Horoscopes for the Week of May 25th – 31st

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Mars in Sagittarius, retrograding since April 17th, continues to backtrack for the next five weeks into old, complicated, Scorpio territory. We’ve ripened (read suffered) to the point where we may be able to reconsider letting go of something that doesn’t work – something that leave us powerless, resentful, frustrated, or repeatedly destabilized. Most likely it’s a stale and entrenched mental pattern that’s proven to be persistently ineffective. Something that feels new, different, and radical may supplant whatever you’ve previously relied upon.

Jupiter, Saturn and Neptune now form a t-square – a highly energetic configuration that exerts conflicting influences. It may feel like a “no win” situation if acting in new ways is not possible. Opening your mind to new possibilities seems critical.

Venus, newly in the sign of Gemini, clarifies what we love and where we’re gifted. That’s important information that could more clearly define what we don’t love but continue to pursue. Choosing something solely on the merits of it’s perceived safety and stability, despite mounting evidence that it’s actually not, is unwise. Venus in Gemini symbolizes an amazing mind capable of shifting gears, making new connections, and changing direction rapidly and gracefully.

As we move toward a new Moon in the sign of Gemini, we have the opportunity to think in new ways about old things, to become more versatile, capable of change, and capable of responding to old circumstances in new ways. Thoughtful analysis and logic needs to be balanced with a compassionate understanding of yourself – who you are, what you love, and what you crave. Your future hangs in the balance. The malleability of your mind determines what you will be able to manifest.

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ARIES (March 21-April 21)
Your mind is bubbling over. Imagine uncorking some champagne after it’s been shaken. That’s the force of the momentum behind the bubbly, refreshing, ideas currently spewing forth from your endlessly interesting and powerful mind. It’s impossible to cultivate each idea that springs forth, but important to experiment with as many as possible. Obviously there are some that will need to be thrown out and others that hold promise. It’s up to you to make that determination. Fortunately your ego is unusually flexible this week. Normally he nixes whatever does not cast a flattering light in his direction. It’s time to dismiss the ego as you perceive, with unprecedented clarity, what needs to be nurtured and what needs to be discarded. I’d be surprised if you don’t end up with a few highly valuable nuggets of information that support a theory or a truth you’ve always suspected but couldn’t prove.

TAURUS (April 21-May 21)
Taurus may now find themselves amidst one of the most meaningful transitions of their life as they encounter a surprising degree of forward movement accompanied by a surprising degree of hopefulness and inner peace. What you’re moving through is territory that will allow you to discover and recover your long lost, true self. There is no more heroic or worthy quest. Continuing to build momentum in a new direction as you move back into old territory would be ideal. If the territory you’re revisiting doesn’t look any different than it always did, a steadfast focus may be required to see things through fresh eyes. Gaining a new and different perspective on what feels ordinary and routine is a transformation that marks a pivotal turning point. Your priorities and values may change significantly over the course of the next several weeks. What you’re moving into is a level of existence that is elegant, freer, more interesting and very rare. Maintenance will be required.

GEMINI (May 21-June 21)
Gemini may be in his or her sweet spot for the year. If not, it’s the next best thing. At this point it’s hard to imagine initiating a course of action that could go wrong. Your energy is unusually loving, graceful, and passionate at the moment. Partners benefit from seeing you ease into the joy it is, at the moment, to be you. Opportunities for change and enlightenment abound. If you’ve always wished you could change your mind about something, change your perspective, your patterns, and the nature of your relationship with the mysterious and hidden pieces of yourself, now is the time. It will never be easier. It is possible that you could receive a piece of information this week that gives you great peace of mind – a state that might still remains somewhat elusive for you. There is a revelation that shows your most natural way of being to be something you truly love, and that amidst your buried treasure is some previously unknown priceless nugget of wisdom.

CANCER (June 21-July 21)
At the moment Cancer stands in the wilderness – a nebulous and transitional place that may be unusually fertile and fortunate as you look forward to an unprecedented new beginning. You may feel that getting out of the dark wilderness as quickly as possible would be the best thing that could happen to you. But it may be time to reconsider the value of where you stand. The deepest recesses of your mind and heart are stirred in ways that produce, beneath the surface, the raw material and makings of an impending masterpiece. An inner effervescence may be making itself known as you sense something highly interesting just deep beneath the surface. There is something new to discover. It gets more exciting as the week progresses. Choose the option of being unhurried and more sensitively tuned in to yourself. At the moment what’s going on in your outer environment can’t match the excitement and interest of what’s going on inside. Stop cursing your current lack of clarity. Love it instead and witness what unfolds.

LEO (July 21-Aug 21)
It’s not without complications, but Leo’s are as attractive as they ever are at this time of year. This week they feel the love, the desire, and sheer joy of being more of what they are. It is good to cultivate this “window of opportunity” to enliven the most important parts of you that may have been asleep while you attended to more pressing commitments and responsibilities. This week you may be getting the kind of feedback you crave about how desirable you actually are. Others may be unusually bubbly and effervescent in your presence. You come back to life in all the erotic and sexy ways your heart desires. Desires may intensify. I’m not suggesting infidelity. But I am suggesting some indulgence in the kind of thoughts and memories that keep the joyful essence of you alive. I’m suggesting gravitation toward those who respond to you encouragingly and gratitude for those who see you as you are and love it.

VIRGO (August 21-September 21)

As always Virgo’s on a mission to transform themselves and their life into something better – something more perfect, more spiritually meaningful, more effective, and much easier. The much easier part usually makes you uneasy. If it’s not about suffering it must not be worth it. But this week something’s changed. It seems in the recent past that you have stumbled upon something interesting, exciting, and maybe enjoyable that holds great promise for making unprecedented and profound changes. There is a celebratory and refreshing influence that permeates an old project (you or maybe a relationship) that at times in the past – many times – felt hopeless. The discovery of a new, more effective method – a new way of looking at life, the truth, and something that works may be changing your life. It’s more graceful than you had imagined and it doesn’t require the kind of sacrifice you always assumed it would. This week you stay focused and continue to be uplifted.

LIBRA (September 21-October 21)

There is risk involved when you open your mind to something new and different. There is risk involved when you refuse to open your mind to something new and different. Both options exist at the moment but the scales seem to be tipping in favor of taking the risk to open your mind to something new. Deciding is never easy for Libra. She sees advantages and disadvantages in equal measure in most options. But the facts before you may be unusually convincing – and uncomfortable if you can’t change. The Sun, Venus, and Vesta in your 9th house of “expansion through adventure” suggests the promise of a future that feels more interesting and more passionately alive. Your adjustments may involve a transformation of the nature of what you’ve always supported in the past. It’s time to end an unworkable commitment to supporting the appearance of stability. It’s time to support something truly stabilizing and internally driven.

SCORPIO (October 21 – November 21)
It is likely that you may feel the potential for something refreshing beginning to bubble to the surface – something unprecedented and interesting that replaces a negative, unchanging, fixed mindset. On the surface of your life events occur that could be considered unfortunate and disheartening. But something amidst the unfortunateness hold promise in the form of a stirring breakthrough. Your job is to reconsider your standard approach, your actions, and your perspective. Through the power of your will and a willingness to forgo ego-enhancing outcomes, you turn the tide, break the patterns, and set something free. There is an abundance of love involved, emerging clarity, and maybe undiscovered talent. You may be working with misguided brilliance now in the process of finding its way home nd making itself useful.

SAGITTARIUS (November 21- December 21)
This week feeding your soul and breaking open a part of you that’s been fixed and immoveable amounts to an act of kindness and generosity you wouldn’t normally consider. Within the realm of relationships you make yourself bigger than life and deliver powerful statements about who you are and where you stand. You’re opinionated and, almost to a fault, feel that you’re right. But being right may be your enemy this week. It’s time to back down in a way that opens some new doors for you – and others as well. What this may look like is an embrace of forgiveness, or empathy, or compassion, toward someone who “doesn’t actually deserve it.” But as you “back up the bus” you enter territory that pays great dividends for acts of kindness. The deepest recesses of your mind and heart become accessible to you in unprecedented ways. You find a graceful way to navigate through what you’ve previously considered unnavigable.

CAPRICORN (December 21-January 21)
Capricorn goes to great lengths to do things right. Inevitably they work harder than the next guy to achieve their high standards. They stay focused on their goals and keep their eye on the ball. But being human at times you make mistakes and fail. While attempting to downplay your mistakes publicly, privately you mercilessly beat yourself up. Your ego has now ripened to a point of flexibility that represents a window of opportunity. Time to acknowledge that within the big scheme you haven’t always understood how your mistakes actually saved you from yourself and your version of how things should be. You don’t always know best. In the interest of a personal truce, now is a great time to recognize the truth. The curve balls you’ve been thrown triggered some of your more fortunate detours. It seems you are in the process of recognizing that “mysterious powers” sometimes run the show – an aspect of you you’ve traditionally sidelined and might want to reconsider. Time to say thank you for all the times things went wrong.

AQUARIUS (January 21-February 21)
Aquarius may be forced to reconsider the icy part of their nature that keeps them safe, detached, and unknown. Actually, even if you’re not backed into some complicated corner, it may be difficult to contain the energy that’s emerging in your 5th solar house. Something more interesting and alive is emerging in the form of love. This week an analytical approach to undoing some old stuckness is not nearly as effective, or mind bending as what defies logic. Love deeply felt and more openly expressed may lead you to a discovery of flexibility and compassion. Courage is required as well as a willingness to sacrifice some useless but steadfast part of your ego. Vulnerability is not your forte. But the power of love is a shortcut to unraveling something persistently painful. Effort in the direction of love rather than thought makes all the difference. This week you may have the opportunity to witness how well it works.
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PISCES (February 21-March 21)
There is something bubbling to the surface that is old and endlessly interesting. You may be in the process of resurrecting something about you you forgot about yourself. Interestingly it may be the most fundamental piece of who you are – the bedrock of your personality. For years it’s been “set in stone,” persistently immoveable, crystalized, and placed “on ice.” But now it’s beginning to feel fluid, effervescent, and exciting. The ice is melting. You now seem capable of opening to some new, more truthful version of who you are. A “mental feat” or the grasp of some new information could align what’s been historically and chronically misaligned. What’s been crystalized is the knowledge of how your flexible and richly resources mind provides you with stability. An old mindset you stubbornly held onto for the purpose of stabilizing yourself gives way. In the process you discover what it is that actually stabilizes you and it all gets more interesting from here. .
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