Horoscopes for the Week of June 15th – 21st

(Mosaic Artist – Catherine Van Der Woerd)

Last Monday Neptune turned retrograde signifying a major turning point in our efforts to release what undermines us. It is possible that when you look back at this moment in time, you will see clearly how things changed course for you – and how profound that truly was.

Venus is in the final throws of its passage through the sign of Gemini. She continues to facilitate conversations, information gathering, clearer perceptions, better connections, and healing – possibly through enabling a confrontation with some harsh reality.

Venus moves into the sign of Cancer on Friday. How we nurture others, ourselves, and the environment is highlighted. Over the next four weeks we may be faced with a clarifying memory and the kind of support and kindness that frees us to live a life beyond fear.

I’m still trying to unravel the meaning of next Monday’s full Moon in Sagittarius. It’s the second full Moon in Sagittarius this month… very significant because within hours of its rise the Sun moves into the sign of Cancer marking the 2016 Summer Solstice. In the northern hemisphere the Sun, through the maximum tilt of the earth, has moved as far North as possible. There is a static moment just before the earth begins to tilt in the opposite direction – a moment coinciding with deep personal reflection It’s the longest day of the year – the day we’re gifted with an extended period of light and clarity – and the opportunity to reverse course.

This week the lead-up to the full Moon in the critical 29th degree of Sagittarius centers around a call to higher service and new freedoms. There is the opportunity to move beyond fear, pretentiousness, and the obsessive need to control every aspect of everything. Rising above petty criticism and narrow judgement is implied. I’ll write more on this later in the week.

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ARIES (March 21-April 21)
If you’re trying to break free of some old, tired role within the realm of relationships – especially your relationship with yourself – the universe is so on your side at the moment. You are so close to making a change. Since October of 2012 you’ve been fully engaged in surviving some dark threat that resides within but may be manifested in your outer environment. Since the end of May 2016 you’ve stepped up your game furiously fighting an enemy you thought you’d conquered. The battle will be winding down through the summer and end around the first of August. This week you’ll remember what it feels like to be deeply connected to your essential nature. Venus moves into your 4th house on Friday connecting you with your soul – the part of you that survives and thrives from lifetime to lifetime. There is a profound sense of getting back on track or feeling like you’ve finally returned home. What may end is an old and limiting belief about what you’re capable of accomplishing. Your role is as an authority and leader. Finally you will free yourself to step into that.

TAURUS (April 21-May 21)
What Taurus is attempting to transform is deeply embedded. It may be taking a long time to free yourself from some old trauma or pain that keeps you stuck. What seems to be at the root of it all is some irresponsibility on the part of others to “hold down the fort” so you could be an unburdened child, so you could learn how to play, how to have fun, how to freely experiment without being harshly judged, how to create without fear of rejection, how to love because you it was reflected back to you how incredibly lovable you were. It’s time to hold others accountable for their fair share of the responsibility in love, being there for you, and making life enjoyable – even though you’re intimately familiar with how to survive if they don’t. Notice if you’re encouraging irresponsibility in any way. There’s a lot to unravel but it’s time. The world will not tolerate continued insistence on operating the way you always have. Time to stop tinkering around the edges. Time for a major overhaul in the form of massive healing.

GEMINI (May 21-June 21)
Gemini continues to be challenged by the past, genetic inheritances, old habits, old fears, and impossibly high standards that are limiting, especially within the realm of current relationships. The tendency to interpret current relationships through some old, inferior lens persists until April of 2017. Since December of 2014 the universe has been determined that you will learn through frustration, limitation, and trial and error what works best for you . But once you get it you’ve got it. Never again will you have to go back and rely on some poor example from the past to define your way. What you’ll rely on instead is what feels most comfortable and natural to you. You’ve certainly experienced since Dec. 2014 what doesn’t feel comfortable so you’ll have a good gage for when you’re on the right track. You may be clarifying for yourself how incredibly flexible and versatile you are despite the fact that your past was filled with rigid examples of those who demanding perfection.

CANCER (June 21-July 21)
When I first moved to California many years ago, I used to joke about how comfortable I was becoming with being constantly lost. I didn’t know my way around. The Ocean and the curvy nature of the coastline interfered with my sense of direction. Gradually, instead of getting freaked out when I couldn’t find my way home, I found a CD I loved and let the music take over. As long as I had a tank of gas I knew I would eventually stumble onto the roads that would take me home. And I always did. I did have a sense of direction I didn’t know I had, but it didn’t always kick in immediately. Cancer’s trajectory into the future is symbolized by the indefinite, poorly defined, lost sign of Pisces. It seems necessary that you get comfortable with not being able to accurately decipher your most direct route for awhile. You may actually need to be lost, and fine with that, before you find your way home. Interesting detours may be your best bet.

LEO (July 21-Aug 21) Since November of 2015 Leo has been in a phase of practically and steadily building a foundation of financial security for the purpose of freeing their most playful and exuberant “in love with life” selves. Until the end of April 2017 this will be your focus – putting one foot in front of the other, setting high standards for financial achievement, sacrificing what you want for what you need, and a careful, consistent accounting of the monetary aspects of what flowing in and what’s flowing out. You have a plan and the self-discipline to stick with it. But after next April it will be time for freedom and a kind of fun that does not easily endanger your foundational strength. It’s not too early to plan ahead for what kind of fun you want to have, what kind of love you will be capable of, what will be the first adventure you’ll take, and what you will be performing in front of the audience fully capable of appreciating who you are and what you’ve accomplished.

VIRGO (August 21-September 21)

Virgo may be closing the book on a chapter from the past that involved heavy responsibility, hard work, and an accumulation of wisdom born of experience. You may have freed yourself to pursue the kind of wealth you’ve always dreamed of. Money gets your creative juices flowing. The promise of abundance and a social status that reflects the power of wealth is within your reach. Now may be the time to pursue some particularly creative, exuberantly expressive, enjoyable means to gain possession of what you’ve rightfully earned. It is unwise at this time to be stoic. serious, competitive, or fearful. You are fully worthy of the wealth and abundance that is within reach. For best results highlight the parts of you that makes people feel good, nurtures them, protects them, and expresses the strength of your softer, more compassionate, and human side.

LIBRA (September 21-October 21)

This week Venus moves into the highest position in your chart as your home, family, and career more easily move into some balanced state of alignment. Keeping a positive frame of mind has been difficult over the past few years as your ineffectiveness in one form or another, has been paraded before you – a constant stream of evidence, it seems, of how your best laid plans, strategies, hard work, and self-sacrifice resulted in something less than fulfilling or less than successful. The culprit may have been a belief in or insistence on high standards for achievement, or an exaggeration of how much control you actually had over the course of events. A major change of mind and heart may be in progress impacting your relationship to yourself and others. How much and what will you continue to sacrifice? How will you rearrange your priorities? What professional decisions may be up for review? The upcoming full Moon may trigger an ending that makes way for a kinder, gentler, less judgmental mindset and a life that feels fun again.

SCORPIO (October 21 – November 21)
For Scorpio transmuting darkness into light is a major theme. By now you’ve accumulated a deep reservoir of pain which is the raw material needed to move you into some unprecedented state of happiness. A closer look at what you do with pain, your relationship to it, and how able you are to see it as the key to opening chronically closed doors is the opportunity this week. Stories may be involved as sources of inspiration. Your own story or someone else’s may give you the practical information and know-how to create something especially brilliant and deeply fulfilling out of the wreckage of old dreams and the ugly ways life has, at times, unfolded. Scorpio is the Phoenix rising from the ashes – the ashes being a critical component in the entire process. Make a commitment this week to make some delicious lemonade out of the lemons you’ve accumulated. Venus trines your sign this week making this easier than it might initially seem as your routine and mindset undergoes a fundamental change.

SAGITTARIUS (November 21- December 21)
Sagittarius is coming dangerously close to being able to release some lifelong source of limitation. Old habits of overlooking, misidentifying, or trying to avoid what actually needs to be done to improve your health, happiness, and chances for success in the world, is being highlighted this week. Despite what your past would indicate, you’re now in the process of becoming very practical and more useful to yourself than you’ve ever been. It seems you are able to subdue your impatience, to eliminate an old need for short cuts, and to prove how right you’ve always been. Now you may clearly see the fatal flaw in your old strategy and a disciplined, patient approach seems more likely. The only way around this problem is straight through it. As Venus moves into your 8th house of “wielding power and control”, a major transformative process proceeds with unexpected ease and your entire approach to life becomes freer and wiser.

CAPRICORN (December 21-January 21)
What is necessary now is an attunement to the subtle messages the world is giving you about expressing your power and fully expanding into it. Finding your most powerful role in the world may be difficult amidst the current confusing maze of professional frustration. Identifying what’s missing within the course of your daily routine, the source of a lack of support or assistance, and what or who would be the most useful in facilitating your growth moves you closer to where you most naturally need to be. It is easy to feel powerless and limited these days. But as the process unfolds you’ll be aligning with a part of yourself you’ve never known – or always carefully avoided. Fear or confusion may keep you tied down for awhile longer. Transcending that involves continuing to question how you can take on your most natural authoritative role within the scheme of your life. This week a partner’s love (or another’s support) may provide important clues and guidance.

AQUARIUS (January 21-February 21)
You have an inner slave-driver that may be causing some problems. This week you may be faced with the intensifying need to adjust your mindset, particularly with regard to your approach to success. The strict control you habitually exert over yourself and the heavy demands may actually be undermining you. Operating beneath the surface is fear of failure. Your tendency is to place more trust in your mind than your body for the guiding cues you need to determine your next best move. An Aquarian mind, unrelenting in its quest for knowledge through information, can underestimate the power of the body to ground them and provide them with the cues needed to forge an easier path to success. This week faith in the wisdom of the body may be cultivated. There is the opportunity for you to establish kinder routines and a gentler approach to yourself despite your traditional over reliance on slave-driving mind. Try following the lead of your body this week. Let it have a say in how you re-design your life – and make yourself available to heal the world.
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PISCES (February 21-March 21)
Pisces may be faced with a challenge to merge with the social role they were destined to play – the one that feels most natural and right. There may be an intense challenge to open your mind, to change your routine, and to overcome the fear of rejection that could result from aligning with and exposing your true self. The pressure builds for you to provide useful, mind bending information to others. The information you have may be difficult to convey through traditional means. But following the urgings of some personal inner guidance seems mandatory. This week Venus’s move into your 5th house eases an authentic, creative expression of your soul. Old fearful beliefs about publicity, publication, travel, and unapologetically broadcasting truth, may need to be purged. Your impact is meant to be far-ranging and far-reaching. The less you invest in how you will be received, the greater your chance of providing what others most need.
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