Horoscopes Week of Mar. 30th – April 5th

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This week the need to eliminate some old pattern that can be traced back many lifetimes, intensifies. Mars energizes Neptune the ruler of the South Node. Taking action to release old habits and patterns rooted in a belief that suffering, martyrdom, and avoidance is necessary is likely. Breaking ties with old patterns is especially easy now as Venus (ease and support) aligns with Chiron (healing) and the South Node (dissolving old patterns)

You are being challenged to develop new connections to various parts of yourself that have been severed. You may have severed those connections or they simply died from lack of nourishment. The task is simplified and clarified as Saturn, now in retrograde motion, takes you deep within. Restoring yourself to a greater degree of wholeness and health is the opportunity.

You may feel your options narrowing as circumstances in a specific area of life deteriorate, or an awareness of the increasing limitation and unsustainability of your current approach begins to sink in. Stress levels increase and you may feel exhausted, uninspired, or powerless. But the situation is not as difficult to fix as it may initially seem.

The Sun moves into promising alignment with Saturn this week. As you move deeper within you may come in contact with the source of frustrating patterns and the option of uprooting those. The Sun may shine a light on something previously obscured, fueling your focus and determination. Saturn provides the self-discipline necessary to move forward despite fear.

Now is the perfect time to correct a mindset that has historically led you in the wrong direction. But your mind is being batted about under conflicting influences. One influence says keep everything “safe,” work harder, and continue to rely on old strategies for your survival. The other says “times up” – in fact it’s past time for a significant change. The conflicting impulses create energy, impatience, and frustration that needs to be channeled. Lashing out verbally with something particularly destructive may feel uncontrollable. Take a deep breath and allow your higher self time to intervene before maliciously stating the truth. Conveying the truth confidently and kindly may be a challenge but the truth needs finally to be part of the equation. Be willing to state it and to hear it, despite fear and resistance.

If you’re a victim of someone else’s tirade at least you have some insight into knowing that it’s probably not about you. You were just the last straw in a long, painful, drama that’s been raging inwardly for too long.

Solitary walks that clear your mind, calm you down, and keep you grounded may be especially helpful this week.

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ARIES (March 21-April 21)
Aries is making us all a little nervous at the moment. Impatient and angry, adventurous and exciting, forceful and unpredictable, Aries seems to feel the need to fight for her survival and she’s ready. At the risk of unleashing the firestorm that could erupt at any moment, I have to say, it’s time. Your mind is no longer willing to respect its traditional boundaries and limitations – especially regarding what you will say and what ideas you will allow yourself to entertain. Your beliefs are changing in ways that destroy the old rules you had in place for yourself. There is risk involved, but that “being the edge” feeling brings some important parts of you back to life. What has festered in the past is the oppressed, angry, resentful, bitch (Black Moon Lillith) hurt and restricted too many times within the realm of relationships. She is fueling the change that is needed. To the extent that you can consciously connect with her, I would advise trying. She works in your favor if you acknowledge her presence. If you pretend she doesn’t exist she can wreck lots of havoc.

TAURUS (April 21-May 21)
Taurus is a calm consistent force that moves slowly toward change. For the most part, the rest of us can count on you being the “rock of Gibralter” the comforting one who remains unchanged and steadfast no matter how chaotic a situation becomes. But there are signs of an impending earthquake and we feel it. Taurus is getting ready, after years of stability, to make an important and lasting change. Something beneath the surface is tumultuous at the moment clarifying for them what can no longer be sustained. They’re in the process of ramping it up and to say this will come as a shock to some of us is an understatement. But some of us will be relieved and feel even more comforted in your presence as a result. Not that it matters what the rest of us think and hopefully you find this transition too important to allow others to sway you one way or another. By April 19th you may emerge from a period of darkness into some amazing new light. Your new beginning begins.

GEMINI (May 21-June 21)
New beginnings begin to unfold as your wide-ranging past experiences coalesce into something resembling a masterpiece – or a useful machine or theory that functions flawlessly when you least expect it. Amidst a mass of confusion and mystery you find the magic ingredients that move you in the direction of your most cherished dreams. Mars in Sagittarius may have you defending some “ingredient” that makes no sense to a partner who may fear magic and mystery, faith, and “unfounded” beliefs. Resolving that requires that you confront the doubts that remain about whether you will ultimately be able to achieve what you want to achieve – a happy, adventurous, spacious partnership AND the transcendent worldly success you wish for. A methodical approach that mimics putting one foot in front of the other calmly and consistently, analyzing what’s effective and what’s not, adjusting, organizing, and doing what it takes to keep your head clear contributes the most (at this point in time) to your ultimate success.

CANCER (June 21-July 21)
As your future direction begins to manifest it may catch you off guard, requiring some adjustments and accommodations. Your best laid plans, designed in advance to bring you what you hoped for, got lost in translation (sort of). The basic outline of what’s emerging may be recognizable, but something surprisingly different from what you had planned may suddenly make an appearance. This requires you to open your mind to the possibilities, even though those may be difficult to organize and control. What you’re being presented with is something exiting, trailblazing, and unique. There may be no formula you can follow to make it unfold as you wish. You may have to be willing to jump on this train and trust that it will lead you to a better place than you could have imagined or planned for. The experience seems designed to teach you the value of knowing the limits of your mind and the importance of believing that the universe will bring you amazing outcomes if you believe that it will – and to consciously include that dimension of reality as you move forward.

LEO (July 21-Aug 21)
There is the possibility that new information or an opening of your mind may alter your future plans or change your perspective in some way. The Sun highlights your current urge to directly confront whatever stands in the way of an exciting future. At the moment you’re past experience with keeping it fun and upbeat definitely work in your favor. Friends and associations you’ve cultivated in the past open doors and keep things moving smoothly. It appears that your mind is undergoing a type of expansion that you may have resisted in the past. Suddenly the light bulb comes on when another conveyed their experiences to you, or a piece of random information lands on your desk. You may understand what it is that has baffled and blocked you for years and everything changes – especially within the realm of your most important relationships. Old beliefs that created limiting patterns with others may dissolve. It is now possible to eliminate some of the distance that has existed between you and another. It is possible you will make a breakthrough that renders you, as a communicator, a whole lot more interesting and effective.

VIRGO (August 21-September 21)

Virgo is ruled by Mercury so this may be an especially challenging week for you. A mind that is being pried open through various conflicting influences is not the kind of upheaval a Virgo seeks out. This may not proceed in an orderly fashion and I may be understating it. Money, power, support, death, and maybe sex are involved. Love affairs and children may enter into this equation just in case it’s not complicated or potentially explosive enough. The issue to be resolved is the existence of a blind spot within you that in some confusing and mysterious way prevents the solidification of relationships and ensures disappointment. It is possible that some reconnection this week, facilitated by Venus, illuminates the missing link providing you with a new understanding about the nature of your relationships and your fears. This understanding changes your beliefs and has the power to put your life back together in all the ways you would most prefer.

LIBRA (September 21-October 21)

Lit up this week seems to be some upheaval involving old ways of thinking about mutual support, responsibility, and power. Your mindset and your communication methods may be ineffective at the moment, forcing a change that you’d prefer not to make. You have outgrown the limits of your current problem solving capacity. An old belief keeps you locked in when you could be breaking free. Without some major realignment or cooperation by the weekend, the resentful “bitch from hell” lying dormant for years, comes flying out of the depths to destroy everything in her path. She’s been ignored, confined, and taken for granted for too long. Her unanticipated tirade has the capacity to wake everyone up – including you. She forces some kind of reconsideration. You may decide that it’s risky but necessary to be more faithful to passion and enjoyment than current commitments. You may decide to use some leverage you’ve avoided using in the past – or to lay down the law about some passive approach to responsibility and making needed improvements. Saying what needs to be said may be part of the bigger picture that reconnects you with the power to direct your life as you most prefer.

SCORPIO (October 21 – November 21)
Scorpio may feel energized this week to purge their space of everything old, toxic, or no longer useful. It’s time to make space for something more exciting and interesting. Said in a different way, it’s time, for the sake of your most important relationships, to cut out the mental gymnastics, the elaborate equivocations, and misleading communication flourishes. As Ernest Hemingway once advised for the treatment of writer’s block, simply write the truest statement you know. This week, in your case, for the sake of some much needed new beginning with the realm of relationships, consider voicing the truest statement you know – with no apologies. You are essentially in a relationship detoxification phase. It’s a once a year occurrence except for the fact that Uranus is involved making it a “once in a lifetime” occurrence. This opportunity for a unique pivotal relationship course correction will not come around again unless you live for another 84 years. Uranus offers a rare opportunity, possibly through unanticipated upheaval, to break with a mindset or set of beliefs that chronically blocks relationship progress and improvement. Consider opening your mind to the truest statement you know and to stating it with unprecedented confidence.

SAGITTARIUS (November 21- December 21)
Sagittarius may feel the strong urge to act in a way that has the potential to set them free. Having fun, feeling joyful, and being in love has stepped into the forefront of your current priorities. Some planets continue to demand that worry and fear should continue to be allowed free reign, but there’s too much energy in your 5th house – along with an ease and flow associated with releasing a painful past, to deter you now. Re-centering your life around joy and love is never a bad idea, but this week it’s an especially good, life-changing option for you. New information, new contacts, and a mind that is opening and especially sharp brings new excitement into your life. As you break the old safety rules you had for yourself, the world takes on a more hopeful and interesting tone. Mental breakthroughs give you back a joyful piece of yourself that had been MIA for awhile. Facing your fears regarding success, your physical health, or your need for a bigger life, is the price you pay for wholeness. It seems well worth it.

CAPRICORN (December 21-January 21)
It’s both a blessing and curse that Capricorn has honed the skill of being able to control when and where they will allow themselves to feel. It allows them to keep their focus on achieving goals. But this week it may be wise to disengage from that skill and to acknowledge memories and feelings that arise spontaneously. You may be warming to the idea of a deeper examination of the invisible, mysterious terrain that controls your style and approach to life. Information forgotten or obscured can have you acting automatically, in ways you’d prefer not to – or limiting your actions when you have the means to “go for it.” This week it is to your advantage – and easier because Venus is directly involved – to remember something unpleasant from the past and to deliberately sit with it for awhile. Give yourself time to fill in the blanks, to more carefully define vague impressions, and to feel once again what it was like to live through it. Giving your past your full attention is the spiritual equivalent of shining a light into darkness and reconnecting with an important missing piece of yourself. It’s about becoming whole and allowing the joy that was buried along with the pain to emerge.

AQUARIUS (January 21-February 21)
Old, deeply entrenched mental patterns are on the verge of extinction this week. A habitual approach to information or communication stands in the way of the progress you would like to make and the person you would like to be. Underlying your current approach is a primitive type of fear that results from a belief that your survival may be at stake – on some level. Fortunately the Sun emboldens you to face your fears as he moves into harmonious alignment with Saturn. our willingness to make mental breakthroughs, to seek clarity, to change your mindset and your beliefs so that your actions can also change, is the opportunity being presented. There is risk but you are caught in a dilemma that essentially gives you two options. You can stick with mental patterns and beliefs that have allowed you to “survive” within narrow, suffocating confines for the past three years. Or you can deal with the fear and return the flow of love and joy to your life and to your relationships. The second option actually makes “surviving” a much more attractive option.
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PISCES (February 21-March 21)
This may be the week when you take some action to learn what you’ve never really wanted to know. Mars is challenging a “head in the sand” strategy that prevents you from taking control of your life. You may have disconnected from a sense of your own competence. You can think. You can draw conclusion based on the evidence. You can put two and two together to come up with a plan that is both intelligent and highly effective. The good news is that there is also a place for your belief in magic and invisible support. As you clarify your situation, find ways to integrate strategies that you intuitively know will work best for you – despite any disagreement from those who supposedly know better. You have superior instincts and therefore a big advantage once fear is removed. One way to remove fear is to set a goal and to structure a challenging routine that requires self-discipline, and a willingness to stick with it until your goal is reached. Reconnecting with your sense of competence makes you whole and gives you back your power.
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