Horoscopes for the Week of March 8th – 14th

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The most powerful influence currently in play is Sunday morning’s full Moon in the earthy, practical, communicative sign of Virgo. Health, self-improvement, and information that deeply resonates, heals. The emphasis is on self-discipline, breaking through old conditioning, and achieving a higher level of mastery over your life. The development of your highest potential depends on your attention. The short cut or the trap would be evidenced by pretentious claims to greatness and an overly demanding personality. It’s stunning to see in real time the most negative manifestations of this full Moon being displayed so publicly.

Venus in Aries, the warrior goddess, newly retrogrades in the sign of the warrior. It is likely you are engaged in a battle with yourself. The demons you live with sap your energy and keep you from achieving what you truly desire. For the sake of your future, freedom, and peace of mind, it’s time to confront them head-on.

Mars moves into the sign of Taurus this week signaling a shift in your approach. Something slower, more solid, enduring, and unchanging replaces impulsivity and impatience. The sentiment “winning the battle but losing the war” comes to mind. Winning the war may require a shift in strategy. A stubborn, long-range focus may replace reactionary responses to every perceived threat. Solidifying your energy seems wise. Rearranging your priorities, and creating a high quality, peaceful internal environment may be what’s most needed. A willingness to suffer through the inconvenience and fear associated with another’s anger – intimidation, threats, or temper tantrums – eventually lands you in a place you want to be.

Music becomes more important as Mars moves into the sign of Taurus. It becomes a way to control your internal environment. Music you love inspires, heals, and moves you into your most natural (and therefore most powerful) rhythm. It transports you into the space that nourishes your soul.

Using your resources more efficiently becomes a higher priority. A re-evaluation of what you won may be in order.

On Monday Mercury transits into the sign of Aries. This is clarifying in a way that may stun you into action – or a heated argument. It is possible that the insights you gained over the past couple weeks through vague impressions, guided imagery, or a connection with invisible guides, can now be communicated and put to good use. It may be time to bring to life what you imagined. It may be time to communicate your dreams and to clear the way for them to be realized.

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ARIES (March 21-April 21)
The scene going on in the deepest recesses of your mind and heart is truly inspiring and possibly overwhelming. It’s incredibly rich, relevant, and potentially useful as a “miracle cure” of sorts. Your subconscious mind is a sieve. Important information is leaking through whatever safeguards have been put in place. The opportunity presenting itself is one that gains you greater mastery over this most personal, imaginative, mysterious realm of your life. The time may be ripe for you to begin to find some practical use for the higher forms of information you’re receiving. That may entail a self-disciplined, focused, consistent effort to decode the specific language of your soul. A daily practice may be involved. Trial and error testing of vague impressions, images, and hunches may be required. This may take awhile. You will need to be patient and courageous. You may need an expert to guide you. What you’re working to be capable of providing is highly enlightened, magically healing, practically useful, and desperately needed.

TAURUS (April 21-May 21)
For the past month or much longer, a silent battle has raged within the deepest, most personal recesses of your mind and heart. There is now some question as to whether you have the courage to fully release an old, embattled relationship – with another or with yourself – in order to pursue the full measure of love and joy you deserve. It is possible you’ve hidden the most enlightened and unusual aspects of yourself for a long time. Up for review is whether you have the courage to expose the fact that you’re playing – and have always played – a different game than the rest of us. On Monday you may have the answer to that question. A breakthrough is possible. More clarity surrounds a vexing issue. You may become more confident in your own skin, and in your evolving approach to life. Whatever was initiated in April of 2015 has come full circle.

GEMINI (May 21-June 21)
This week you may experience a culmination related to your home, family, roots, and the past, combined with the launch or re-igniting of your career and life direction. Monday (Mar 13th) marks a new beginning related to art, music, inspired creative solutions, and healing. A powerful transformation of the methods and techniques you use to express your beliefs about love and community service may enter into the mix. You may need to dig deep to find the courage needed to fight for the kind of interaction or position you most desire within the community – or with a lover. There is something deeply soulful about the nature of your current mission. The core of your being, the most sensitive elements of your hidden life, your subconscious longings, ancestral heritage, and most private truths may be exposed in your fight for the right to do what you love while providing a delicate healing service that is practically useful and much needed.

CANCER (June 21-July 21)
Your most natural approach to life this week would be to cultivate a deeply nourishing, passionate approach to life. Scratching the surface or repeating yourself and your past experience fails to satisfy. An earthy type of communication involves your physical body and most likely a lover – but not necessarily. It seems you will be unusually creative in your attempts to stoke the fires burning within. The culmination of the full Moon encourages a deep merging, a total dissolution of boundaries, a transportive, other worldly, mysterious, or possibly illicit type of experience. Bringing your sensual nature to life through powerfully erotic experiences is part of this picture. A glimpse of the purest, simplest expression of which you are capable may be revealed. And, though you may be only vaguely aware of it, in a sacred moment, your future potential expands way beyond what you always assumed it would be.

LEO (July 21-Aug 21)
On a mundane level, you may be considering your tax situation. On a broader lever you may be feeling that you owe too much given how much you actually receive. Or you may be vaguely aware that you’re not giving enough or being as supportive as possible. It may be time to consider different, more effective ways of managing your resources to achieve what you most desire. A reorganization of priorities may be in order. A clarification of what you value most may be timely. Since November of 2015 you’ve been focused on solidifying your financial position – or the position of a financial partnership. Your approaching the end of a cycle. The self-sacrificing nature of your current focus is about to change. As you evaluate where you’re headed, it’s time to take into consideration how much fun you’re actually having and how loved you actually feel. You have about two months to come to some conclusion about your current approach to life and what’s most needed going forward. A healthier lifestyle for the long run may need to be taken into consideration.

VIRGO (August 21-September 21)
The details of your appearance, affectations, and presentation are important. An awareness of how you present yourself allows you to maximize your power. It’s your job to distract and attract, to indirectly suggest a fantasy that transports others to a higher, more receptive, romantic place. It’s your job to heal any rifts that exist within the realm of relationships through suggestive, maybe flirtatious means. Your presence is magnetic…but you could further enhance that. The universe is presenting you with a window of opportunity. What you say and how erotically you say it is particularly critical. If you have or can mimic a soft southern drawl that seems perfect. Clothing that suggests the possibility of a more intimate encounter is good. Practice (if you need it) and use your imagination to come up with something irresistible by the weekend. If this will take some courage for you to pull off, that is the nature of your current challenge. Sex, power, and healing is the theme. That area of your life could stand to be a little less complicated and a lot more on fire.

LIBRA (September 21-October 21)
The time is ripe for you to receive the invisible, mysterious help you need to rid yourself of what distorts your your life and keeps you from gaining the traction you need. If you keep ending up in a place that feels empty, confused, or far removed from what you actually desire, this week is your chance to end that frustrating pattern. A review of your current approach to love and relationships may be underway. But what needs to be released is something you cannot rid yourself of without some invisible help or guidance. It may be worthwhile to be receptive to higher spiritual realms that can accomplish what you cannot. You can enlist help by simply asking for it. The timing is right. A karmic debt may be paid off. All that’s left is getting rid of its poisonous remnants. It pays to know what you’re good at. But for you real competency is a matter of knowing and acknowledging what you’re not good at. Invite the mysterious invisible realm to step in and take over.

SCORPIO (October 21 – November 21)
There is danger of a treacherous kind of conflict this week that unleashes your darkest tendencies. Scorpio can be intensely jealous, hateful, undermining in the most manipulative ways of those they identify as more fortunate, successful, or beautiful than themselves. Scorpio can prevent getting sidetracked from their main mission of developing to fullest potential their own gifts and talents. This week it takes a concerted effort to stay positively focused on yourself. Mind your own business. Stop comparing yourself to others and feeling you’re coming up short. Friends, associates, and the community reflect back to you the nature of your abundant talents. You may not see them clearly on your own…or simply assume they do not exist. Those you resent may be those who do not follow established rules and traditions and despite that, or because of it, achieve great success. Study them. They are reflecting your own personal magic formula for achieving whatever you desire.

SAGITTARIUS (November 21- December 21)
Bad habits, assumed limitations, feelings of powerlessness, and practicing what you’re already good at, needs to be resisted. Overturned or thrown overboard might be a better description of what’s needed as it relates to actualizing your dreams. You’re currently in a groove or rhythm that most likely has you treading water. You’re barely moving – running on fumes. It’s all gotten too comfortable. It’s called the Taurus trap. But Mars is moving into the sign of Taurus. He’s notoriously fiery and effective. In Taurus he’s especially motivated to achieve financial independence, artistic prominence, and a sensual, enduring kind of love. For you these three may be intricately connected. Moving yourself forward requires a rhythm that overtakes your own – or a shock to your system. Taurus would choose the rhythms of music over a shock anyway of the week. So music may be the key. Listen to what you love and let it remind you of what you love. Allow yourself to be carried away by a more effective and authentic rhythm to get yourself moving.

CAPRICORN (December 21-January 21)
Old ideas and beliefs related to a fundamental split within yourself need to be abandoned. More to the point a traditional insistence that everything be rational and “one thing or the other” needs to be abandoned. The best you can hope for – and the best of both worlds, actually – is a happy coexistence of opposites within yourself. The need to lock yourself into one way or another is unnecessary. For best results you may naturally do two apparently conflicting things at once. You may be haphazard and overly fastidious at the same time. You may be an escape artist and overly committed at the same time. You may be able to finesse a type of harmony between full cooperation and adamant resistance. Your range of possibilities is endless. It may be time to clearly and honestly state to yourself and to others how you do what you do. You are not consistent. You’re more like a set of ingredients that would seem awful combined, but somehow it works. It’s a liberating acknowledgement that moves you one step closer to reuniting with something essential you’ve kept locked out.

AQUARIUS (January 21-February 21)
Aquarius is working on a level of mastery that involves a more hard-nosed, practical approach to give and take. Having witnessed a depletion of personal resources coinciding with an increasing imbalance of power, saying what needs to be said is reaching a critical stage. It’s all a complicated mix of sex, power, money, and taxes, so you can be forgiven for delaying this as long as possible. This week it’s possible to be more direct as Mercury transits into Aries. A clarification of some sort is on its way. A chance for a realignment is possible. Courage is required. The past comes into play in a big way. It is possible that growing up you witnessed an unbalanced financial power structure that masqueraded as something healthy and sustainable. It may be time to work on becoming more financially stable and independent, regardless of what you’ve been conditioned to accept. Pay attention to the details of what you normally allow to overwhelm you. Be honest about how complicit you are in sustaining an imbalance that is becoming unsustainable.
pisces otherworldly
PISCES (February 21-March 21)
Your appearance is not a superficial consideration if you strive to connect it with your deepest self. That takes practice and a willingness to experiment with different styles, combinations, and embellishments. You are who you are. Your soul craves what it craves. But there is continual evolvement in the direction of something freer. This week it’s a good idea to allow extra time to think about what you’ll wear as you update it to match who you’ve become. A good place to start is get rid of what doesn’t seem to reflect your deeper evolving self. Make a conscious effort to familiarize yourself with new options and different possibilities. Feedback may be helpful, but it may also be very misleading, People don’t generally embrace change. Be discriminating about who and what you allow to influence your choices. Create a mindset toward experimentation that is a win/win. Either it works and feels right or you’ve clarified what doesn’t feel right and your one step closer to finding what does. Ultimately it’s about expanding your freedom to powerfully express who you are. Hint: Your deeper self is subtly but wildly offbeat.


  1. Kristen:

    I always feel like you are writing directly to me. It’s so inspiring to have your weekly posts show up in my mailbox, it’s almost like you put into words all the things that are disorganized in my mind 🙂 your the best

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      Sorry it’s taken me so long to reply to your always supportive and very kind comment. Encouragement is so important and you’re so generous with it. Thanks my friend….xo Holly

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