Aquarius New Moon Horoscopes for the Week of Jan. 25th – 31st, 2017

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New Moon at 8 Degrees of Aquarius 15’on January 27th (Friday) at 4:07 PM PST & 7:07 PM EST.

I will be writing horoscopes this week based on the Aquarius New Moon Chart. The Sabian symbol for this New Moon is

“A Flag Turned into an Eagle” This symbol indicates a dramatization or pledge of allegiance to a willingness to defend principles. There is a growing awareness of principles worth fighting for. Seeing beyond superficial appearances to higher purpose and possibility. Valor and transformation. Success through determination and an ability to capitalize on the self’s highest potential. Negatively – Retaliation, vindictiveness, and a tendency to react aggressively to perceived threats or criticism.

Mars in the sign of Pisces (oil) at 29 degrees – the last and final critical degree of the sign – transits into the fiery, war-like sign of Aries just five and a half hours after this New Moon event. If I had to guess this looks like a mobilization of the masses to prevent a national agenda that revolves around oil exploration, transportation, and exploitation.

At the same time we’re engaged in or own personal revolution. The personal mirrors the political situation and vice versa.

The sign of Aquarius embodies the idea of protest, resistance or rebellion for the sake of higher principles. In this case the higher principle is protecting life and the future through organizational group efforts. Saturn (organization) in the sign of Sagittarius (the future) is Aquarius’s traditional ruler. Jupiter, Saturn’s ruler in the sign of Libra, highlights belief in justice and fairness.

Other than the Sun/Moon conjunction, the closest Ptolemaic (major) aspect in this New Moon chart is Saturn squaring Venus – within 12 minutes of arc. This is a clash between the feminine principle (women, mother earth) and the government (Saturn). It appears, though, that the highest masculine and feminine ideals (Sun conjunct Moon in Aquarius) are in complete union and agreement.

Juno in Sagittarius (commitment to freedom) and Phollus in Sagittarius (actions with big, far-reaching implications) are traveling together in an especially impactful angular position. Something seemingly insignificant or small triggers a cascading, unstoppable, uncontrollable flow.

Dark Moon Lillith and Mars move together in seamless harmony (a trine aspect). Any blocks or controls that would prevent acting on primal instincts – the urge to destroy, vindictiveness, retaliation, or revenge – are gone.

This is a dynamic, “on the edge” lunar chart. Old rules and expectations are “out the window” as they usually are whenever Aquarius and Uranus are involved.

The meaning of this “moment in time” seems to revolve around growing up, taking on a leadership role in charting a responsible course into the future, refusing to leave your life in the hands of others, to be abused or victimized, sacrificed and ignored.

When the North node transits through the solar 6th house we have to learn to say “no” and to become very discriminating about the roles and responsibilities we will agree to accept – and which one’s we will flatly refuse. Since November of 2015 we’ve been challenged in various ways to learn who is the one ultimately responsible for turning us into “easy victims” and our lives into something less than we want – and less than our potential implies.

The South Node, since Nov. of 2015, has been loudly proclaiming that “the buck stops here.” The buck stops with you. An awareness of what depletes you and a refusal to allow it to continue is emerging. Imagining a “life-enhancing kind of life” as you design and employ the most efficient methods for undermining bad habits, destructive tendencies, and fear, is key.

The North Node steers us in the direction of being picky about what we will accept from ourselves and others, and a refusal to settle for less. Old beliefs we have inherited may need to be released as new, more truthful beliefs emerge to take their place.

Uranus in the powerfully angular 1st house suggests that unexpected, forceful, expressions of courage throw a static situation or plan into chaos. Firm personal commitments and group solidarity threaten to blow the lid off traditional “rules of engagement,” tried and true game plans, and familiar role assignments. Aquarius cares nothing about the comfortably familiar. It annoys and antagonizes her.

Expect to be navigating a new and different landscape with greater, more inspired possibilities. (Jupiter inconjunct Chiron). Expect a challenge that requires major adjustments to fundamental upheaval and change.

As always, thanks for reading.


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ARIES (March 21-April 21)
If you’re on track you’re in the process of letting go of toxic ideas, relationships, old wounds, old patterns, old anger, and delusional thinking. It may feel like a tsunami rushing through a realm of your life where everything not securely bolted in place is washed away. You may not recognize yourself or your circumstances. But it may feel especially promising – fertile ground for new growth, a fresh start, a clean slate, or new journal. You may be focused on practicalities, responsibilities, providing service, being useful, and healing. May of this year marks a pivotal turning point when creativity and self-expression place you center stage, under the spotlight, with more attention than you may be used to. Creative expression, art, love, and sex take precedence. Infusing as much joy as possible into your life is the goal. Group projects may grow and expand. Many new contacts are initiated. In fact the seeds of those projects may be planted this week. Your dreams begin to take shape. It all looks very hopeful.

TAURUS (April 21-May 21)
Taurus is prone to advancing peace and stability through an approach to life that seeks to soothe and calm. Unpredictability is not a natural friend of Taurus’s, but exceptions are being made – as they must be. Saturn is demanding that you employ different strategies especially when it comes to your old approach to friendships and love. No longer can you betray yourself in the interest of making peace. Saturn is highlighting the toll that has taken in the past and the specific kind of disservice it does to you and others as well. So for you, the personal revolution is within the spiritual, hidden realms of your life. Privately there is upheaval brewing. You know how to temporarily quell it by shapeshifting and adjusting to whatever onslaught or insult is thrown in your direction. But hopefully your mounting a resistance that allows you to say “no – not this time.” This time others will have to adjust. In the interest of not betraying myself and my soul, I’m not moving.

GEMINI (May 21-June 21)
Gemini may be in the process of evaluating their traditional approach to work, security, and professional success. In the past you found a way to achieve success. Others may perceive you as being highly successful. But now you may be evaluating the personal toll it takes to succeed, whether or not it’s worth it, and how you can move forward in a more discriminating way. It may be time to tailor your life direction to the specific needs of your soul and the specific kind of consistent nourishment you crave and need to thrive. It may be time to let go of an old tendency or belief that says you must agree to be victimized or unhappy in exchange for success and security – or that you don’t actually deserve a satisfying, successful life until you punish yourself a little more, for just a little longer. You have until May 9th of this year to resist the urge to do it the way you’ve always done it. This is a pivotal time. A full scale rebellion against inherited beliefs about what you deserve, self-punishment, security, and success is in order.

CANCER (June 21-July 21)
Something energizing, ambitious, exciting, or chaotic is introduced into the professional realm of your life…or into your public life. Your life direction and home may be impacted in some significant way. You may rebel against family expectations and the past. Beliefs about the need to be nice, deferential, compromising, and supportive may now be courageously thrown overboard. There is an edginess growing within that reminds you of the fact that this is your life and you hold the final authority over what you will and will not do. New seeds of power are planted this week – the resources you need and maybe the financial freedom you need to make a profound, transformational impact are sown. What you could previously only imagine your future to be may now feel like an actual possibility or opportunity. A particularly enlightening insight may clarify your life direction later this week.

LEO (July 21-Aug 21)
Leo may have bored itself with the notion that her future would be smaller and less satisfying than she had hoped. Now seems like the right time to rebel against beliefs that encourage you to be happy with a constricted, cramped, limited, depressing future. It’s not necessary to compromise and passively “accept” what lies ahead. It’s time to resist the persistent voices in your head that say you can’t have it all – or that half is about what you deserve anyway. The issue for you from now until May 9th of this year is to believe that you deserve what you actually want. You may need to unleash your imagination in a way that clarifies what you actually want – minus all the parred down versions. The issue now is to be increasingly clever, discriminating, thoughtful, efficient and grown-up about how you use the resources you have. It may be wise to get rid of some of what you own if you can’t find a meaningful use for it. Soon you’ll be required to move more fully and publicly into expressing your natural, irrepressible, Leo boldness. Now you’re creating the kind of inner freedom you need to be unapologetically bold and generous.

VIRGO (August 21-September 21)
Since November of 2015 the Universe has been moving Virgo in the direction of a more independent, assertive, initiating, courageous approach to life. Apparently you were really good at making yourself useful to others but needed some work in making yourself more useful to yourself. You may have been, or now be in the process of undoing the belief that if you pursued your own desires, partners would abandon you. You may have been afraid of leaving a life of dependency believing more in the competence of a partner or another than your own. Leaving behind the notion of being a victim of a committed partnership, or believing that continual self-sacrifice was necessary may be old meaningless stuff. Chances are you have, or soon will, prove to yourself that you are actually very competent and capable in your own right. Feeling useful to yourself may require a rebellion against what you have been conditioned to believe. Toxic beliefs may involve money and power, sex and lies, self-betrayal for another’s convenience, and undeserving-ness.

LIBRA (September 21-October 21)
The world has been moving you, since November of 2015, in the direction of taking a deeper, more penetrating, all encompassing look at the condition of your existence. Simultaneously it’s been attempting to move you away from a tendency to feel victimized, ineffective, confused, alone, and adrift. Your freedom seems limited in ways that profoundly affect the quality of all your relationships. You have until May 9th of this year to mount a strong resistance to the tightly bound, carefully controlled, too inflexible, relationship you have with yourself. It’s time to allow more truth to seep through your defenses. It’s time to stretch your limits and to see what’s previously been too painful to admit. If you’re lucky you have someone pushing you to take some risk, to be more vulnerable and less robotic. Setting yourself free will not kill you. More likely it will catalyze balanced, deeply satisfying relationships. For Libra there is nothing more important.

SCORPIO (October 21 – November 21)
Scorpio may be approaching the end of a phase of healing that has transformed your belief that in love you are a victim. Or you may be in the process of determining specifically how you can make use of your supposed “failures” to create a work of art that heals. You may be on the verge of being able to use the haunted, hopeless side of your nature to write poetry, or paint, or take photographs, or dance, – or to support, in some uniquely useful way, the artists who strive to produce. You may be on the cusp of an energized rebellion against current responsibilities and time-wasting – against poor health, a lack of passion, support, or a love that doesn’t feel quite solid enough. Your own guilt and perfectionism may enter into the mix. It’s time to discriminate between a type of work that feels truly meaningful and work you can tolerate that provides you with little of the nourishment your soul craves. By May of this year you will be involved in something that requires a different perspective, or use of, the past.

SAGITTARIUS (November 21- December 21)
By May Sagittarius will have accomplished a significant goal. Then it will be time to update, adjust, renew your commitment, and change your focus. Expansion, travel, making your life more global, pursing higher education, or a future of freedom may be involved. It appears you will be planting the seeds for that kind of future this week. The new Moon in Aquarius promises a focus on something very unusual and maybe subversive. Communication, learning, a new language, making connections, and opening your mind to a new level optimism and expanded possibility may be required. In the meantime you may rebel against a type of creativity that seeks to not offend or inconvenience – or a type of creativity that encourages too little risk. It seems you may have chained yourself in a prison of social acceptability that leaves little room for the type of hard-hitting, boldly courageous, unapologetic expression that come naturally for you. Or maybe you have enshrined yourself in a supportive role that allows little time for personal creative self-expression. Time to revolt.

CAPRICORN (December 21-January 21)
Capricorn, as usual, is looking to “what’s next” with some trepidation and fear. There are the usual unknowns, doubts, lack of guarantees, and fears of failure. Since November of 2015 the forces of the universe have been attempting to open your mind to the possibility that things will work out beautifully for you and to accept that negative thinking can be a self-fulfilling prophecy. If you end up with a great life it’s because at some point you mounted a consistent resistance to dark thoughts and the belief that you’re prone to bad outcomes. From now until May 9th of this year consider a concentrated effort to channel the darkness your mind harbors into a work of art – or maybe a compassionate organized effort to support those whose lives have been shattered. Your personal revolution is against negative mindsets – and definitely against fear. Your future unfolds beautifully because you refuse to consider or settle for anything less.

AQUARIUS (January 21-February 21)
Aquarius welcomes everyone onboard the revolutionary train. We’re most at home with ourselves staging a rebellion to promote freedom. Deliberate resistance moves us deeper into our essential nature. Aquarius is “the rebel” needing only something or someone to rebel against. In our early life we rebel for the sake of rebelling – for our god-given right to wear flashy purple socks to work, for example. But later we understand our unique purpose and the need to identify truly worthy causes. At the moment a truly worthy cause relates to the freedom to speak the truth forcefully and courageously. In the scheme of the universe Aquarians understand the need for agreement, compromise, peace and civility. And we understand when it’s time, for the sake of justice and fairness, to resist all of that. It’s time for Aquarius to more bluntly state the truth, to use a more hard-hitting, searing choice of words. It’s time for courageous honesty, uncensored communication, and a clear resistance to the kind of compromise that enslaves.
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PISCES (February 21-March 21)
Pisces experiences this new Moon in their 12th house of mystery, dreams, the subconscious mind, and anxieties you seek to hide. It is possible you will feel anxious this week. It is also possible that you will feel something take root deep within – the seed of a new beginning that grows into meaningful work, and a type of usefulness and service that puts you center stage and under the spotlight. It may be time to rebel against the power of your financial circumstances – or fear of lack – to dictate your choices. It may also be time to rebel against the need to avoid bold choices in love, and to deny the highly unusual, enlightened nature of your talents and resources. May is a turning point. Then you will know better the role you want to play in the world and within the realm of relationships. Your focus will change to work, health, and deepening spiritual connectedness.

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