Cancer New Moon Horoscopes for the Week of June 21st – 27th

(Atropian Mosaic Art)

In general horoscopes this week are most influenced by Friday’s New Moon in the sign of Cancer AND the energy shifts set in motion by the Summer Solstice.

A Cancer New Moon clears the way for us to connect with the “heart of the matter.” On Friday the Sun and Moon align in the sign of Cancer to join Mercury and Mars already residing in that sign. This creates a powerful force of influence in whatever “house” is ruled by the sign of Cancer. It’s different and defining for each sign.

Cancer is the bottom line, the essential you, the principle around which your life revolves, what you are loyal to, what you might die for, what you most need in order to feel secure. In life there’s always lots of noise, plenty of distractions, many things to consider, and layers of information to sort through. Cancer is the homing signal that allows you to find your way back home and to connect with what’s most important to you.

Under this New Moon (exact on June 23rd at 7:31 PM Pacific time and at 10:31 PM Eastern time) something may be clarified that’s gotten lost or confused in the everyday busyness of life. Maybe you’ve gotten swept up in some fast-moving momentum that has suddenly shifted. Is it possible to continue to be loyal to what you’ve always been loyal to? Or do you need to switch loyalties, to raise a new flag that signals an identification with something more central to who you actually are.

Caring for your home, eating food you’re in the mood for, sifting through old photographs, spending time on “,” spending time with your mom to the extent that’s possible, or caring for someone or something you love could be perfect channels for the expression of current energies.

The Sabian symbol for this New Moon is “A Reindeer Far From its Native Turf Grazes in a Suburban Yard. It Comes Face to Face with the Human Owners, Lowers its Antlers, Squinches up its Face as if to ask “Friend or Foe?”

It is possible you’re finding yourself in alien territory unsure of your surrounding but needing to move forward with an air of confidence – as though you’re not in the highly vulnerable state you may actually find yourself. The example that comes to mind is Sonia Ghandi. She has her Moon in the sign of Cancer at 2 degrees – the exact placement of this new Moon.

When her husband, Rajiv Ghandi, the Prime minister of India was shot, she stepped up to become the President of the Indian National Congress party. Sonia is Italian. India is foreign territory for her. There was lots of resistance to her as “not one of us” as well as personal uncertainty. I assume she connected with something very fundamental within herself, the “heart of the matter” that allowed her to carry on with confidence. A change in loyalty was probably part of the picture.

The tightest aspect in this New Moon Chart is an opposition between Juno in Capricorn and Mars in Cancer. Mars is self-protective and defensive in Cancer. He’s a vulnerable warrior, a crab in need of shell. Juno in Capricorn is tough, committed to leadership and a sense of responsibility for steering the ship in the right direction.

Either Mars has to step up or Juno has to step down. It’s the choice around which this New Moon revolves.

Letting go of the fear of rejection is important. Letting go of your old tribe, the fear of being different, or of not belonging, is a challenge you accept or reject.

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ARIES (March 21-April 21)
The depths of your being – your essential self – is being highlighted and reconsidered from a different vantage point. It’s like running into an old friend at a high school reunion who was never anything memorable, but now, seen in a new light, seems intensely attractive and important. It’s a surprising development, an unexpected gift, a recognition of something valuable that you failed to notice in the past. It may be time for a re-evaluation of many things you’ve pushed aside, not the least of which could have been what your soul longed for. That could become your guiding principle, the center point around which you arrange your life. There may a struggle with the past. You may feel pressured by unwritten rules and unspoken expectations designed for those who have severed ties with their soul. It’s possible that isn’t you anymore. “Gifts from hidden sources” are emerging for your consideration. Will you step into your rightful leadership role or will you step down to accommodate the oppressive circumstances you created when you were disconnected. Thats the question.

TAURUS (April 21-May 21)
All this new Moon action is happening in your 3rd house of communication. It’s interesting to consider how Cancer energy works in a realm designed for objective analysis, clear thought, knowing the facts, connecting with the like-minded, and making decisions based on something rational. Cancer is watery and subjective. It connects unconsciously, and uses instinct and what “feels right” to make decisions. The energy of Venus in your forceful 1st house is powerfully attracting to you what you want and need. This makes it important to listen to your instincts, to trust your telepathic abilities, and to carefully consider the information, contacts, and connections that magically flow in your direction. Be mindful and soulful. Don’t try too hard. That confuses Venus. It’s not the way she operates. What happens this week could be astounding

GEMINI (May 21-June 21)
All the Cancer action happens in your 2nd house this week. Financial issues, stabilization issues, and self-worth issues may be emotionally difficult. Memories of past scarcity, insecurity, and powerlessness may surface and encourage you to think small or to consider a contraction and retreat. You are meant to be financially powerful. But it doesn’t work to disconnect from the longing of your soul by rejecting what feels joyful, heart warming, and deeply to who you are. With Saturn continuing to challenge Gemini it’s important to be both pragmatic and soulful when it comes to earning a living, managing resources, and amassing power. One or the other by itself slows you down and blocks progress. If you’re thinking that your expectations may be too big or your sense of what is possible for you might be inflated this is the week to reconsider. You may be moving in the right direction, slowly bringing the soulful and pragmatic into balance. You may be managing your resources more cleverly. There is evidence of progress if you stop to notice and to feel grateful.

CANCER (June 21-July 21)
Something fresh and new, and very promising, is looking for an opening to flow into your life. You probably already feel that. The way to swing the door wide open and to make it more enticing for the “newness” to find a comfortable place in your life, it’s important to say goodbye to some old, deeply ingrained tendencies. Those may come in the form of dark, destructive “power plays” that used to work for you in the short run, or an obligation that pressures you to be the most beautiful, or wealthiest, or talented in order to feel deserving of love. It’s time to make a break from past patterns and expectations that no longer feed your soul even if that disappoints others. It’s time to let go of the urge to rebel over things that don’t really matter and to begin instead to rebel against what really does matter. You’re on the brink of walking into a different, much healthier world. Just make sure you don’t bring any of the old outgrown patterns with you.

LEO (July 21-Aug 21)
If complacency, dullness, or an anesthetized sense of going through the motions has infused your life, this week could change that. Something new is shaking loose beneath the surface of your being. Something awakening is forced into being through an unexpected event or sudden shock. It doesn’t seem worrisome, necessarily. But I wouldn’t advise against taking unnecessary stupid chances. I don’t think I ever advise that. Something unanticipated assists in bringing you back to life. Your approach to work and your tendency to go to extremes in that area of life – to work and obsessively overwork is rooted in a disconnection from your soul. To be fair, you have the kind of soul that is so delicate, sensitive, fearful of abandonment, and elusive, it’s not exactly difficult to neglect and ignore her. But you may be paying a price. This week something wakes you up to your soul’s elusive and beautiful presence. Finally there’s a chance to untangle the distortions that characterize your relationship with work and responsibility.

Virgo (August 21 – Sep 21)
If you know anything about the Aquarian approach to life, this is the week you could benefit from imitating her. She’s not everyone’s cup of tea. She does her own thing, plays her own game, resists conformity, shocks the crowd, and her friends with inventive but odd choices. She’s intolerant of restrictions that are forced upon her – and those that arise from within her in the form of inhibitions. She works hard to eliminate those. She’s a great friend. She accepts you as you are and loves you, but she’s unreliable in the sense that she’s unpredictable. Not even she knows what she’ll suddenly throw overboard in an effort to be completely free. She knows she doesn’t belong in the traditional sense and she’s ok with that. She accepts her role as the progressive, brilliant, misfit. It’s the price she pays to create breakthroughs for herself and others without fear of rejection. She develops an immunity to rejection and it’s probably the most freeing part of being who she is. If the mood strikes you to be more Aquarian this week I’d definitely encourage it. You might find that you don’t need to conform to be loved. You just need to be you.

LIBRA (September 21-October 21)
A more soulful goal may be motivating you to do what needs to be done to achieve what you want to achieve. Your work may be more joyful than it’s been in awhile. Something new and exciting emerges in your professional life or through your interaction with the public that might facilitate a new life direction. A move may be required. But the important thing is that the world seems to be accommodating more of the totality of who you are, giving you a way to realize your dreams through your work. There was a time when those dreams may have seemed too unrealistic and impractical to pursue. You interpreted your experiences as giving you that negative kind of feedback. But that seems to no longer be the case. A choice between a commitment to family responsibilities and what’s always been expected of you, and a commitment to your soul’s longings, may be the issue of the moment. Hopefully you can find a happy balance between the two. For a Libra that seems the best possible outcome.

SCORPIO (October 21 – November 21)
An adventurous possibility is coming emerging out of nowhere it seems. An opportunity to be freer, to shine professionally, or to love excessively, may be asserting itself through the energy of something non-conformist and edgy. Doors are opening easily and will continue to as long as you don’t insist on holding onto a past where your self-worth was determined by friends, a sense of belonging, wealth, and the dream of possessing an ideal love or lover you never really believed was a possibility. It’s your longing and your fear that a “possess-able” passionate lover would actually cross your path. At the moment that possibility could be in the gestational phase. It seems time to let go of old friends and old ideas about where you belong and to allow yourself to move into the realm of something more adventurous, spacious, and free. Your greatest achievement would be a epic love affair. It seems you’re in the process of preparing for that by practicing or agreeing to be more vulnerable.

SAGITTARIUS (November 21- December 21)
This new Moon activates your 8th house, the home of undiluted power, depth psychology, undoing old psychological conditioning, penetrating through superficial layers of yourself to discover what’s lies beneath. There may be a lot of “muck” standing between some shallow version of you and the real stuff. This would be a good week to let go of something old and inauthentic that’s been deeply embedded within you, maybe for a long time – and to take some action to make it happen. If you’ve ever considered psychotherapy or eliciting a Jungian therapist to revive what’s been repressed this would be the week. There’s an endless array of alternative healing options available. Pick one that feels right and dive in. Something powerfully authentic is attempting to break the surface. You could choose to cooperate though it might not be easy. It seems it will be worth it. And its time.

CAPRICORN (December 21-January 21)
We all have a mysterious blind spot that prevents us from seeing (and embracing) the part of ourselves that could make us whole. For you that seems to involve a sensitivity and sense of empathy that made you want to defend, protect, and fight for the vulnerable and the disadvantaged. Another possibility is an urge to protect preserve the past, to cherish some moment in history, to wish you’d been born earlier to experience adventures that involved the need to be resourceful and inventive in order to survive. You may have been brilliant in some unusual way focusing intently on obscure interests that few understood. You might have been a humanitarian championing a cause in a child’s body. It’s a good idea to explore the past this week to look for clues of the forgotten pieces of yourself you’ve yet to integrate. Your childhood interests are revealing.

AQUARIUS (January 21-February 21)
The sector of your life being activated by the new Moon is your 6th house of methods and practices. Your analytical abilities are enhanced by intuitive knowing and instincts you can trust. You’ve grown accustomed to being highly useful to others and highly efficient in the realm of accomplishing objectives. You’re a finely tuned machine most of the time, but this week something disruptive is thrown into the mix. You may have to improvise. But the experience teaches you something about your ability to be flexible, to control variables you thought you couldn’t control, and to find your way home when the usual route is closed. Some old fears may be released in the process and some new insights into the extent of your competence may be comforting. You may gain the confidence to veer off track more frequently even when its not necessary. Discovery is a beautiful thing.
pisces otherworldly
PISCES (February 21-March 21)
All the new Moon action is happening in your 5th house of creativity. This is an incredibly fertile time – an opportunity to breakthrough staleness, to connect with the richness of your soul, and to rely on it as a source of both information and raw material. But the soul, even for a Pisces, can be difficult to access on command. It has a mind of it’s own so to speak. There are ways to coax it into cooperating, and now is the perfect time to figure out your way of dong it. I take my cues from elite athletes who have specific rituals, thoughts, and lucky objects they keep close before a game or performance. They consciously create and rely on methods that they know will bring forth a state of mind and a quality of being that transcends the ordinary. The more they rely on what could seem superstitious, the more reliable it becomes. Don’t think too hard about this. Just notice what has spontaneously spurred creativity in the past. It’s a good week to experiment.

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