Horoscopes for the Week of June 14th – 20th

(Mosaic Artist – Nicole Bossard )

On Friday, June 16th, Neptune turns retrograde. Neptune is retrograde for about half the year every year. It’s a slow moving planet. Takes a little less than 165 years for Neptune to orbit the Sun once.

The nature of Neptune is nebulous. Its influence is not sudden or distinct. It’s slow and gradually encroaching. Neptune sneaks up on you. In direct motion Neptunian defenses present as wishful thinking, imaginative escapes, evasive maneuvers, drug and alcohol abuse, sleep, deflection, avoidance, etc.

In retrograde motion these defenses are inclined to fail. This year Neptune turns retrograde while conjuncting (aligned with) the Moon. This could feel emotionally harsh and excruciatingly painful with no soft place to land. A cherished dream begins to dissolve. A drug or alcohol relapse doesn’t deliver the pain relief it once did. Evasiveness and deflection are called out or blocked. Mounting evidence undermines wishful thinking or the believability of lies.

On a physical level the immune system may be compromised. Something toxic or poisonous may be introduced through something that appears harmless or even nourishing. Observe carefully. Wash your hands often and don’t press your luck.

On the brighter side Neptune retrograde could be a chance to identify the source of your pain and to uproot it. With Mercury, the Sun, Vertex, and Ceres in Gemini, this continues to be a great time for journaling, anything artistically expressive, a commitment to therapy, to connection, and whatever it takes to heal.

As a Mother you may feel victimized and disappointed. As a child of a mother your relationship may need to be explored and healed maybe through creative or artistic means. This is an opportunity to tell the true story through words, pictures, song, dance, photos, music, water, poetry, or whatever feels right. Instinctively you may know what needs to be done and how to do it.

The Sun and Saturn oppose each other today. This could represent a separation of truth from the spoken word, a disconnection between facts and beliefs, a challenge to presenting yourself as a person of integrity, and the realization that the gulf between where you are and where you’d like to be is vast and overwhelming. This is a fleeting influence but it presents an opportunity for an alignment.

Pluto inconjuncts Ceres and Jupiter inconjuncts Neptune. Under this influence We are required to make some adjustments within the realm pursuing a more realistic approach to relationships. Adjusting a framework that blocks the free flow of information and communication may be required. Someone with little flexibility and an attachment to old comforts – someone in a position of authority possibly – resists change and refuses to hear a request for a closer connection. It is possible someone is refusing to say what needs to be said. Either way now may be the time for an upset or overhaul.

Mercury and Venus are making strong statements again this week. They’re at home with themselves, comfortable, and the unapologetically free to be who they are.

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ARIES (March 21-April 21)
The essential, natural, comfortable, and connected version of yourself is being awakened. Maybe she’s been neglected for awhile or forced into some unrecognizable form. As you look around you may notice that adjustments need to be made to accommodate this richly sourced, instinctively on track, newly awakened embodiment of yourself. Patterns of aggression, resistance, domination, and competitiveness may have quashed the part of you that knows what it needs. Over time you may have disconnected from your body and can now only arbitrarily respond to rhythms and demands that throw you “out of sync” with what could nourish and support you. This week is a great time to reconnect. Stay home if you can. Do what you feel like doing when you feel like doing it. Quiet your mind and take your cues from your body. Stop responding to demands that overwhelm the sensations you feel. Slow down. Give yourself space to move back into yourself. The essential you is making a comeback. She’s delicate, sensitive, and easily overridden. Keep that in mind as you give her space to move back in.

TAURUS (April 21-May 21)
This week the most important thing for Taurus is to stay hyper-aware as they navigate through the day. Consider how closely aligned you are with the nature and longings of your soul. For the next three weeks there is an element of support (North node in the 4th house) that makes this easier. It’s time to listen. Your life direction may be in a state of flux. It’s extra important to be continually informed by your soul as you make moment to moment decisions. Taurus is at an advantage when it comes to keeping it real – although this week everyone is prone to blurring the lines, fudging the truth, telling themselves the stories they prefer to hear, and pretending they know where they are or what they’re doing. Suspend the fantasy and move in. All you need to do is to check in with yourself frequently, to be quiet, and honest about whether or not you feel guided from within and deeply connected. If not sit quietly and wait for some direction. Self-correct with no judgement and remember that Venus is doing what ever it takes to make this easier. Ask her for help if you need it.

GEMINI (May 21-June 21)
This week it’s important to be extra aware of how you harness and channel your imagination. It could assist or undermine you. Imagining new possibilities opens doors but making up stories while pretending to present the truth is a problem. This week you could get caught taking some short cuts. Or you could be disappointed as you recognize yourself lowering your standards. Your reputation may be at stake. More importantly your sense of self-worth may be at stake. There’s the need to protect that. On another track you may be reaching a pivotal turning point with regard to relationships with yourself, your ego, and significant others. A culmination of pressure peaks and begins to wane. The nature of your future may begin to recede in importance. Currently all energy is diverted to the present. A passion for connecting, communicating, short trips, and a playful, fun-loving routine may be your most gratifying focus. It seems you have the opportunity to showcase your amazing talent along the course of daily events. Stay in the present. It’s a great place to be now and the place you’ll connect with your true purpose.

CANCER (June 21-July 21)
Cancers continue to free themselves from the past. Doors continue to open anytime they sense you’re in the vicinity. One thing leads to the next right thing. The flow continues. The growth is amazing. The possibilities are endless. If your engaged in some kind of physical discipline that facilitates openings and a heightened sense of awareness it’s a good way to channel the current flow of energy. If anything might slow you down it could be a sense of exhaustion that results from over-doing it or taking on too much. Neptune turns retrograde this week signaling an opening for some heavy or toxic energy to take hold. Your health needs to be protected this week. Along the same lines it may be time to get serious about releasing a bad habit or two. This could be the week when something old, automatic, and undermining of your goals, is uprooted. Good habits could be established this week s the bad ones fall aways. The current cosmic alignment seems perfect for that kind of exchange.

LEO (July 21-Aug 21)
You may find yourself at the helm of a community or group effort to accomplish something of significance. It’s important that you convey the right impression. Your “on” all the time these days and it can feel exhausting. Recently reigning in your urge to overdo, to tell it like it is, to be spontaneous and unfiltered, has become a necessity. Your success depends on your ability to control yourself, to resist over-confidence, and to think in terms of group rather individual success. It’s strenuous. You may be reaching a culmination of effort before it’s time to relax a little. You may need a break. You’ve probably done what you needed to do to cement your reputation. Venus in your 10th house is publicly broadcasting your balanced, stable, seasoned, approach to the world. The public’s conclusion is likely to be they can count on you. Maybe you could let down your guard among family and friends this weekend – those who’d welcome a re-emergence of your unfiltered, spontaneous, highly entertaining, self. They may be wondering if you’ve decided to grown up like the rest of us. I don’t think so. Your child-like exuberance is probably alive and well. You’re just more versatile than you used to be. You can more easily reign it in when you need to.

Virgo (August 21 – Sep 21)
Direct experience nurturing and supporting others as they push the limits of what they can accomplish, may be the foundation for your future role and the nature of your interaction with the public. An accumulation of understanding and wisdom is your gift to the world. It seems you have a wealth of information to provide that could significantly assist others as they struggle to do what you’ve already done. You know a lot. Yet your own foundation may need to be purified and or fortified for the long haul. It seems you may be in the process of making a difficult decision. The possibility of pain and loss may be involved. Your reputation or direction in life may be impacted. Addressing something involving home and family seems increasingly important. You’re in the process of freeing yourself to fully embrace your role as an authority. Venus leads you in the right direction. Relying on your own instincts and letting go of “recommended formulas for success” – and a bad habit or two – eases your way forward.

LIBRA (September 21-October 21)
Libra clearly benefits from Venus, powerfully placed in Taurus, in your highly transformative 8th solar house. To me this conveys magic – a magic touch, an ability to alchemize, to heal, to move beyond the limits of what is widely considered “outside the range of possibility.” If there’s something that feels impossible to achieve this is the week to try. Consider yourself a magician for the next three weeks and wield your powers responsibly. Keep in mind it would be possible to do the opposite and to unleash something dark that could quickly spin out of control. There is a certain reverence required for the power that’s currently running through you. What triggers the magic seems to be a sense of confidence, the willingness to lead, to blaze new trails, take some risk, and to do it with love.

SCORPIO (October 21 – November 21)
There is some dark energy being triggered in your second house of financial transactions and self-worth. That implies a need for caution when dealing with financial partners and the “truth-challenged.” If your instincts tell you things may not be on the “up and up” pay attention. A long standing trust issue may be ripe for resolution. Stating a difficult truth, maybe to a younger person, may be helpful. Saturn in your 2nd house is conveying the message that self-esteem and self-respect need to be protected. It may be time to set some firm limits. Failing to do that could meet with serious long-term consequences. If spending is out of control, the same applies. The establishment of a “balance of power” may require more effort. Karmic forces are energized. What you feel you don’t deserve may require a second look. The reality of cause and effect is hard to deny. If anger is unleashed that might be good – especially if it over-rides or extinguishes fear. Taking responsibility for your choices is key.

SAGITTARIUS (November 21- December 21)
This week you may be more at ease dealing with the unpredictable nature of your creative life, your love life, and/or your children. You may be embracing whatever enters your field of experience – with less need to control the variables, to wish things were different, or to resist an existing flow. Something you’ve taken for granted – a talent or source of unusual power – may be rapidly developing into something resembling a precious gift – something that opens doors and increases your potential to be more deliberately who you are. Critical insights that have long eluded you may be flowing full force directly at you. “Aha moments” become almost routine. Your true genius may be surfacing and somewhere deep within you’re registering it. Who knew this could actually be fun. Venus is supporting an artistic approach to life. She’s also supporting a newly energized interest or engagement with emotional healing. By July 21st, only in retrospect, will you realize how liberated and loving you’ve become.

CAPRICORN (December 21-January 21)
Capricorn waters run deep. There’s a lot going on deep below the surface. There’s an invisible part of you that can feel pretty remote and scary, especially to you. A need to connect with the subtler, more sensitive realms of your existence has been especially strong since September of 2015. This week marks a pivotal moment in time when you may recognize an increasing sense of comfort with who you are – the whole package and the total picture. Your ability to communicate on a deeper level may reflect that. Your ability to connect with others in more nourishing ways may also be a sign that you’re in the process of coming back home to yourself. Old fears may be less intense. Your work life may be especially reflective of significant inner personal progress. You may trust your instincts and more often feel settled and fully competent. Maybe your relationship with “your boss” has changed. He or she may have mellowed – or you’re just not as intimated and in need of proving yourself as you used to be. Maybe you have a new boss or maybe you’re your own boss. If any of this rings true it’s an occasion to celebrate a subtle but monumental achievement.

AQUARIUS (January 21-February 21)
The creative sector of your chart is highly activated this week – and Jupiter is infusing an abundance of inspiration into the mix. You may have some definite goals in mind that have been put on hold for awhile. You might be trying to make up for lost time in some regard. But Neptune doesn’t care about that. She’s giving you access to a rich source of creative power. To take advantage of the opportunity you might have to be flexible enough to adjust your routine. The time is right to let go of a tendency to over-control anything, but especially love and the creative process – Sometimes it’s good to let the creative process takes hold of you when it wants to. Same for love. This week it seems you’re being pushed in another direction. The innovative force is rising within you. What seems critical is that you be willing to let go of an old established role that’s become stale, a little inflexible, and un-responsive to your need for creative fulfillment – and love.
pisces otherworldly
PISCES (February 21-March 21)
If you feel it’s time to reverse course in terms of your approach to life and your relationship with what’s practical and effective,” it seems you’re right on time. The blessing and the problem is that Leo rules your 6th house of the “methods and techniques” you need to be optimally successful.” Leo is playful, self-centered, fun-loving, child-like, and spontaneous – not the average formula for success. But it’s your formula and it might be time to embrace it. That would probably entail an entire overhaul of your current approach to life. Exactly. You need a reconnection with something more powerful and naturally attuned to who you are. Self-discipline, punishing routines, rigid timelines, long work hours, and self-sacrifice, may not be your optimal formula for success. Something more relaxed and easier could be more useful to you and to those you serve. Pisces moves through life like no other sign, relying almost exclusively on instincts and feeling for direction. There’s a reason for that. Instinctively you know best. You betray yourself when you pretend otherwise.

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