Horoscopes for the Week of April 19th – 25th

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The main event this week is the Sun’s transit into the sign of Taurus. The Sun provides the main source of available energy that fuels you, everything you do, and everything around you.

Taurus is about substance. She’s more interested in solidifying a work in progress than further expanding it. She’s known to slow down the pace, to be guided by what comes naturally, to enjoy the slow building process, and to be motivated to create something of lasting value.

Taurus will not be pushed. She’s ruled by sensuous Venus. There’s no need to rush with this quality of energy that’s most conducive to savoring the present moment. Innately Taurus understands the need to take her time, to sync herself with the rhythms of nature, to be fully present, and to absorb and cultivate pleasure.

Stabilization is emphasized this month. Taurus feels most stable when she follows her instincts. Most likely she’s a music lover – a lover of good food, precious jewelry, whatever feels luxurious, solid, and finely crafted. She may be known for the garden she tends. Most likely it’s lush, colorful, sensually intoxicating, and powerfully infused with healing potential.

Taurus has a sensitive relationship with money. A full safe deposit box and a healthy savings account is important. It protects her need to be a an enduring source of stability and comfort.

The physical body is an endless source of pleasure for Taurus particularly if its strong and energy efficient.

Like any energy Taurean energy can be perverted most commonly through laziness, stubbornness, over-indulgence, greediness, and lack of self-love. Expressed may be the motivation to destroy what another finds valuable. Taurus can be a bottomless pit obsessed with amassing wealth while never feeling satisfied, appreciative, or at peace, no matter how much they manage to accumulate. Taurus is the sign most likely to attempt to substitute money for love.

This month is a natural time to slow down, to simplify, to focus on love, and creating something of last value. It’s time to to strengthen your body, your bank account, and your foundation for the future.

In other news Mercury continues its retrograde phase through May 2nd. On Thursday Mercury leaves the sign of Taurus re-entering Aries territory on its way to a potentially explosive conjunction with Mercury. We may be able to review past actions, approaches, sources of conflict, and anger through a less impassioned, more practical lens…and to make some dignified adjustments.

Pluto moves into its yearly retrograde phase on Thursday stimulating a deeper dive into old obsessions, compulsions, and programmed behaviors. Until the end of September we are cosmically facilitated anytime we choose to bypass superficial considerations and aim for the source of what undermines us. It’s time to address what’s most confining — something deep within that needs to be uprooted. This is not an exercise for the faint of heart but it’s time. What lies on the other side of your best effort is invaluable.

On Friday Mars enters the sign of Gemini. A new flexibility, idea, or willingness to communicate more effectively gives us the upper hand. Geminis will feel very energized by the new beginnings that emerge. The rest of us will feel lighter and more prone to change direction quickly.

A week from today there’s a New Moon in the sign of Taurus. As the week progresses we feel more intensely under its influence. It’s time to consider introducing something new that enriches your life – probably through an ending or resolution of some kind.

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ARIES (March 21-April 21)
Over the past month you may have clarified what you need to solidify a foundation beneath a plan for your future. There may be a cherished goal you need to accomplish, but it might all feels a little shaky at this point. Between now and May 2nd you have time to clarify, to review your options, and to decide. What you may know now is that you don’t have the funds to finance what it is you want to accomplish. You may lack the resources or connections you need. Practical considerations may be tripping you up. Your thoughts may not be organized. But Mars moves into your 3rd house on Friday clarifying and energizing your mind. It’s time then to aggressively go after the information you need, to make the connections, to communicate, and to consider new options that put your future goals in a more hopeful light. What’s at stake is a more adventurous, prosperous, and meaningful future. This week you can make some real strides that bolster your confidence. It’s all about fortifying your foundation.

TAURUS (April 21-May 21)
Taurus becomes more Taurean at this time of year. Your need for sensual experience and love intensifies. It’s not optional – not that it ever is, but now whatever it takes to place yourself where you naturally belong is what you need to do. It may take some quiet contemplation or the right music to get you back in sync with your own rhythm. It may require effort to think clearly, to courageously communicate, and to ask the right questions about murky issues and the unknown. An inner breakthrough of some kind is what you’re seeking. That is likely to happen at the beginning of May if your willing to go where you haven’t previously been willing to. Nothing superficial will suffice. The universe is demanding that you take a deeper dive into your fear of the future – all the ways you refuse to change the belief that you could be facing annihilation if you don’t remain committed to what’s always been. The facts dispute that. It’s time to take control. You can stubbornly resist for decades. The hard part is over when you stop resisting. The Universe is giving you an opening over the next two weeks.

GEMINI (May 21-June 21)
The Sun is Taurus is placed for you over the next month in the vulnerable, boundary-less arena of the 12 house. This is a blessing and a curse. All kinds of impressions flow unimpeded in your direction – both the good and the bad, the uplifting and the insane. If left to its own devises the 12th house absorbs it all – darkness and light and everything in between. Without a filter you may notice yourself gradually beginning to feel spiritually burdened, emotionally heavy, and energetically depleted. That’s not necessary though. You can devise an imaginary filter. The 12th house is the home of your imagination. It loves imaginary things and responds well to whatever purpose you ascribe to them. So devise something beautiful that lets in only good, uplifting impressions. Embellish and fortify it in whatever way feels right. Make it last for a month and remind yourself regularly that its in place and performing its job magnificently. Expect some powerful career guidance and enhanced artistic abilities.

CANCER (June 21-July 21)
This week Mercury backtracks into your 10th house of your career – your role in public life, where you’re most authoritative, what kinds of things you’re driven to achieve, and specifically for you constitutes success. Here there is a need to play your own game, to insist on your right to infuse your soul into your work, to be internally guided by what feels uniquely satisfying to you. Generally there’s lots of pressure from the past, from family, partners, and your own need to feel safe and secure, that can steer you off in the wrong direction. Now through mid-June is the most natural time to review whether or not you’re courageously doing your own thing or trying to squeeze into a role that makes someone else feel safe and secure. A deep dive into the exploration of how you do relationships – most specifically how you relate to yourself – is required over the next five months. Do you depend on others for permission or allow them to overwhelm your instincts about what’s right for you? Do you take responsibility for your own life and life direction even if it conflicts with the desires of someone you love? Spend the Summer setting yourself free.

LEO (July 21-Aug 21)
You are a magnificent builder in some sense – someone patient enough to take the steps necessary to secure a strong foundation. As the Sun moves into your 10th house others take notice of your strength. Maybe the masses take notice, Who knows, but you’re public position is elevated in some way. You may need to take on more responsibility, to be the leader, to step into a more high profile role. You may have spent the past year unknowingly preparing for this. There is nothing quite as satisfying for a Leo as being admired, well-respected, noticed, and known. You’ve earned this. Now is a time when you reconsider what your future might entail. In a couple weeks you’ll be clear enough to make some decisions. For the next month step into the spotlight as often as you can. But don’t be thrown off your game. Stick close to the substance of who you are and those who remind you of the source of your strength. You’re not the source. It just flows through you with great force when you care deeply. I think I might need to remind you of your tendency to get carried away but I’d rather not. It seems you might not need to be reminded that with greater power comes greater responsibility.

VIRGO (August 21-September 21)
Generally I like the sign that I am. But at the moment I might prefer to be a Virgo. The Sun’s entrance into the sign of Taurus shines on you from a particularly favorable angle, casting just the right amount of light to inspire and to attract love and support from many different directions. Under a Taurus Sun your innate talents are energized. Your path forward is clarified and magically enhanced. What used to take effort may now, and for the next month, seem to simply fall into place. Additionally the North Node is powerfully placed on your Solar ascendent. Astrologically, this is a quintessential sign of good fortune. You may find yourself socializing more and enjoying it more. Doors may be opening on an expansive future filled with all the things you find most enriching. The only advice I have for a hard working Virgo is to resist the urge to work hard. You’re now in a relaxing, receptive, attraction mode. You may find that work, and of course guilt, interferes with what is organically unfolding.

LIBRA (September 21-October 21)
Venus hovers in Pisces just beneath the Descendant angle of your chart. Something bold and artistically inspired may be gestating just beneath the surface. It’s in the process of gaining power and momentum but may feel held back or stalled in some way. About 10 days from now there is potential for a powerful breakthrough that may feel deeply transformative at a foundational level. You may be ready to unveil a significant accomplishment, to love more, or to be released from a heavy burden or loss. This marks the beginning of a new, more extroverted and social phase that will last through mid-October. By mid-June you are ready to proceed with a new level of confidence, to form expansive new connections, and to spread your wisdom about love and courage far and wide.

SCORPIO (October 21 – November 21)
On Friday Mars stimulates the most sensually, sexually, sensitive, and powerful realm of your solar chart. Navigation through this realm is deeply transformative, risky, and potentially the most deeply satisfying of all. It is possible that you will find yourself in situations where you need to take a chance, to trust your instincts, and to open the door to a richer, deeper exploration of love and intimacy. Chances are communication is a repetitive interfering problem. There is an unknown that needs to be known – something compulsive and fearful surrounding communication that needs to be released to make room for something healthier. A willingness to engage in an effective program for self improvement could be considered. The intensity of desire a Scorpio feels is tricky to satisfy. It could be less so with a commitment to dig deeper into the root of your fears. What you’ll probably find is a underestimation of your own worth and value that triggers something reactive or defensive. Its time to be free of that. The universe is opening a door.

SAGITTARIUS (November 21- December 21)
It is likely you aren’t overly inspired by attending to the practical details involved in the process of preparation. That may feel like drudgery compared to the high you experience whenever you set your imagination free to roam. Envisioning the big picture is your thing. It never fails to inspire. You may have been known in the past to skip some steps involving preparation but this is a time when your plans require it. I suggest you do this methodically. The new Moon in your 6th house next Wednesday could make it all easier. Set that as the date you officially agree to tackle preparatory details. Keep in mind that Mercury remains retrograde through May 2nd. If you need to recover documents, deal with something from the past, or reconsider and revise your plan, Mercury retrograde is a fine time to that. But if you need to meet with someone for the first time, consult with an expert, or address a new health problem, that would be better once Mercury goes direct. It’s likely you will be assertive enough to gain the cooperation you need. Timing is everything.

CAPRICORN (December 21-January 21)
Hang on Capricorn. You may be in the midst of a disheartening phase but it’s almost over. Things you’ve worked hard to create may seem to dissolve into nothingness – or slip through your fingers with no good explanation. The kind of success you strive for may feel elusive. Most of the time you power through disappointments but you may be getting worn down. It’s not time to quit. It’s time to turn up the heat on your “power-through.” It’s time to put extra effort into loving what you love. It’s time to give what seems to be failing more attention, to carry it through, to support and nurture it, even if it seems to be on its last legs. This is not the time to give up. If you think about it this is the story of your life. It’s why you inspire those who know you. When everyone else has thrown in the towel you persist. It’s who you are. You can’t not do it and in this case it seems to pay off.

AQUARIUS (January 21-February 21)
It’s good this week to commit to exhibiting a high level of dignity and grace through some challenging upheaval. Mercury and Uranus collide in your 3rd house of communication. Someone wants to argue, to verbally challenge you, to be rude, explosive, destabilizing, and wildly confrontative. It will be hard not to react, to be stunned and defensive, hurt and maybe afraid. But actually it’s an opportunity to prove to yourself that you are who you think you are. You’re exceedingly tolerant, a humanitarian at heart. You understand that others need the freedom to be who they are, to make their own decisions, to get upset, to disagree, to make mistakes, and to recover. You have the ability to detach and to not take things personally – to not see rejection as necessarily having anything to do with you. There are larger principles at stake here. It’s those you need to defend, not your pride or hurt feelings. Remind yourself this week that you’re really well equipped for this.
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PISCES (February 21-March 21)
Be alert for synchronous events. Your 12th house of unlikely mysterious connections is activated this week. Who knows what will be stirred up but it seems fortunate. Information you need seems to coalesce organically. It’s unpredictable and maybe crazy, but the message finds its way to you. No effort is required other than an open mind willing to find what it finds where it finds it. At some point this week the rate at which answers fly in your direction is fast and furious. Maybe you should keep a notebook with you at all times. Music may stimulate the process. The rhythm of your normal routines and patterns may be important as well. There is something extraordinary going on under the guise of something low key and ordinary. Pisces are well equipped to notice and to tune into the broadcasts most valuable for them. Relax an welcome the gifts that easily flow in your direction.

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