Horoscopes For The Week Of March 29th – April 4th

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The North and South Nodes are not planets but very critical indicators in your birth chart and in the world of astrology. The South node is thought to represent your choices and approach to life when you’re young. Reincarnation is woven into the message of the Nodes.

The South Node defines specific talents and skills you’ve developed in past lives. It’s a point of familiarity. It feels like home – not necessarily a warm, comfy, safe home – just a familiar one. Instinctively we know how to navigate through environments represented by the South Node.

But living life through your South Node ultimately becomes dissatisfying, uninteresting, and maybe impossible. On some level you begin to feel like you’re repeating yourself. Something more adventurous, interesting, more challenging, and deeply meaningful beckons through the energy of the North Node.

Carl Jung theorized that before we’re born we choose the time, date, and place of our birth. Birth is thought to be the ultimate synchronous event that aligns us with specific energies fueling our development and igniting our potential.

The North Node is exactly opposite the South Node. It’s the point indicating the intended purpose of our current life. Embracing the North Node is often facilitated by the skills and talents we’ve acquired in past lives. But it requires more.

We’re at once compelled and repelled by our North Node. It seems interesting, challenging, and adventurous, but also too risky. Opportunities that inevitably present themselves as gateways through the North Node move us into territory where we feel especially vulnerable – awkward, unprepared, lacking in confidence, and maybe like we’re treading on thin ice. At the same time we feel a “rightness” about it. We’re always free to reject the North Node invitation, to revert back to what we know, and what feels most comfortable.

Three seems to be the magic number. We resist the North Node’s compelling/repelling invitation three times before we take some initial steps in our destined direction.

The Nodes naturally travel in retrograde motion with periodic temporary reversals into direct motion. When the North Node is placed at 2 degrees of Virgo for example, the South Node is automatically placed opposing it at 2 degrees of Pisces. The North and South Node always exactly oppose each other. The Nodes change signs approximately every 18 months.

Depending on the sign and house placement of the North and South node as they move through the sky (your birth nodes never change) we get some clues as to what we need to release (South Node) and what we need to embrace (North Node)

The last time the nodes changed signs was on November 13th, 2015 – from Libra/Aries into Virgo/Pisces.
Virgo symbolizes among other things selfless service, discrimination, attention to detail, self improvement, and accepting responsibility. Pisces symbolizes compassion, victimization, dissolution, endings, and evasiveness.

On Nov 13th, 2015 a major terrorist attack occurred in Paris France. Three suicide bombers struck outside a football stadium immediately followed by several mass shootings at Parisian cafes, restaurants, and a theatre where an “Eagles of Death Metal” concert was in progress. 130 people were killed.

Amidst the devastation and loss it was inspiring to see the determination of the French refusing to fall into the role of victims. Their was an abundance of compassion and assistance offered from around the world to provide the support services needed. It was a tragic, dramatic event, starkly representing the kind of choices the Virgo North and Pisces South Node represent.

November 13th, 2015 was a wake up call for us on a personal level. For the following 16 months (until May 10th, 2017) we’ve been challenged to release the tendency to feel victimized while instead moving in the direction of self-improvement and service. Since November of 2015 we’ve been urged to refuse to blame others for our circumstances, to take control of our lives, and to accept responsibility for making our life and the lives of others better.

It’s time now to reflect on how far we’ve come given that we have only six weeks left in this 18 month Nodal cycle. It’s time to address what’s been left unfinished as we prepare to move on to a different set of choices. There’s always the opportunity to move forward or backward or to stay stuck somewhere in-between. It’s called free will.

Against the background of the Nodes, the current astrology remains challenging. But the really hard aspects are beginning to break apart. It’s likely we now see the challenge before us more clearly defined. Some of the dust of the past year has settled and we can identify where there might be a meaningful new role for us to play. We see the outlines of a challenge.

It is likely we have to overcome some fear first, but we may see the value in doing that, or decide that there’s no way around it and initiate some some bold new action. A refusal to be further victimized may be part of the unfolding scene as well as a willingness to become more personally responsible for our own fate and the fate of the world.

Mercury moves into the sign of Taurus on Friday. Venus, currently retrograding in the sign of Aries, moves back into the sign of Pisces through April 28th. In this week’s horoscopes I’ll personalize these changes for each sign.

If you have further interest in the North and South click here.

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ARIES (March 21-April 21)
Your mission for the past 16 months has been to heal and release old patterns related to victimization and past experiences of spiritual abuse. Your self improvement efforts and your willingness to accept responsibility for your own healing or another’s has advanced you in many ways. It seems your capacity to forgive is expanding and your ability to be more discriminating about the kinds of responsibilities you’re willing to take on is sharper and more disciplined. Magical healing, depending on your level of sensitivity, may now feel like a regular occurrence. It may be a relief to know that as of mid-May things get much easier and more joyful for you. You’ve been through one of the most strenuous nodal transits that exists. Expect that you will be richly rewarded for your efforts to release and let go over the next few weeks. Matter-of-fact discussions about money, equal contribution. and the balance of power may be timely. It may be time to start thinking about future associations, group work, natural friends, and finding the tribe to which you belong.

TAURUS (April 21-May 21)
The overall issue for Taurus may be learning how not to be victimized by lovers, children, or guilt as you struggle to give yourself permission to create a more joy-filled, interesting life. Taking control of finding, capturing, and insisting upon the experiences that bring you the most joy in life – while releasing what undermines that – is your current mission. It seems you have made some solid progress along these lines since November of 2015. Now the issue is to continue to forge ahead. This week it may be time to address some dark energy that has been undermining your power – something involving money, powerful people, and, at a deeper level, your ability to be self-contained and self-possessed. You present as being more courageous than you feel. This week it may be time to know or to reveal what you want and how you’re going to practically go about getting it. An advisor or counselor may be needed. You’re in the process of building a solid foundation for a joyful life. The details matter. Listen to your intuition.

GEMINI (May 21-June 21)
Gemini is entering the final stages of unburdening herself from the belief that a successful career or achieving one’s goal necessarily involves a sacrifice of some essential part of herself. A useful, efficient, organized, full-of-love home and family is the foundation your life. A purification of your home, an improvement, a change in the structure of your family, and a purging of past inherited beliefs may have been, since Nov. of 2015, part of your healing mission. You’re at the end of an 18 month phase, now putting the final touches on a creative, artistic, or healing endeavor that may have seemed impossible 18 months ago. You’re about to free yourself in some significant way. This week your thoughts and conversations center around something magical, artistic, unstructured, and deeply healing. If you feel you’re losing ground with an association, group, or community its time to see how that can actually facilitate your goal. The other manifestation may be an abundant reward for out-reach efforts.

CANCER (June 21-July 21)
For the past 16 months your overarching mission has been to release your belief that you are not powerful enough or worthy enough to shape your future in a way that feels exciting. Releasing your tendency to expect that your future prospects would be mundane or disappointing, or that you would automatically undermine your future or deliberately victimize yourself in some way may now feel less valid or no longer rational. It seems you have made an effort to increase your communication skills in a way that’s advanced your goals and brought in a few unexpected long shots. Simply stated your career may be on fire and it’s the result of your agreement to undo a lot of what used to undermine you. In the coming weeks you could benefit from artistic relationships with visionary people and healers. Expecting that you may be the recipient of a magical or synchronous confluence at any moment works in your favor. It may be time to discuss the possibility of an artistic or stable, long term, loving partnership. Simple, matter-of-fact, honest, communication regarding something intense seems timely.

LEO (July 21-Aug 21)
Leo may feel victimized or under-prepared whenever they feel pressured to play a supportive role – financial or otherwise. It’s an old tendency left over from some past experience of being used, abused, and powerless. Too weekend to develop your own innate talents, too overburdened to figure out how to manage the few resources you had, allowed the cycle to be a self-perpetuating one. Since November of 2015 it’s safe to assume you’ve undone a lot of that old Karma. If you’ve paid any attention at all to the urgings of your soul, your focus has been on further development of your innate talent, improving your financial status, shrewdly managing resources, and providing the kind of support you once assumed you’d never be able to provide. There are a few loose ends remaining before your mission is complete. It may be time to discuss the financial aspects involved in achieving a joint goal. It may be time to initiate something that provides the foundation for a shared life direction that feels mutually satisfying. You may feel challenged to keep moving forward over the next few weeks. Your ability to come up with something highly imaginative saves you.

VIRGO (August 21-September 21)
Since November of 2015 you’ve been engaged in an all out effort to simultaneously enhance and embrace a more independent, confident, forceful, efficient approach to life while letting go of a tendency to feel victimized or disappointed by a partner – or a partner’s shortcomings. It seems you’ve made some significant progress along those lines. In the bigger picture, it seems you’ve been undergoing a purification process that frees you to engage in a highly creative, maybe activist, artistic endeavor. Virgo tends to see her role as a supportive one but you may be on the cusp of revealing just how talented, exceptional, unusual, and rebellious you can be in your own right. The time is coming when we’ll expect you to stir up some trouble. In the meantime tie up loose ends. Some discussion of the foundational aspects of jointly financing a future endeavor may need to be discussed. Some initial action to solidify a commitment or to more shrewdly manage resources may need to be taken. A child’s education may need to be taken into consideration.

LIBRA (September 21-October 21)
Libra’s important karmic mission for the past 16 months has been a refusal to allow themselves to be used, abused, mistreated, or victimized as a co-worker, patient, healer, or highly sensitive person. Embracing your ability to be of service, accepting responsibility for what you attract, purifying your inner life through unburdening yourself of a festering secret, engaging in a regular spiritual practice, or willingly cooperating with higher healing forces may have felt unusually satisfying and right. Artistic criticism or supporting artists may have elevated you onto a higher track. A few loose ends remain as you teeter on the cusp of a new beginning. It may be time to discuss the justice and fairness aspect of a joint financial burden or debt. A new, more realistic arrangement may need to replace the old one. Relationships and balance as always are highlighted. As Venus backtracks into your 6th house you may reap the rewards of hidden information and compassionate support.

SCORPIO (October 21 – November 21)
Scorpio may be on the verge of figuring out how make their career and life direction a fuller expression of what they love, of their true talents, of something more creative, fulfilling, and deeply healing. Your mission over the past 16 months has been to let go of an old established tendency to feel that your life was vaguely or blatantly disappointing. Joy and true love may have felt elusive. Children may have fallen short and friends may have let you down. Feeling disheartened may have been your default setting. But something’s changing. A new lover, a great idea, or fortunate development may have opened your eyes to the possibility that you could take more responsibility for actualizing your dreams – if you could remember what they were. This week you can take some steps to solidify a relationship or your independence. Money may be an issue. Discussions about money and something more balanced may be pushed. Now is the time to stay determined to infuse more joy into your life. You may find yourself this week reaping the rewards of an old work relationship.

SAGITTARIUS (November 21- December 21)
For the past 16 months, Sag’s mission may have been to come to terms with a tendency to feel victimized by their home, family, or the past. A loss may have left you feeling chronically homeless, uprooted, and untethered – whether or not you actually were. Feeling victimized by a mother or as a mother may have entered into the mix. But a fluid foundation is your strength. Spiritual connections, artistic creation, magical ancestors, and a wild imagination make you freer than most to enter into the flow that’s right for you. To the extent that you’ve been able to turn some loss or disappointment into a career enhancing life direction, you’ve succeeded. There may be a few things left undone – some loose ends that need to be tied up before mid-May. A more confident approach to initiating something new that greatly expands your impact may be required. The nature of your new beginning may be something highly unusual that represents the fulfillment of a dream. It may be time to have a discussion about money, current responsibilities, the need for more downtime, or something more stable. You may reap the rewards of courageous, uninhibited self-expression, and a child-like outpouring of love.

CAPRICORN (December 21-January 21)
Your home, your family, and the past are highly energized at the moment. Demanding your attention may be the need to protect, defend, and to fight for something deeply important and profoundly essential. For the past 16 months you’ve been on a mission to release the tendency to be secretive or to feel victimized by exposing too much of yourself or revealing your true beliefs. What has transcended that is your intense feeling of responsibility to defend your vision and investment in the future. It seems you may have made some enemies along the way but you’ve also inspired more than your share of admirers. The depth of your courage and your feistiness symbolizes the nature of your emotional foundation. As you rethink your strategy it may be important to find some monied groups or associates to support your expanding efforts. As Venus backtracks into your 3rd house you may benefit from culturally foreign contacts, neighbors, siblings, and possibly hidden facts.

AQUARIUS (January 21-February 21)
If you’re tired of trying to figure out the elusive answer to a perplexing set of circumstances, it may be time to consider that the questions you’re asking yourself aren’t the ones that need to be asked. You may be stopping short of getting to the root of a problem. There is something deeper and more foundational that needs to be asked and answered. It’s time to more clearly define the elusive unknown that needs to be known. Something you’ve inherited regarding an approach to money, possessions, and the balance of power needs to be transformed. It’s time for a conversation with yourself about an ineffective, confused, or victimized approach to managing resources and financing your dreams. It’s also time for a conversation with a financial or intimate partner about some highly charged details regarding the balance of power and whose priorities take precedence. It’s time to be honest with yourself and another to know for sure what the truth actually is. It’s time to push yourself a little further.
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PISCES (February 21-March 21)
Pisces is known for her wimpy, evasive, confused approach to life – especially when faced with fear of abandonment or a daunting personal challenge. You may have believed that your dreams would never materialize based on past experiences of loss and disappointment. But this week something’s changed. It seems you’ve decided (or will decide) that a cherished dream is within reach. There may be a personal hurdle you need to get over. Through bold action a firm commitment, or willingness to face risk, you’re able to forge a breakthrough. You may be determined to “un-become” the victim. You may realize the necessity of building a solid, practical foundation beneath your idea of the ideal life. This week it’s important to keep the motivating beauty of a dream in the forefront of your mind. Building something solid takes time and patience. Continue to press the conversation especially regarding solid improvements. Be responsive to new cues. Stay determined and keep moving forward.

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