Horoscopes for the Week of 9/21 – 9/27

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Late Wednesday on the West coast – early Thursday on the East coast – Mercury turns direct.

On Thursday the Sun changes from the sign of Virgo into the sign of Libra.

On Friday Venus leaves the sign of Libra heading into Scorpionic territory.

On Monday, September 26th, Pluto, after six months in retrograde motion, turns direct.

On Tuesday, September 27th, Mars enters the sign of Capricorn.

This week the Cosmos is especially busy rearranging the set for your next act. Over the past few weeks most likely you’ve reconsidered your responsibilities, your health, your work, and the nature of your communication skills – in light of some new knowledge. A willingness to “let go” in one area may be balanced by a determination to exert more self-discipline and control in another. You may be ready to make some decisions regarding relationships and how you will proceed going forward. You may be more than ready for your technology to function smoothly again.

The Sun energizes expansive, overwhelming Jupiter, as it transits into the sign of Libra. Justice and fairness issues are front and center. Injustice may be magnified and exposed on personal, social, and political levels. Expansion and growth possibilities within the realm of relationships may be assessed. The importance of self-love as the indispensable ingredient necessary for happy, healthy, relationships is clarified.

Navigating through conflict may now be necessary. As long as you avoid the “peace at any price” cop-out, you’ll get the chance to refine your negotiation skills – to play fairly, to finesse rather than force solutions, and to determine if and when you’re willing to compromise or give-in.

Libra encourages “sacred feminine energy” to co-exist, in balanced ways, with “sacred masculine energy.” For the human race, more enlightened, humane, and just possibilities begin to emerge. Internally we move toward balance, though the media would have us believing otherwise. A growing sense of inner peace may begin to dissolve chronic states of inner conflict – calming us down, easing our fears, and allowing our inner guidance system to re-establish itself as a central and indispensable operating device.

Over the past twelve years, for us, the horrifying, divisive, unsustainable alternatives to peace have played out before our eyes. As a species, instinctively we’d like to survive. As intelligent beings we begin to recognize our potential and the urgent need to create something imaginative and different. Over the next year we may figure out what our unique role actually is in bringing this about.

Venus moves into the transformative sign of Scorpio on Friday. She exposes what’s hidden and takes the lead in transforming the nature of relationships with her mysterious, erotic, instinctually powerful magic. She prefers love but Venus can be a terror, reigning down wrath on those who refuse to be transformed. I wouldn’t underestimate Venus ever, but especially when she transits through Scorpio. She’s dead serious now and incredibly focused, using stealthy tactics to destroy what has become toxic to uncover new growth.

On Monday, September 26th, Pluto turns direct after six months in retrograde motion. Pluto enhances Venus’s power to conjure up outer events that facilitate professional and financial progress. Future planning gets serious. Foreign travel and the issue of “foreigners” is addressed…and it’s deeply complicated on all levels.

On Tuesday Mars leaves the sign of Sagittarius entering Capricorn’s realm. This is energy that brings us down to earth. All indications are that we’ll have to work hard for the next few weeks while exerting strict self-discipline and control over ourselves in order to be effective. We are driven to act with a great deal of integrity and should not expect that our path will be smooth. If we are disappointed or heartbroken, that’s tough (Capricorn speaking). It doesn’t excuse us from doing what must be done. Mars in Capricorn is particularly courageous when it comes to planning for the future – structuring finances, changing life directions, achieving professional goals, and strengthening our reputation.

This week Mars in Capricorn squares Jupiter and the Sun by sign. We may have to consider what’s fair or more balanced as we discipline ourselves and our surroundings. We may have to compromise as we focus on our own personal achievement goals. We may have to face conflict head-on as we seek to create win/win situations. And we may have to focus on keeping our balance as we move into our next “act.”

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ARIES (March 21-April 21)
Mars, your chart ruler, moves into the sign of Capricorn next Tuesday. Anything you’re overdoing at this point will have to be reigned in. Aries and Capricorn are not natural allies. Their ways of operating are foreign to one another. Aries wants it done now and Capricorn waits for the right time. It’s all very strategic, focused, and controlled with Capricorn. And it’s all very immediate, instinctive, and energized with Aries. So this week you enter a six week phase where it’s to your advantage to act more like a Capricorn. Making the kind of progress you want to make demands it. It’s time to be strategic and very focused. Control your emotions. Negotiation and compromise may be necessary. Finessing rather than forcing is wise. Making your life more meaningful and profitable through some very enlightened approach is possible. This is a pivotal challenge with potential for big gains.

TAURUS (April 21-May 21)
Taurus feels the edginess of Venus’s move into the sign of Scorpio on Friday. There are attractions that feel somewhat dangerous – or at least uncomfortable. Secrets may intrigue you. At the same time you might just want to keep your distance. Maybe a big part of you doesn’t want to know the secrets this Venus wants you to know. Taurus walks a fine line with Scorpio because, on some level, Scorpio energy promises to destroy the habitual sameness of your existence. Taurus likes sameness and simplicity. She’s attached to her life as it is – to her possessions, and her comforts. She likes predictability and being in a consistent rhythm. Scorpio likes to mess with that leaving you with stark revelations that make your old ways unsustainable. Relationships may be struggling to reach higher levels. Your old way of relating may be precarious. You may be in the process of becoming highly sensitized to new ways of connecting. You benefit by being open to what you may currently define as magic.

GEMINI (May 21-June 21)
The phase you’ve been in for the past month comes to an end. And the lessons learned and valuable take-aways may be fairly profound – nothing short of life changing actually. You may feel that something essential within you that used to be free-floating, precarious, and confusing has been transformed into something rock solid. Or maybe you’re moving out of an extended state of fogginess into the clear light of day. Whatever the specifics, the underlying theme is that you are now much more certain of who you are and this gives you tremendous freedom. No longer do you have to second guess yourself at every turn or wonder if you can create the kind of life you crave. That issue is being taken off the table. Up next is time to test out your expanded capacity to love and be loved. There is new freedom in this area of life. You may develop higher standards for justice and fairness as a life of unprecedented joy unfolds.

CANCER (June 21-July 21)
Cancer’s mission over the next year is to feel firmly rooted in a state of expanding inner peace. It’s time to find your true home and it’s a process. It’s important to feel secure and comfortable, loved, and protected. A home is a place to relax and recharge – to be yourself. This year it’s important to become sensitized to people, places, and things and to assess their influence over you in terms of how comfortable and nurtured you feel in their presence. Do you feel a connection that is stabilizing? It may be time to travel, to experiment with living in different places under different conditions. It may be time to delve deeper into the roots of your biological family, to get to know your relatives and ancestors better, to cultivate a closer relationship with your Mom, or to find someone who surrounds you with love, and consistently nourishes and protects you. This year you work is to feel solidly rooted within yourself by finding a home that feels right and an evolving inner sense of calmness. An epic love affair and joy filled life may lay just beyond this current challenge.

LEO (July 21-Aug 21)
Leo may be moving toward something more interesting, or a more energized state of mind, as work projects conclude and your routine down-shifts into a more relaxed rhythm. You may be collecting your thoughts, assessing what you believe, and deciding what kind of actions might be most effective in freeing you to be able to do what you want to do, when you want to do it. Your future requires a high degree of independence and freedom of movement. You may be very impatient with the “twenty years from now” plan. Your work for the next year is to get your thoughts straight about justice and fairness, finances, and the role you’re best able to play as a supportive partner. Strategically rearranging your working conditions may be necessary. Partners may be forcing your hand – making things more intense or urgent. You are a builder. Time to use your intellectual power – your ability to finesse as well as force situations – to build your future according to your own personal specifications.

VIRGO (August 21-September 21)

Virgo may be feeling a sense of impending resolution – an ending of some kind that clears away the fog and allows you to see more clearly what you need to do and where you’re headed. Now you make some real progress deciding what kind of role you want to play within the realm of relationships and how you want to approach life from now on. It’s time to consider solidifying some of your ideas. Most likely that will involve financial stabilization. Over the next year it’s time to expand your financial stability in ways that set you free. It’s time to get rid of possessions you don’t need, to lighten up, and to embrace the fact that your most valuable resource is your ability to empathize with others, to feel compassion, and to love in ways that transcend the here and now. Your life and finances tend to flow when you consistently feel what it might be like to walk in another’s shoes. It seems your most effective methods are uniquely different when it comes to money making and management. Trust your own path and find ways to express kindness.

LIBRA (September 21-October 21)
Libra has an amazing capacity to connect with others, to create a sense of justice and fairness within the realm of relationships, to enjoy a balanced give and take, full of the kind of love that soothes, beautifies, and elevates their own existence as a couple – and the existence of anyone fortunate enough to be in their presence. Libra’s capacity to mediate effectively is extraordinary. They know how to bring those in conflict into a state of cooperation. The fulfillment of this amazing potential hinges on their capacity to refuse to engage in a “peace at any price” strategy – to compromise only up to a point, to say no and mean it, to courageously initiate conflict when necessary, to bring up the tough issues, and to stand their ground even when everything they value is feeling threatened. Without a willingness to risk, relationships can devolve into something incredibly disappointing and destructive. This is the year you expand your understanding of what it takes to fulfill your amazing relationship potential.

SCORPIO (October 21 – November 21)
For the next six weeks Scorpio has the capacity to set limits in strategic and very business-like ways. You have the capacity to control and direct your communication in ways that support and reinforce your sense of integrity while moving closer to the kind of emotional freedom and independence you crave. Now you may have access to the courage that frees you to tell the truth about how you feel – in a calculated, measured, and confident way. You may be fed up. Others sense your determination and no-nonsense approach to achieving what you want to achieve. Now is the perfect time to eliminate from your life those who have restricted, alienated, or otherwise sought to control your enthusiasm for life and your work. Those who do not appreciate your ideas, your professionalism, and your intelligence must be told “no more.” Your soul deserves to be revived. Protecting it from the influence of its “enemies” is a good first step.

SAGITTARIUS (November 21- December 21)
Sagittarius may be feeling a shift in the direction of something more relaxed and restful. It may be hard to adjust. Ever-present is the guilt that comes from not thoroughly exhausting yourself with relentless, super-human efforts to make yourself indispensably useful. It’s never quite good enough. But it’s time to relax anyway. Time to spend time with friends who think you’re great just the way you are. Time to receive love, to expose yourself to new ideas and people – especially those that “veer off the reservation” in some way. Most importantly it’s time to revive the dreams you have for yourself and to take some kind of action to move yourself toward actualizing them – even if it feels selfish. It’s time to make your world bigger through travel and indulging in things you enjoy. You’re not a slave. You can decide when it’s time for something other than driving yourself mercilessly – something healthier and more balanced. If you’re in sync with the universe, that time would be now – and it will extend over the next year.

CAPRICORN (December 21-January 21)
Capricorn may be more tempted these days to be a people pleaser – to say the right things and to act in the “right ways” to attract what they need to attract. But that is so not Capricorn. It’s a big mistake. Capricorn succeeds when she stays true to herself, steering clear of temptations to undermine her own integrity by saying what others want to hear as opposed to what she really thinks. I’ll be honest. Over the next year you’ll clearly see how much easier it might be to soften your standards, to become a “yes-man,” to be the likable one at all costs, to promote something that’s not really fair. Just don’t. You’re a rare commodity within today’s society. Most are busily cutting corners while appearing to benefit. But people sense your different if you stay true to yourself. You’re the real thing. If you want to distinguish yourself be yourself. If it’s not seeming to pay off, keep doing it anyway. There’s a lot at stake over the next year. The pay-off may be delayed, but it’s actually huge.

AQUARIUS (January 21-February 21)
This week shifting influences may move you into the realm of complicated choices. Saturn in your solar 11th house urges you to take a measured approach to actualizing your dreams – or to “veering off the reservation” if that’s what you have in mind. Indulging in a love affair, or over-indulging in whatever it takes to make you feel less confined and confused is tempting. Think carefully about how you choose to expand your horizons this week. The universe is allowing little room for error. The part of yourself that is hidden from yourself is being highly activated while already in the process of a major shift. This can destabilize or re-stabilize you. It’s all very unpredictable. Your anxiety level will likely increase. This week it’s important to be sure your mind is fully engaged and that your feet are planted firmly on the ground. If you choose to tempt fate, make sure you’re protecting others from the inevitable fall-out. Re-establishing connections with those at a distance may be important over the next year.
pisces otherworldly
PISCES (February 21-March 21)
Jupiter triggers a massive healing opportunity over the next year bringing into balance your relationship with a business partner – and yourself. If money and resources are a problem within your personal relationships, that too may be healed. There are festering wounds and lots of old psychological conditioning that made the issue of shared finances very complicated. Most likely at the core of the problem is an assault to your sense of self-worth making it difficult for you to cooperate with a partner with a sense of equal power and status. Currently it may be difficult for you to cooperate with yourself. The time may be approaching for you to put your cards on the table, to share your true thoughts and feelings, and to trust that the universe is supporting your efforts to move beyond this entrenched problem. Get help if you need it. You deserve what you may feel you do not deserve. The key to your future freedom and independence is a willingness to uncover the root of what made you feel undeserving or unequal to begin with.

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