Horoscopes for the Week of March 2nd – March 8th

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This week we’re under the influence of the impending total New Moon Eclipse in Pisces. That event occurs next Tuesday (March 8th). I will post a feature article explaining its significance in detail later this week.

I’m using the eclipse chart to write horoscopes for each sign. A safe generalization leading up to this major cosmic event is that your dream life may be significantly enhanced and you may feel spaced out. As your sensitivity intensifies, guiding messages and important images mysteriously appear and disappear. Those messages may clarify the nature of your reality and the path forward.

Your current approach to life may be invalidated by a more wholistic point of view. Emphatic endings are set in motion, clearing the way for healthy new beginnings. Life changing decisions are contemplated. The emotional restructuring occurring under eclipse conditions often triggers a profound, but possibly delayed course correction.

Outward manifestation of inner change most likely occurs around Thanksgiving, 2016. I’ll have more to say on this.

In the meantime I want to mention that this is an especially auspicious time for the seeping of subconscious information into conscious awareness. The subconscious mind has the power to run your life from behind the scenes until a light is shone on its contents. Now is your chance. What’s been hidden and excluded becomes one with the whole under a Pisces Moon. What floats to the surface of consciousness can be extraordinarily valuable.

If you’re experiencing dreams or messages that seem important but you can’t decipher their meaning, consider the services of dream interpreter. (If you need a recommendation let me know.) At the very least keep a pen and paper at your bedside specifically for writing down dreams, messages, and impressions that capture your attention.

Giving the universe the message that you’re willing to act on the guidance you receive, if only to take time to consider it, is a good idea. She’s more likely to send you more info.

Thanks for reading and have a great week!


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ARIES (March 21-April 21)
There is some form of restriction, some withholding, persistent limitation, or impairment that you must accommodate – and it feels maddening. As you struggle to keep from sinking into an abyss of negativity, consider the possibility that what is being withheld from you may be working in your favor. All the cards are not yet on the table, but they soon will be and you’ll understand how it’s all part of a bigger picture that saves your future. You are stepping out of line, doing things your own way, trailblazing a path that forces you to make up as you go along. At the same time your rejecting something easier that would have landed you in the same future trap your ancestors fell into. It’s easy to feel that the cards are stacked against you but unseen cosmic forces are unusually supportive now. They are washing away lifetimes of restricted access to what can truly nourish you. Stay committed to unraveling the kinks in your psychological conditioning but know that you have an unusually active, invisible cosmic partner that’s working in the same direction, toward the same end.

TAURUS (April 21-May 21)
This eclipse has a tendency to pull disconnected pieces of your life into one, cohesive whole. The message for you is to find ways to enhance the beauty of your life by insisting that the motivation behind everything you create is emotion and feeling. Emotional aliveness can come and go but their are things you can do to revive it. I always suggest indulgence in the world of music, nature, food, sex, art, and luxuries. But your own ideas based on your own experiences are better. There is no sign that knows better than Taurus how to beautify, soothe, and provide exactly what’s needed – except when it comes to their own emotional life. Now is the time to do for yourself what you routinely do for others. Now is the time to change your patterns to align with nature’s patterns. Nothing in nature is forced, hurried, or doubted. Immerse yourself in natural settings this week until its wisdom seeps into your bones.

GEMINI (May 21-June 21)
Gemini’s 10th house of success is packed with Pisces planets signifying a dream come true, or a dream in the process of coming true. The eclipse reworks your emotional structure opening you to ever bigger dreams and greater potential. The limits of your imagination are being pushed out further. This week you may want to become familiar with the expansiveness of your range. Through the use of imagery and visualization you can begin to consider what you will do with newly acquired “territory.” You may find that you are capable of formulating even wilder, more far-reaching ideas than you have in the past. Your primary relationships may challenge you to courageously release what’s not working and to imagine something more aligned with the you you are becoming. The new inner space you’re acquiring allows you space to to reimagine your role within relationships and the world. This eclipse may eliminate guilt and replace it with a more all-encompassing strategic plan for the future.

CANCER (June 21-July 21)
Cancer’s future is highlighted under this impending Pisces eclipse. To know which future direction is most right for you, a discriminating, analytical, objective, inclusive remembering of your past is required. Identifying common themes, or a strand of thread that seems to run through everything you’ve done and everything you are is important now and greatly facilitated by the abundance of available Pisces energy. Pisces pulls things together. It makes whole scattered pieces of your life that have never seemed to fit together. It removes the haze and illusion to allow you to distinguish between what others love and need from you and what you love and need for yourself. Pisces diffuses guilt in a way that allows you to end something lingering and limiting. As you remember your past, what’s most important to identify is what it is you’ve always loved, what inspires you, what engages your soul, and infuses a magical element into your life. This gives you the framework you need to construct the future. The next step is to take some courageous action, no matter how small, to move toward something that fits with who you are and who you’ve always been.

LEO (July 21-Aug 21)
There is something deeply rooted within you that needs to be dissolved. It may take a major cosmic event – like the impending Pisces total eclipse – to release the foothold that some disabling tendency has on you. It may also take some awareness and willingness on your part to let it go. An inability or resistance to cooperation is most likely the issue and it may be throwing a monkey wrench into your life. You may remember a time when the rug was unexpectedly pulled out from under you and, from that point on, you may have decided it was dangerous to trust others. Micro-managing, oversimplifying, insisting on impossible standards, or being a workaholic, are signs of imbalance. It may be time to loosen your grip, to stop assuming that others are not trustworthy, or that cooperation is unecessary. You tend to attract natural rebels who are sensitive to being dismissed. Obviously that doesn’t work in your favor. Leos are great performers but others may need something more substantial. None of these tendencies feel deliberate or purposeful on your part. The motivating force seems to be a lack of awareness. Now is the perfect time for increasing awareness and taking control of your life. The cosmos is doing its part and it may never be easier.

VIRGO (August 21-September 21)

A Virgo without something in need of fixing can be a sad spectacle. Of what use are you if not to fix things for the rest of us? This Pisces Lunar Eclipse highlights the hidden and possibly underdeveloped side of Virgo – the side capable of recognizing and being receptive to love, beauty, kindness, and generosity. Virgo is an unusually hard, detail-oriented worker, but this week thinking in terms of relaxing a bit, recognizing what’s right with the world, and drinking it all in could be especially beneficial. It is likely that someone or something will send a generous amount of emotional nourishment your way – something delicate and rare. If you’re preoccupied with working hard, or busily assuming that no one could possibly be as useful to you as you are to them, you’ll miss it. This week requires you to soften, to listen, and to focus on a gift that is so perfect and sublime it doesn’t need any improvements. It just needs to be thoroughly appreciated and enjoyed.

LIBRA (September 21-October 21)

For Libra this eclipse may present as a deeply healing influence. Most likely it occurs beneath the surface of consciousness, beyond your control, guided by mysterious undercurrents and other-worldy forces. But any effort on your part to cooperate enhances the process. Making an effort to write down your dreams or to ponder and question usual events and feelings helps to integrate and advance healing changes. Massages, hot springs, silence, aloneness, music, quiet contemplation, and creating peaceful environments, enhances accelerated, beneath-the-surface integration. However healing takes place, it requires lots of energy. Conserving your energy reserves by taking a break, eating nourishing food, and simply slowing it down this week, ensures an ample supply. Be under no illusion that massive change isn’t occurring because you can’t see it or because you’re not orchestrating it. Trust, go with the flow, and know that you are being set free to access what you haven’t previously been able to access.

SCORPIO (October 21 – November 21)
Scorpios can spend their lives feeling guilty that their real sources of pleasure involves an escape from current realities. Now feels like the perfect time to honor what is is you love, what brings you more pleasure than anything else, what inspires you, transports you, uplifts your soul, makes you smile, and fills you with passion. Scorpio has a hard time reconciling what they love with a dutiful commitment to making themselves useful by taking responsibility for anything and everything that needs fixing. This Pisces eclipse seems to bend over backwards to highlight the far-reaching importance of being more receptive to and spending more time with your particular brand of pleasure. Scheduling time for pleasurable escapes, boldly refuting the guilt that may come along with that, and being more discriminating about identifying and rejecting the kinds of the kinds of of responsibility that interferes with your passions is the message.

SAGITTARIUS (November 21- December 21)
During this Pisces eclipse Sagittarius is challenged to commit to transforming and reworking their inner life. Forging some new connections with the past may be the basis for a creative endeavor that feeds your soul and triggers your passion. Essentially you are being handed the opportunity to be brought back to life by unearthing something old and valuable. You may define it as a ground-breaking discovery that could change your life and heal the world – and that may be what it is. Sagittarians are most well-positioned to take advantage of the powerful forces that accompany this new Moon eclipse. Be alert to an any idea that has nudged you in the past and seems to rebel against being dismissed or neglected. Now is the time to open your mind to something that feels unlikely or “too weird” because that may be what heals you. Now is the time time to consider an idea that has consistently run through your life in many different forms through many different kinds of experiences. Take some action in the direction of what feels exciting and deeply sourced.

CAPRICORN (December 21-January 21)
Like a Tsunami washing over and destroying imposing structures that have weathered many previous storms, this eclipse is powerful in unprecedented ways. If you’ve built your life around some limitation or impairment because you assumed it was permanent and that adapting was your only option, it may be time to un-assume that. Capricorn is a strong and sturdy structure but water is the most powerful element and it’s forcing both destructive and healing influences. Whatever is being washed away leaves in its wake newly fertile ground. It’s time to consider rebuilding the foundation of your life without the usual restrictions and rules you’ve always had to accommodate. Freeing your mind is the issue. A greater openness to future possibilities, to bigger ideas, and more expansive ways of living may be in the early planning stages. Be suspicious when your mind tells you to tone it down, make it smaller, to be more cautious, or more “realistic.” Your tendency is already to be all of that. You can afford to take some risk now because something fundamentally restricting is dissolving.

AQUARIUS (January 21-February 21)
It’s hard to overestimate the excitement and satisfaction Aquarius experiences from generating new ideas, learning new things,exchanging ideas with the brilliant minded, and keeping the brain in a constant state of stimulation – alive and active. If it weren’t for your need to contribute something of lasting value to the world, ideas alone might be enough to sustain you. Under this new Moon eclipse, Aquarius may be faced with the option of developing one idea and following through with the relatively unexciting, relentless, “nose to the grindstone” process of putting that brilliant idea into some useable form. Aquarian’s aren’t enthralled with follow through. They delude themselves into thinking it’s not necessary, or too confining, or that no one idea is worth the effort it would take to bring it into manifestation. If you’re lucky you may now find the one consistent thread that runs through your life – the life theme that ties everything together. And you will be less resistant to identifying the one idea you were born to pursue to completion.
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PISCES (February 21-March 21)
Pisces has a tendency to look for relationships that ground them. What they often end up with are relationships that dismiss, disappoint, overwhelm, negate, or diminish their ethereal, magically attuned approach to life. Said another way, Pisces tendency to mistrust themselves is no longer sustainable. The belief that another can fill the inner void that a mistrust of self creates is invalid. You may be in the process of deciding to end something that no longer feels vital or vitalizing. Making room for something new that does is the issue. You may not trust where this will lead you, but you must take some action, however small, that indicates the opposite. Your approach to life is pliable and shape-shifting, sensitive, artistic, vague, and deeply connected to mysterious guiding forces. It’s steadfastly reliable in its own mysterious way. Now is your chance to not only to consider the possibility that you do know what must come next, but to act on it.
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