Horoscopes for the Week of Nov. 2nd – 8th

(Mosaic Artist – Cheris Tsevis)

This week it looks like the end is in sight. We can see the light at the end of the tunnel and we’re approaching the end of a challenging, frustrating phase. We are in the process of winding down and resolving after this week’s final push. A period of confinement, uncertainty, or delay may be coming to an end as Mars ends his journey through Capricorn. The nature of our work changes.

Significant this week is the transit of the North Node onto the 9th degree of Virgo. This triggers the exact degree of the total solar eclipse of September 1st, 2016. Something new has been coalescing for a couple of months. This week a defining event may clarify the exact nature of what’s taking shape.

A new job or set of responsibilities is being born. Possibly new methods and techniques are becoming more significant. A change in your health status, most likely for the better, and a change in the nature of your relationship with your home and family are all possibilities.

The North Node moves you in the direction of your future and away from the past. Long suffering attitudes and approaches may be dissolving. Confusion, escape, and a failure to take full responsibility for your unfolding future fades and is replaced by something more solid and integrated – something more grown-up.

Juno, the symbol of commitment, changes signs on Sunday. Since July she’s been moving through Scorpio’s dark and complicated terrain. A conscious or subconscious commitment then was to allow a process of uprooting to take place. You may have been brought face-face with your “messed up psyche” and a history of tolerating abuse. But most likely you’ve made progress in untangling the web that kept you limited and unhappy. This week the nature of your commitment changes as Juno moves into the sign of Sagittarius.

A commitment to joy and to your future, to spreading your wings and expanding your possibilities, appears to be taking hold. Past abuse may resurface in some form, but now it’s being severely challenged by something much healthier that’s going on inside of you.

Jupiter rules Sagittarius. In the sign of Libra, he wants a bigger, freer exchange of love within the realm of relationships.

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ARIES (March 21-April 21)
This is an intense time for Aries. You’re uncovering secrets, moving through mysterious realms that fascinate and entertain you, basking in the glow of the power you might feel because you know something dark about someone that they don’t know you know. Essentially you’re feeling what it might feel like to be a Scorpio – walking a fine line, living life on the edge. But this week you step back into the light with a new commitment to your future – something expansive, adventurous, and freeing. You may be releasing the effects of old abuse, the need to abuse those who have hurt you, or the need to continue to live in a situation that feels abusive in some way. This weekend you will decide to commit to something more joyful or to repeat the past. An encouraging event that comes in the form of a reward for past effort and hard work – a savior maybe or a deep psychic release – leans me in the direction of predicting you’ll choose joy.

TAURUS (April 21-May 21)
A mysterious, hidden process is carrying you into a more “grown-up” and integrated phase of love and relationships. Revelations this week clarify and open more more doors. You are taking responsibility for the amount of joy and love you will allow to enter your life. You are not the same person you were last summer. You’re life has been softened, deepened, and ripened in ways that are truly worth savoring. But the process continues. This weekend your life challenges you to refuse to fall back into old habits and psychological patterns that betray you. Money and self-worth issues emerge. A tendency to try to escape a forceful infusion of love that transcends your ability to control it may need to be acknowledged This is a time of expansive self-improvement. There will be no easier time to get into the flow of breaking old habits while seriously cultivating a healthier lifestyle. Small, consistent efforts bring big rewards.

GEMINI (May 21-June 21)
Foundationally things change for you this week. Your home, family, and the past are undermined in the best possible ways. The slate is wiped clean and you begin a new a life with a new focus. Your future is unfolding in ways that may delight you. It seems you are gifted with the opportunity to engage with experiences that bring out and nurture the most essential parts of who you are. There is the possibility of an unprecedented inner stabilization that grounds and centers you. You may feel like you’ve finally come home to that elusive place you’ve always longed to be. Juno, since July, has facilitated a process of rapid self-improvement by challenging you to uproot old habits that undermined and betrayed your true potential. This weekend you may need to address an old tendency to allow emotions to interfere with the need for perfection. Expand your definition of perfect sacredness to include every experience of your life – even the one’s you used to label as “unfortunate.”

CANCER (June 21-July 21)
This week a routine encounter or conversation clarifies the progress you’ve made and a new, improved, wiser and more confident way of being. Your future may seem bright for the first time in a while. Possibilities you used to be afraid to consider are making their continued presence known. Fear that used to contain you within a small, confined, realms is dissolving. Now you may be able to plan for a future that feels more like the creation of a “home” for hope, meaningfulness, inspiration, and freedom. It may be easier to let go of a tendency to keep your future vague and poorly defined – or to disconnect it from your daily decisions and routines. It may be easier to let go of the nagging feeling that you really don’t have much of a future – and worse, that you don’t deserve one. It’s time to allow yourself the joy of anticipating an adventure that you’re “willing” or “believing” into manifestation. This weekend you may have to fend off a final shred of doubt that a future filled with joy is not in the cards for you.

LEO (July 21-Aug 21)
This week you may experience an event or some new inner freedom that releases you from the need to feel that you are not supported, that financial problems are your lot in life, that you’re doomed to attract those who don’t play by the rules or “drop you on your head” when you least expect it. You may be in a position to realize that something deep within has changed. You can decide the rules of the game you’re playing through careful preparation. You may no longer need to play from a position of weakness. An assault to your self-worth or net-worth may have been the wake-up call you needed. A success you never would have thought possible is possible this week – the result of undoing years of programmed fear within the past few months. You may now insist that your voice be heard. The freedom you need to insist on a life dominated by joy, not fear, materializes as a result of changing your beliefs about the amount of cooperation and support you deserve. This weekend power through any tendency to tolerate abuse or intimidation.

VIRGO (August 21-September 21)

This week, through the course of events, Virgo experiences the rewards that come from acceptance and acknowledgement of their own needs within the realm of relationships. Fighting tendencies to care for others exclusively at your own expense required a confrontation with the realities of the past, a willingness to seek the truth, to reject a diminished role for yourself, and to acknowledge the worth and sacredness of your own life and contribution. Since the middle of August, 2016, Virgo has been on the cusp of a new approach to life where joy and self-respect factor in more prominently than they have in the past. The realization that the clock is ticking along with the recognition of new opportunity moved them forward. A commitment to a fearful mindset is dissolving as you encounter the opportunity to construct an entirely new foundation for the future. This may involve a move and a separation from your old responsibilities and habits. This weekend resist the urge to excuse abuse and intimidation as your heart bleeds for another. Focus on the joy that’s beginning to flow in your direction.

LIBRA (September 21-October 21)
Since July of 2016 Libra has been through hell and back to convince themselves that they deserve a joyful life and that the changes and risk required to make room for it are completely justifiable given the sacredness of their own life and their personal worth and value. Libra is still in need of more convincing, but events this week go a long way to convince you that you are attracting a higher caliber of people, places, and things – a measurement of some significant inner progress. Libra has had to work extra hard to release the cold-hearted expectations of the past. Emotional warmth and connection matters, though you’re exceptionally adept at surviving without it. But there’s no meaning left for you in that old challenge. You’re simply practicing what you’re already good at. A more meaningful challenge would be whether you’re capable of operating within relationships that are warm, loving, supportive, and fair. This week I predict that challenge will come your way, possibly in the form of a professional opportunity.

SCORPIO (October 21 – November 21)
This week something new and different – an important pivotal opportunity, maybe – is possible because of a friendship, alliance, network, connection from the past, or successful, or widely recognized professional accomplishment Your move forward into the future requires the dissolution of a long suffering role within the realm of love, or some misguided belief that a joyful life does not produce the kind of dark drama your Scorpio Sun craves. The universe is asking for a new commitment from you to create a future filled with joy. Getting your financial house in order, working on any low self-worth issues that remain, and insisting on support and cooperation from partners, is the work required. This weekend resist the temptation to create disappointment or lack within your love life. Instead find ways to thoroughly absorb the love that exist everywhere around you. Look for creative ways to channel dark urges. Look for ways to live the life of a happy artist who heals through a power that brings darkness into light or injustice back toward balance.

SAGITTARIUS (November 21- December 21)
While you may feel that your past – your home, your family, and the confusion and lack surrounding that realm of your life is a disadvantageous, a stroke of bad luck, a continual, exhausting challenge – events conspire to this week to put things into a broader perspective. Strenuous invisible struggles that feel deeply personal define the purpose of your life. Longing to return home – in an esoteric or real sense – to discover the warmth a family can provide, the continuity of roots that run deep, and a sense of belonging to a place filled with joy and laughter symbolizes the mission you chose to accept before you were born. You discover personal strength and meaning through your struggles to find what remains elusive destabilizing. The good news is that your experiences have cultivated within you a depth of wisdom that escapes most. It appears you have ripened to the point where your struggles no longer deliver the dividends they once did. So it’s time for them to vanish. I predict you will find your true home – a place filled with joy and laughter – through a combination of work, preparation, and the persistent belief that it was always possible.

CAPRICORN (December 21-January 21)
This week is a highpoint in your efforts to achieve success. You may be working especially hard to be all that you can be and it’s down to the wire. You’re about to reap what you’ve sown and from all indications, it appears to be an abundant harvest. Capricorns aren’t known to take short-cuts or to relax before the work is done. So there are probably no regrets there. What they might fail to do is to be as sensitive and kind as they could be – not because they’re mean, but because they are driven to focus on success, sometimes at the expense of everything else. So as your collecting your rewards, and opening your gifts, don’t forget to say your sorry if it’s warranted. That clears the slate for a new cycle that could be even more successful than this one that’s almost past.

AQUARIUS (January 21-February 21)
This week an event signals the initiation of support, a promising collaboration, or mutually beneficial arrangement as long as you can boost your sense of self worth and deservingness. Feeling unworthy prevents you from developing your most valuable talents and resources, from feeling truly grateful, and from asking for what you want with every expectation that the universe will happily oblige. A new commitment to expand your outreach, to identify critical resources, to work with people and places that inspire your creative instincts and stimulate your mind may be important. You have expansive dreams for yourself that you may not actually believe you can achieve. That will change this week. Something encouraging is introduced into your life. You discover a pathway to the joy-filled life you’ve dreamed of. Not surprisingly it’s deeply connected to your past, maybe to the healing power of music, and to something ancient and indestructible.
pisces otherworldly
PISCES (February 21-March 21)
This week the good fortune and success experienced by a partner or “another” – a ripening of potential, blossoming of talent, movement toward emotional fulfillment, strength, and confident self-assertion – signals a rebirth of the nature of your role and your approach to the life. Any tendency toward feeling victimized is being dissolved as you witness the rewards of hard work, a refusal to take the easy way out, to be intimidated into silence, or to assume that you were predisposed to lose. Living examples of the triumph of the human spirit, the fight for justice and fairness, and the protection of the weak, are flowing in your direction this week. A purification of motivation inspires respect, an abundance of compassion, and love. As usual you are seeing yourself reflected in others. But it’s hard for Pisces to recognize and take some credit for another’s triumphs. They are, in fact, reflections of your own triumphs occurring on subtler levels. Deep within your soul is celebrating new freedom from old limitations – the result of your personal hard work, blood, sweat, and tears.

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