilitating that goal. Lose contact with those who do not meet this criteria as you feel your creative life highly energized and accelerating.

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