Leo Lunar Eclipse Horoscopes for the Week of Feb. 8th – 14th

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A full Moon always highlights your relationship to others as a reflection of the nature of the relationship you have with yourself. Under the influence of a Leo full Moon Eclipse (this Friday) you can feel and see the results of how you treat different aspects of yourself – the inner innocent, vulnerable child, the part you that longs for an appreciative audience, or a chance to display courage and an impressive array of innate talent. Now you may be able to see the results of the nature of your relationship with the “passionate lover” part of yourself – the part that wants to be the irreplaceable, the center of attention in another’s eyes, the prolific creator of universally applauded masterpieces, the one most admired, the shining stand-out.

Circumstance that coalesce under this Leo lunar eclipse may be cause for celebration, a pat on the back, a reward for achievement born of a self-focused effort to relate differently to yourself. It’s all about “me, myself and I” under a Leo full Moon – and that is as it should be.

Practically speaking, if you’ve been estranged from your inner artist – a lover, a parent, a friend, or child – and they’ve re-entered your life under the influence of this eclipse, it’s because you’ve changed the specific nature of your relationship with yourself. Most likely, in some specific way, you’ve become more tolerant, more focused, more humane, freer, and friendlier toward an aspect of yourself. Essentially you’ve embraced the qualities Aquarius (Leo’s opposing sign) would represent and recommend.

If you’ve stubbornly maintained an unfriendly, exclusive, discouraging relationship with the part of yourself that is insecure and imperfect, that will be clarified as well.

For myself, under this eclipse influence, I’ve experienced both, in rather dramatic ways – a joyous, unexpected, reunification along side some targeted undermining of my work by a trusted friend. In the latter instance my first impulse was to lash out – to accuse and blame and hit back. Thankfully I’ve learned to delay sending poisoned-pen e-mails that feel good to write but never quite as brilliant or balanced as I initially imagine a day or two later.

Obviously it’s time to take a look at my own relationship to my work – the creative, contributing part of myself. Truthfully I could be devaluing her. Sometimes, momentarily, I think what I contribute is pretty good. But I tend to explain that away as a fluke, a fortunate mishap, a metaphysical take-over by a higher entity charged with saving me from myself. Usually I just conclude that anything I write “isn’t as good as I wanted it to be.” I need to pay more attention and to make some changes.

Looking ahead to the upcoming Pisces New Moon Eclipse on February 26th, I think this full Moon eclipse is clearing the way for “the beginning of the end” of something that is no longer effective… and maybe potentially damaging.
This eclipse clears the way for a new way of thinking about relationships and our role in determining how they unfold. As always it appears we’re more powerful than previously assumed – and love is always the answer.

Happy Valentine’s Day and, as always, thanks for reading.


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ARIES (March 21-April 21)
The truth is you can be really fun to be around. Your talents, sassy personality, dynamic, go-for-it style is highly energizing to others. Now is a time to commit to success, to building your brand, to solidifying your reputation, and to making sure your motivation involves taking the high road. Your intelligence allows you lots of leverage to steer any enterprise in the direction of where you want it to go. There’s a difference between adopting a self-disciplined, thoughtful, intelligent, energized approach to building something of lasting value for the public good and a pushy, off-putting, demanding style that alienates potential supporters while feeding your need to elevate yourself. One approach is centered around your ego, the around doing the most good for the greatest numbers. It’s time to reign it in without diminishing in any way your charmingly forceful way of getting things done.

TAURUS (April 21-May 21)
Taurus may be finding her way home. An existence that used to feel disjointed, senseless, difficult, and confusing may now seem to be coming to life in an entirely different form. A new direction may be unfolding. It is likely you are beginning to connect the dots, to understand the reason for past delays, the strenuous effort required, the loneliness, and the disappointment. Culminating for you may be a kind of love and security you’ve longed for throughout many lifetimes. Involved is a full integration of the pieces of yourself that were once scattered and shut out. But first you had to find the means to transform yourself and the self-discipline to do it. Equally important was finding the courage to survive and thrive alone. A windfall of some magnitude may be part of the emerging picture. The beginning of the end to an old, restricted, victimized, approach to actualizing your dreams is being set in motion.

GEMINI (May 21-June 21)
Culminating for Gemini may be the ability to design a life that frees them to be an artist in some form. It is difficult in many cultures (the American one for sure) to design and live an artful life and still survive and thrive. Cultures tend to diminish the importance of art and to reward it in stingy ways. But I am of the opinion that people crave and appreciate it more than ever – like a hungry personal craves and appreciates food. A new awareness of the need for more time to create and design is culminating. Freedom needs to be built into the scheme you may be devising. Inborn may be the feeling that you must sacrifice the desire to do what you love for some reason – any reason. You may create a reason if none exists. This full Moon makes it clear that you have a choice. All that limits you is your imagination. Gemini has a sharp, perceptive, adaptable mind. You can figure this one out. The beginning of the end of an old approach to your career and life direction has been set in motion. Let it go.

CANCER (June 21-July 21)
The unexpected attentiveness of another – someone exciting, intelligent, substantial, and highly unique may be cause for the fullness of heart you’re feeling. The culmination of an effort to move beyond old unhealthy habits and tendencies to overdo may be culminating in what you always hoped would. But it may also be somewhat surprising. A renewal of your faith in the universe may be emerging. Self-esteem may be enhanced and reinforced as your values and priorities may be changing. Dark destructive impulses in love, or in your choice of lovers, may be subsiding. Or they may be re-ignited. If the latter is the case you need to wage war with those impulses. The beginning of the end is being set in motion in terms of your sense of powerlessness regarding the future. Your future unfolds beautifully because you’re determined that it will. You are not a victim of circumstances. You’re driving this train.

LEO (July 21-Aug 21)
With a full Moon eclipse in Leo, you may be in high demand as a result of your ability to attract what you want when you want it. You’re a smooth operator when you confidently rely on your 6th sense to get things done. It is not necessary to create lots of drama, chaos, and pressure-cooker like environments – or to inflate your sense of importance in obvious ways. Rely instead on your ability to infuse joy into whatever situation you find yourself. Consider it your responsibility to make others feel good about being alive and included in whatever scheme you’re devising. Grandstanding is not necessary. You can be more subtle. Your sense of humor opens doors and your innate talent showcased at exactly the right time eliminates lots of wasted energy and unnecessary hype. If your choice is between the crass and the sublime, choose the latter. It’s not necessary to steamroll when you can mystify.

VIRGO (August 21-September 21)
Set in motion at this full Moon eclipse is the beginning of the end of an old way of relating or the feeling of being victimized by relationships that entice you into sacrificing too much. Your mounting an admirable resistance to moving on from the past. It’s a struggle that has been ongoing for quite awhile – a struggle that defines you in some way and makes it very hard to let go. The hidden, subconscious, mysterious realms of your being are undergoing a shake-up and restructuring during this eclipse. That may be priming you for a change that would otherwise be very difficult to make. To the extent that you can sit back and let go of the reigns for awhile – just rest – it seems your strength will be restored. Mercury in Aquarius may allow you to see new possibilities and to imagine a breakthrough. For now, imagining a breakthrough is the most effective use of your energy.

LIBRA (September 21-October 21)
Venus, Mars, and Uranus, all residing in your 7th house of committed relationships gives you a much better than average chance of reviving passion, intimacy, and an openness to togetherness. The Sun residing in your 5th house currently highlights your lovability, charm, and willingness to break the rules in the pursuit of romance. The full Moon eclipse restructures your emotional foundation, possibly in a way that diminishes your ego somewhat, so that others can find you more receptive to cooperative, connecting, loving influences. Being willing to step aside so that others can bring forward their gifts allows you to operate consistently and reliably as own best friend. Being set in motion is the beginning of the end of feeling undermined, ineffective, victimized, and more often than not disconnected from what would feel truly satisfying to you.

SCORPIO (October 21 – November 21)
Amidst some darkness, grief, and maybe old resentment, Scorpio may be sensing a new, more exciting, healthier direction unfolding. The beginning of the end of an old form of victimization in love (or within the realm of a child) may be set in motion. Something more vital, compassionate and hopeful may be emerging. There may be a culmination, relief, and fullness of heart that feels like a success you’ve earned and can be proud of. An unexpected, maybe long hoped for development or resolution within the family may be unfolding. Deep within the recesses of your mind is a reconsideration involving your beliefs about relationships. Possibly another is reconsidering, behind the scenes, their relationship with you. It is likely that time is needed (about 4 months) to sort it all out. By June you will know what you believe, where you stand, and where you’re headed.

SAGITTARIUS (November 21- December 21)
Through some unexpectedly good news or unanticipated turn of events, Sagittarius may be newly in love, and newly experiencing a level of freedom and future opportunity they forgot or pretended didn’t exist. Cultivating independence, going your own way, doing your own thing, striving to make an impact, or to start a new life on your own, may have required an unusual amount of self-discipline and effort. A separation or severing may have been painful. But a willingness to be tolerant, to allow nature the freedom to sort it out – even when it all looked to be dissolving into chaos – reflected a certain amount of Sagittarian faith in the intelligent structure and pattern of the universe. The gift of faith maybe culminating under this full Moon eclipse. You may be in love with an emerging future that feels more hopeful, more interesting, and more like you once dreamed it would be.

CAPRICORN (December 21-January 21)
It is likely that Capricorn may feel more powerful and secure as they make the effort to connect with the softer, more vulnerable parts of themselves. The unintended consequences (or maybe they are intended) may be an ability to more deeply connect with another. There is risk involved. But Capricorn is not opposed to taking a calculated risk especially if they can see the benefit of doing so. Leaps of faith are harder but again there may be someone in your life so uncommonly attractive in the most substantial ways that it’s no longer “out of the question.” Trust is ultimately the issue. But it’s not, as it may appear, a matter of trusting another. It’s a matter of trusting yourself. Can you rely on yourself? The answer may evolving toward a resounding yes. This is a culminating pivotal time. Bonding with another may now be a real possibility as you bond with parts of yourself that have historically been shut out. It’s all very transformative and vitalizing. The lone wolf may be a fading influence.

AQUARIUS (January 21-February 21)
Aquarius may be benefitting from a hands off, more tolerant approach to allowing life and relationships the freedom to unfold as they will. Some ancient Karmic debt has recently been paid off. It’s time had expired, but you deserve credit for non-interference and refusing to be distracted by those who couldn’t seem to get it together. Said more succinctly, you minded your own business, focused on developing your talents, and generously contributed to the world what you could. You resisted delegating your happiness to the whims of another – someone you love most likely. It is true that each person has a path that belongs to them. Who are we to interfere with that? It seems you may have mastered the art of independence and non-interference – something most do not. As you navigate through your public role, most likely involving the need to be a lightening rod for transformation and healing, non-interference, giving others the freedom to choose and to follow their own path, may be one of your most effective methods – that and a loving, welcoming kind of acceptance of the various aspects of yourself.
pisces otherworldly
PISCES (February 21-March 21)
Pisces most likely reaps the rewards of an ongoing effort to master the self. There is a culmination of effort that results now in the realization that you’ve come a long way form where you were a couple years ago. You’ve been through a period of purification that was strenuous and at times painful. But chances are you’ve persevered. What was previously impossible, maybe because of some hidden tendency to confine yourself or to detach from a more humane and tolerant approach to yourself, is becoming a thing of the past. As you move forward, it may be time to let go of an old sense of identity that centered around aloneness and isolation. You’ve made room for love in your life. It may be time to invite it in, if you haven’t already. You may now be able to undertake the task of nurturing a new beginning toward its fullest expression. It’s time to release what stands in your way of finally ending what could be happily finished.

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