Horoscopes for Week of April 27th – May 3rd

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This week there are different subplots depending on your sign, but the main story continues to revolve around the current Saturn/Neptume closing square. This is basically a crisis point within a long thirty-five year cycle of alternating conflict and cooperation between Saturn (structure and stability) and Neptune (vulnerability, dissolution, and vital invisible connection).

The current 35 year cycle began in March of 1989 with a fusion of Saturn/Neptune energy. In March of 1989 the Exxon Valdez oil tanker smashed into the Bligh reef spilling 38 million gallons of crude oil into the Arctic’s Prince William Sound – a significant and devastating human-caused environmental disaster. That set the tone and defined the challenge for the next 35 years.

Astrologically the story began in 1989 as Saturn and Neptune converged at 11 Degrees of Capricorn. A Student of Nature Lecturing is the the Sabian Symbol defining the meaning and the challenge. It refers to a natural experience (or disaster) that teaches lessons about the dangers of failing establish protective structures for what is fragile, vulnerable, and critically essential to the perpetuation of life.

The first crisis point and intensification within the cycle was the opening square in June of 1998. At that time a massive industrial accident in Spain caused the release of five million cubic meters of toxic heavy metals into a pristine Marsh/Wetland causing widespread wildlife genetic mutations.

The next crisis point occurred in August of 2006. At that time the Supreme court of the U.S. issued a decision that greatly complicated the ability of the Clean Water Act to protect the environment in the U.S.

At the outset of the closing square in the fall of 2015 – the let crisis point – the Philippines launched the first national human rights investigation into 50 big polluters. In the U.S. Greenpeace aerialists and “kayactivists” stopped a Shell Oil tanker from passing through Portland on its way to drill for oil in the Arctic. Shell ultimately decided to scrap the project altogether.

On a personal level, through 2024, the question continues to be “are you willing to establish and enforce protective life structures that prevent the destruction of the fragile connections and vulnerable dreams essential for your future survival. Now through October of 2016 we remain at a crisis point. Changing the structure of your life may be necessary. Addressing high levels of stress, bad habits, addictions to convenience, and short term profiteering that fails to take fragile but vital elements of your welfare into consideration is the challenge. Life changing adjustments may be required and you may be in the planning stages.

On Thursday Mercury turns retrograde in the sign of Taurus. We revisit issues related to money, resource management, respect for natural processes, and the maturation of relationships. This week we may refocus and clarify what we’re willing to fight for.

Influencing our retrospective look is the desire to re-establish a lost connection within the family – our own family, our extended family, and the entire human family. The wounded healer Chiron, in the sign of Pisces, aligns harmoniously with the exact point at which Mercury retrogrades (23 degrees Taurus). Healing opportunities abound as Taurus (earth) and Pisces (water) combine to set up perfect conditions for the growth of a healthy state of mind. Taurus comforts us as we acknowledge that despite personal doubts, we are caught up in timeless cycles of continual regeneration and renewal.

On Friday Venus moves from the tumultuous sign of Aries into the more tranquil sign of Taurus. Venus helps us to establish some new kind of stability and balance. She smoothes and soothes as she aligns us with natural rhythms. To everything there is a time and a season. Under the powerful realm of Taurus influences we sense that desperation has no place and makes no sense.

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ARIES (March 21-April 21)
On Friday Venus moves out of your first house and into your second where she helps you to solidify a kinder, gentler way of relating to your innate talents and the inner resources you possess. Venus in the second house (as well as newly retrograding Mercury) encourages you to recognize and prioritize your artistry, your sensitivity to beauty and music, and your ability to simplify as you search for solutions to complicated problems. It may be time for you to re-order and beautify your immediate environment to reflect back to you the beauty of your most natural way of being. It would be stabilizing. It could feed your soul in deeply satisfying ways. And it could unleash your true power in ways you wouldn’t expect. Patience is your friend. Venus wants you to slow down and know the depths of your worth. That becomes easier when you surround yourself with finely crafted luxuries, things that endure, music, art, simplicity, comfort, and good food. From a practical standpoint less is more this week, except when it comes to pleasing your senses. Time to indulge.

TAURUS (April 21-May 21)
On Friday Venus emerges from the deepest recesses of your mind – where she’s been residing for the past three weeks. She brings to the surface gifts from the stockpile of treasures buried deep within. She makes your life easier and your appearance more beautiful. And she helps you to solidify the free floating ideas for some trail-blazing cause you may want to initiate. Now you are the calm, constant leader, the wiser partner who knows how to infuse love into new beginnings, as old struggles melt away. You’ve given birth to a new way of relating to others – and to the world – and that may be taking on a rich life of its own. Venus is in charge of your beginnings as she always is. Lucky you. This calls for a makeover of some kind, a conscious effort to grow into your new skin and your emerging role. Some careful consideration may be in order for the next three weeks. This may involve attending to the details of ending an old way of relating, or something that increases your independence and stabilize your financial picture. By June 1st you’ve got it under control and your calm confidence is evident.

GEMINI (May 21-June 21)
This week your secret thoughts, most intimate spiritual connections, dreams, and intuitive messages are reconsidered, against the backdrop of health issues and profound healing experiences. The role magic and mystery plays in your life takes center stage as future creations gestate, passions simmer, and you wait. This week Venus moves into the most spiritually sensitive area of your life (the 12th house). She has a deeply calming inner effect facilitating a type of stability and grounding that may feel be unprecedented. It may be unusually easy for you to let go and relax. The value of designing and enacting rituals that involve the healing power of nature and reflect your deepest feelings and current mysterious revelations may be worth considering. A new dimension is added to the sacredness of your life when you materialize symbolically what’s going on within the depths of your being – and consciously and deliberately cultivate it. Your healing power intensifies as you pay attention and find ways to beautifully express what is basically beyond words.

CANCER (June 21-July 21)
On Thursday Mercury changes direction in your 11th house of friends and allies as you reconsider their worth and value to you. What is it you need from them and what do they provide. More importantly how do they clarify your thinking about complicated love affairs, child issues, and your own heart-felt need to create a masterpiece that exposes and highlights the darkness and hidden treasures most of us shy away from. Society’s taboo “hot buttons” – sex, death, occult interests, base motivations, and strange compulsions – are carefully regulated. Specifically they encourage people like you to keep your mouth shut, especially in polite company. Unfortunately that interferes with your creative impulses and we all suffer as a result. Which friends encourage the opposite? Which ones encourage you to talk about anything you want to talk about, however messy and socially repulsive, or mysteriously beautiful and deeply sourced? This is a period of clarification for you. Chances are you have some gifts waiting for you this week in the form of exactly the type of friends you need.

LEO (July 21-Aug 21)
The Sun, now in your 10th house of ambition, highlights the strategies you use to accomplish something challenging and substantial. Your challenges are inherently complicated.The ability to take many competing factors into consideration and to keep them under control – including human feelings and human error – requires intelligence, strength, and the appearance of a calm, relaxed, confident style and approach. Playing that role takes some doing. The potential for disaster and disorganization always looms just beneath the surface. The danger of an eruption is ever-present. This week it is critical to cultivate calm in order to achieve your objectives. It is likely that a window of opportunity will emerge and it can feel pivotal – a moment that is ripe for you to seize control and make things happen before anyone knows what “hit” them. It’s an unexpected period of ease and flow that can make something tricky and difficult relatively effortlessly. As you dodge gun fire (metaphorically) and avoid land mines, stay alert for the quiet opportunity of ease that’s handed to you. It’s a gift.

VIRGO (August 21-September 21)

Virgo’s may be sensitive to Mercury’s change in direction on Thursday. The time seems ripe to reverse the course of something – to change your focus, your methods, your motivation, or your career goals. For the sake of your future, what motivates you is, at the moment, an especially interesting question. Fear most likely plays too big a role, especially within the realm of money and relationships. It’s time to put a stop to that because it doesn’t give you the freedom to make decisions you would prefer to make. It forces you to make decisions your afraid not to make and keeps you stuck within some powerless, self-sacrificing role. Venus (until Friday) makes it easier to rebel against this tendency. She facilitates risk-taking and any willingness to take direct action on your real desires. She smoothes the way if you want to release fear as a motivating factor. On Friday she moves you into your 9th house as you experience a new perspective on your future and expanded possibilities. It’s time to reconsider stability, fear, and your future. This week is a good time to take back some power as you put an end to the confining influence of fear.

LIBRA (September 21-October 21)

Libra experiences a change in focus as Venus, her sign ruler, moves from the tumultuous and fiery sign of Aries into the more tranquil and stabilized sign of Taurus. Life and relationships take on a less conflicted and desperate feel. It seems you’ve acquired the means and the methods to not only survive, but thrive. Your life is in the process of ripening for some new beginning that occurs in September. Over the summer you will finish the paperwork, put an end to ineffective methods, come to some conclusions, make some decisions, and notice what you used to believe but no longer do. More exciting, though, is the prospect of planning your future and envisioning what you can now accomplish as a result of what you’ve learned and the dues you’ve already paid. The world is about to open up to you in ways that were previously impossible. Venus encourages you to take stock of the abundance of valuable resources you’ve accumulated – just for the fun of it.

SCORPIO (October 21 – November 21)
Pluto in your 3rd house of connections, communication, mindsets, and decisions tends to make things very complicated. There never seems to be an effective escape hatch that could allow you to slip gracefully around overwhelming problems. It can all feel very confining and hopeless. But this week Venus makes a move to resolve something you’ve deemed unresolvable – effortlessly. Someone may decide on their own to be reasonable. An enduring love may put things into some new and refreshing perspective. Your mind may relax for awhile as you contemplate the big picture, what you value most, and increasing evidence of invisible support that is always there for you. In the scheme of things, what you have in your possession may seem, for a change, like just enough. It’s good to remember that a change in perspective or meaning precedes a resolution or breakthrough. Resistance to a change tends to keep things in an unworkable state. Whatever your situation, Venus has your back this week.

SAGITTARIUS (November 21- December 21)
The way you present yourself to the world, the role you play, the impact you have, how effective you are, and how courageous is a part of your life that is now being clarified for you in the starkest, most unforgiving ways. You may feel that you’re not what you “pretend to be” – not nearly as exemplary or adequate as you had hoped. The struggle may intensify this week as you try to present yourself to yourself under some flattering but distorted light. You’re seeing your flaws more clearly, and the meaning you ascribe to your clearly imperfect state is important. Not only is it important, it’s potentially life-changing, freeing, and comforting. You actually don’t know everything but your standards are probably high and most likely you consistently try your best. The best you can hope to attain is some improvement but not perfection. So the advice is to relax into that most natural, human state of being and to feel inspired by your membership in a race that tends to fall short of their own expectations but keeps trying. There is something touchingly beautiful about the human condition. This week you may acknowledge that.

CAPRICORN (December 21-January 21)
This is a good week for Capricorn to contemplate an expansion of some kind – a freeing experience that changes their perspective and beliefs about the way life could be. Gestating quietly is some reluctant concession to the need for direct experience that broadens your perspective and influence while quieting the fears that keep your life carefully structured and predictably safe. There is great power accumulating beneath the surface of your life urging you to grow into more of yourself – the big part of you that tends to keep dreams, feelings, ideas, and beliefs hidden from others – but also from yourself. This week it may be a good idea to expose yourself to others and to share a part of yourself that’s been “a quiet work in progress.” What you’ve created through a slow, thoughtful, building process reveals who you are and what you value. You are in a position to provide for others the inspiration they need to launch something of lasting value. The kinds of intangible things you’ve accumulated through love, persistence, and patience can never be taken away. Others want what you have and feel inspired by you to make it happen.

AQUARIUS (January 21-February 21)
Aquarius may be met with some new insight this week that clarifies for them what they’ve never understood about their “inner workings.” Since the end of 2008 what lurks beneath has been a central issue and will continue to be until 2024. Now you’re past the half-way point and there is some clarity and insight beginning to unfold. This week the focus may be on getting to the source of your compulsiveness, your obsessions, or remembering the time when you decided you couldn’t trust yourself and were left essentially powerless. This week the Sun highlights your past. Venus facilitates the remembrance of exactly what it is you need to remember and reconsider this week – or a connection with a family member who can magically heal what ails you. It seems especially important that you share what you learn, that you allow some new understanding to influence your communication, your mindset, your beliefs, and your perspective going forward. Those who love you want to know you better.
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PISCES (February 21-March 21)
When it comes to background, support, and stability Pisces may find a mixed bag – a split (or disconnection) that provides them, on one hand, with the best of all worlds, and on the other, the worst. Some difficult decisions within families, or those decisions you have made yourself, may have left you hobbled and in pain, left with an inability to live your life to the fullest. Haunting or vague memories leaves at least half of you powerless and sad. Now is a time when you can “build a bridge over the gorge” that splits you in two – with lots of help from magic, guidance, and inner urges moving you in the right direction. Now is the time when you decide to decide, to complete the unfinished paperwork, and to travel backwards in time to reconnect with what was lost. It’s a mission with widespread consequences for yourself, your family, your ancestors, and the world – and it’s greatly facilitated this week by Venus.
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