Scorpio Full Moon and Weekly Horoscopes

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Today, May 10th, 2017, the Scorpio Full Moon culminates at 2:45 PM PDT & 5:45 PM EDT.

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This full Scorpio Moon falls in my twelfth house of dreams and the collective unconscious mind. Under its influence I had three disturbing dreams for three consecutive nights, all reflecting haunting Scorpionic themes. One involved a large, confusing family gathering, a shot gun, and an inability to understand what was going on. Everyone was “in on the game” except for me. It felt like I was being set up. I was under pressure to act, but any course of action I considered seemed to trigger a trap. I didn’t trust my perception of the situation. Was it real or imagined. It was the kind of paranoid dream where creepy feelings lingered well into my waking hours the following day.

The second dream involved a black sink. The third one has slithered back beneath the surface of consciousness. I can’t remember it other than it seemed eerily prophetic and somewhat encouraging.

To expose some deeper hidden patterns I’m looking at the Draconic charts for this full Scorpio Moon. A Draconic chart is an “x-ray” version of a regular western chart which can be thought of as more of a “photograph.” I’m looking at both. If any full Moon interpretation could benefit from an x-ray, it would be this one.

Mars is important in both chart versions. He rules Scorpio. But draconically retrograde Jupiter in Libra actually emerges as the deeper main player. There is pressure to deal with relationships from the past, chronic patterns, conflict, and an underlying slipperiness that’s been difficult to detect and understand. This full Moon aligns exactly with Beta Serpens. What was going on in the past relationally may have flown beneath your radar. Something stealth, with a distinctly snaky, slithery feel sets the tone. Something snuck by you possibly for the purpose of exploiting orrendering you powerless.

In retrospect your perspective and understanding may be clearing. The dark game you unknowingly tolerated, or maybe actively fed into, is losing steam. Most likely something unfair and unjust is coming to light. But how to unravel and move forward seems like an edgy, risky proposition. If your hands aren’t completely clean, you’re essentially walking through a land mine. It’s doubtful that they are and there’s lots at stake – most importantly self-respect.

Draconic Mars is placed in the sign of Capricorn. Any action you take needs to strengthen your sense of integrity. Actions taken may come in the form of a clean break. Along with enhanced freedom and self-respect, some kind of trade-off, possibly in the form of a painful loss, may be required.

In the “x-ray” chart version, Mars and Dark Moon Lillith are fused together as one. It is impossible to feel Mars (or the essence of this full Moon) without feeling the power of Lillith as well. To put it mildly, she’s well-known as a real handful.

She’s the place in our psyche where primal instincts live. She’s the home of dark demons, the one’s that desperately need to be creatively channeled to prevent destructive mayhem from taking over. She’s the place we feel continually haunted by something we can’t identify.

According to Astrologer Kelly Hunter, Dark Moon Lillith is the second mysterious dark Moon circling the earth. She’s the dusky presence that absorbs light rather than reflecting it. What she absorbs is negative human emotions and unhealed wounds. These wounds are said to encircle the earth’s vibrational field – and all of us – like a dark polluting black smog.

The myth surrounding Dark Moon Lillith is that she bred demonic offspring on the shores of the Red Sea. (I told you she was a handful). She was exiled but her demonic shadow grew and occasionally erupts in a terror of vengeance. Think perpetual war.

The warning in this chart seems to be the importance of carefully monitoring any urge for revenge or retaliation. Don’t engage or indulge. The significance of that is impossible to overstate as the summer eclipses approach.

Using artificial means to sedate, stimulate, or suddenly “enlighten” yourself – and to make a habit of it – seems especially dangerous under this full Moon. Scorpio gradually destroys her inner compass with artificial enhancers. A Scorpio without an inner compass is dangerous and in danger. If you tune in you’re likely not to miss that message.

On the other hand sacred earth rituals, a balanced use of natural herbs, and shamanic healing techniques could be explored as effective and healthy ways to unlock demons festering beneath the level of consciousness. Staying in a highly active creative mode at least for the next two weeks is important.

I view this full Moon and its exposing/purging/clarifying influence as a powerful opportunity to change the direction of the fate being triggered under the August 21st total Leo eclipse. The North node (fate) officially moves into the 29th degree of Leo under this full Moon. That’s less than a degree away from the most powerful summer eclipse point.

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ARIES (March 21-April 21)
This powerful Scorpio full Moon is balanced by the Taurus Sun in your 2nd house of net worth and self-worth. This is a difficult full Moon. Transformation is good but what it takes to get there can feel excruciating. Zubenelschemali (my new favorite word) is a very fortunate star fused with this full Moon. Most likely her gifts will be barely noticed by those trying to survive her onslaught. But Aries seems to be an exception. The balancing influence of the Taurus Sun lights up your 2nd house. More money and an abundance of what you most love may flow unimpeded in your direction. There are the issues of betrayal lingering – suspicions, paranoia, slippery snakes and stealthy undercurrents influencing your relationships, your mental health, and your role within the realm of relationships. During this time when you’re radiating maximum charisma it may be time to suggest a redrawing of the boundaries within relationships. Consider your options until June 9th. By then you’ll know where you’re headed.

TAURUS (April 21-May 21)
Old attachments are beginning to fade away. Something deeply profound and sometimes incredibly painful has been taken as far as it can go. It’s reached its expiration date. What’s been building for awhile has reached its peak. From now on it steadily fades until there’s nothing left – except new space to fill. Sensing the end, there is some new passion being ignited. It feels soulful and may quickly expand into a wild blaze, but it would be nice for you to nurture it along slowly, to watch it grow, to savor it as it builds, to warm you slowly, and softly melt your heart. I’m not sure what I’m talking about here. Your horoscope seems to be writing itself. But it all looks like something you feared might be just a dream – something that would never actually materialize for you to experience in this lifetime. If that’s the case, I think you’ve miscalculated. This looks sublime and more than worth the pain and loss you’ve suffered through. It’s good to be a Taurus when something sublimely beautiful enters you life. You know how to savor and make it last.

GEMINI (May 21-June 21)
There is a chapter in the story of your life that is coming to an end. The new chapter is gestating. In fact the Sun is highly focused at the moment on this gestational process, feeding it lots of warmth and energy and everything it need to develop into something you’ll love. In fact somewhere in the deepest recesses of your heart, you already do. The trick is to feel the connection and to visualize images that facilitate a new birth. Something has reached it’s peak of usefulness and is fading. You’ve mastered a process that has prepared you to move through and beyond. A new door opens on May 25th. There are lots of options and decisions to be made. Between now and then imagine a variety of interesting doors opening as you confidently choose the best one to walk through.

CANCER (June 21-July 21)
The coast is clear Cancer. It’s time for you to enjoy the ease and flow that has been created in your life. Actually you created it with your diligent efforts and consistent hard work. It’s now time to reap the rewards of an abundant harvest. Metaphorically speaking you made sure the plants you planted were carefully watered and fed, even when you didn’t feel like it. Apparently you didn’t take any short cuts. Or if you did you more than made up for that. Karmic debts are not particularly demanding at this time. Love most likely surrounds you. An infusion of abundance may challenge your emotional capacity to receive. It’s a nice problem to have. For the forseeable future that’s what a picture of your life looks like. Enjoy. Nice job!

LEO (July 21-Aug 21)
This Scorpio Moon provides you with some strategic and timely pressure. Imagine your current experience to be a master class in how to manage your emotions, and how to keep yourself on an even keel. Dealing with the dark side isn’t really your thing – unless you can engage your amazing creative talent and love of drama in the process. Now and for the next two weeks it might be a good idea to consider how you can use your feelings to create something artistic. Complicated feelings can be a rich source of raw material for creative use. There have been beautiful books written, amazing paintings painted, beautiful songs composed – all inspired and created with emotional raw material and raw emotions. So approach the darkness with creative intent in mind. What’s especially painful is especially useful to you as an artist. The past and maybe your relationship with your mother might be especially rich.

Virgo (August 21 – Sep 21)
Virgo may be fired up by some new information, antagonizing response, or unexpected rejection that messes with their sense of integrity. A currently energized and conflicted relationship reminds you of how much you hate to be dismissed and disrespected. Power struggles may be at play. This Scorpio full Moon resides in your third house of communication. You’re capable of landing a powerful verbal or written blow. The question that needs to be asked is whether you’re motivated by vengeance or by the need to correct a misperception about your willingness to accept a role that feels disrespectful. Only you can tell the difference. If it’s vengeful expect some significant backlash that could render you powerless around the time of the summer solar eclipse. If it’s self-respecting and clarifying in terms of what you expect going forward, anticipate a surge in strength, an amassing of power, and many reasons to feel optimistic during the eclipse season.

LIBRA (September 21-October 21)
In relationships Libra may be the slippery influence that stealthily arranges for others to feel somewhat diminished in their presence. Diminishing an imagined threat that comes in the form of another seems to be the goal. For Libra defensiveness is triggered through relationships. Superficially there’s really nothing to see here. What happens is motivated by something deep within. In Libra’s world the will to survive in relationships is powerfully energized. In the past a sense of your own self worth may have been repeatedly shredded through intense power struggles. Instinctively relationships feel dangerous – something resembling a choice between “killing or being killed.” Libra, the sign of the lover and peacemaker, may have a more difficult time in relationships than most. Under this Scorpio full Moon these old tendencies are enlivened and ripe for transformation. Libra’s attitude toward relationships may moderate as her sense of self-worth is progressively fortified. Maybe it’s all intricately connected to a professional role you infuse with great sensitivity and empathy. Some welcome the healthy change they feel in your presence. Others can’t adjust and must be left behind.

SCORPIO (October 21 – November 21)
Scorpio is highly sensitized under a Scorpio full Moon but possibly less fazed than most. You live with darkness, demons, Lillith, intense motivations, urges, and instincts as a matter of course. You’re in familiar territory. Death, rebirth, transformation, picking yourself up and moving on is the story of your life. What would kill most makes you stronger. Still something intense within the realm of relationships is energized and rattling around. A ghost from the past refuses to be ignored or forgotten, forcing you to engage in a way that feels intrusive, disruptive, and impossible to resist. A betrayal of some kind lingers over a love that seems to transcend all boundaries. If I were you I’d cozy up to Lillith. I’d befriend her and ask her to transform all my destructive, revenge-filled thoughts with something powerfully creative. I’d ask her to gift me with her amazing powers. You need those to navigate the complicated road you’re traveling. Build a shrine to her, design a ritual to get her attention, find a picture of her and put it in a prominent place. Most shy away from her. She’s just too much -but not for you.

SAGITTARIUS (November 21- December 21)
Under the Scorpio full Moon, you may be awakened to the fact that in relationships with lovers, friends, and possibly children, the boundaries need to be redrawn – and you need to re-draw them. Relationships that are being sustained because you’re willing to sacrifice some measure of integrity or self-respect need to be restructured or ended. In a weakened state you may have given permission for things you now see as unjustified. An entire history may need to be erased and reimagined. Essentially you’re at the mercy of another to accept or reject calls or change. Rejection would be painful. But there is no one with more inner strength and resilience than Sagittarians. Scorpio rules your 12th house. You may be knocked down but you’re never out. Whatever the outcome you tend not only to recover but to emerge stronger than ever. Choosing truth and integrity is always a wise decision for Sagittarius. It erases Karmic debt and sets you free. Create a purifying ritual, attend a full Moon drumming ceremony, listen to music you love, and write something soulful. Settle back into your natural rhythm.

CAPRICORN (December 21-January 21)
Capricorn wields lots of power within the realm of relationships. It’s a gift as long as you’re aware of the influence you wield and accept responsibility your strong impact. The Scorpio Moon is here to remind you what’s at stake if you choose to wield your influence in exploitative ways. It’s time to pay more attention. You are highly sensitive to changes in power structures and guided by your instincts to take advantage of any openings that could work in your favor. If that includes throwing others under the bus to advance your position they’re probably catching on. Expect some rather harsh pushback. On the other hand you may be the one under the bus beginning to catch on. In that case it’s time to admit that a victim role is beneath you. Action is needed to reestablish your integrity. A painful loss may be inevitable. Weigh the situation carefully and do the self-respecting thing.

AQUARIUS (January 21-February 21)
Like it or not, deeply soulful and beautiful longings related in some way to the past may be your emotional focus. Metaphorically speaking Aquarius as a fixed air sign can become too parched and thirsty, feeling a lack of the kind of lustrous life that feels energizing. Fortunately occasionally a watery Scorpio Moon comes along to bring the past and the richness it holds back to life. Though I doubt you look forward to rummaging through much of your past there are memories and moments so rich in feelings of love and amazing beauty, its hard not to feel overwhelmed and maybe grateful. Unfortunately you don’t get to pick and choose under a Scorpio full Moon. The dark flows in along side the goodness and you relive what you’d prefer to forget. If you tweak your perspective just a little, overall it may feel that the universe is providing just what you need at just the right time.
pisces otherworldly
PISCES (February 21-March 21)
Your emotional range is being expanded. Something old is fading making room for something less confining. Your future is being reconfigured and opened up. Emotionally you’re preparing yourself for a future public role, a new career, and possibly a new place to live. In the meantime your third house of communication is lighting up. You have lots of ideas related to new offerings and new ways to serve. There is a rhythmic organic feeling to where your mind is headed. Naturalness predominates as a healing force. You might be in need of astrocartography or similar ways to imagine from your home or office how you’d like to feel and what places might stimulate that. You’re being set free. Possibly some old confining karma is being erased. It’s not time yet to make a move but you may be feeling especially restless. It’s time to paint beautiful pictures in your mind – to paint pictures with words and maybe set them to music. It’s time to imagine where in the world you want to be.

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