Horoscopes for the Week of Feb. 1st – Feb. 7th

(Mosaic Art – Pamela Goode)

The dominant cosmic influence this week – as it has been for many weeks – is the the shadowy, shapeshifting sign of Pisces. As I began to interpret this weeks charts – despite the obvious prominence of the fully loaded Pisces house – I was easily distracted into looking elsewhere for a more “definitive” cosmic statement. Essentially it took about five seconds for Pisces to render me powerless under her spell. The more time I spent gazing into the charts, the less I could see of anything that made any sense.

It’s easy to underestimate the subtle power of Pisces while overestimating your own. My left brain easily hijacks my right brain quashing my ability to understand the poetic language Pisces speaks. Initially it seems an easy escape to simply bypass her. Her style speaks softly and indirectly. She won’t raise a ruckus or sound the alarms. My own escapist tendencies lead me straight into a world where I’m effectively undermined at every turn.

In the words of my new favorite writer, Emmet Rensin, “Poetry is the last form that would expect to be taken literally. I am not demanding the verse to redeem the world, but what we require now, as we always have, is a vision that endures the weight of the unknown, untracked, and unrealized. That is where the potential for a real universal dignity is hidden. Who will imagine what it looks like? What real plan will get us there? The acknowledged legislators of our mental lives cannot provide. They are committed by the very nature of their craft against us.”

Forceful resistance symbolized by Uranus and Eris in Aries is important. But imagining a world that’s far better than anything that’s historically come before us goes to heart of Pisces unsurpassed power. There is nothing subtle about the current astrological messaging. Pisces dominates and so must our efforts to engage our imagination.

Early Friday Venus crosses over the Pisces threshold into the sign of Aries. Since January 3rd of this year Venus has absorbed the unlimited inspiration of the Pisces landscape -dissolving old limitations and finally ending what’s long needed to end. Now, as she transits into the sign of Aries, she carries with her fresh Piscean advantages and gifts to help focus her actions.

Newly energized, Venus initiates a new direction through the power of her imagination. Her influence is now a combination of vision, focused intent, inspiration, and force of will. Released from the delusion that the best the world can expect is some prior state of relative calm, she knows where she’s headed. I like to believe she’s made a connection with an ancestor who started the ball rolling in the direction she now imagines. The baton is being passed on to her as she’s now fully capable of advancing the cause coded within her DNA.

Late Sunday Pacific time (and early Monday Eastern time) Jupiter turns retrograde. He will be in retrograde motion for the next four and half months. It’s time for a full reconsideration of our beliefs about justice and fairness, our relationship to one another, love, cooperation, and compromise. Time to review our relationship to art, beauty, style, courtesy, and generosity.

Entering into the mix is our evolving perspective on independence, freedom and balance…. as well as beliefs about self assertion and resistance.

On Tuesday Mercury moves into the revolutionary sign of Aquarius. Brilliant ideas surface. Plans and strategies challenging authority are formulated. Alternative ideas take hold. Humane considerations are a central guiding force.

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ARIES (March 21-April 21)
Venus moves over your ascendent this week settling into a four month residence in your powerful solar first house. This is an opportunity to push through your most cherished goals and desires, to put your personal stamp on the world, and to make a forceful impact. Ordinarily you could expect to confront push back from others. But now your assertive independence and pushy style seems especially charming. Your ability to attract the cooperation of others is stellar. Universally you may be perceived as unusually attractive – a result possibly of recently having unloaded some heavy emotional baggage. The simple truth is that this week (and basically for the next four months) you can get away with a lot more than usual. Time to push the boundaries. The potential for real progress is unlimited. It may be smart to update your style and wardrobe to express the new freedom and effectiveness you feel. Imagining a world where people have easy access to all the love that’s been showered on them through all of their past lives – from ancient times to the present – may be your most important contribution to the world.

TAURUS (April 21-May 21)
This week Taurus enters into what can be described as an extended gestational phase. What you are protecting and nurturing as it grows and evolves is a sense of confidence, the ability to be artfully effective, to connect with subtle levels of inspiration, and to nourish your potential as a healing magician. Expect breakthroughs and possibly more progress in an hour than you’ve made in years. You’re being released from the tendency mistrust yourself as you experience the joy of knowing that finally “you’re on your side” – a trusted ally and friend you can count on. Interestingly this allows you to see in retrospect how failing to befriend yourself previously manifested in the form of friends prone to behaviors that disappointed you. This appears to be a waning influence. Expect to learn a lot through travel or distancing yourself in some way. For you imagining a world where true friendship dominates every sector of life seems important.

GEMINI (May 21-June 21)
Since January 13th of this years your thoughts regarding relationships, beliefs, the role you’re willing to play, and the role you’re free to play within the realm of relationships has intensified. There is a deep transformational process taking play that encourages you to release a tendency toward rigid thinking. You may be prone to staying safe within mental boundaries that don’t leave enough room for growth and expansion. Your communication style may limit the potential of partnerships. But this is all in the process of being reworked and chances are you’ve made some real progress over the past month. By next Tuesday it’s possible you will experience a breakthrough that frees you to express a freer, more authentic, and maybe revolutionary communication style. What you’ve resisted since the beginning of 2015 frees itself. You may feel like you can breathe again. Imagining a world where everyone can be free of a past that has made them sick, depleted, or exhausted may be your major contribution to the world.

CANCER (June 21-July 21)
For Cancer there is heightened pressure and fear involving relationships, financial issues, the past, and possibly some dark anger related to feelings of powerlessness – or falling short of achieving your goals. It is likely you’re striving, as you always do, to infuse love and beauty into the world. But a stream of destructiveness threatens outcomes. By Tuesday it will be time to delve more deeply into old psychological conditioning that messes with your health and ultimate freedom. If you’re identifying another as “the problem” it’s time to reconsider. What we attract is clarifying and healing if we choose to understand our circumstances as wise teachers. For the next four and a half months, as Jupiter takes you on a tour of your past, you may find the missing piece that initially distorted your relationship with yourself – and by extension with others. It may be related to beliefs about beauty, appearance, and sexual attractiveness. Courage is required to get this resolved. Imagining a world where nurturing true passion and “the fire that burns within” supersedes the cultivation of style and appearance may be your contribution to the world.

LEO (July 21-Aug 21)
Leo is striving to keep her balance as unpredictability within the realm of relationships threatens to throw you off your game. This is a time when your dependency on others for support may be especially important. Tangled up in the current web is your sense of pride, the desire for a higher profile, a bigger audience, and maybe more applause and respect. You may suspect a behind the scenes collusion of those who seek to defeat you or to effectively undermine your goals. The true nature of that may be revealed around Valentine’s day. Imagining unwavering support generously thrown in your direction is a powerful way to tip the scales in your favor. Imagining a world where everyone feels supported and encouraged as they strive to be of service may be your most valuable gift to the world.

VIRGO (August 21-September 21)
Virgo may be on the brink of making some difficult but practical decisions to free themselves of old responsibilities that no longer have much to do with their evolving sense of themselves. Bad habits may need to be fixed, possibly through alternative means. The impulse to hide or downplay your gifts may need to be extinguished. Soon you will allow your mind to consider possibilities you’ve resisted in the past. Venus’s transit into your 8th house may be a painful but deeply transformative one. The nature of your relationship with yourself and others intensifies. Your desires need to be taken into consideration. It appears you’re reaching the end of year of analysis regarding your style and approach to life and relationships. It is likely that you will come to some definitive conclusions soon. Imagining a world where, through a willingness to exert the required effort, every couple feels deeply connected, unconditionally loved, romantically engaged, and spiritually bonded, may be your most important contribution.

LIBRA (September 21-October 21)
Venus is about to take up residency for the next four months in your 7th house of balance and relationships. She’ll be emphasizing her the warrior goddess tendencies – boldness, courageous, confrontational, and action focused – but charmingly so. It seems you will be able to get away with more than you usual. As I frequently describe the Venus/Mars/Aries combination is like a fighter who’s been to charm school. You may be perceived as magnetically attractive and enticing by most, but especially a partner – or potential partner. Those you attract into your life will offer support and facilitate your goals. You tend to reciprocate in kind. This is a time to make some progress toward shaping your life and your marriage more into alignment with what you desire. During the next four months Venus will be in retrograde motion, giving you the opportunity to reconsider what it is you desire. Venus in Aries works best when her sexual desires are met, when she’s taking a risk, being bold, forceful, and leading the way. Most likely you’ve already mastered the art of compromise. Time for something new and different. Imagining a world where everyone is most useful and appreciated performing the tasks and services that specifically feed their soul may be your most important contribution to the world.

SCORPIO (October 21 – November 21)
This week Jupiter turns retrograde – remaining in retrograde motion for the next four and a half months. It seems you come from a long line of beautiful, artistic, sensitive types – magicians and witches maybe. Their work could be useful to you in some regard. Even if not, something about them and their work seems worth preserving if you can access it. This may be an interesting time for you to learn about those who share your DNA, what they created, and how they lived their lives. It may set you free in some important way. What you assumed to be true about your ancestors may not be. In fact the truth may be stunning in an unusually exhilarating way. Imagining a world where we are all children are surrounded by those who have the capability of loving them in the most sensitive and healing ways may be your most important contribution to the world.

SAGITTARIUS (November 21- December 21)
Jupiter, your ruling planet, moves into retrograde motion late Sunday Pacific time and early Monday morning Eastern time. It seems your current strategies for achieving your dreams may be in need of some reconsideration. If you are waiting for a time when someone will magically hand you the keys to the castle you might need to rethink that. It seems that more may be required of you in the form of courage, taking some risk, or simply admitting that your just not totally convinced that your dreams are actually important enough to actively pursue. This week Venus has the potential to turn you into a charming warrior in service of your dreams. It may be time to make a move and to break through your own resistance – or anothers’ It seems you may need to take some risk to find your true home and your true love. Imagining a world where everyone has a home that feels safe, loving, and protective may be your most important contribution to the world.

CAPRICORN (December 21-January 21)
Capricorn may be striving, as usual, to achieve a specific goal – to win the game, the promotion, the position, the lottery, etc. Fortunately your timing is excellent. You are truly a force to be reckoned with for the next few weeks. You seem to be capable of a higher mode of operation because you have unusual access to higher forms of thought as well as spiritual support. This manifests as you being exceptionally well prepared – maybe because you prepared, but mostly because of a serendipitous or happenstance event that magically fed you the exact information you needed. By chance you run into the right people. You make your best impression and seem tailor made for the position you seek You’re savvy, witty, sharp, strong, and obviously reliable. But even you may be surprised by the confluence of events and your stunning competence. Imagining a world where people are connected to higher realms of information so they can convey the best of who they are, especially when under pressure to perform, may be your most important contribution to the world.

AQUARIUS (January 21-February 21)
This week your mind is busy absorbing and processing deep wells of ancient fear as well as magical methods of healing. You seem to be accessing the highest forms of spiritual knowing and the darkest instincts of all that’s ever been. It’s important to keep your feet on the ground as you process the spiritual equivalent of mountains of accumulated knowledge and piles of toxic gunk. On subtle levels its all very strenuous and exhausting. Anxiety levels may be high. Old obsessions or compulsive worrying may be re-ignited. Gestating amidst all the hoopla is a clearing that allows you to expand your life in some important way. You may be better able to learn something that trippedd you up in the past. You may be able to communicate in new ways that facilitate understanding and free you to be your most creative self – possibly on a global scale. Something exciting may be about to change the game. Bold communication seems central. Imagining a world where artists and healers are generously supported in ways that free them to create and heal may be your most significant contribution to the world.
pisces otherworldly
PISCES (February 21-March 21)
Jupiter retrogrades late Sunday Pacific time and early Monday morning Eastern time. For you for the next four and half months, it’s time to redo something – to backtrack, to experiment with different ingredients or different angles, and to try again. Something you needed to be successful missed the mark – but not by much. Still you might have to dig deep to find what needs to be undone and redone. It’s important to intensify your efforts to exhume an old belief about relationships, betrayal, and maybe money. Something needs to be untangled, reworked, or burned out of existence. Accessing the distorting belief is half the battle. The other half involves releasing your dark attachment to it. Sometimes Pisces can be guilty of giving up to easily. Don’t do that. You’re too close to setting yourself free. One final push may be all it takes. Imagining a world where everyone is free to express himself in the most highly sensitive, artistic, and subtle ways, without fear of being exposed, ridiculed, or taken advantage of, may be your most important contribution to the world.

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