Horoscopes for the Week of April 5th – 11th

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This week two more planets are added to the list of those already in retrograde motion.

Today Saturn in the sign of Sagittarius turns retrograde and will not be direct again until August 24, 2017. On Sunday Mercury begins its first full three week retrograde cycle of the year.

By the end of the week, Mercury, Venus, Jupiter, and Saturn will all be retrograding. That’s a lot of reverse momentum. It’s time to “back up the bus” as they say – to slow down, to recover what we’ve lost, to change our minds, and, in light of new information or insight, to reconsider, and entertain the idea of changing course.

Mercury retrograde cautions that you may not have all the information you need to move ahead. In the sign of Taurus, some practical financial considerations may need to be revisited and accommodated. Recent revelations may encourage you to pursue something more deeply satisfying than you’d previously considered. Taurus craves what’s substantial, sustainable, and worth savoring. An old lover may resurface. A child may distance himself or reconnect. On your radar screen an option with greater possibilities may appear.

Venus retrograding in the sign of Pisces takes you deeper into the magical recesses of your mind. She gives you time to feel what it would be like to connect with the infinite, with a way of life that is connected to something deeply sourced. Something timeless feels more appealing than something trendy. The mundane may be difficult to tolerate. Old dreams resurface. A love that ended comes back to life. What undermines you dissolves.

Something you’ve always known but forgotten may be revealed as both “your curse and your cure.” Spirits who have passed on may reconnect in ways that call into question your current plan. Long suppressed artistic urges insist you set them free.

Through June 8th of this year, Jupiter in Libra continues to retrograde. Old beliefs about relationships, justice, fairness, and freedom may be reversed. Recovering a deeper sense of balance feels right. Something about the way you relate or allow yourself to be related to may need to be undone. Peace at any price may prove too costly.

Saturn in Sagittarius in retrograde motion has you reconsidering current commitments. This is a stalling, delaying, introspective influence. You now have time to have some second thoughts.

Saturn and Venus, now in harsh aspect, further challenge the nature of relationships. The issue may be the changing nature of current structures. Mutable boundaries present problems. They dissolve, disappear, reappear, solidify, and all the various shades of grey in-between. A chilly, tentative atmosphere may settle in. You may take a step back and wonder if what you thought was real actually is.

You may now question the validity of your future plans. Today the Sun, Jupiter, and Pluto are involved in a t-square – a challenging, stress-producing configuration. Imbalance and injustice throws us into a vulnerable state where we feel more afraid, isolated, and possibly, at some level, in danger. There is an erosion of what once felt safe – but its likely temporary.

On the other hand now could be the time when what once blocked the achievement of your goals is dissolving. Options multiply and it could seem that anything is possible. Old rules no longer apply and limitations can be transcended.

Current energies probably manifest as a “mixed bag” that will partially work itself out between now and the end of April and more fully by the end of August. In the meantime it may be a good idea to rediscover or to more actively pursue what stabilizes you. That may be as simple as concentrating on your breath at regular intervals… or as intriguing as going into hiding for a few months.

Now you’re in the process of recovering what you need to move forward in a way that’s more aligned with who you are.

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ARIES (March 21-April 21)
A deeply entrenched, inflexible, or limiting relationship with an old symbol of nurturance and sustainment is begging to be transformed. Something you dismiss as unimportant or “in the past” has the potential to subtly undermine you on a regular basis. It’s complicated and you may assume “not within your power to control.” Actually now is the opportune time to set yourself free of some dark energy that’s insidiously connected to everything you are and everything you do. Pay attention to what surfaces in your dream life, to what specific memories choose to come back to life, to the people you haven’t seen for awhile that run cross your path. As the Sun aligns with Uranus, your life energy and your entire approach to life may be in the process of being set free. You may sense the confinement under which you’ve lived, carrying a burden that is no longer necessary. What you’ve traditionally identified as the source of the problem may not be. Your relationship with your mom (or your role as a mom) may be the critical link that has the potential to re-align and heal. Take some action to undo the past. Rituals are a rich source of power that is easily accessible when you need help undoing something deeply entrenched.

TAURUS (April 21-May 21)
Taurus may need to take themselves out of the game for awhile to recover a sense of where they belong. Your health and the health of your relationships is highlighted. Something needs to be brought into balance. A dissolution of old associations, contacts, friends, and the entire “feel” of an old social life may be well underway. There appears to be something more that needs to be undone before that task is complete. Impediments to financial stability for the long haul may need to be removed. Courage in the face of opposition is necessary. Someone you trust to advocate for you may be helpful. It’s time to cultivate a deeper relationship with yourself. Can you go on a retreat, go off into the woods, or otherwise commune with just yourself for awhile? It seems critical that you reconnect. You may have a history of being disconnected from yourself. You may have gotten lost trying to navigate the darker, more complicated realms of relationships. A separation from aspects of the past that reinforce disconnection seems critical. A break from your usual routine may be necessary.

GEMINI (May 21-June 21)
More freedom and time along the course of your current daily routine may be required to cultivate the brilliant friendships and associations you need to shape your future in the most desirable ways. Showcasing your talent may be part of this picture. But the financial part of your current equation seems unsettled and may need further consideration before you can identify or settle into an effective arrangement. Old entrenched fears about money and debt are in the process of being loosened. The cosmos is making it easier to release ingrained limitations or a lack of confidence in your own financial competence. This is a good time to engage the help of a counselor, teacher, or personal guide to give you the assistance you need. Your future depends on an uninhibited engagement with the full range of your creative skills and talents. Fear has no place in this equation. It can now be addressed and rooted out.

CANCER (June 21-July 21)
Reconsidering the justice and fairness of an old relationship – beliefs that were passed onto you, role models you had, and the roles you willingly took on – may be up for reconsideration. Something from the past continues to influence the nature of current relationships. Through June 9th of this year, you’re being given time to unravel what may have worked for someone else, but doesn’t work for you. The distance between you and what (or whom) you truly love needs to be examined from many different angles. The details of a role you inherited and may be trying to shake off is up for review. What was the relationship between your mother and father? How do you imitate them in ways that undermine what you truly desire? Your relationships can now be better than what you’ve experienced or witnessed in the past. It seems you may already be mulling that over. Pay attention to the details of what limits you and take responsibility for changing it. It seems you’re on the cusp of resolving this. By mid-May I predict you will be on a new, more promising course with love. Persistence and honest communication is inescapable.

LEO (July 21-Aug 21)
Leo may be in the process of reconsidering the nature of their work or the nature of their future in general. Since the beginning of 2015 it seems you’ve been on a mission to delay anything resembling fun in an effort to solidify yourself and your reputation. You needed to prove your competence, efficiency, or your ability to produce some brilliant work. Now you may be taking a step back. Your methods may be in need of an overhaul. You may be somewhat burned out. A partner may be pressing for a more enlightened way forward. A return to something more balanced and personally satisfying may need to be considered. It’s time to put the finishing touches on a financial planar solution. By mid-May you may feel ready to initiate something new regarding your approach to life and your role within the realm of relationships. Within the deepest recesses of your mind and heart there is a burning passion for something that returns you to your whole and essential self. For the sake of balance it may be time to recover something valuable from the past that’s been lost.

VIRGO (August 21-September 21)
Virgo may sense herself teetering on the cusp of some important change. The details of your approach to life may be in an ending phase. Tying up loose ends before a major change involving some new found freedom – possibly from old responsibilities – may be your focus. Where do you go from here? For the next three weeks and for the sake of your future, it may be necessary to connect with the deepest parts of yourself and your own personal power. It is possible that you may need to undo some old, undermining, psychological conditioning related to money and dark energies. You may need to relearn something you’ve forgotten about how to survive and thrive independently. You may need to imagine yourself breaking free of old limitations, power struggles, and veiled threats to your sense of stability. This is all preparation for the deep dive you’ll be taking into the wonders of your mysterious, and deeply nourishing spiritual life. Reconnecting to the love you’ve missed and the source of your own creativity improves your health and efficiency in unexpected ways. Setting something or someone free may be the catalyst needed to move you into a refreshing and powerful new phase of life.

LIBRA (September 21-October 21)
Venus dives back into the murky realm of your life that houses poorly defined or disappearing responsibilities, unconscious bad habits, undiagnosable health issues, abusive memories, and/or endings that coalesce without warning. Now it seems, as Saturn begins its retrograde journey through your 3rd house (in harsh aspect to Venus), there is a connection between your communication style and the undermining of your ability to manifest what you most desire. Your ability to connect with some magical healing abilities filtered through the deepest recesses of your mind and heart may be blocked. Now is the time you can unblock those through careful attention to what you say and what you believe about the power of words, knowledge, truth, and cultivating the flexibility to soften your impact when you sense vulnerability. A show of compassion makes you more, not less effective. Pluto in Capricorn in your 4th house suggests an inherited tendency toward hyper-competitiveness. It’s time to reconsider the methods you use to win and also what you currently define as “a win.”

SCORPIO (October 21 – November 21)
Scorpio will soon be entering a one and a half year phase where the goal is to release the past – the things that resembled anti-social, extreme, or detached methods. It seems that someone from the past may have taken a cold-hearted approach with you, but also valued and cultivated your brilliance and most unique qualities. Soon it will be time, in the interest of a more balanced relationship with yourself and your professional life, to enliven instead the memory of those who treated you in the most warm-hearted and loving ways. In the meantime the challenge is to resolve an issue that destabilizes you, keeping you separated from what you love most, and possibly in a state of feeling that you must continually defend or protect yourself against ultimate annihilation (a slight exaggeration possibly 🙂 A moment of truth may ensue as you find yourself wanting a less complicated, more finely crafted, unshakably substantial, deeply nourishing, sublimely harmonious, worth-savoring kind of relationship. The first step to getting from here to there would be to tell yourself the unvarnished truth about what keeps you powerless – a resistance to digging deeper maybe.

SAGITTARIUS (November 21- December 21)
Love is the issue. All aspects of love – what it is, what it’s not, how you free yourself to attract the kind of lover you crave, and, in general, to infuse more joy and freedom into your life. Sagittarians love an adventure when it comes to love. They want a sexy partner as much as they want someone they can spar with. They want someone who challenges them in the most meaningful ways to be receptive to something that feels expansive and free. They want something that’s rooted in the spiritual realm but feisty and continually renewing and refreshing everyday. Why might that feel elusive or in some state of dissolution at the moment? It may have to do with a lack of confidence in your current plans and maybe a past relationship that ended or died and continues to haunt or confuse you. You are at the end of an 18 month phase where your mission was to release the past as you cultivated a suitable public role for yourself. You have about another month to complete that healing process. In the meantime you may be re-evaluating what you thought you wanted for the future. Free yourself to reconsider. By August you might have something different in mind. .

CAPRICORN (December 21-January 21)
Capricorn is in the process of becoming more consistently sensitive and tuned into their deepest thoughts and intuitive leanings about best practices and most effective methods. Your entire approach to life is changing incrementally as new and different aspects of you are revealed and demand integration. Capricorn tends to construct a life that fails to take into consideration a substantial part of who they are. In the short run it simplifies their path toward reaching their goals. In the long run it ensure a type of success that isn’t all it was cracked up to be. Integrating new aspects of yourself can be an awkward process of trial and error. Relationships may suffer as a result – or they may be enhanced. But they’re currently in a state of flux – as confusing to you as they are to others. Do you know what you think? Do you know what to say? Does it feel right? Probably not always. It’s time to be compassionate toward yourself and patient with this critical process. It’s time to be sensitive to the challenges your partner faces and to communicate as clearly as you can about how you feel – knowing that it will probably change momentarily. This phase lasts about another seven months and doesn’t occur again for another 30 years. It’s pivotal and life changing.

AQUARIUS (January 21-February 21)
Aquarius may be reviewing, reconsidering, and backtracking through their dreams, hopes, and wishes for the future. What you thought was true may be changing. Relationships with a lover, child, or creative pursuit may be taking a different direction than what you assumed. Old associations and sources of stability (income) may be dissolving – or magically transcending limitations. What feels most appealing may be a place full of open-ended possibility. Something spiritually alive seems particularly important. There is the feeling that you may not accomplish much in terms of worldly success over the next three months but you will be setting the stage for something that promises to be deeply nourishing for years to come. It’s time to give yourself time to consolidate your power – probably as a healer of some kind. It’s time to focus on your dream for yourself and your life, to define clearly what it is and what it’s not in the interest of recognizing by August the path that feels right for you.
pisces otherworldly
PISCES (February 21-March 21)
Pisces finds themselves in the midst of a four and half month cycle of some deep soul searching related to healing themselves and recovering their source of power. This is all intricately intertwined with a sense of balance within the realm of relationships. Freeing yourself to rearrange and manage your resources brilliantly – including your innate talents – is part of the picture. Finding the courage to do it differently than what most would consider wise is is the emerging opportunity. Saturn is asking that you consider something transformative that requires the release of what you may be deeply attached to – financial dependence possibly or a relationship that assumes you will follow the lead or advice of another. It’s time to cultivate the courage you need to follow a path toward something deeply nourishing, finely crafted, artistically sublime, magically chaotic, and mysteriously harmonious. In that direction you will meet up with your most powerful self.

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