Horoscopes for the Week of Oct. 12th – 19th

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Currently under the influence of late Saturday/early Sunday’s tense and unpredictable Aries full Moon, essentially we’re standing in the middle of a war zone. Most likely you feel yourself being pulled internally in a few different directions, with no certainty regarding the outcome. Currently the social/political scene reflects the planetary energies in play. It’s combative, unpredictable, somewhat frightening – definitely not for the faint of heart.

So we have a strong representation of Aries, Libra, and Capricorn this week. Notoriously they don’t get along well, though they seem to agree that things need to be up-ended now – even if it takes something explosive, ugly, and emotionally overwhelming to make it happen.

Libra, usually the peace-maker, is finding it difficult at the moment. With her ruler Venus, transiting through the sign of Scorpio (through next Tuesday) it seems she’s now willing to forego her “peace at any price” M.O. to rectify deeply entrenched injustices in the form of sex, betrayal, and manipulation of power. It’s easier than usual for her to relive some personal darkness and to expose an ugly truth. Investigations yield powerful information quickly when Venus transits Scorpio. The stress to Libra’s nervous system may be significant, though.

In contrast, chaos, combat, and excitement brings Aries to life. He’s fused now with the scorned woman, Eris – she’s chronically seething for good reason – and the bomb-thrower Uranus. The sensitive Aries full Moon culminating involves the subconscious mind and we’re highly sensitized to this explosive, unpredictable, angry energy. This can manifest as anxiety and fear as we revisit something unpleasant that faded over time. Now comes back to life. Our deep emotional foundation having to do with sex, power, and security is being reworked. On the bigger stage the pace of destruction is rapidly increasing within the realm of embedded gender roles, injustice, and distorted, frustrated expressions of love. The feminine seems to be gaining the foothold she hasn’t held for centuries.

Capricorn energy is unusually powerfully expressed this week. Mars and Pluto move into alignment with one another in the sign of Capricorn. By the weekend they challenge Mercury to forget about newly exposed “ugly truths” for the sake of a truce. It looks like a shady proposition. Mars and Pluto seek to intimidate with a show of force that targets our need for security. Manipulatively strategic Capricorn attempts to entice us into a quick retreat – back to “normalcy,” stability, and all that’s familiar. That would represent a lost opportunity and the assurance that we’ll need to keep revisiting the issue.

Alternatively we could use the Capricorn energy as a self-disciplining force to maintain our new foothold – despite the fear and anxiety. Now is not the time to cave into our own, limiting, personal, status quo. By Monday Venus transits through the last degrees of Scorpio. When she reaches the 29th degree, on some level we’ll register the profound potential of the moment and the tragedy of seeking comfort rather than freedom through mastery over emotions.

Reading you Horoscope for your Moon sign may be most relevant. If you don’t know your Moon sign I’d be happy to send you that information.

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ARIES (March 21-April 21)
Traditional relationships are being undermined and that could be to your advantage professionally. The public is no longer convinced that the way we’ve always done things is the best way. It’s time for something more progressive and fair-minded. You may sense how you fit into the scheme of things now. The time may be right for you to capitalize on some softening of “the traditional ties that bind” – some upheaval, threat, shift, doubt, or loosening of the old rules. The part of you that feels the impact of injustice fuels activity within the career realm. A foundation built on passion – or the desire to stabilize yourself through a focus on what you’re most impassioned about – may start to be realized. Now is the time for you to go for it. Any fear of failure needs to be obliterated. You seem to be in the right place at the right time for significant personal and professional progress.

TAURUS (April 21-May 21)
At the deepest levels of your being you may feel tension building this week. “A shift of tectonic plates” within is taking place. Being set free is something critical that’s been safely contained for years and maybe lifetimes. Lots of things (beings) are coming to life within the deepest recesses of your mind, changing your relationship to yourself, your attitude toward responsibility, and the traditional methods you use to be effective and efficient. A health shift in a positive direction is likely. There is the potential for a “closing of an existing gap” that has fueled the notion that something about you was missing, incomplete, imperfect, or impaired. A sense of relaxation comes from the realization that you are not alone and isolated. You have invisible support that feels increasingly palpable. Massive inner healing frees you to relate to others in ways that feels more satisfying and powerful – to them and to you.

GEMINI (May 21-June 21)
At the moment you need others to support you consistently and to be willing receivers of the love and creativity you feel compelled to express. Gemini is overflowing with the need to soothe, love, beautify, and relate with great warmth and compassion. You may find yourself surrounded by those who feel overwhelmed by the magnitude of what you’ve become and fearful of their ability to receive and absorb what you’re now offering. They may be unsure of how to be practically supportive of you, as your passion for nurturing seems to have taken on a powerful life of its own. Overwhelming is the word that comes to mind. The challenge now is use your mind to imagine into being the kind of support you need. Assume it will be there for you – consistently and abundantly. Imagine exactly the kind of feelings you want to exude from those around you. If they are currently unable to provide what you need, imagine them massively transformed in to channels of perfect service and abundant love. It’s time for you to open your mind and heart to the possibility that you can feel comfortable being a recipient, not just a giver.

CANCER (June 21-July 21)
As usual Cancer may be feeling the desire to be in a homier place – to be at home, closer to family, friends, warmth, and the security the past may represent. You may be feeling increasingly confined – kept at arms length from what you’ve truly desired for too long. The “scorned and frustrated woman within” may have had enough and she may be on the verge of a major blow-up. Your public or professional role may be making you irritable or tense. Now would be a good time for you to free yourself in ways that allow you to pursue your passion while cultivating financial security. In your mind the two may be separated. But a major energy shift may reconfigure that. It’s not either/or. It is possible for there to be a harmonious relationship between the two and your mind may be opening to that possibility. This week it would be wise to imagine all the ways you could be both nurturing and nurtured. You probably know what “feeds your soul.” It’s time to stop dismissing that as a secondary consideration. For a Cancer, what feeds our soul is everything. Time to tell yourself the truth about your work situation and your health. Time to make some major adjustments that allow you to arrange your schedule and your life in ways that feel more inspired and satisfying.

LEO (July 21-Aug 21)
Leo’s mind is being challenged in fundamental ways this week. You may have met your match in someone who threatens the foundations you’ve counted on for awhile. A full mobilization of your efforts to protect your future and your beliefs may be in play. You may have a fight on your hands. You may be outgunned. But it seems you’re working on the side of the “woman scorned and neglected for too long.” From that perspective, the current state of planetary energies are most definitely on your side. A fight between the masculine urge to control the environment for his own convenience and the feminine urge to cultivate connections and a harmonious sustainable exchange between the two, defines something life-changing for you. You were born with the potential to organize massive efforts that initially feel doomed to fail. What’ s required is your ability to put the cause for which your fighting at the forefront of your mind and to let the fear that creeps in die from neglect. Don’t give fear any energy. You are challenged to be the leader who appears to be enjoying his role, the one with a sense of humor, the one who can make a point through something entertaining and heart-warming, the one who infuses love into his mission, the one who doesn’t wait for someone else to be that person.

VIRGO (August 21-September 21)

Virgo may be confronting a challenge that involves the upheaval of old psychological conditioning and a substantial threat to the preservation of something sacred and meaningful to you. Whatever the trigger you may be taken backwards on a journey through old complicated love affairs, fears, and doubts about your competence as new opportunities are presented. You may come to the conclusion that your old beliefs made relationships and belief in yourself impossible. You may have chosen “lovers” unable to love you back in ways you craved or challenges beneath your capability. Most likely you believed yourself to be undeserving of love. You’re back at square one and at a crossroads. You do deserve to be loved and to express yourself freely and forcefully. Your impact is integrating and healing. Now you may be challenged to take responsibility for how things unfold from here – in your own life and within the bigger scheme.

LIBRA (September 21-October 21)
The full Moon in your 7th house shows you the hidden side of who you are – the most ingenious, indignant, exciting side. Emerging may be tendencies to expand your territory and sphere of influence. You may be unable to control your giggling. Or you may move into imaginative places you’ve never been involving sexual fantasies and dark humor. You may find yourself acting on your impulses, landing on your feet, refuting the common wisdom that impulsiveness is actually unwise. You may imagine yourself a trailblazer, no longer confined by the past. You may initiate something new and feel like you’re coming to life in ways you previously could not. Something all new is brewing as you throw off the shackles (no Trump reference intended). Who knows how this will unfold. I can only guess. What it looks like is the opportunity to embrace your passion in the form of some public service. This may involve embracing your desire to nurture by preserving or restoring a part of yourself. The love of home and family may dovetail with your career or new life direction. What you were once forced to leave behind may now be returned to you.

SCORPIO (October 21 – November 21)
You may find it easier than usual to purge yourself of what you no longer want or need in your life. Venus in your sign makes it easier to part with stuff you may have had a difficult time parting with in the past. The full Moon encourages you to end relationships that are not reciprocated and do not facilitate growth, to let go of responsibilities that make you angry, to release situations that cause stress and undermine your health, and to put an end to a shaky truce that keeps you confined. It’s time for you to tell yourself the truth about what is and is not substantial and solid in your life. What’s flimsy and on the verge of collapse if you fail to exert more than your share of the effort might best be discarded. Purging seems to be the pre-requisite for a more nourishing kind of love to emerge. The ideal love or lover you imagine into your life may solidify in some way after next Tuesday. This is mostly the result of a willingness to let go of some pain or anguish that once defined you.

SAGITTARIUS (November 21- December 21)
If someone were to ask you how you’re feeling these days, you might have to say “pretty darn good.” What you’ve worked long and hard to achieve seems to be bearing fruit. A deep sense of relief inhabits your life. There is a “dream come true” feeling to what you may be anticipating. The past may play a role in what you’re managing to accomplish. You may be “standing on the shoulders of giants from the past.” A chain of dove-tailing efforts seem to carry you in the direction you’ve always wanted to go. You may have good reason to be filled with joy. What you may be eradicating is a sense of rootlessness – the feeling that no matter where you live it doesn’t feel permanent or quite right. For you the grass has traditionally always been greener someplace else. Triggered under this full Moon may be a relationship with family that was never substantial – or irrevocably broken at some point. You may be in the process of finding your true home. What’’s changing is your emotional framework and your ability to imagine a bigger future for yourself. Your mission is an unusual one designed to integrate at last what was once lost.

CAPRICORN (December 21-January 21)
Capricorn is now in a phase where it may seem like the effort exerted doesn’t match the results you’re getting. If that’s the case it’s because Saturn in your 12th house is urging you to work for a cause that transcends your own personal benefit. It can’t be all about assessing what’s in this for me, or for the advancement of my reputation and personal success. To break a stalemate what’s needed is for you to lead or to be part of a cause that seems to have very little potential for personal gain – other than the most inwardly satisfying kind. It’s time for you to advance a cause for humanity at large. Interestingly this may be what brings you the kind of personal success that’s been eluding you for awhile. It may be time for you to think about your life from a more integrated perspective. How can I make my world a better place by making it a better place for others as well. Fighting to preserve something from the past may come into play. Fighting against well established trends that feel destructive in some way may also constitute the opportunities coming your way.

AQUARIUS (January 21-February 21)
Aquarius now enjoys a beautiful line-up of Libra planets in her 9th solar house of inspiration, growth, and expanding potential. The world is opening up allowing you to imagine more than you have in the past – for yourself and your life. You may be stepping into new potential through a new commitment or life change. It seems you’re being tested to move beyond the feeling that you deserved to suffer. Maybe you felt the need to sacrifice your dreams because of some heavy responsibility within the financial realm. Maybe you have a history of feeling unsupported by others who insidiously capitalize on your belief that you don’t deserve much. At root may be a service orientation and the belief that your job is to support others, to avoid inconveniencing others, and to deny that you need much support yourself. Now you have to decide. Are you willing to take responsibility for fulfilling your potential? Can you demand fairness and a more balanced give and take?
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PISCES (February 21-March 21)
Do you feel like you’ve been worrying forever about the future and what disasters might befall you if you stop worrying? Are you addicted to scary imaginings? Do you automatically drift into an anxious mode when your mind is free to wander? Now is the best opportunity you’ve had for a long time to break that cycle. There is an inner shift taking place that supports a greater trust in life and a greater trust in your ability to have control over how your life unfolds. You are not a helpless bystander. When you’re freed of the need to worry you have a lot of time to imagine how you could set in motion exactly what you want – or something very close to it. You may be facing a period of unprecedented joy. You can count on yourself to be there for you. Maybe the change this full Moon brings is a shift in your emotional framework that supports a new addiction to joy as the result of a specific experience that reminds you the universe really is an unusually friendly and infinitely loving place. Opening up some empty space within and resisting the urge to fill it with something seems important.

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