Horoscopes for the Week of 5/11 – 5/17

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Yesterday I read an article in the NYTimes by Daniel Shapiro that seemed relevant to the current astrology – as news articles often are. Shapiro trains diplomats in the art of peaceful resolution. His theory is that success amounts to breaking free of something he calls “repetition compulsion” – the mindless repetition of an emotionally ingrained pattern that perpetuates conflict and pain.

His training involves teaching diplomats to resist the urge to respond in compulsive rather than effective ways through a process of self-analysis, elevating awareness, and a willingness to question what motivates their behavior. He explains how the same process could help the wife who suddenly leaves her husband – a man who has berated her for years – but is unable to sustain the separation and quickly returns to him. Leaving a bad situation is a superficial change if not followed by the difficult work of uprooting the compulsions that made it possible, in the first place, for her to play a role she didn’t want to play.

Jupiter’s recent move into direct motion, in the sign of Virgo, urges us to free ourselves of repetition compulsions, bad habits, and all the things that make us less than useful to ourselves. Ruling the 6th house of “perfecting the self” Virgo’s job is to lay the groundwork for a more satisfying role within the realm of relationships (the 7th house).

Jupiter travels through each sign of the Zodiac for one year. Jupiter’s cycle is 12 years. On August 12th, 2015 he entered the sign of Virgo and will continue to travel through that sign until September 10th, 2016 when he transits into Libra – the sign of relationships.

Since August of 2015 you may have noticed taking hold a more critical approach to yourself and your life – as well as an intensification of your compulsions. Jupiter’s job is to magnify your imperfections so that you can clearly see and feel what they are. Perfecting your personality is the objective. Paying attention to your health, bad habits, the ineffective methods you mindlessly employ, your lack of self-discipline and follow-through, continues to be emphasized.

In retrograde motion Jupiter helps us identify our flaws. In direct motion we take action to fix them. (Jupiter turned direct on Monday, May 9th)

Repetion compulsion, whatever you think of the concept, is symbolized by Pluto in Capricorn. This week Mercury (analysis) and Venus (relationships) align in Taurus, while Pluto harmoniously aligns with them both. Now that we can more clearly see how we act mindlessly against our best interests, while being given the opportunity to completely transform those tendencies through self-discipline, heightened awareness, and this week, lots of support from the cosmos.

Mid September Jupiter transits into the sign of Libra when relationships will be magnified for better or worse. Between now and then the positive personality changes you make (or don’t) determine the kind of relationships you’ll attract and the kind of role you’ll be able to play.

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ARIES (March 21-April 21)
Mars, as he backtracks, continues to energize (for the purpose of healing) old wounds related to being confused, impractical, self-sacrificing, sick, alone, and/or in the dark about things you’ve decided you should have been aware of. So there’s that. And then there’s the part of you that is increasingly clear about the source of your powerlessness and the source of other’s powerlessness. The best part is that you’ve become incredibly skilled at the art of diagnosing the source of a problem…and maybe the remedy. Your methods are unusually efficient these days. You tend to do no more and no less than needed to achieve results. It’s time to trust that and to let your confidence soar as a result. As you become increasingly useful to others make sure you’re also becoming increasingly useful to yourself. Specifically make sure you’re methodically nourishing your future as an authority in your field. You may have less time than think to prepare. By December of 2017 we’ll all be looking to you for the answers.

TAURUS (April 21-May 21)
If your thinking about starting a creative project it’s now time to take some practical action. If you’re beyond the “thinking stages” you may now feel a surge of energy beginning to move your creation forward. Progress becomes easier. Things fall into place. During the creative process Taurus can be a tireless worker, the “supportive essence” of whatever the work in progress happens to be, the self-sacrifer, the one willing to jeopardize their fundamental needs for some overriding cause or mission. Now it’s time to do things differently than you have in the past. There is no excuse. Most likely experience has taught you what it is that tends to end you up in a bad place. Now you must, at any given moment, be consciously aware of your level of joy and your ability to relax. It’s critical to your success. Make sure you are highly discriminating as you choose your methods, design your schedule, and, if applicable, the people involved. If it looks like it might sabotage your happiness don’t do it. You may now have the luxury of doing it your way. Insist on it.

GEMINI (May 21-June 21)
Pluto residing in your 8th solar house for many years to come, gives you magical powers to transmute energy. It also makes your emotional life very intense and probably extremely complicated. As Venus and Mercury align beautifully with your source of power it is possible to create great beauty out of something primal and maybe darkly compulsive. Jupiter, now moving direct, clarifies for you the dark material you have to work with. Information coming through dreams or spontaneously emerging from your subconscious mind is supportive, clear and directive. Whatever primal and possibly repulsive parts of your nature you have the courage to acknowledge and embrace can be transmuted into something beautiful and life-giving. If you have no idea what I’m talking about now may be the perfect time for you to research practical magic methods and techniques through source that specializes in highly sensitive people and their gifts. Here’s one reliable and inspiring source www.annaholden.com

CANCER (June 21-July 21)
This week the clarity of the messages you’re receiving is astounding. Guidance in the form of symbols, signs, and synchronous events, while usually confusing, now appears to clarify what actions you need to take. Clarified is some method, attitude, habit, or style of work that works best for you – especially in delicate situations. Now, after a year of critical self evaluation and a tendency to be confused by the absence of boundaries, a clear vision for the future, what you believe, and the prospect of some higher education option or responsibility, something critical is being clarified. Now you can count on the clarity of your thoughts. Your challenge is to trust them and to allow them to guide your actions, especially those that may significantly alter the trajectory of your future. It is possible to actualize your dreams through practical planning, specific goals, timetables, focus, and unwavering loyalty to what works best for you.

LEO (July 21-Aug 21)
This may be a week when it pays to not let your emotions and dreams for a bigger, better, easier future get in the way of rational thought. Those presenting big, lucrative, “promising” deals may not actually be willing or able to follow through. The conflict for you is deciding between what sounds too good to be true and what is actually true. Money may be at stake…a lot of it. What may also be at issue is something that seems too easy. If skipping steps is involved beware. If having to make a quick decision seems necessary take a step back. Financially, since last August, you’ve learned a lot – mostly through direct experience – about the “cost of money” what’s worth spending your time and energy on, what’s not, and how things can initially appear to be promising while eventually costing too much in the end. Your lessons continue until the second week in September when a clarification of your values, your sense of self worth, and financial stability is achieved. In the meantime you’re getting more comfortable with a more discriminating, internally driven approach to conserving your resources and saying no.

VIRGO (August 21-September 21)

Virgo is the very beginning of a cycle of expansion. A discriminating approach to life is natural and reflective of the Virgo’s way of being. Now is a time to be especially discriminating about what it is you want to bring into your life or hold onto for the next 28 year cycle. Where do you most want to direct most of your energy at this time? As of last August you began to sense what was worthwhile for you and what may actually be a lost cause. Now the rubber meets the road, so to speak, and you actually have to take some action to decide what you will save and what you will release, what you will engage and what you will withdraw from, where you will focus and what is no longer deserving of your attention. This is a critical phase. This week look for things to be clarified. Take some active steps to begin to unravel what needs to be unraveled as you free your energy to be directed toward something more promising, challenging, meaningful, and inspiring.

LIBRA (September 21-October 21)

This week the objective is to make what is dark, painfully complicated, regrettable, and repulsive, beautiful through a deliberate process of simplification. It is possible that what you’ve accumulated over the past 11 years is, at least partly, deeply regrettable. As it festers in darkness within the deepest recesses of your mind, its toxic nature intensifies making you chronically uneasy and maybe progressively more desperate. Now is your chance to fix this through methods that reflect humility, compassion, and a deep acknowledgement of your human nature. Consider the possibility of saying you’re sorry for something especially embarrassing and repulsive. Consider the possibility of actually trying to remember all your “not so finer” moments and writing them down. You are a co-conspirator in the process of magnifying your flaws. That serves a purpose for awhile. But now, as Jupiter turns direct, it’s time to reduce them to their rightful scale by exposing them, in some creative way, to the light of day. The fix is to stop cultivating compulsive guilt and madness by acknowledging its source. Yes I did that, yes I’m human, yes I’m sorry, no I can’t change the past, yes I’ll do my best to be better, and yes I’m movin on. Simple and beautiful.

SCORPIO (October 21 – November 21)
This week the cosmos energizes your innate preference for relationships that are highly romantic, sensually satisfying, those that transport you into sublimely beautiful and elevated places where the boundaries between you and another dissolve and meld you into one living, breathing entity of light, completely and totally in love, telepathically connected, and sexually aroused, as the world fades into the background. This week is your time to connect on a deeper, higher level. Hopefully, especially this week, you will engage your self-discipline and ability to focus to keep anything that compulsively undermines intimacy in check. You may find that it’s not as difficult as you thought it would be if you stay focused. In fact you may be able to permanently let go of whatever compulsions stand in the way of your dream of how relationships should be and what love actually is.

SAGITTARIUS (November 21- December 21)
Sometimes things just flow along with an aura of grace and beauty. Pieces fall into place magically, and assistance reigns down when you least expect it. Sometimes you can easily finesse situations, bending them in the direction you most prefer. Sometimes you can relax and everything works out anyway. This week is not one of those weeks. Everything it seems may require some messy or awkward type of adjustment. You may recognize the need for some change in your approach to your work that can trigger something more expansive. Your entire life direction may need to change in some big way and you’re fast approaching the time when it will be important to set that in motion. By the third week in June you will be getting some very clear messages as to what your next right move might be. This week it may be time to consider how supportive you are of yourself and your dreams. If the answer is “not very,” this week you could act on some practical plan to improve your financial situation. This week the Cosmos is unusually helpful in that regard.

CAPRICORN (December 21-January 21)
Your sensitivity may be working for you in very practical ways, healing and moving you forward toward a more expansive kind of freedom. You may feel inspired to travel as that would reflect your expanding inner space. Boundless ideas challenge an old, deeply rooted rigidity and inner limitation. You have conquered inner demons and opened doors in the process. You’ve come to the end of a long, hard road. Through your tireless efforts, patience, steadfastness, and pain, you’ve earned the right to live a life of emotional freedom. You are gaining some direct access to subconscious information that can be used in very creative, possibly healing ways. Your mind is filled with things that seem to defy communication and the right words. But this week you’re being supported in ways that suggest it’s worth a try. You have something healing to say and there is the possibility you could say it beautifully. Exposure to nature, sensual pleasures, physical grounding, music, and timeless works of art enliven some magical inner process that makes the impossible possible.

AQUARIUS (January 21-February 21)
There is a current influence of some dark, possibly depressing feelings regarding powerlessness, your life direction, relationships, and possibly your living arrangements. It may seem that relationships unduly influence what you are and are not able to accomplish. Focusing on and cultivating what you can control is your mission. Broadening your perspective to include some unusually brilliant solution may be possible in the end. In the meantime consider the possibility that your repetitive compulsion may be to do what it takes to feel emotionally secure in the notion that you can fully and perfectly actualize success and your distinct life purpose within the time frame you have designated. Accompanying that is the negative belief that you do not deserve to be robustly financially supported in that effort. Time to deal with your inner self in some intense way, to be more truthful than you’ve been in the past, and to take back some power. Consider meditating to Beethoven’s Symphony 7 movement 2 to shake loose what has crystalized.
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PISCES (February 21-March 21)
Pisces may be in the throes of realizing that the life they have is not really satisfying enough. Something suppressing your passion – most likely some repetitive compulsion involving life, death, fear, and the need to remain hyper-vigilant, keeps you from skillfully using your innate talent for taking risks that work out very well for you. Your heart is longing for something you haven’t been willing or able to provide for while. But it seems you’re coming to the end of that road. Settling for less than a full-throated approach to living may be reaching the end of its natural cycle. This week impatience may intensify. Now it may be time to backtrack over your goals for yourself. Do they still inspire you? If not write down some new, more adventurous ones that would. Now is a good time to carefully calculate exactly what needs to be done to change your life. By the end of June you may be on your way, with a clear outline of what needs to be done and a realistic, but exacting time table.
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