Pisces Solar Eclipse Horoscopes for the Week of Feb. 22nd

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(Eclipse date and time – Sunday, Feb. 26th, 2017 6:58 AM PST & 9:58 AM EST)

Dominating this week is the second of this year’s four eclipses – a solar eclipse on Sunday in Pisces. Pisces is making herself known in a big way these days. To give you some perspective, the Sun, Moon, Mercury, South Node, Pallas, Nessus, Chiron, and Neptune all currently reside in the sign of Pisces. They’re all placed in one of your Solar houses giving you a powerful concentration of energy within one specific field of experience.

In the prelude to last week’s horoscopes I shared my thoughts on the nature of Pisces. I acknowledged it was a challenge given her vague, evasive nature.

If you’ve ever tried to navigate through a hall of mirrors that would be a metaphor for the strong Pisces influence currently being infused into the world. It’s a potentially disorienting influence. Reflections are reflected. Nothing is as it seems. Everywhere you turn you see yourself and your surroundings presented in distorted ways. You begin to feel powerless and to wonder if you have the skills to stabilize yourself enough to find your way home.

Entering a “fun house of mirrors,” and expecting a good time, I remember feeling surprised that I wasn’t actually having that much fun. In fact, it took only a minute or two for me to begin to feel slightly panicked and a little nauseated. I wanted to back out but I couldn’t find the way back. Running into walls of glass that appeared to be open passageways forced me to exert an unfamiliar kind of effort. I didn’t sign up for this kind of experience. I had to think, to focus, to be more skeptical, and to assume that none of the basic rules applied. Relying on my usual “ways of perceiving” were useless. That tactic was providing me with wrong information. Things were backwards, upside down and otherwise completely distorted. In this deceptive weird world I was repeatedly misled and confused. Through trial and error I identified patterns that allowed me to successfully navigate my way through. I acquired some “reverse double secret” skills that adjusted my perspective enough to figure my way out.

In some sense, that may encapsulate the nature of current challenges. The upcoming Pisces Solar eclipse upends your current assumptions. The past may no longer be an accurate predictor of your future. You could be doomed. Or you could finally be saved. Either way, most likely you’re coming to the end of long road. A new reality is emerging.

Ready or not it’s time to develop new skills, to think, to concentrate, and to approach life in ways that once seemed impossible or “beside the point.” What’s secretly undermined you for years may now be dissolving. If it seems disappointing or challenging, consider the possibility that your perception may be off. In fact, over the next three weeks it may be wise to be routinely skeptical of any initial impression or perception.

Tune into the possibility that you are moving through an important magical threshold that will set you free – though it may initially appear that you’ve once again been trapped. When in doubt focus, concentrate, practice improving your skills, acquire new ones, do what’s necessary to improve your health, or ground yourself in your physical body as you let your spirit soar.

One more slanted, metaphorical point. There is a palace of mirrors in Lahore India called Sheesh Mahal. Within the palace huge cavernous rooms are covered from floor to ceiling with mirrors of various shapes and sizes directed at different angles. One lit candle, therefore, is reflected thousands of times in many different directions. The reflections, and reflections of reflections, enable a tiny light to illuminate an entire room and corridor.

This week, beneath an overwhelming Pisces influence, any light you reflect through yourself into the world is greatly magnified.

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ARIES (March 21-April 21)
What’s percolating beneath the surface of your awareness is powerful. You may be experiencing a wild and crazy dream life, spontaneous eruptions of old memories, maybe some ancient memories, guides and ancestors filtering information and love in your direction, flashes of insight, or an inner sense of knowing what another is trying to hide. On occasion haunted feelings or free floating anxiety may overwhelm. Impressions and imaginings within the deepest recesses of your mind are taking on lives of their own. You may feel alternately possessed and deeply blessed…straddling some imaginary fence between here and there, An incredibly rich imagination feeds your artistic leanings. Something important is coming to a close. A long cycle is ending. It may simply fade away with little flourish. But it feels profound and most likely it is. What happened on February 26, 1998? Current experiences are directly related to then. If you need to change direction, the time is ripe.

TAURUS (April 21-May 21)
This is the wrong time to allow the thoughts in your head to confine you. Not there’s ever a right time for that. But now seems to be the perfect time to give yourself more room and more freedom through a rejection of old thoughts, beliefs, and traditional ways of responding. A review of what you’ve been taught is in order. If it reflects anything resembling the old adage that “the best predictor of future behavior is past behavior,” you can boldly reject that. It’s not true for you. If you were taught that you needed to adjust your behavior to reassure or comfort another, you can reject that too. In fact this is a great week to decide that another’s expectations for you don’t have much to do with who you are. You can change your mind, your beliefs, and your perception of the past. Another’s opinion of you can be filed under “things that are none of my business.” Monitor your thoughts carefully this week. Be very skeptical of beliefs that lock you in. This is a final frontier for you. You’re in the ending phase of what separates you from a life of authenticity and freedom.

GEMINI (May 21-June 21)
Your 10th house represents your highest ambition and most treasured “dreamed of” achievement. Solidifying your foundation seems to be the issue. Practical considerations and some imaginative problem solving may be required to ensure that you can protect your dream of what your “most desired life” would look like. It’s time to bring your goals out of the realm of “something I can vaguely aspire to at some point” into the realm of “something that I am actually determined to achieve by August.” If in the past you’ve settled for assuming that somehow things would magically come together, that you would not have to take calculated risks, or fully develop the resources you’ve inherited and worked for, you may be coming to the end of that road. It’s time to keep your eye on the ball, to do the practical problem solving, to initiate an organized effort, to get rid of bad habits that involve worry, the tendency to procrastinate, or to diminish the importance of achieving what you want. It’s time to practice targeted visualization, and to do the healing required to manifest what would be personally deeply satisfying. Further delay seems to be loosing its reason for being.

CANCER (June 21-July 21)
Cancers may now be in the mood to consider the kind of future that dreams are made of. What once seemed out of reach, vaguely impractical, or unattainable, may now be well within the realm of possibility. A review of your past and the opportunities you now have to launch something new and uniquely exciting may be changing your beliefs and your perspective. What you assumed the future promised may be morphing into something bigger and better. Risk enters prominently into this picture. The only thing standing in the way of you and freedom would be fear, a lack of faith in yourself, and the tendency to keep yourself within safe, predictable zones at all times – particularly when it comes to the kind of relationships you will consider pursuing and the kind of people you belong with. Within your immediate vicinity may be something beyond your wildest dreams. Something is coalescing that requires a move beyond your traditional worrisome mindset and your tendency to keep yourself at arms length from what you desire.

LEO (July 21-Aug 21)
What you can’t stand in another is most likely a fault of your own you’d prefer to disown. That’s a tough concept to swallow for a proud Leo preferring to highlight how truly special they are. Next time you’re really turned off by another that may be an opportunity. It might be worth while then to stop and think how you have at some point – or could imagine yourself under stressful conditions – been equally as obnoxious, or condescending, or boastful, or insistent on not sharing the spotlight, or stretching the truth, or whatever. The chances of you benefiting from any effort made to bring your awareness to the next level is significant – especially over the next two weeks. You don’t have to announce your shortcomings or beat yourself up. You simply have to recognize and acknowledge your potential to be what you despise. Give those tendencies a little consideration. That’s all it might take to achieve a level of integration that makes your life much easier.

VIRGO (August 21-September 21)
There is a path unfolding for you that represents a release from the burden of having to prove that you deserve to be loved. It’s a hurdle you can now choose to move beyond. It was always delusional. The same quality of energy that creates delusions creates an ability to transport yourself artfully and imaginatively through the most satisfying and transcendent experiences. You don’t have to struggle your way toward improvement or suffer your way around a relationship that’s not providing what your soul craves. You can finesse your way toward capturing what has traditionally eluded you. The energy you use to sustain the delusion of not yet being perfect enough to deserve an abundant sustained flow of love can be re-routed. You’ve come to the end of a long road and you may have reached a level of purification that allows you to effortlessly attain what’s most deeply satisfying and meaningful to you. You may have reached the point where you no longer have much to prove.

LIBRA (September 21-October 21)
Libra may be in the process of reconsidering their approach to life and the relationship they have with themselves. Something related to your most effective path through life has been obscured for a long time. But you seem to be coming to the end of that long road. You may be tired of banging your head against a wall when you sensed there was an easier way. The cosmos is signaling that for you, meaningless frustration is no longer necessary. The thick haze that’s been hovering over your freedom to choose the efficient methods for achieving what you most desire seems to be clearing. Now you benefit from delving into subconscious realms, from asking for divine help, from connecting with inspiring, courageous souls who took some risk to free themselves for the sake of progress. It’s time to focus on becoming highly sensitive to the deepest recesses of your mind, to extract whatever information you meed, and to be willing to suffer some momentary pain or fear for the sake of developing your fullest potential.

SCORPIO (October 21 – November 21)
Scorpio may be craving intimacy and closeness, passion, an uninhibited sex life, creative freedom, and maybe a partner who can keep up. Imagination and your power to imagine something into being is highly energized this week. Now is an unprecedented time to make your love life into what you want it to be. The secret is to be the kind of lover you crave. The other secret is to create within your mind a scenario that enables you to feel like you’re living on the edge. It all has to be consensual and respectful for sure, but it doesn’t have to fit within some pre-existing, artificially determined norm. It’s time to rethink what you believe about a freer, more powerfully healing, soulful kind of love. It’s time to see what it feels like to be sensually immersed in something that’s entirely free to unfold organically.

SAGITTARIUS (November 21- December 21)
Sagittarius is not a nurturing homebody – typically. But something that was torn apart or in the process of gently fading away 19 years ago is coming full circle. It contains the seeds of a second chance to get it right. Something has survived and it feels like it needs to be protected and nourished, yet free to grow and expand. You may be extracting a greater amount of joy from time with family, time spent at home, time spent nourishing foundations, and feeling grateful for a past that hasn’t made much sense or felt connected – up until now. Doors may be opening as a result. You may be able to imagine accomplishing something you couldn’t imagine a couple months ago. You may be transiting through a deeply healing phase. In some sense you may feel put back together and more complete. It’s all tenuous and new, but, at the same time, hopeful and optimistic.

CAPRICORN (December 21-January 21)
It won’t be hard to find the things that connect you with realms of experience that make life more interesting and fun. If you consider that you may be on a more magical path moving you in a direction you couldn’t have previously imagined, you’ll find ample evidence of that in your daily life. The need to stay securely earth-bound may only be essential to the extent it can serve to launch you into higher realms. In fact you may be in the process of discovering a way of life that runs on a more effortless track. Yes you can still immerse yourself in work and worry. You can still assume that reality is harsh and unforgiving. But you would have to deny what’s beginning to seep into your consciousness. Life can unfold in magically delightful ways – even for a Capricorn. If the world of work is more comfortable think of this as an assignment. It’s time to do more of what you love and as you do you will discover the easier, more fulfilling path. Your life will not fall apart if you forget to work overtime or to worry obsessively. Most likely it will begin to come together beautifully.

AQUARIUS (January 21-February 21)
Aquarius finds themselves highly sensitive to the every aspect of their environment. They’re absorbing everything. The boundaries that normally protect them have become thin and permeable. Immunity to the dark forces and motivations of others may be breaking down under considerable stress. So this is a no-brainer. It’s time to do everything you can to nurture your health. Make sure you’re being very discriminating about the kind of food you consume and that you take time to get more rest. Exercise but not too strenuously. Immerse yourself in nature and find time alone. You may be under more strain than you realize. Your stress level may be higher. There is not much you can do at the moment about your elevated sensitivity to everyone and everything surrounding you. In quieter moments you may be able to access some divine guidance regarding the nutrient you may be missing, the key to your ability to survive and thrive, the music that soothes your soul, and the mindset that calms and heals you. This week it’s worth asking the universe for the answers you need to stay healthy and strong in body and mind.
pisces otherworldly
PISCES (February 21-March 21)
This is a time when the dark, devouring, mother archetype haunts you in ways that are difficult to unravel and impossible to understand. Maybe you see yourself in the devouring mother who initially frightened and alienated you. Maybe you’re trying to keep the lid on a foundation that contains within the dark mother’s schizophrenic essence, a division that feels unsettling, a split that divides you against yourself, or a tendency to bounce between extremes of love and hate. None of it may make sense within the realm of any experience you can remember. But you can resolve it anyway. Imagine a loving, generous, kind mother, capable of loving you precisely because you are so unique, a brilliant outsider veering wildly from the norm, different from all the rest, freedom-loving, and courageous enough to be truly authentic. Concentrate on your relationship with her until you begin to love yourself as much as she loves you. You’ll feel truly feel grateful for what is dissolving into nothingness.

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