Horoscopes for the Week of Aug. 10th – 16th

(Mosaic Artist – Virgini Atelie)

On Friday Jupiter exactly opposes Chiron. This is a great aspect for integrating some inspired healing methods that feel magical in some way. It is likely that through necessity and pain you have developed what could be considered an unusual skill into an “art form” capable of transformational influence. There is something about you that is mysteriously inspired and highly developed to the point of being able to access other realms for the power you need. Maybe you do this automatically. It’s a time to confidently integrate those aspects of your personality you may be keeping at arms length.

It may be time to share what you know, to use your unusual power to heal, to mentor, or to seek out a mentor. Sometimes it’s hard to ask someone to mentor you. This is a time when it could be easy and the results very positive.

This week the main event happens on Saturday, August 13th with Saturn’s move into direct motion. Since March 26th of this year – almost 5 months ago – the pace with which we’ve been moving toward our goals has slowed – for good reason. It was time to recalculate where we stood, to reassess our goals, and to work on removing whatever internal limitations prevented further meaningful progress. We’re at the end of that phase. Saturn direct gets things moving again. Doors may open and offers may be made as we recognize what we couldn’t previously allow ourselves to recognize. We may be newly ready to cooperate with emerging opportunities. We may get our act together quickly because we’re more confident of what we want and much clearer about what we don’t want and can no longer tolerate.

Jupiter quincunxes Uranus on Saturday as Saturn moves direct. The possibilities in that aspect include a sudden break from obsessive work and worry, a new job, a new diagnosis, courageous, non-traditional, maybe eccentric action, miraculous healing, and progress or success born of inspired genius.

We may push things pretty far in one direction or another. We may be overconfident or arrogant. We may ignore the need for a methodical approach as we skip steps and make up our own rules. For better or worse we may witness the “morality police” putting the breaks on something they determine is just too threatening to the established way of doing things. Big conflicts, big adjustments, and big changes are indicated.

We’re headed toward a full Moon in Aquarius – not this week, but we’ll be feeling the influence this week. Aquarius can bring in long shots and give us the detachment needed to do things our own way, despite any harsh judgements flung in our direction. An Aquarius full Moon brings a culmination or end to love, ideas about love, ongoing dramas, anti-social tendencies, and selfishness. It also highlights our genius ideas and ability to tolerate rejection for a good cause. Aquarius is willing, for the sake of humanity, to break the rules and to trample whatever stands in the way of progress.

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ARIES (March 21-April 21)
This week Aries enters an incredibly powerful phase of revelations that may come in subtle forms you could miss if you’re not tuned in. It seems you are now being given easier access to more highly developed and powerful realms, as you gain information that empowers you to do what may now seem impossible. To the extent that you can open yourself- through meditation, music, dreams, immersion in nature, artistic pursuits, alone time, or whatever it is that you do to alter and expand your consciousness in a healthy way – the universe is encouraging you to do it, and ensuring that you will be richly rewarded. It is possible that you have an especially important role to play in elevating the masses at this time. It may be important that a transmission of power occurs to enable that. Feel grateful as often as you can, listen carefully, create more space, and expect that something initially appearing insignificant will be handed to you. Carefully consider different lines of thought and make sure you’re prepared each night to write down your dreams.

TAURUS (April 21-May 21)
To create, manage, and continually develop a life direction that feels deeply satisfying and meaningful, most important is the notion of creating a home or living space that reflects who you are, what you love, and what you value. It may be time to update and fortify your home with new stuff – and to get rid of what no longer inspires or energizes you. These can be small changes. Move the dying plant you put in a corner it doesn’t like. Bring in a few more plants that are thriving to inspire the one that’s having a hard time. Fill your home with good smells, healthy, nourishing food, comfortable places to relax, soft candle light, and music – rich fabrics and space to create. It is likely that something about your career or life direction is in the process of a positive change. It just needs a small boost and the intent to move it to a better place. Pay attention to what unfolds and how you feel.

GEMINI (May 21-June 21)
Because your chart ruler, Mercury, resides in your 4th house this week, it’s time for you to nurture your ideas about what it is you long for. It’s time for you to really make an effort to indulge something that without your attention will wither and die. It’s time to deeply feel what you long for rather than entertain it as you would several ideas about what you could possibly have for lunch. This is more important. Longings mean something. They define who you are by clarifying what you need, what feels supportive, what is essential and cannot be compromised. A nagging sense of deprivation could fester if you neglect what you know deserves more respect, attention, and protection. Taking care of yourself seems especially important now – even if your current self is odd, contradictory, unknowable, an enigma, a misfit, unpredictable, irrational, ( …you get the idea.) There are a million reasons you could diminish and dismiss what you need – but it’s especially important now that you don’t.

CANCER (June 21-July 21)
Now may be a good time to begin preparing for an expansion of your living space by getting rid of things that no longer reflect the person you’ve become. It’s no secret that the condition of a Cancer’s home is critical to their sense of well-being particularly within the realm of career success and your ability to play a confident, constructive, social role. It appears you may be outgrowing your living space, or that it no longer reflects your idea of what a home should be. Maybe you sense that you will soon be moving on. What’s important now is that you start cleaning and clearing. It’s also important that you start visualizing what you would like to manifest as it occurs to you. In September Jupiter, the planet of expansion, moves into your 4th house of home, family, and roots. It is likely that you will want space that is amenable to your magic touch – something that can be transformed into incredible comfort, personal warmth, and the most supportive kind of beauty.

LEO (July 21-Aug 21)
Vesta – the asteroid of passion, primal energy, and life – is whipping up a frenzy in the part of you you’ve been easily able to ignore. It’s causing a ruckus for a purpose. In the sign of Cancer, it’s causing a ruckus for the purpose of caring for you. You’ve been neglected and abused on some level – unfortunately with your full cooperation. But it seems you may have gotten the message that it’s time to take better care of yourself, especially if you’re in this for the long haul. It’s time to stop allowing others to set the tone of your work, and ultimately the status of your health. You have the inner connections you need to know how to take care of yourself, to protect yourself from unnecessary wear and tear, stress, strain, and sheer nonsense. This ship (you) needs to be steered back on course. The key is to tune into your instincts and to respond intelligently, and in real time, to the messages they’re giving you. More neglect of yourself seems like a perilous option.

VIRGO (August 21-September 21)

This week through some double secret, backwards reverse, triple flip of fortune, you’re becoming increasingly enthused by the notion of throwing a wild, yet classy, “going away” party. It’s a big celebration with a giant bonfire fueled by all the old worn-out stuff you’re throwing into it. Old painful connections, misunderstandings, self-punishment, disappointments, and habitual confusion, whip it into a steady blaze that looks and feels transformational – because it is. There is a new beginning on the horizon and you can’t carry into your new beginning all the stuff you used to insist you couldn’t live without. It would weigh you down unnecessarily. You’re done with a challenging phase of life you needed to experience. You played your part well but it’s over. It’s time now to grow into the brilliant aspects of yourself you once had to put on hold. Now there’s nothing standing in your way – unless you insist on re-creating it. I take the liberty of speaking for the universe when I say “I hope you just don’t.”

LIBRA (September 21-October 21)

This week Libra may be challenged to admit that what they want in a lover is a high degree of authenticity, originality, a risk-taker with the courage to be a stand-out, a different kind of leader, an open-hearted humanitarian, protective of their own and other’s need to be free. Basically you want a lover to be the unapologetic version of all the things you won’t allow – or even acknowledge – yourself to be. For you there may be pride associated with “being loved by all.” Or there may be pride associated with your ability to get along well with everyone by not making waves. But that pride has outlived its usefulness and confused you into not knowing who you are – or at least not recognizing your most brilliant attributes. You are happiest when you go against against the grain – not because it’s a novelty, but because it allows you to express your true brilliance. Carefully assess how willing you are to be rejected for the sake of setting yourself free. It’s the only thing that will bring you the love you crave.

SCORPIO (October 21 – November 21)
This week Scorpio may feel some deeply rooted, very old connection that contains within it a source of courage you forgot (or never knew) was part of your legacy – and therefore part of you. There are ancestors who dared to express highly unusual or socially unacceptable parts of themselves. As a result they became vulnerable to being outcasts, harshly judged, pushed to the side, diminished, and disrespected for being who they authentically were by living their lives in unusual ways – at least by the standards of their time. There is something you need at the moment that can feel inspired and energized by these roots and deep connections – if your ego will allow it. The freedom to be who you are, whoever you are, strikes to the core of your being and ignites a humanitarian mission you may feel compelled to pursue. Whatever your life direction, most likely you infuse it with the kindness of brotherly love and acceptance. This week you find a way to honor those who provided the foundation for you to express the very best of who you are.

SAGITTARIUS (November 21- December 21)
You don’t have to know everything. You don’t have to learn more. In fact, forgetting what you know might be a good idea at the moment. Discipline yourself into contemplating some vast void this week and it will teach you what you need to know. It will advance your understanding in ways you didn’t know you needed to advance. Don’t be distracted from the nothingness that contains everything. Make more space, open things up, release the constrictions, push out the boundaries, relish the emptiness. It’s the richest possible realm you could experience and indulge. It holds the key to what you must embrace and more confidently believe in. I feel a book coming together, filled with knowledge that is so fundamental and obvious we’ve all missed it, dismissed it, taken it for granted, or failed to use it in a way that heals what most needs to be healed. You are tapping into it for the sake of humanity, though you may not be aware of that. If you keep staring into space, making it bigger and emptier while listening carefully, you’re on the right track.

CAPRICORN (December 21-January 21)
Sometimes Capricorn seeks to align themselves with the rich and powerful. It feels like a necessary step in achieving the level of success they envision. Capricorn may traditionally feel that alone the resources they have aren’t adequate to catapult them into the successful world they’re striving to inhabit. They think it could be easier if they could rub elbows with the “rich, powerful” Somehow the right stuff would rub off on them. Except life is happening while your making other plans. Ironically you’re the one who possesses what those you seek to associate with most crave. You have the brilliance to see into the future and know what will be needed. You already own that. You’re ahead of the game but may still be operating as though you need to catch up. You have the power to lead because your time has come. The world has caught up to where you’ve always been. You’re no longer “out-of step” and the world needs you to step up. Those you dreamed of aligning yourself with will need to join you when you confidently own what you own.

AQUARIUS (January 21-February 21)
You may be working on something that could be groundbreaking – an idea whose time has come, a theory that could generate a whole new area of thought, or a broader application of something you love but hesitate to share. There are standards that need to be met. And even if they are met you may still open yourself to rejection, ridicule, or failure. But generating groundbreaking ideas is your area of expertise and now you have the power to generate practical applications for your ideas as well. The question is are you willing to play the role you were born to play in the world? Are you willing to be an outcast for a good cause? Are you willing to make yourself personally vulnerable for the sake of progress? Or are you waiting for someone to arrive on your doorstep – a lover or perfect partner maybe- who is all you could be and saves you the trouble of actually having to manifest it. This week you could choose to be the person you’re waiting for.
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PISCES (February 21-March 21)
You know the phrase about being the change you want to see in the world? That might be your theme for the week. Being called into practical action is your ability to transcend the normal “rules of engagement” with others and the world. You’ve had enough experience to know that you have access to realms of existence the rest of us don’t. You know you don’t experience the world the way the rest of us do. Yours is a bigger, broader, more mysterious, and more subtly powerful experience. Your boundaries between this world and “other worlds” are thin and sometimes non-existent. Time to stop pretending you don’t know what you know and experience the connections you experience. It’s magic and it’s healing and there are practical applications you could and should develop. Your ego might need to step aside as what you share opens you to ridicule. Fortunately your humanitarian instincts push you to sacrifice in service of a cause much bigger than you.
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    I thank you dearly for giving us such a in depth reading each week Holly. You have helped me more than I can express these past couple of years with highly intense changes in my life and those I love. My soul bows to your soul. Namaste.

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