Horoscopes for the Week of March 15th – 21st

(Mosaic Art – Julie Sperling)

Uranus and Eris align for the last time tomorrow. Because of the retrograde phenomena, these two have aligned twice previously over the past year. This is an extremely rare occurrence. Eris/Uranus represent powerfully dark but potentially liberating shocks to the system. We’ve been awakened to things we may wish we could have continued to sleep through. Profound anger and hatred has been unleashed. But so has action and an enlightened perspective. Today is a good day to reflect on how this energy has changed you. This alignment will not occur again until 2106.

If you tune in, you may notice that an undermining pattern you have repeated for years is beginning to dissolve, thanks to the current alignment of the Sun, Pallas, and Chiron.

This week’s major event is the Sun’s transit into the sign of Aries next Monday. Aries energy is building momentum. Currently Mercury, Venus retrograde, Uranus, and Eris are residing in the sign of the warrior. Add the energizing effect of the Sun and you have recipe for initiating something that requires mobilization and action. On the downside that could be war or a raging conflict of some kind. On the bright side there will be courageous action that initiates a defense against something potentially harmful.

Retrograde Jupiter in Libra may serve as a moderating influence to this fiery Aries emergence – though Jupiter is not quite as confident as usual in retrograde motion. The possibility of forging peace exists. For better or worse though, Jupiter is expanding our beliefs about peace – especially delusional value of peace at any price.

Relationships are undergoing a review process. We may be identifying strengths and weaknesses, whether the role we’ve agree to play is sustainable, if the cost/benefit analysis works out, the level of passion and excitement involved, how life enhancing and energizing it all feels, etc. We may have decided that something needs to be undone and re-done. Most likely a re-negotiation is involved.

Phollus has us “on edge.” The potential of having the lid blown off something we’re striving to keep under control lives just beneath the surface of consciousness. While feeling the mounting pressure we’re aware of the need for caution. This energy stays in play until mid-January 2018. At that time, a resolution takes hold that looks more organized and stable – but possibly too heavy handed or confining.

Through Saturn the Galactic Core is broadcasting eternal truths and alien frequencies – all part of a personal challenge to growth and progress. If you’re receptive you may feel yourself becoming a channel for those truths. Elevating ourselves as a species to the next level is a group effort. Connections are being forged. Our nervous system registers those but much of it remains mysterious and beyond our level of comprehension.

As mentioned in the Virgo full Moon Interpretation, if you have a 27 degree Sagittarian placement, you may be more likely to be a designated channel. If you are a channel, this can feel strenuous and exhausting. One way to think about it is to consider it a privilege to be of service to humanity in the timeless progression toward full spiritual enlightenment. The practical advice is to take good care of your physical body.

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ARIES (March 21-April 21)
As an Aries you may feel highly energized or as though you’re coming back to life as a period of introspection, self-imposed isolation, and “psychic housecleaning” draws to a close. An ongoing review of your relationship with yourself seems to suggest the need for something more balanced and grounded. Stabilizing yourself may involve addressing your financial situation – camping out in the wilderness, communing with nature, cooking, singing, or listening to your favorite music. Restoring your most natural rhythms gives you back the measure of power you now require to push a project through. Your most cherished dreams may be intricately involved. Notice whether or not your current role within your most committed relationship facilitates or hinders your progress. You may be rethinking your role in terms of balance and getting the support you need. This week you’re given lots of information just by observing responses.

TAURUS (April 21-May 21)
As the Sun moves into the sign of Aries your focus changes. Highlighted this week is the most sensitive, hidden, vulnerable, and mysterious part of your life – the private part you share with very few or with no one. Something has healed within the realm of friendships and love. A dissolution has taken place that clarifies your leadership potential and overall sense of where you belong in the world. A new sense of belonging may be replacing an old sense of confusion. What’s most needed over next month is a courageous approach to uprooting something that has been unsettling and anxiety producing for a long time – a relationship responsibility possibly. The difficulty is that what you’re attached to and maybe dependent upon is what needs to be uprooted. Throwing the baby out with the bath water may be a risky proposition. Still it seems time to review the pros and cons and to consider taking a calculated risk – for the sake of health and personal freedom.

GEMINI (May 21-June 21)
This week Gemini’s focus changes. Words may not be getting you where you want to be. As an artist or healer, you may be making a good impression. But what you may now be seeking is to make is more of an impact – to change and transform people by virtue of their contact with you or your work. This may require some risk. A more courageous and direct approach may be required. In your role as a lover, this all applies. What you may be craving is something more enduring – some deeper level of contact, something more highly refined, more connected, transportive, powerful, and potentially boundary-less. A connection that bypasses the brain and goes straight to the heart would be deeply satisfying. If you’re reviewing a love relationship, your creative process, or the influence of children, you’re aligning closer with the nature of your true potential and you’re on the right track.

CANCER (June 21-July 21)
This week your focus changes from the future to the past. Highly energized for the past month has been the area of your life that rules your future. Doors opened effortlessly. Your sense of timing seemed infallible. And your confidence soared in terms of your vision for the future. There is well-founded cause for optimism regarding expansion into some very satisfying realms. But the past may be more your focus for the next month. Undoing the past, reconsidering your role within family relationships, committed relationships, professional relationships, and possibly with an old lover who unexpectedly re-appears, then maybe disappears. It may be time to re-order your priorities in terms of love. It may be time to reassess what needs to be done to keep old cherished dreams alive. Decisions loom. Do your homework, ask courageous questions, investigate, and know what you’re dealing with in terms of love, lovers, children, and what’s likely to endure.

LEO (July 21-Aug 21)
This week eLos’s focus changes from some mysterious, complicated, death and rebirth scenario – dealings in the world of sex, death, taxes, and loans most likely – into the realm of the future. Something has been clarified or transformed that impacts the future – maybe profoundly. It may be time to courageously speak the truth about what means the most to you, your own vision for the future, and what that actually entails. It may be time to apply to graduate school, or to state your beliefs about growth, expansion, and risk-taking, and life’s lessons. It might be time to listen to another’s views and to figure out whether or not you can be financially supportive. Finding a comfortable home for your future may be the goal. Finding a comfortable emotional space for what’s most meaningful to you, or finding a place that’s more supportive of your innate potential becomes more urgent and more important. Most likely there is risk involved. Finding the right balance between courage and caution is the key.

VIRGO (August 21-September 21)
Virgo’s focus may change this week to something more intense and personally transformative. You may have come to the end of the road assuming that what ails you is the imperfection of another. Those you’ve drawn into your life, especially committed partners, have been catalysts and mirrors reflecting back to you how “missing in action,” unsupportive, evasive, and non-responsive you’ve been to yourself. You may have raised “avoidance,” “wishful thinking” and “projection” to an art form. Sticking your head in the sand or pretending that things were fine when they weren’t was a strategy that delayed the inevitable. Over the next month, the rubber hits the road. It’s time to take some courageous acton that makes you more useful to yourself. It’s time to commit to “dying and being reborn” and to setting yourself free. It’s time to say thank you to the imperfect partners who brought you to this important threshold. It’s time to “walk through the fire” you thought was meant for the other.

LIBRA (September 21-October 21)
After a month of psychic housecleaning – or actual housecleaning – and probably a significant amount of reflection and healing, you may now feel the need to redefine and re-negotiate your current role within the realm of relationships – and within the world. More financial independence may be required. It may be time to courageously present yourself and your unique skills to the world and to carefully evaluate the response. It may be time to strengthen your sense of confidence and to more effectively demonstrate how useful you can be in a more powerful, high profile role. This is the time of year when you “take your show on the road.” But something is being clarified that makes you reconsider a repeat of the past, or a focus in the same direction. A potential new direction may not actually be new to you. You may have already spent considerable time building a foundation for what’s always been a “side-line.” Now seems to be the time for a natural progression. Roadblocks to personal progress are removed in June of this year.

SCORPIO (October 21 – November 21)
A change in focus occurs as the Sun lights up your 6th house of health and healing. Under consideration may be subtle, mysterious, enlightened, or ancient healing practices. You may be especially motivated to learn more about holistic healing and the less obvious, subconscious, determinants of health. Facilitating connections and addressing imbalance may seem necessary as you come to some conclusions about your love life, a child, or your ability to create in undistorted, natural ways. You may have recently experienced a number of synchronous events, mysterious reconnections, the return of an old love relationship, or a restoration of health. It’s time to take some action that involves healing on subtle levels. You may need to get more information, to ask more questions, to take a class, or improve your skills, on your way to emerging as trail blazing kind of leader/healer. Giving yourself permission to freely experiment is important. Look for evidence of progress in a more relaxed, harmonious relationship with yourself.

SAGITTARIUS (November 21- December 21)
Saturn in Sagittarius has been pushing you toward a less haphazard, “flying by the seat of your pants” approach to life. Sagittarians love to gamble, to pursue freedom in whatever direction it takes, to remain noncommittal, impulsive, and adventurous to a fault. They’re fun to watch. The down side can be a lack of follow-through – such as a tendency to give up on their most cherished dreams because to manifest them would entail some degree of self-restraint. And they interpret that as confinement. It can feel intolerable to them, even in the short run. And so they undermine themselves and the wise guides that exist to serve them. Consider the option of cooperating with Saturn, your nemesis, until next Christmas. He’s not much fun, but he will salvage your dreams, and manifest your vision for the future if you acknowledge, cooperate and respect his demands for a more self-disciplined approach.

CAPRICORN (December 21-January 21)
This week Capricorn is transitioning from a focus on communication, learning, and skill acquisition, to a more courageous, direct experience of their essential self. Capricorns are in search of a method that destroys the enemy within. You can learn a lot over the next month by delving deep into the past, into the conflicted realm of family relationships, traditionally unsettled feelings surrounding your home, roots, ancestors, and the past. It may be time to release the war-like tendencies you inherited, the persistent struggles you’ve absorbed that do not belong to you, the tendency to feel comforted by conflict, to make yourself the enemy – or to make the past your enemy. A somewhat risky change in perspective is required. It’s time to befriend old enemies. It’s time to negotiate a truce with yourself. It’s time to connect with the parts of yourself you’ve demonized and imprisoned. It’s time to reconsider the value of cultivating a more peaceful co-existence with yourself.

AQUARIUS (January 21-February 21)
This week you may experience the end of an intense situation that had the potential to resolve a long standing power struggle or resistant stance. If you courageously stuck with the process, refusing to run away, though it may have been painful, your may find yourself stepping into a space that feels free, whole and revitalized. You are winding down a period of intense transformation. On some level you died and were reborn – or are about to be. Through some loss or willingness to release, you have been set free. The reward may be the freedom to relate to yourself in a more honest, natural way. From now on your choices may be more aligned with who you are and what your soul craves. So it’s time to rethink your future. Where are you headed now that your free? Over the next couple months, watch for new doors to open and interesting new options to manifest.
pisces otherworldly
PISCES (February 21-March 21)
For the next month, Pisces can paint pictures with words, so it might be healing to write your own story, the essence of which might be to reveal where you’ve been and where’s your headed. Past experiences, memories, and the heart-felt expression of those clarify what’s meaningful to you and the sacredness of your past. As you continue to build your life, your foundation determines what you can support. The focus for the next month is on solidifying new beginnings. It seems you may be in the process of a final review before you set in stone your future direction. But you’re on the verge of clearly defining it. Managing your resources, stabilizing your finances, and accumulating something in reserve may be the right channel for your energy for the upcoming month. It may be time to embrace rather than resist the idea of financial independence.

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