Horoscopes for the Week of Feb. 15th – 21st

(Mosaic Art – Tumbling Tesserae)

This week the main event is the Sun’s transit from the sign of the freedom-loving, inherently rebellious Aquarius into the mysteriously powerful sign of Pisces.

It can be difficult to define and recognize Pisces. Her energy doesn’t lend itself to a clear definition of what she actually represents. She is the absence and the void, the disappearance and the loss. She rules all things vague and formless, evasive and elusive – whatever easily slips through your fingers.

Pisces communicates in whispers encouraging you to listen closely, to tune in, to lose yourself in a sea of confusion or spiritual communion and bliss. She’s intoxicating. We sense her ability to render us powerless but we’re easily enticed. Deep within, an encounter with Pisces may be felt as something subtle that stops you in your tracks. Or it may register on a deep level as significant – maybe. But we’re never quite sure. We could just be imagining it.

Pisces is your imagination, your right brain, at times the fascinating flow of universal symbols and timeless images through your awareness. She is synchronicity and a type of understanding that can only be absorbed through the senses. Pisces deals in the world of impressions and suggestions, hints and nudges, memories, vague familiarities, altered states, and unsettled feelings. Her goal is oneness through the dissolution of all separation or clear distinction.

Pisces rules the world of sensory deprivation and sensory overload, powerlessness and overwhelming power. She is the tsunami that washes away any hint of past organization and structure. She feels her way through the dark, sensing rather than analyzing what comes next.

Pisces will reliably undermine you at every turn if you insist on a “driving the train.” She encourages you to relax, to sense the direction of the flow, and to allow yourself to be carried away. She’ll defeat you if she has to. Then she’ll save you.

In summary, her methods are mysterious, disorienting, and powerfully effective. Under her influence you may find your dream life enhanced, your longings intensified, and old, invisible connections re-established. She is everything and nothing. She creates the endings that make new beginnings possible.

Jupiter in Libra continues to move in retrograde motion encouraging backtracking, a reconsideration of relationships, and the issue of creating a sustainable balanced life for yourself. The process is ongoing through June 9th of this year.

Saturn and Chiron continue to rub each other the wrong way creating a type of tension meant to stimulate action. It’s time to heal an old wound that continues to fester beneath surface. It may seem insignificant and long forgotten – or easy to ignore. But the cosmos’s message is that most likely it’s undermining you in all the subtle ways Pisces is most famous for.

As the week draws to a close, Mars and Pluto move into harsh aspect with one another. The effects may be strongly felt by those with prominent Aries and Scorpio placements. Mars doesn’t give Pluto the kind of respect he feels he deserves. And Pluto finds Aries to be a “flash in the pan”, a warrior with a short attention span, someone too impatient and unfocused to accomplish anything of significance. But he’s too much of disruptor to be safely ignored.

Both Mars and Pluto are ambitious and want to win. Pluto is known for resorting to underhanded tactics to gain the upper hand. Aries is easily frustrated and will lash out with more force than necessary. going on in your life may be a potentially explosive situation requiring deft handling. The Pisces Sun may obscure its importance, though, and encourage you to ignore it. Let your intuition guide you.

By weeks end we are once again strongly under the influence of an impending Solar Eclipse in Pisces on February 26th. Nineteen years ago (on Feb 26th, 1998 )we experienced a Solar eclipse in Pisces at the exact same degree. If you can remember what was happening then, there is a repeat of that same theme occurring this month – at a higher level of experience most likely.

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ARIES (March 21-April 21)
Aries is moving into a phase where the deepest recesses of their mind and imagination will be subtly energized. This is the ending phase that comes at different times each year for each sign. It’s your turn. It’s time to clean house, to envision where you go from here, to sit quietly with your dreams and maybe write them down. It’s time to acknowledge your longings, to rest, to sleep more, and to bring something that was set in motion 11 months ago to a successful conclusion. Cleaning out closets, sifting through old pictures, getting rid of what’s been outgrown, detoxing, and preparing your life for a new beginning is important this week… and over the next month. It’s time to remake yourself into the traveler that can leave for Europe for 6 months with just a backpack on his back. You no longer need all the baggage you used to require. It’s time to lighten up. Just out of your awareness something new is gestating within. It’s soulful and important. You may sense that. Not until the end of March will you be able to clearly define what it is. It looks like an amazing adventure.

TAURUS (April 21-May 21)
Magically coalescing may be a social situation that supports your soul longings, your artistic inspiration, self-love, and a new beginning that emerges because an end to something old and debilitating has been – or is about to be – set in motion. No longer can you sustain a soulless relationship or cowardly approach to life. Your connection with the deepest recesses of your mind and heart move you in a new direction. Old values and priorities are dissolving as something new and more meaningful takes its place. A more richly rewarding, sensitive love affair or creative life may be taking root as ambivalence, fear, and indecision dissolves. Financial stability may be a consideration as it always is for Taurus. As you nurture the parts of yourself you’ve previously neglected, your sense of self worth increases and so do your chances of landing on your feet financially. You’re in a strong position to take a risk for the sake of moving yourself into a life filed with love and joy.

GEMINI (May 21-June 21)
Gemini’s career is about to receive a shot in the arm – that’s assuming your career provides a channel for your most sensitive, artistic, service-oriented, and magical talents, to be fully expressed. If your career neglects to provide you with what your soul craves or victimizes you in some way, you will simply be more confused and inclined to undermine yourself. There is the indication that your success in the past has been dependent on sacrificing an important piece of your innate potential and an important piece of yourself. That is no longer necessary. It never really was. But now something has ended that allows for a refreshing new beginning. Your soul can be more fully infused into your work as you know how to resist and what to resist. The world does not need more ravenous “success-at-any-cost” types. It needs healers and magicians, artists and musicians, film makers and the psychically sensitive to soothe and promote a healthier kind of progress. It’s time to come into your own. What your soul craves is what the world craves. Unapologetically commit to leading the way.

CANCER (June 21-July 21)
Cancer is backtracking into the past possibly for the purpose of generating a more vital and dynamic contribution to the world. Your private life, past experiences, past relationships, your home, and even your mother may be unusually relevant at this time. Your beliefs about love and beauty may provide a treasure trove of information and material that can be used to fuel your professional life, a new life direction, and unprecedented success. You may now be expected to provide some excitement and something unexpected – something unusually brilliant and artistically hard-hitting. You may be expected to lead or to trail blaze a new path for yourself and for the public. This may require the courage to dig into your past and to expose the richness of what’s actually there. You’re ending a phase of deep healing and transformation. It’s time to spread your wings and to see what you can do. It’s time to expand your options in the world of love, artistry and healing. It’s time to confidently lead the way into a future you could previously only long for.

LEO (July 21-Aug 21)
It may be time to remind you that your current challenge is to figure what brings you the most joy and to design a future that centers around that goal. If you feel a ways away from achieving that, what may be helpful is to backtrack through your past and to pinpoint when you were having the most fun. What were you doing? Who were you with? Where were you? Identify the common theme that runs through your most joyful memories. The danger now is that you will define down your requirements for your future. Like a chronic pain patient, just the absence of pain may be something you’re willing to settle for. But that’s a betrayal of yourself. As the Sun, the ruler of your sign, transitions into the powerfully healing and transformative 8th house, your tendency to prefer not to look at your own wounds may no longer be possible. You may be used to playing the fall guy. Or you may be convincing yourself that you need to save another at your own expense. Feeling underserving may manifest as taking on too much responsibility for the drudgery that must be endured. Over the next month it’s time to be your own psychiatrist (or to enlist one) to free yourself from a future of diminished joy.

VIRGO (August 21-September 21)
There is a reversal in order. It is likely you have suffered in silence while being abused and treated unfairly for a long time. Virgos are good at suffering in silence. But it’s time to stop practicing what you’re already too good at. Your spirit is still alive and kicking. In the interest of keeping it that way it’s time for a “pay back.” It’s time for you to demand that what was unjustly inflicted upon you is undone in some meaningful way. It’s time to balance the scales and it’s time for a return to something more sustainable and healthy. The Sun’s move away from the sign of Aquarius (rebellion) and your 6th house (self-sacrifice)) and into the sign of Pisces (endings) and your 7th house (relationships) demands an end to something you’ve ignored or tap danced around for a long time. It’s time for your own sake to insist on something fair and equitable. Someone owes you something. The bill has come due. You have a responsibility to your enduring, war-weary spirit to collect.

LIBRA (September 21-October 21)
Your responsibility in the coming months is self-improvement. It’s time for you to make some changes that will enhance your life by identifying what you could eliminate. Most likely this involves a type of communication that is more automatic and unconscious than conscious – more driven by obsession, compulsion, guilt, or the need to be perfect than heightened awareness. It’s time to become more aware of your tendency to undermine your communication efforts through a focus on what’s flawed or wrong. It’s time to stop needing to prove your competency at every opportunity. These habits render you less effective than you might otherwise be. Say less. Write less. Interrupt less. And listen more. You don’t need to be perfect. You don’t have anything left to prove to yourself in the competency department. But you can stand to improve. Once you slow down and insist on a higher level of self-awareness, checking in with yourself frequently, asking for feedback maybe, you’re home free.

SCORPIO (October 21 – November 21)
The ongoing challenge for Scorpio seems to be maintaining a high level of self-worth that can survive old wounds related to love and basically feeling undeserving of it. Another tour through the deepest recesses of your mind and heart could reveal why you’re currently, or have been prone in the past, to attract perfectionistic, brilliant, frustrated, self-centered types – types that one way or another insist on “their way or the highway.” An early need to sacrifice too much for the sake of love and stable relationships was required to offset the inability (or unwillingness) of another to meet you half way. A resistance to that past may have been highlighted over the past month. Now it seems you’re moving on. The end of a way of life in love is coming to a close. It’s time to insist on equal responsibility – even if the love relationship involves someone who has passed on. Their contacts with you must involve give and take as well. All contacts with you from now on must require that. But it doesn’t have to be serious. It can be fun and funny and tension free – especially for you. Now the way can be easier.

SAGITTARIUS (November 21- December 21)
You are making progress within the realm of communication. Sensing the need that it’s time to have a discussion with someone, it’s important to know that you have reached a point where you can infuse what you say with a higher level of charisma. You can afford to listen more. You can afford for your words to be less insistent, threatening, or strident, and more enticing and kind. You can soften your point with compassion and love, even when you’re dead serious and there is so much at stake. The Sun in Aquarius looks for the argument they can intelligently resist. But as the Sun moves into Pisces your skills may reach new levels of refinement. Your power is subtle but highly effective. You don’t have to club someone over the head with your tone or embarrass them by clarifying the trap they’ve just walked into. Your goal is not to win. It’s to better understand and to make love and cooperation easier.

CAPRICORN (December 21-January 21)
Capricorn has been dealing with the “Pisces/12th house” realm of life since late December 2014. It’s hard to see that you’re making any concrete gains and Capricorn hates that. In fact you may seem to be moving backwards but that is not the case. The universe is encouraging you to get to know the parts of yourself you’ve downplayed, neglected, or ignored in the interest of being better able to focus on financial security, fulfilling your responsibilities, and career success. But there’s more to you than that and there always has been. You’re in a catch up phase. You’re healing and making yourself whole – and in the process noticing what aspects of your life continue to be valid and what has little to do with your emerging, more integrated self. You may be backtracking and reconsidering what success looks and feels like to you. You may have the vague feeling that its not what you always assumed it would be. Something new kind of freedom may enter the picture. Or something may be taken away that clarifies your feelings and your choice. By the end of the year a new, more deeply satisfying beginning is initiated.

AQUARIUS (January 21-February 21)
Aquarius may feel stuck, unloved, or basically “on their own” these days. It may seem that progress in the direction of a future goal is stalled through lack of cooperation, support, clear communication, or the ability to focus your energy into some semblance of a plan. You may be sensing that soon it will be time to address someone’s evasiveness, lack of support, the dissolution of a former source of stability, or a potentially precarious financial situation. This may be the week you need to have the conversation – with yourself or another. It’s time for something to end. It seems you need to have a better understanding of what kind of support you can expect going forward in order to more clearly define your future plan. The issue may be a lack of clarity that blocks your ability to use your resources – including innate talents – to achieve your dreams of more romantic, secure, artistically powerful life. Communicating forcefully and honestly, setting time frames, and clarifying what you need rather than tolerating a lack of courage or effort, is worth pursuing.
pisces otherworldly
PISCES (February 21-March 21)
Pisces is known to be distracted and noncommittal, other-worldly, indecisive, and basically a free-floater. This may have been especially true over the past month. If you can’t seem to get a grasp on a future direction, join the rest of the Pisceans feeling the same way. A moment of relative clarity may emerge this week as something comes to an end. It may be a role you play within the realm of relationships that feels debilitating. Possibly it’s an approach to life that underestimates you or allows others to underestimate you. It may be an assumption of inevitable powerlessness that forces you into a type of dependency you resent. As you retrace your steps through a complicated maze of ambivalence and confusion you may feel the challenges too taxing to deal with. That’s ok. A Pisces advantage is that they can float through a transformative phase, absorb what needs to be absorbed, and magically emerge evolved and healed. You’re in transition. Over the next two days important information traditionally just out of your grasp will be accessible. It may be the missing piece that changes your life.

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