Taurus New Moon Today & Corresponding Horoscopes

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A Taurus New Moon rises on Friday (May 6, 2016) at 12:29 PM PDT & 3:29 PM EDT.

At 16 Degrees of Taurus this New Moon follows the very complex and powerful Scorpio full Moon of April 21st/22nd. Scorpio and Taurus always work in tandem – one checking the other’s tendency to veer toward some level of imbalance. Scorpio coldly and relentlessly clears the decks of anything that impedes future growth and couldn’t care less about security structures you’ve spent a lifetime building. If the structures are limiting they’ll disappear, often in one fell swoop, leaving you destabilized and adrift for awhile – but also cleansed and cleared in your apparent devastated state. When viewed as a detoxification process, Scorpio gives you a chance to be healthy, renewed, and abundantly vibrant. He steps aside and waits for Taurus to step in to finish the process.

Taurus is the builder or the rebuilder. After the demolition, he puts things back together – slowly, carefully, with great consideration as to how priorities may have changed and the values you cherish. Most naturally Taurus is not in a hurry. He’s not motivated by the time schedule you may have in mind. He takes pride in his work and loves his work. He wants whatever he builds to be substantial for the long haul. He wants it to be a work of art, a thing of beauty, a stabilizing force, a symbol of respect for nature and human nature. Putting something together quickly and shoddily goes against his grain. He does it right and he doesn’t skip steps no matter how long it takes.

So the upcoming full Moon represents an opportunity to build on new ground. Most likely something in your life has been undermined. Now there is an opportunity to put things together differently in a way that’s more stable, more vital, with space enough for continued growth. Most important is the opportunity to include and maybe showcase an essential part of you that’s emerging, cleansed, cleared, and brilliant.

The upcoming new Moon starts the process. A seed is planted. If it’s cultivated it has a chance to sprout. Faith is required because the process of a seed taking root is invisible. There is nothing you can see initially that reassures you anything is changing. You act as though you know new beginnings are taking hold. It’s a sacred time – a good time to actually plant something live that you want to grow into a symbol of lasting beauty, meaning, and steadfastness. As you go through the motions of cultivating it, you align your inner self with a timeless, sacred process. And the earth knows when to step in and do its part. The native Americans are famous for planting at the New Moon.

Venus, the ruler of this new Moon symbolizes creativity, miracles, and magic. Her Sabian symbol – “A Sleigh Without Snow” highlights sustainment, the magic of believing, and acting as if the outcome is assured.

On some level we’re working with struggle and inner conflict. Beneath that, though, is a mysterious inner harmony, personal strength, and a “do-it-yourself” mdd of operation. Within your everyday obligations you may find great significance and purpose that stabilizes and nourishes the most promising, but still delicate and vulnerable pieces of your emerging self. A healthier, more aligned, and trusting way of life is the promise.

It is possible – as I look at Mercury (information) aligned with the North Node (your life purpose) – that information, a new and different routine, or disorientation had clarified the resolution to a long standing dilemma. Something assures you that what you’ve always suspected is true – or partially true – actually is. This has the potential to open the door to something healthier and more sustainable – something that feels right. It may also highlight your tendencies and talents with regard to asceticism, wielding magical powers, or unusual gifts and talents. You may have found your niche.

Breaking old patterns and habits that perpetuated fear releases blocked passions. Reignited is a burning fire within that fuels something bigger – something new and promising.

Through the end of June Saturn and Neptune continue to “face off” in a struggle that undermines what was once established and stable. At the same time what once seemed out of reach, existed only within the realm of your imagination or dreams may begin to materialize. Be careful what you wish for and discriminating about which thoughts and what contacts you nourish and cultivate.

So I’ll write the horoscopes from the perspective of the new Taurus Moon chart. Read the horoscope that aligns with your Moon sign for greatest accuracy – then your Ascendent and Sun sign if you wish. Click here locate your Moon sign if you don’t already know it.

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ARIES (March 21-April 21)
The nature of your relationships (and yourself) may be in the process of some major transformation that seems to be entirely under your control if you can harness your willpower to impact the situation. Involved is a mixture of the natural with the supernatural, the tangible with the intangible, the mysterious world and the “real” one. In other words your ability to easily navigate between two worlds is the issue. Deeper access to the contents of your subconscious mind is required through new methods – or through old ones that you remember from childhood. What has been undermined recently is your belief in the tangible limitations of your life. Whatever causes you pain is unnecessary. If you pretend that it’s not within your power to arrange a beautiful life for your self is a limitation you’re creating that for reasons you might want to examine. It may be time to sign up for a class that teaches you how to wield deeper forms of power responsibly. It may be time to spend more time alone to access that power for yourself. It may be time to practice moving energy with the force of your mind. It’s definitely time to move into some higher way of operating. All the inner and outer resources you need are now at your disposal.

TAURUS (April 21-May 21)
What has recently been undermined may be the truth that another reflects back to you the pieces of yourself you haven’t yet figured out how to integrate. If your partner is angry it is possible that you have not figured out how to include that aspect of yourself into the version of yourself you most prefer. If your partner has shut down or refuses to change, likewise you may have those same tendencies but refuse to acknowledge them for the sake of keeping your ego intact. If your parter cannot commit you may not recognize your own reluctance in that regard. So the key is more self-awareness and the willingness to stop feeling you lost the lottery when you continue to attract what you do not want. You know all this now. I didn’t need to explain it. This week represents a new beginning for the way you approach relationships. Plant a seed that will grow into some entirely new possibility within the realm of relationships and see what happens. Move on from the need to see your faults through another. It’s easier than you think to just acknowledge those and blend them into yourself to create a most natural and alluring kind of beauty.

GEMINI (May 21-June 21)
Gemini may have recently experienced an undermining of their ability or willingness to keep their most imperfect, guilt-ridden, self-sacrificing, woundedness to themselves. A revelation of some sort may have exposed you and others to the vast richness of your spiritual life. There is something intensely inspiring about depths of your strength, your trust in the natural world, your relationship with all that is, and your ability to artistically and creatively manifest the connections you feel within. Still there is some insatiable longing, some restlessness, some deep inner pain indicating that that not everything has yet been discovered – not everything is entirely in order. It is possible that you will be given the opportunity to dive deeper into some realm of your being and to come back with some previous unimaginable treasure that, if you can find the right words, or the right mode of expression, can be shared. A seed is planted this week that will remind you of the beauty of your soul as you move into a complete new beginning and an entirely new cycle.

CANCER (June 21-July 21)
Cancers attract and repel change at the same time. They are ruled by the Moon – in our solar system the most rapidly changing heavenly body. But powerful and insatiable security needs shape your identity and may rule your life. Change can be powerfully resisted while it continually invites you to leave something behind and move forward. What has recently been undermined may be the tendency to feel comfortable allowing yourself to experience only the amount of joy your mother allowed herself to experience – and no more. Something has changed about all that requiring a corresponding change in your perspective. This week it’s time to plant a seed that moves your dreams hopes and wishes for yourself beyond what your mom could ever have allowed herself to imagine. Your life can now be one sensual pleasure after another, one experience of love deeper than the next, one happy moment followed by even more ecstatic ones, and one creative success followed by a whole series of masterpieces. It is easy for you now to break some sad tradition limiting the joy your ancestors were able to feel – especially the women.

LEO (July 21-Aug 21)
For all the great press Leo gets about being creative, highly talented in may different areas, child-like, imaginative, and full of life, the complications of your early life may have limited your ability to imagine what is actually possible for you. The last full Moon, though, may have erased some of those previous limitations and changed the game for you. So now it’s necessary to indulge what may feel like some wild fantasies about what you could make out of yourself and your life. It may feel strange, unfamiliar, or dangerous, but it’s time to make your life – especially the fun-filled adventurous parts – bigger and more inclusive of what you failed to acknowledge but has always been possible for you. The seed being planted is one of higher ambition, elevated goals, and a reflection of your greatest joy. What is that? It’s time to clearly define it and to go for it. Whatever you witnessed turning out badly in your younger years no longer holds sway over your future possibilities – unless you pretend that it still does. Change is good and life-enhancing. Now is the perfect time to experience what a freed imagination can manifest.

VIRGO (August 21-September 21)

Virgo can be a creature of habit. Unfortunately, but actually very fortunately, your most comforting habits routines, associations, and responsibilities, are being seriously undermined through June of this year. As you maintain a death grip on old comforts and familiarity, you limit your ability to grow and risk descending into some kind of a toxic, unsustainable stew. It is possible that something that has always provided emotional stability for you has outlived its usefulness to the point that it may now simply be a destructive force. Your task is to figure out what or who that is and to let it go for the sake of your own vitality and future growth – and despite your fear. Virgos are those most likely to hold onto old beliefs about what they’ve always wanted their future to be – and to keep everything that upholds that belief intact. But your future could take a detour that actually saves your life in some basic spiritual way. A change in beliefs may be necessary for you to be able to plant something beautiful, new and profoundly promising.

LIBRA (September 21-October 21)

Libra’s are those voted most likely to create stories and fabrications that make difficulties and ugliness fade into the background – particularly within the realm of relationships. Initially you may have been aware that your rose colored glasses made you see life in a way that was pleasantly distorted. Eventually though your stories crystallize and you can no longer entertain the idea that the truth may be far removed from the reality. As the truth attempts to surface over the next week – or possibly it has already made an appearance – it’s important that you let it flow. Leave your glasses in the drawer. This is a powerfully healing time for you. You may find yourself wanting to apologize for some old misconception. Or you may see the need for another to apologize to you for treating you in ways your rose-colored glasses previously disguised. Something is being – or has been – undermined within your perception of relationships, money, and power. It’s time for a re-orientation that allows you to build something more solidly based on reality and the truth. The truth has a special beauty and brilliance all its own. This week you may experience that.

SCORPIO (October 21 – November 21)
Some form of betrayal needs to be transmuted into something uplifting and brilliant. Scorpio knows how to destroy by reaching for the nearest form of darkness, cultivating, and empowering it. It can feel deeply satisfying on some level to push something over the edge that has not proceeded according to plan or aligned with your deepest desires. But this week you may be capable of resisting that urge by using the darkness as raw material you need to create something of significance. Despite your current focus and the distractions that surround you, your creativity is beginning to peak. Within your wound lies great potential to heal yourself and to heal the masses. It seems important that you use compulsions and pain in new ways that work for you and the world. You are the magician capable of using destructive tendencies to rebuild through a healing form of artistry that manifest as beauty. It may be time to pick up your pen, your paint brush, your instrument, or your camera to express the brilliant power that loss and disappointment has given you. Your legacy is the transmutation of overwhelming pain through artistic brilliance.

SAGITTARIUS (November 21- December 21)
Sagittarius may feel they’ve been duped in some way. They may feel that important information has been hidden from them – information that could have made their life much easier. Sag may look back and find that they were on the wrong track through no fault of their own. They may have trusted the “experts” who were not actually trustworthy. Or they may have simply been the victim of circumstances that coalesced for some unknown reason despite their best intentions and best efforts. Recently the truth has been inadvertently exposed undermining a commitment to an old method, health recommendation, routine, or responsibility. Recovering what’s been lost, healing what’s been damaged, and dealing with “the perpetrator” may be in order. There is some hidden gift and purpose in all of this that transcends any tendency to be petty rather than a profound healer and amazing force for good in the world. You decide. What you’ve learned through experience is powerful beyond any initial conclusions or impressions.

CAPRICORN (December 21-January 21)
Recently undermined may be some commitment or hidden information that blocked the full expression of your most sensual and sexual way of being. Whatever fell by the wayside seems to have opened the floodgates to a new, more uninhibited way of being. Some fear may have been discussed and dissolved. Or some deeply buried pain was triggered and as it surfaced into the light of day, withered and died. Or maybe karmically time simply ran out on the need to deny yourself pleasure. Whatever the cause, the results can be amazing. It’s important to find ways to express the emerging joy you feel through love, sex, and doing what you love most. Following your instincts, indulging your passions, stimulating your desires, and feeling more alive and sensually satisfied is your mission this week. It shouldn’t be difficult. Just enjoy the new freedom you have to love your life and yourself.

AQUARIUS (January 21-February 21)
Aquarius may be in the process of finishing up or recapturing the makings of a dream come true. Something may have cleared the way for you to embrace your future by embarking on a new mission or process that captures the essence of who you are. Passions may be re-ignited. Old commitments may have recently been undermined in ways that closed doors but opened a few better ones. Something you’ve always known you needed in order to be considered fundamentally solid substantial, and well=prepared may be planted at this time. That has the potential to grow into greater personal power to create a ground-breaking new discovery, work of art, research that undermines previous, well-established thought, or possibly a discovery of old information that has great implications for the future and the future of health. Fueling inspiration may involve spending time daydreaming about what you will contribute to the world and how it will change everything for the better.
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PISCES (February 21-March 21)
Likely to emerge from beneath some uncertainty and long-standing concerns is an answer. It may emerge in modest form, with no fanfare, quiet and fleeting. But some information, a new contact or connection has the potential to resolve a long standing dilemma or method in the process of deterioration. A return to balance at the “last minute” – before things spin out of control – is the gift. Paying attention is the requirement. Considering what you “run across accidentally” the words another speaks, information, seemingly unimportant, that has eluded you and maybe rendered you powerless up until now. There is a stabilization process in the works that builds on some newly cleared “land” or recently cleansed and nourished “soil.” There is great promise in what you decide to initiate and cultivate at this time. Entering into the mix is the undermining of some old beliefs about your role, your own authority, your social position, and your competence. There is time to consider and to experience the personal benefits and far-reaching influence of the unassuming treasure you discover. It was most likely something lost in the past that is now being returned to you.
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