Horoscopes for the Week of July 13th – 19th

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Today (Wednesday) Mercury transits from the sign of emotionally focused Cancer into the fiery sign of Leo. Mercury takes up residence in Leo for the next couple weeks. Thoughts begin to center around self-expression and how personal feelings shape your ideas for creative projects. Communication is central as is learning. Consideration of your own unique talents and how you can use those to creatively express what you feel deeply connected to is timely and cosmically facilitated.

Bringing more attention to yourself – even if it’s just your own attention – is urged. Venus, newly in the sign of Leo, facilitates an easier expression of natural talent. If you’ve been denying the existence of something you naturally do very well – something you love to do, something you cannot not do, something you’ve undervalued or allowed to be undervalued – it’s time to wake up to the need for development. The source of your existential angst may be a failure to consider how much joy you could infuse into your own life – and into the world – if you could commit to your own unique rhythms and the music of your soul (Ceres in Taurus) as those relate to personal self-expression. (Those involved in the literary world, pay close attention)

Emotionally you may need an infusion of passion into your life. Most likely that involves making space for something that’s been unwisely pushed to the side. Creating that space may feel especially challenging. This week we’re under the influence of an impending full Moon (next Tuesday) in the sign of Capricorn the “I must move a few mountains in order to succeed” sign.

A Capricorn Moon inclines toward depression if full responsibility is not taken for emotional fulfillment and security. Being deeply satisfied in Capricorn’s world involves surmounting an “almost insurmountable” challenge. Painful decisions, the release of a reliable but external source of security, the embrace of something risky and adventurous that feels like it could result in failure, or breaking ties with a chronic fear that masks itself as an awful but loyal friend.

We’re being challenged this week to come to terms with the fact that emotional security and deep satisfaction requires us to do something practical but difficult. Most likely that involves the courage to identify and develop a most unique part of yourself – a part that’s been rejected or put on hold for shaky but seductive reasons. You may believe that a personal treasure is actually a weakness or disability best kept tucked away in some closet. Again, time to wake up to different options now presenting themselves. A dismantling of old, deeply ingrained assumptions and and beliefs about the “sanctity of self-betrayal” in some form, is the current opportunity (Uranus inconjunct Mars)

Uranus is slowing as he heads toward a pivot into retrograde motion at the end of the month. Now he is freeze-framing something that needs your attention – something that could constitute a major personal breakthrough for you and ultimately for the world.

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ARIES (March 21-April 21)
Aries is now undergoing some major transformative change that ensures nothing from this point on will be perceived in quite the same way. It may be a struggle to adjust your style and approach to your intensifying sense of power. But your style and approach does need to be adjusted probably in some major way. The role you play in the world and within the realm of your most important relationships most likely needs to change. Something more assertive, rebellious, enlightened, and trailblazing needs to take hold to accommodate an impending change in focus. You have two more weeks to change yourself and to rid yourself of old programming. This process has been ongoing since the first of the year. Soon your focus will shift to envisioning a new kind of future free of old emotional restraints that will soon be nonexistent. Your motto this week “let it go.”

TAURUS (April 21-May 21)
Mars and Uranus demand some major adjustments this week. For you those come in the form of figuring out how to transform the nature of your primary relationship in a way that accommodates your underlying need for freedom, detachment, and the mysterious hidden tendency that keeps you rebellious, resistant to authority, and anything resembling the established way of doing things. Uranus asks you to make some inner breakthroughs, to end some old obsessive habit, and to seek out emotional healing with any manifestation of a physical problem. It may be necessary for you to undermine your old beliefs about sex, power and financial stability within the context of current relationships. Your enlightened spiritual life may be making old beliefs obsolete. Foes may become friends. Old limitations that defined your future possibilities may seem too small to accommodate your more spacious spiritual self. Time for a consideration of new future possibilities.

GEMINI (May 21-June 21)
Gemini may be reaching a point of crisis within the realm of stabilizing themselves emotionally. Feeling out of control or like the lid may come off at any moment, you may be struggling to gain control over power dynamics within relationships or to find the critical missing piece. But emotionally you may resist any structure that impedes the free flow of your emotional state. You’re a conundrum, an unfinished work in progress, frustratingly insufficient in your own mind, and maybe somewhat depressed off and on. How you traditionally manage your responsibilities and express your competence may be in a state of flux and transformation. A closer connection with natural rhythms, organic unfoldment, as well as a willingness to surrender to what is the mysterious inner flow ensures you’re moving in the right direction. Major adjustments involve a rebellion against the need for approval acceptance, and applause within the realm of relationships. The courage to do it your own way is required.

CANCER (June 21-July 21)
This week Cancer may experience the need to change their basic emotional approach to life which might specifically be the obsessive need for unnecessary struggle. Habitual resistance to something easier, or a lack of trust in something that feels too easy, can be hard to transcend. But sometimes the planets align in ways that bypass your resistance. Sometimes the planets align in ways that say “times up.” “We’re tired of seeing you make life so hard for yourself. We’re just going to lift this burden from your shoulders and free you to move in a new direction.” Of course you can override that and convince yourself that you still need to be limited in ways you no longer are. Now you may be experiencing a major or minor crisis as you realize you’ve taken your current approach to life as far as it can go without creating a significant rift within yourself and within your relationships. At stake is the need for an adjustment that involves the courage to express your most powerfully transformative, true self within the professional realm. Professional freedom is mandatory.

LEO (July 21-Aug 21)
Leo may have recently experienced a crisis within the deepest realms of their mind and heart, blaming themselves for an outcome that was essentially out of their control. Leos count on their ability to finesse every situations they encounter by expressing confidence, complete authoritative control (even when they officially have none), by humoring others, and creating entertaining distractions that refocus a situation moving in the wrong direction. But not everyone and everything is finesse-able. Leo’s tend to be surprised, disheartened, and down on themselves when their magic touch doesn’t work. This week they carry into the next cycle some new realizations born of hard experience that will prevent them from committing their energy to lost causes, while freeing them from a tendency to take on too much responsibility for outcomes. Leo is in the process of building a type of inner security that cannot be threatened by continued emotional investment in situations out of their control. Now your recognize and can wisely refuse what you couldn’t in the past. Your desire for an exciting, fast paced, adventurous future requires nothing less.

VIRGO (August 21-September 21)

This week Virgo may experience some kind of major or minor crisis surrounding acceptance, support, and the personal worthiness she feels about being loved or even recognized for who she is rather than what others need her to be. Virgo has a cautious, successful way of expressing herself that relates to early expectations that she be someone more useful, responsible, competent, or older and wiser than her real self. This week is a week of revelation. This week Virgo’s true inner gifts may be apparent to her through her affect on others. Long buried inner treasures are unearthed and on display. Others feel your subtle energy affecting them in mysterious, transformative, and uplifting ways. Transfixional bliss is a phrase that comes to mind. This week adjustments need to be made. Rebelling against some oppressive power in your life by “telling truth to power” may be a requirement. Trusting yourself enough to reveal a secret, or transforming your routine in a way that allows for some risky, but deeply satisfying intimacy, moves your life forward.

LIBRA (September 21-October 21)

Libras natural talents fall within the category of “the unusual,” the brilliant, the disruptive, and endlessly innovative. In other words Libra’s unapologetic and exuberant display of their most talented and authentic self can meet with rejection. Others seek to reign them back into their accommodating role. Sometimes it’s tempting to gage your own value by the reactions you receive from others. This can throw Libra’s wildly off track, into a wilderness that feels joyless and an disconnected. Friends are a source of Libra’s sense of identity but now is a time when it’s best to ignore all but the most supportive friends. In fact it’s probably best not to ask friends what they think about your emotional need for a change in life direction. Clarity results from a close and honest connection with your feelings. From an early age you may have been taught to distrust those. It’s time to unlearn that and reconnect. You have an internal compass that will guide you in the right direction if you trust it. Friends and associates can be misleading at this critical juncture.

SCORPIO (October 21 – November 21)
Scorpio may be feeling the urge to newly commit to attaining what it is they most desire – circumstances that facilitate and appreciate the responsible wielding of their magical transformative powers. Scorpios tend to attract stubborn cases that resist their approach to forcing change. Well before you understand your profound impact and sacred responsibility within the realm of healing, and before you’ve developed a healthy respect for another’s freedom and independence, pushback against you, your primal urges, and undisciplined ways were necessary to channel you in the right direction. This week Scorpio may be at a crisis point. They may need to decide if it’s still useful for them to be immersed in environments that resist them – or if it’s time to move onto something that allows them to express themselves more freely. Venus and Mercury, newly in Leo, indicate a need to show the world what you can do, to step onto a stage and dazzle others with the magnitude of your talents. Does it feel like it’s time yet? Major adjustments relate to the nature of your work, your health, and a rebirth of your dreams.

SAGITTARIUS (November 21- December 21)
Sagittarius has had some deeply hurtful personal experiences with those who exerted overwhelming power against them – maybe of a financial or sexual nature. Independence and the freedom to adopt an approach to life that fully supports you and the things you cherish may be something you continue to withhold from yourself. Old feelings of indebtedness, unworthiness, and shame may keep you relatively powerless in ways that are no longer necessary. If you are keeping secrets, dodging directness, and resisting the opportunity to take full control of your life, this is the week when you can move back into the driver’s seat. Maybe you need to rescue a cherished personal dream that seems to be dying a slow death for lack of financial support, consistent nourishment, or a full commitment to cultivating it. Your ideas for the future are being energized. It’s time for you to test new freedoms. You have the power to solidify your life in a way that creates exactly the kind of future you want, centered around your desires and unique natural talents.

CAPRICORN (December 21-January 21)
Capricorn may feel wiped out this week dealing with others, conflict, and the complicated world of relationships. But astrologically we say there really is no “other.” There’s only you projecting into the world the nature of your relationship with yourself. For Capricorn there may be a vulnerability to feeling that you’re not fully in control of your success when another’s needs are involved. This is an extension of the deeper belief you’re not in full control of your success if you take your own needs into consideration. Capricorn is driven to succeed through masterfully controlling variables. Your feelings constitute an important variable that, if ignored, can seriously undermine you. It will seem though, that another is messing things up for you. It’s all very insidious. This full Moon brings to your attention the value of making time for your own needs if success is determined by your ability to control variables. Your own feelings tend to be a lot less disruptive if you accommodate rather than ignore them.

AQUARIUS (January 21-February 21)
Building to a culmination this week may be an identity crisis related to your work. You may remember a time back in the very early spring of 1995 when you passionately unleashed your opinion or ideas and suffered a crushing defeat. Humiliation, rejection, or a slap down reinforced your belief that your responsibility is to operate within a safe zone. But it’s time to try again, this time with more faith in yourself. What Aquarians have to say about relationships, balance, and justice is something most do not want to hear – but some do. The world at large desperately needs your ideas to move it forward. What might be most helpful is eliminating the belief that applause and acceptance reflects the actual merit of your work. In fact, most likely it’s exactly the opposite. Keep your head down, your ear plugs in place, and your focus on expressing the most passionate connection you have with yourself. Be flexible enough to change your belief about who your allies are. Cozy up to those you find courageous and highly creative in addressing issues that conflict with the establishment. It’s time to learn something new that dismantles an old life direction as you nourish something more authentic.
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PISCES (February 21-March 21)
Communication within the realm of your work life is being awakened and infused with passion as you experience a major or minor creative crisis. What is it that you want to be known for and what are the connections you need to make in order to make the bold public statement you want to make? Courageously connecting with the right allies, despite feelings of unworthiness, is the challenge. Most likely this is something you toyed with at this time last year. A decision may need to be made to express yourself boldly in way that requires emotional risk. Maybe you flirt with the idea of connecting with something or someone who stirs up controversy or threatens current relationships. A chronic fear of public rejection needs to be extinguished as you weigh the benefit of caution versus unapologetic self-expression. It’s time to break your old rules as you consider a more brazen approach to expressing what is deeply personal. If you’ve given up on your dreams it’s time to release old beliefs about your need to stay within public “safe zones.” You can afford to risk cavorting with those whose aim is controversial, necessarily incendiary, or simply more courageous and interesting than your own. In fact aligning with your true values (courage) would be a wise move for you as you head in a different direction.

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