Horoscopes for the Week of July 19th – 25th

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I will be writing Horoscopes using the Leo New Moon chart. The New Moon occurs on Sunday, July 23rd, at 2:46 AM Pacific time and 5:46 AM Eastern time in the very first degree (0 degrees) of Leo.

A few preliminaries: Like every new Moon, this one represents a new beginning that is only possible because of the full Moon that preceded it. That Moon swept away, or is in the process of sweeping away, something that was outdated and potentially destructive.

As a result the new Moon is free to fuse the Sun and Moon, integrating the masculine and feminine in equal measure, unifying heart and soul, and aligning creative action with sources of inspiration.

A clear illustration of how this works is a political one. Crafting the bill that would replace the Affordable Care Act involved the input of men only. You might have seen this photo dramatically illustrating the exclusion of women. After weeks of attempts to persuade, three woman senators – Susan Collins, Lisa Murkowski, and Shelley Capito – were able to sink a final proposal on the basis of its inability to protect the vulnerable – a very feminine instinct.

The exclusion of woman, though not the only challenge facing the passage of complicated legislation, was clearly not helpful. Outdated, distorted beliefs about power – who should have it and who should decide – was undermined energetically by the June 9th Capricorn full Moon (traditional power). A wake up call for a return to balance was broadcast for all to see. Going forward processes excluding women (the feminine voice) may be seen as riskier than previously thought.

The foundation is in place for something more integrated and balanced. On a personal level you may notice old, one-sided, outdated situations being more difficult to sustain.

Critical degrees link this new Moon with the upcoming Solar Eclipse. This new Moon falls at the critical 0 degree mark of Leo. And the eclipse of August 21st falls at the critical 29th and final degree of Leo. Does this new Moon bring on the beginning of the end of something? Symbolically that makes sense.

This New Moon is symbolized by a “Lion Tamer” signifying the need to bring passions under control to gain a higher “level of mastery” over your personal situation. Playing to win is the object of this game. Being grounded in love is the key. Knowing where you stand and what you want is critical. Channeling “animal passions” (fear, anger, animal prowess, volatility) to concentrate and mobilize your energy is important.

Aquarius, Leo’s opposing sign, reflects the demand for a level of mastery involving “heart disconnection.” Knowing when you need to move on and being able to disconnect from old love attachments is part of the challenge. If you’re trying to minimize the importance of what your soul craves or trying to have it “both ways”, that may become harder to sustain as we move closer to the eclipse.

The 17th degree is considered critical for mutable signs. In this New Moon chart Dark Moon Lillith resides at 17 degrees of Sagittarius. This is astrologer Demetra George’s take on her:

“Rather than withering away in exile, the Lillith shadow grows and flourishes…. When this aspect of Lillith’s shadow is active in our lives, out psyche becomes overwhelmed with images of revenge and retaliation. When the shadow inevitably erupts and violently breaks through boundaries of constraint, she unleashed the terror of her vengeance.”

So whatever it takes, divert that tendency in yourself and protect yourself from others who personify it. However it is expressed, don’t fuel and feed Lillith’s shadow. Starve it. Be aware of the urge to retaliate and release it. A few days of cleaning and physical detox might help. Clear your house and your space of clutter and staleness. Begin to simplify. Burn some sage and place a protective shield around you and your immediate environment.

Exile and separation fuels toxic growth and our shadow selves. You may be challenged to integrate a feeling, a body part, or specific desire you’ve previously exiled. Consider the highest, most healing response of which you are capable.

I will personalize this new Moon for each sign. Read for your ascendent sign, the Sun, and Moon, and notice which one fits best. It might be your Moon sign. I have included an image of the New Moon chart at the end of this article.

Thanks as always for reading. (I do have a few slots left for an Eclipse preparation reading if you’re interested. The price is discounted. Click here for the link. Offer expires at midnight on August 7th).


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ARIES (March 21-April 21)
Your soul lights up this week clarifying your path forward. But it may feel like a blessing and a curse. Old dreams may die. Love attachments, old friends, and the place you designed to house your most expressive, loving, creative self may have become deficient and “spirit-dampening” in some way. If you’re an artist (we all are) there is something inhibiting about the design of your “art studio” – something that feels confining or diminishing. The need to move on to a place that allows you to feel more confident and boldly self-expressive is difficult to deny. Breaking up is hard to do but difficult decisions may be required. Clarity will continue to flow in your direction. Ignoring the clarification of your soul’s cravings and urges may become more difficult to sustain.

TAURUS (April 21-May 21)
Disconnecting from an old way of life where a high status position was tied up with your sense of identity and deeply integrated into your sense of self worth is the challenge. Your essential self is stepping forward to take control. The foundation you’re laying for your future life must be something more reflective of your own talents and instincts. It can’t be borrowed or compromised in any way to accommodate a partner or to maintain a public position you’ve essentially outgrown. The foundation of your life must be a work of art that reflects a powerful urge to highlight your distinctiveness and it’s deep grounding in love. Foundations are the critical determinate of what you will be able to accomplish going forward. Attending to your foundation and re-working it is highly energized this week. A move may need to be considered.

GEMINI (May 21-June 21)
The future is the issue for Gemini this week. Your old vision for the future – a vision you loved – may be undermined or outgrown in some way. To complicate and further push the potential of the moment, your soul’s deepest desire is lighting up. It’s being energized in ways that have implications for the near and distant future. Your innate talents, fiery creative impulses, and child-like urges to play simply don’t have enough room to express themselves within the confines of what your current foundation will support. Something needs to be overhauled and reworked in a way that frees you to be a bolder version of your most distinctive self. You have a lot to teach about children, love, and the healing nature of art and play. But there’s something that’s been left out of the equation. From the ground up something new needs to be constructed. It starts with letting go of old ideas and beliefs about the nature of your future.

CANCER (June 21-July 21)
Cancer may need to acknowledge that something or someone is no longer stimulating the passion and excitement it once did. The feeling of living on the edge or of being deeply and intimately connected, and intensely involved may be dissolving. A flatline may have replaced what once represented a dynamic pulse of life itself. There is the possibility that you may need to disconnect and move on. Your soul is or may soon be speaking up in no uncertain terms. A simpler, more natural, or sensual environment may be what you need to feel secure and to reignite what’s smoldering. Vigilance may be required to protect and fortify your sense of self-worth. It’s time for you to settle into something more secure and stable and it must be anchored in love to qualify as the bold reflection of yourself it needs to be.

LEO (July 21-Aug 21)
In its old form, a partnership may be fading. The person you once knew and counted on to never change may be changing. Or maybe it’s you who’s changed. Chances are any hope of returning to what once was in relationships is being extinguished. A choice may need to be made. The foundation that supports your life may need to be gutted and rebuilt. This is most likely a scary thought for you. But you pre-determined it. The vehicle through which you are completely transformed into higher levels of awareness is the nature of your relationship to your foundation and to your home. Your natural urge may be to keep an old cracking foundation in place for too long. You may need to move. Your style and approach to life is becoming too bold and energized to be confined. You infuse more joy and love into the world – your job in the cosmic scheme – when you keep the joy alive in your own life. That may require a painful choice.

Virgo (August 21 – Sep 21)
Virgo easily accepts responsibility – for everyone and everything. Being of service is who you are and it makes you happy. But something about that dynamic may be changing. However attached you’ve been to work and responsibility it may no longer be delivering the satisfaction it once did. It may be that now you’re more intrigued by your own inner mysteries, the intensifying desire of your soul, and the discovery of gifts and talents you didn’t realize you had. What’s been hidden and starved as you focused on pleasing others may be coming to life. The hidden effects of an old trauma may be unraveling. Essentially you’ve been set free to approach life in a new way. As you step it up a notch partners may be able to keep up – or not. Think carefully about holding onto whatever seems to be looking for an exit.

LIBRA (September 21-October 21)
This Leo new Moon highly energizes your 11th house of dreams hopes and wishes, friends, and your private public life. A bolder expression of yourself and your distinctive combination of talents is ready to be showcased. You may be on the cusp of moving into a position of group leadership. Your soul is lighting up and it’s no longer deniable what it is your truly crave. But grasping the brass ring may require a painful decision to let go of old loves, old friends, and old associations. A break from an old partnership is indicated – or a break from however it operates in its current form. The past is a weight that holds you down. A new foundation is required as you begin to accept a new role more firmly rooted in love. A heart disconnection may be especially difficult for Libra. But Jupiter is in the sign of Libra. An expansion of your beliefs about love, relationships, and freedom may make this easier than expected.

SCORPIO (October 21 – November 21)
Your 10th house of achievement, your professional life, and reputation is about to be highly energized. You may know for sure what your soul is demanding and how you can infuse it into your professional role and your interactions with the public. It looks to be something natural and ancient, something feminine – potentially healing and very potent. A reversal may be indicated – a re-working of your foundational base, a break from past responsibilities, and maybe bad habits. There is something old and oddly nurturing or undermining may be trying to exit your life. Consider letting it go. There is something very essential and deeply sourced coming to the surface. This may be your chance to finally ground yourself in the surety of pure love. Anything less has proven to be unpredictable and risky.

SAGITTARIUS (November 21- December 21)
Highly energized this week will be some actions you take for the sake of your future. Something wildly adventurous – or at least more adventurous than you’ve allowed yourself in awhile – may be in the works. Your soul may be unequivocally stating her preferences for the future – and for your day to day life. Something foreign and exotic may be part of the plan – and something edgier. Feeling unsettled with your day to day life may no longer be sustainable. The people, places, and things you see everyday may fail to connect you with the deeper level of intensity your soul craves. Potentially there is a sense of numbness that is becoming increasingly intolerable. Your day to day life may be safe but somewhat deadening. If anyone knows how to shake things up it’s Sagittarius. But it may involve a change in your entire approach to life and in the role you choose to play within the realm of relationships. Difficult decisions may need to be made.

CAPRICORN (December 21-January 21)
This week th depth of your power may be showcased through a creative dramatization or work of art. You may be playing with fire and it feels right. This is where you come to life especially in situations where you know you’ve been underestimated and can deliver a knock-out punch. The point is gaining the upper hand as you live life on the edge. You demand a level of intensity that keeps you alive. You’re soul is lit up this week – and far into the future. But a decision may need to be made regarding financial stability and change. Something may be not working – or on the verge of not working. An old way of making money may have run its course. Something more unusual, innovative, and humanitarian may need to be considered. You wield more power than most and you wield it more creatively. It’s time to consider that you’re capable of attaining what your soul craves.

AQUARIUS (January 21-February 21)
Something bigger than life – childlike, playful, wildly creative and supportive may be losing steam. The tendency to allow yourself to be fueled by the passion of another has run its course. What once seemed enough for you may no longer be. Now you may choose to be fueled by your own passions as a whole and complete person. That doesn’t happen overnight Although your awareness of your own potential is pretty clear. Now it seems necessary to destroy some old foundations – to clear your head, and purify your heart – and to build something that feels more supportive of you. An imbalance needs to be corrected. If you’ve been over compromising, time to rein that in. It’s simpler to pretend that you don’t need what you now need, particularly if you’re in a committed relationship. Cleaning and clearing past fears and tendencies seems to be the key to making this work for you.
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PISCES (February 21-March 21)
The nature of your relationships may be changing because you have changed. As a result of consistent effort, the willingness to address your bad habits, your less than perfect health, and to apply the self discipline needed to get yourself in shape, and sharpen your skills, and to be of service to others in the process has moved you into a space where you’re more valuable as an equal partner. You can stand alone. Relationships can be chosen based on love not what you need to feel complete. You are complete. Your soul may be on fire at the moment clarifying what she needs and how she can be integrated into some current relationship structure. Most likely those will need to be adjusted in some way. Pisces is ready to be an equal partner in all respects. It may no longer feel realistic to be anything less.

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