Horoscopes for the Week of July 12th – 18th

(Mosaic Artist?)

Last weekend’s full Moon in Capricorn was intense. Something major may be changing regarding the nature of your foundation or the structure of your relationships. Ceres brought into form some emotional need that was previously unexpressed or simply unclear. It’s harder to deny what you need and harder to deny that you need to take control of something you’re in the habit of delegating. Getting what you need is usually an “inside job”. You’re the one who has to take charge and make it happen. Protecting yourself against being “over-powered” may be the issue.

Mars moves into the final degrees of Cancer next Tuesday as he prepares to move into the sign of Leo where he’ll be defending his ego. What could possibly go wrong? But before that Mars makes a harsh aspect to Uranus. There are fireworks and breakthroughs as the weekend approaches – maybe an extravagant, over-the-top celebrations … or a full-blown (family) war.

Brut force meets profound power this week. Generally I advise caution under this aspect. Don’t scream something you’ll wish you hadn’t. Find an outlet for pent up frustration. Exercise is good – I might say mandatory – to keep your head from exploding or to keep from strongly confronting someone. Not that they don’t deserve it. Watch out for the passive/aggressive types who manage to keep their cool by subtly encouraging you to lose yours. Lots of deep breaths before you act and lots of self-imposed time-outs.

Phollus (“the lid comes off” asteroid) aligns with Chiron in Pisces and Uranus in Aries. This looks like an explosive exposure of information that’s been kept contained. “The lid comes off” asteroid is also aspecting Vesta (passion). This could be great for integrating play into your work. A passionate affair with a co-worker might fit that definition. There is the possibility that you have the chance to show off your skills in the workplace in a way that enhances your reputation and furthers your professional goals. As I read the last two sentences I wrote, it sounds a little treacherous. Caution once again seems wise.

Venus in Gemini forms a trine aspect with Jupiter in Libra. This is a chance to slip into a nice, natural groove that actually works for you – especially for Aquarians.

I feel the eclipse energy gaining momentum, situations and circumstances coming to a head, and an “on the verge” sense of heightened awareness. Anticipation is beginning to take hold.

Have a satisfying and productive week as you tune-in, protect yourself, and prepare to steer the ship in a new direction.

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ARIES (March 21-April 21)
This week past efforts build to a culmination. It looks like a recent break from your family or from the past could result in an over-the-top celebration of yourself. Chances are you’ve needed to muster lots of courage to act in your own behalf. A struggle to resist falling prey to some overwhelming power that threatened to crush you and your sensitive nature has most likely met with success. You may be free in ways you haven’t previously felt – and most likely you have yourself to thank for that. So show some appreciation to yourself for letting go and moving on. Throw a party in your own honor and invite those who tend to be the most generous in showering you with love. Your essential life purpose may be on full, dramatic display this week.

TAURUS (April 21-May 21)
This might be a week when what you most need to survive and thrive is fully supported and enhanced. It has to do with a flow of ideas, with an environment that allows you to fully immerse yourself in enjoyable, productive work. It seems you have broken through – or will soon be breaking through – an old blockage that prevented you from transforming brilliant ideas into something useable. Your mind and body may be cooperating well with one another – or there is some new understanding or commitment to doing what needs to be done to facilitate that. There’s the feeling that you may be finding your groove. Memorize that feeling and do what seems necessary to cultivate it. A beautification of your work environment and a heightened sense of awareness of the power of your physical body to ground and steer you in the right direction is key. An impending change in the nature of what fundamentally supports your life may be difficult but necessary.

GEMINI (May 21-June 21)
There is a recognition that you’re currently in a state of transition and that more will be revealed. In the meantime no action is required or advisable. A wait and see attitude is best. If things seem dark at the moment it’s because you can’t see the advantages and benefits coalescing beneath the surface. Invisible to you is how things could possibly work out well. But mysterious preparations for just that are in progress. So sit back and wait. A relationship you thought might be falling apart may actually be undergoing an advanced healing treatment. In general, at this time, your future benefits from a hands off approach. So much is changing so rapidly it’s impossible to gain a secure footing and to analyze the variables. In the near future all those variables will transform into something different. The understanding you now have about love and freedom will change significantly. Old patterns in love are dissolving.

CANCER (June 21-July 21)
Your old role within the realm of relationships is coming to a close and a new one is emerging. There may be cause for celebration. It represents a break from the past which is most likely a good thing. But patterns continue to survive that could derail love and they need to dissolve. A skill you developed in the past that allowed you to survive in environments where love was in short supply needs to be dismantled. It may feel familiar and somewhat comfortable, but going forward it seems all wrong for you. It will not serve you as you seek to take on new superpowers that require solid grounding in an abundance of love and enhanced self-worth. Take yourself out of any equations where love feels in short supply in order to attract the opposite. Notice how you shut down when when you feel anxious. Instead make a conscious effort to open your heart to counteract and re-train that tendency.

LEO (July 21-Aug 21)
It may be brought to your attention, as you notice partners and “old reliables” slipping away, that something needs to change. You may no longer be the center of attention you once were. If you haven’t yet gotten the message, a wake up call is on the way. A lack of flexibility, a desire for unquestioned authority and control, and something profoundly self-centered may have survived past its expiration date. It’s time for you to try something different. Actually the planets are helping with the needed transition. A willingness to establish a connection with the part of you that’s afraid of losing control would be a good start. Relationships are headed for an impasse. An old wound is sapping your power. Pay attention this week. The nature of that wound may be revealed. Once it’s exposed it looses its grip on you. You may crave alone time. Do yourself a favor and provide that for yourself.

Virgo (August 21 – Sep 21)
Something is being taken away that sets you free and releases tremendous amounts of creative energy. Something beautiful emerges from beneath the surface that you could miss if you’re not tuned in. Important revelations are fragile and elusive. If you don’t note them, celebrate them, or otherwise burn them into your memory they become lost resources that are difficult to access. There is an untapped artistry or talent that is on the verge of breaking through. A willingness to let go of something that keeps you love-starved may be the key that unlocks an important door. Over the next couple months you benefit from alone, quiet time. It won’t be boring. What emerges from the depths of your being may be far more interesting than anything you encounter in the outer world. Be very discriminating about how you respond to demands on your time. Being very preoccupied with yourself and free to recognize your most natural rhythms pays big dividends. For best results adjust your schedule to accommodate your natural rhythms. That’s what the best artists do.

LIBRA (September 21-October 21)
Creatively you are in the process of moving to the next level. And it could all flow very easily into something expansively rich. But currently there is something in your environment that needs to be released. It’s like you have designed an artist studio for yourself that’s not inspiring and holds you back in some way. It doesn’t feel right. It contains the remnants of something old and outworn that saps your energy – a reminder of the past that’s best released because it kept you stuck in neutral or reverse. It’s important to figure out what that is if you don’t already know. Help along whatever is trying to exit your life. Don’t resist. This week your mind is headed for an impasse. Maybe it’s the harsh realization that when it’s time to take things to the next level old familiar routines and sources of comfort are best left behind. You can’t take it all with you. Lightening up and creating space, though painful, could be good. I envision your “artist studio” as something spacious, inviting, and begging to be filled with something futuristic and cutting_edge.

SCORPIO (October 21 – November 21)
Jupiter in your 12th solar house is an indication of expanded consciousness. The doors of perception are opening fairly easily, despite old, entrenched conditioning, with the assistance of Venus. A rapid healing phase is in progress for you. It seems you may be shedding an old fearful or obsessive mindset that’s controlled you for a long time. Your immediate environment and responsibilities may need to change as a result. You may find your old job too confining. The nature of your work may need to take on a more experimental, futuristic flavor. You may consider a change in life direction or status. Expanding consciousness in artificial ways can be dangerous. But there is the possibility that something nourishing and healing, naturally aligning and clarifying could be helpful. A promising new idea is in the process of being tested and refined. Something simple and natural if promoted and safe could grow and expand into something beyond what you anticipated.

SAGITTARIUS (November 21- December 21)
You may be in the process of creating more space for something you love. A break from something confining is no longer optional. You may feel you’ve been pushed into a corner. But there is some recognition that you’re responsible for your current circumstances. A willingness to tone yourself down to make things easier for others may be a deeply ingrained tendency. But there’s light at the end of this tunnel. If your planning a foreign trip you may be on the right track. If you’re going back to school, changing an old belief, pushing for your legal rights, or asserting your preference too expand into the bigger world despite anothers protests, it all looks promising. You’ve undergone a five month review of your role in relationships and you’re on the home stretch. You’ve come to some important realizations. But you still need to connect a few more dots before your ready to move ahead with a strong sense of confidence and authority. There’s about to be a new sheriff in town and it might be you.

CAPRICORN (December 21-January 21)
Capricorn continues to learn a lot about his mysterious, subconscious, inner workings. While you might not see evidence of progress or what you think of as success, trust me. You’re making more progress than you can imagine. It’s not measurable in standard terms, but it’s more practically helpful to you than anything you’ve experienced for the past thirty years. As you become more acquainted with the hidden parts of yourself you gain more control over your life. Old fears begin to dissolve and true freedom is finally an actual possibility. If your finding yourself more receptive to things you once shut down – if you feel like you may be clairvoyant, that you could set up shop as a psychic (but never would), or that you’re more trusting of your inner guidance system because it’s led you in the right direction recently – you’ve been doing your homework without realizing it. If outer success has eluded you for the past couple years, it’s good to know that in the meantime you haven’t been spinning your wheels. I predict the eclipse at the end of August will change things. Expect your earthly powers to be enhanced and your freedom expanded.

AQUARIUS (January 21-February 21)
if this week feels less depressing and heavy than what you’ve come to expect of life, it’s not your imagination. A confluence of energies combined with some more forceful push-back from you, moves you into a groove that feels familiar and right. The universe is rewarding you for effort but it’s also swooping down to lift you up with the gift of divine grace. If you’re suspicious because you’re beginning to feel like your more adventurous, rebellious self again, don’t be. You are, and I predict it might snowball from here. The eclipse is beginning to free you from the clutches of relationship structure that doesn’t work for you. A partner who sucked up all the oxygen in the room is toning it down or exiting the stage to make room for you to breathe. As a more natural rhythm takes hold relax into it. Your on the homestretch after some serious confinement. It’s all good. Enjoy.
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PISCES (February 21-March 21)
In the dictionary next to the definition of “life-long-learner” is your picture. There is no sign more grounded in the realm of learning than you – no one more curious, no one more capable of making a game of it than you. But this week the task may be to un-learn something that has undermined your relationships – something you were taught as a child, something about being nice and saying the right thing whether or not it was honest. Your old patterns of communication seek to stabilize and comfort rather than promote justice and fairness. This needs to be walked back. In the spirit of imaginative Pisces one possibility is to picture the scales of justice moving into balance as you tell the truth and promote a greater sense of fairness. Picture doors opening onto beautiful vistas extending as far you can see when you say “no” to another to make room for yourself. Compassion must go both ways. You’re ready for a “shared power” experience.

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