Horoscopes for the Week of June 22nd – 28th

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Last Monday, just hours after the culmination of the Sagittarius full Moon, the Sun peaked at it’s Northern-most point in the sky (Southern-most in the Southern hemisphere). The momentum that’s been building in a relationship stalls momentarily – just prior to changing course. A course reversal is likely. Power begins to change hands. The consistent “winner” feels his mojo beginning to wane. The chronic “loser” notices the shift, and gains a renewed sense of hope, and more energy. The challenge now is to transform an unbalanced relationship.

Capricorn had the ball in his court for awhile. Momentum was on the side of financial success, achievement through hard work, and strict controls over emotional expression. The Sun, newly in Cancer, shifts that momentum. Feelings – especially those related to safety, security, nourishment, protection, and being cared for – are newly fueled. The pendulum swings back to the middle as we attempt to re-balance and harmonize what has become unstable and lopsided.

Saturn in Sagittarius challenges our beliefs. By the time Saturn gets around to being in Sagittarius – once every 28 – 30 years – it’s safe to assume we hold some beliefs that are outdated and serve no purpose other than to keep us confined and detached from what is. Now is the time to take inventory. What beliefs do you hold that support your fear? Sight unseen I can pretty much guarantee those don’t hold water and can easily be invalidated with an honest review of the facts. It’s time to make an effort see things as they are and to adjust beliefs that support delusional thinking.

The South Node is important this week because after a full Moon our job is to release the remnants of an old cycle – to clear the slate for a new beginning. Next up, on the 4th of July, is a new Moon in Cancer. That Moon harmonizes with Neptune signifying the beginning of an emotional ending that feels like a welcomed relief. The impending new Moon challenges Saturn in ways that require you to “reset the stage for your future,” to move things out of the way, and to get out of your own way, so that you can properly nourish and care for what’s most needed. Feelings, emotions, home and family relationships, need to be re-established in some way. The essential nature of your soul may be in need of more attention, more kindness, better care, and nourishment. Circumstances that interfere need to be cleared.

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ARIES (March 21-April 21)
Aries may be in the habit of telling a depressing story about their past, where they came from, how they got here, and what it all means. Hopefully you’re willing to extract yourself from that old, worn-out, less than completely accurate version of your life in favor of something more fluid and uplifting. The astrological point of view is that you chose the challenges you face for some very critical and sacred purpose. Most likely you’ve made some amazing progress mastering the curriculum you designed. The past wasn’t unfortunate it was perfectly designed for you by you. From that perspective how could it be anything but right? So tell the truth. Whatever you experienced you needed to experience and you learned from it. Time to highlight all the victories that you’ve downplayed because you aren’t yet where you want to be. Time to present your unfolding story as the amazing heroic journey its been and will continue to be. Your ability to project courage through staging a rebellion sounds like the perfect next chapter.

TAURUS (April 21-May 21)
Taurus has thoughts and ideas that are moving beyond the stage of existence only within the “ethers” It’s time to clarify and ground your ideas as they continue to smolder. With a little oxygen a wild fire of potential could begin to manifest. So much for “it never seems to be the right time” or “I’m not yet ready.” Now is a time of maximum passion and drive. Now is the time to write some things down, to share your ideas, to get some feedback, and, within the next month, to take some initial steps to set those ideas in stone. Your ideas about education, learning, self-worth, and cultivating natural talent are transformative. By July 23rd the foundation for success easily falls into place as you draw on your past and realize that everything you need can be easily accessed.

GEMINI (May 21-June 21)
The dilemma for Gemini may be the extent to which they can safely compromise without losing themselves in the process. Partners may be demanding a level of flexibility, or maybe self-betrayal, that you can or cannot reconcile. Now you may be passionately consumed with your ideas about the kind of role you want and need to play within the story that is your life. Passion can serve you well or blind you to possible solutions. And it can run along the spectrum of everything in between. (Am I being helpful yet?) Now you may feel pressured to decide. You may feel your choice is to succeed or fail, to go backwards or forwards. But sometimes you take a couple steps back just before your able to spring forward. Sometime compromise is defined as self-betrayal when it could actually be defined, just as truthfully, as an extension of kindness toward yourself. Giving yourself a little room and a little time to consider a decision that impacts a major life investment may be something you can afford to do. I doubt being kind to yourself now would be something you’d deeply regret.

CANCER (June 21-July 21)
You may feel yourself coming to life this week. Not that you haven’t been alive in the past, but some new, passionate involvement, something that inspires the hope of expansion and ease makes itself known. A month ago you might not have been ready for this gift. But a gestational period has ended and something within you has ripened to the point of being able to survive the rigors of your life. Mercury and Vesta (the asteroid of passion) occupy your 12th house. Stirring deep within is the feeling that you’re making connections with the infinite, with sources of great beauty, with unusually well-timed opportunities, and the kind of inspiration that fuels an easier, more artistic and loving approach to life. Now you come in contact with something new and newly interesting. That impacts you in a way that feels like coming home – finally. What you’re encountering is something you’ve always known – a part of yourself. There may be a sense of relief involved. Your role within the realm of partnerships is empowered.

LEO (July 21-Aug 21)
Leo may be bored with the heavy or monotonous burdens of his work life. This is the time of year when you have the opportunity to get acquainted with who you’ve become over the past year. This week there is something deep within with potential to be more interesting and nourishing than anything you’re encountering in your outer world. Your need for time alone may increase. You may seem distant to others. What may fascinate you are the mysterious connections you’re able to make that exist now within your mind and heart. Your past, your relationship to your home, and maybe your mom, might fuel your belief in magic. At the moment things are evolving in unusually interesting ways. If you vaguely – or strongly – feel the need to connect with someone from your past whose love once deeply nourished you, you can do it with the powerful magic of your mind. Simply know it’s true and envision it. As you connect you’ll feel the powerful infusion of nourishing love you thought was gone forever. Simultaneously you may begin to witness a rebirth. Your work life and health may benefit.

VIRGO (August 21-September 21)

The game of “should I go forward or backward, forgive or not forgive,” is changing the nature of relationships. A monkey wrench has been thrown into the works. Something you hadn’t considered, something newly interesting has the potential to blow the lid off of what you considered to be a past “set-in-stone” particularly as it relates to family or your home. The role you’ve always played in the past is being challenged by an event or someone who is not following the script you had designed for them. This is a very healing time for you when you begin to realize that the disappointment, alienation, and rejection you’ve experienced within the realm of relationships – or the alienation you feel from the true role you’ve always wanted to play within family relationships – is in the process of a profound transformation. Rigid beliefs about family – how it should be structured, how it should look, what your role should be, what role others should be playing, etc – are in the process of dissolving. Let them go. They have undermined you in the past. Now you’re being released from a type of rigidity that sets you free to be more flexible and creative.

LIBRA (September 21-October 21)

Within the realm of relationships, money, and control, you are being challenged to adjust and rearrange. Old commitments to playing a dominant financially supportive role can now be seen clearly. You have the opportunity to tell yourself the truth about what motivates your decisions, your priorities, and your quest for power within financial realms. Fear of insecurity or of being left powerless and alone may be rooted in a belief (and past experience) that whoever controls the purse strings controls outcomes. Now, as traditional sources of power are being undermined and transformed, it’s time to reconsider the nature of your true power. This week it’s time to finish an examination of your beliefs about the extent of your power, how love best survives, the foundational importance of integrity, and how money and imbalances of power can distort, complicate, and suppress the nourishing power of love.

SCORPIO (October 21 – November 21)
Juno, the asteroid of marriage and commitment, in the sign of Libra, hovers in a space between darkness and light, but closer to light, and between full awareness and unconsciousness, but closer to awareness. On July 9th Juno crosses the threshold and a new commitment to asserting your power through love is born. Your ability to love and to be nourished by love is currently undergoing a gestational or rapid growth process. This process has been ongoing – actually off and on – since September 17, 2015. The universe has been signaling since then that a belief about love, commitment, and your future needs to mature – or to be re-examined and maybe released – in order for you to be able to express the depth of your power within relationships. Love may be blocked or complicated. Commitments may feel shaky. This week a different mindset or new information about sex, magic, and/or financial power, energizes the need for a decision as to whether you will move forward or backward. By July 9th your choice may be clear and your decision made – even it comes in the form of failing to choose.

SAGITTARIUS (November 21- December 21)
The universe is encouraging Sagittarius to fast-track achievements and realize goals through a process of transforming priorities. Aligning more closely with your destined role in society involves telling the truth – to yourself first, and then to the rest of the known universe. How you do that involves a willingness to examine the details of how you actually embody your role and the effectiveness of your current methods. Do you tell the truth in a way that others might actually hear it without censoring the facts? Or do you become impatient, judgmental, and insistent. On a personal level do you see what you want to see or do you dispassionately consider the facts? Your partner, or lack of one, and your most important relationships, may tell you all you need to know about areas for improvement. If protecting yourself from rejection is a focus, that will dissolve after July 9th. Now you contemplate ending a period of relative powerlessness to proceed with a more courageous, high profile, probably controversial, role in the world. Understanding the value of your role is critical.

CAPRICORN (December 21-January 21)
Being kind, considerate, gentle and nurturing within the realm of relationships this week eases your path to success. Considering the professional and maybe financial stress you’re under, the time constraints, and the ever-present danger of uncertainty and chaos erupting unexpectedly, it may be tempting to forge ahead and forego the “niceties.” That is not advised. Any effort to be kind, to nurture others along, to listen, and to fill what seems to be an insignificant emotional need pays big dividends. A more intense level of sensitivity to others may be required. In the scheme of the universe “getting the job done right” is only half the equation. The other is dealing with difficult people who challenge you to respond sensitively and effectively. The key, as you know, is giving yourself a break. Cultivating a cold-hearted, inpatient, and judgmental approach to yourself makes it likely that your first impulse will be to respond to others the same way. This week your relationship with yourself and others advances.

AQUARIUS (January 21-February 21)
The Sun’s movement into the sign of Cancer isn’t necessarily an easy development for Aquarius. This time of year requires ego adjustments and challenges to your sense of identity. Having to deal with moodiness, compulsiveness, anxiety, and loneliness results in feelings of failure – or at least the knowledge that you may be less effective than usual. At times you may feel “under water” and unable to get the oxygen you need. The world of ideas fuels Aquarian’s creativity and free expression. The world of emotion requires a release of the reigns, a willingness to change tactics, and go with the flow of change. Fortunately though, it seems your ability to generate ideas, at least for another week, is on fire, as is your ability to passionately express those ideas to others. Bringing them back to life is the effect. In fact, through your unbridled enthusiasm and relentless honesty, you wake others up and remind them of how much fun it is to be alive. Maybe you make some new and lasting friendships in the process.
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PISCES (February 21-March 21)
The Sun’s move into the sign of Cancer, a fellow water sign, for Pisces is generally a positive development. Awakened now is your need to play and to have some fun. Your imagination is peaking in powerful ways . If you’re an artist you move into a prolific phase. Even if you don’t self-identify as an artist for the next month you will tend to see the world through artistic, child-like, eyes. If there was ever a time to shirk some responsibility in favor of goofing off, in the most delightful ways you can think of, that time is now. Arrange to be around kids and the most fun friends you know. If you heed this advice, by the end of the month you may find your health improved and your work environment transitioning into a new, more creative, soulful, and energized phase.
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