Horoscopes for the Week of Mar. 9th – 15th

(Mosaic art – Jacqueline Iskander)

The backdrop this week is the ongoing massive sea change reflected in the dissolution of long standing structures. Many are threatened and some welcome the opening of the flood gates. Some of what’s being washed away we celebrate and some we mourn.

As Mercury moves progressively closer to a conflicting alignment with Saturn we sense that delaying difficult decisions is becoming more difficult. The pressure increases. If we don’t make decisions they will be made for us. As Saturn and Ceres move into conflicting alignment fear may choke off important sources of soul nourishment. We may crave something that’s difficult to define.

Saturn has progressed half way through Sagittarius and prepares to retrograde in a couple weeks. Anytime Saturn stalls in the middle degrees of a sign we begin to wonder if some difficult challenge is permanent. It’s not. Saturn is taking his time driving home his point. He’s not ready to move on until December of 2016 so we have some time to “get it right.” Solving dilemmas requires a Gemini focus (objectivity, clarity, learning, communication, writing, speaking, and listening with a more open mind) If you’re not telling the truth, or not open to hearing it, you’ve got some time to fix that. Attempts to revive your sense of humor may be richly rewarded.

Venus is highlighted this week because she’s changing signs – from Aquarius into Pisces – as if Pisces needs more emphasis 🙂 Apparently she does, and Venus adds elements of ease and love. She tends to make the dissolving elements of your life work in your favor. She easily transports you to the sublime places that are difficult to access. She give you gifts and asks nothing in return. She rewards you for the good things you may not remember doing. She eases your anxiety, calms the deepest recesses of your mind, and gives you the openings you need to end things gracefully. She facilitates the flow of abundance and, in Pisces, she adds a touch of beauty and magic to the ordinary. Don’t question her or get in her way. Just say thank you.

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ARIES (March 21-April 21)
Mars, your solar chart ruler, has an interesting and beautiful Sabian symbol this week – “The Ocean Covered with Whitecaps.” The key words for this symbol are irrepressibility and spirit-stirred consciousness. A restlessness of the soul and powerful turbulence may define your near future. The insight to be gained, according to Diana Roche, is that an individual flourishes and becomes successful as he allows himself to be inwardly inspired to fulfill his potential rather than allowing himself to be pushed and prodded by others to pacify their own needs. Turbulence facilitates the kind of progress and heeling you may need. Suppressing it may deny you the energy you need to get things moving in a dynamically vital direction. This week any important piece of you may be revived or awakened. If you’re restless keep moving. It may be time to let some wild instability run its course, even if you know how to tamp it down. This week turbulence may restore an abundant flow of nourishment to your soul.

TAURUS (April 21-May 21)
As Venus moves into your 11th Solar house, you have the opportunity to align your world with beauty. Innately you know how to do that. In the spirit of cooperation with Venus what’s most important is that you discriminate very carefully between allies and detractors. Venus may be giving you a graceful way to walk away from friendships, relationships, and associations that muddle your destined role as one born to make the world a lovelier place. It’s time so surround yourself with poets, photographers, musicians, artists, healers, sensitive, magical types who re-align you with the graceful core of your being. Joining one of their clubs or associations may be something to consider. Venus transports you, if you allow it, into a more sublime and sensitive place. This is an opportune time to get serious about your art, whatever that is. As always, if you’re sacrificing yourself to keep something alive and if doing so allows you to escape your artistic responsibility to yourself and the world, you’re not racking up any points for that.

GEMINI (May 21-June 21)
On Saturday Venus occupies the highest point in your Solar chart. Venus stands in a place of strengthened prominence in your life. Specifically your role in the world, as an authority and expert, is being cosmically facilitated. Venus’s role through April 5th is to make it easy for you to know which of your skills needs to be honed to a higher level of perfection. Knowing this helps you to cooperate with her as she works to dramatically advances your professional progress. Stay out of your own way and her way. Keep your nose to the grindstone, fully engage your self-discipline, practice, and learn to become really good at what Venus wants you to be really good at – something you love, most likely. If you have any guilt or reservations regarding your desire to elevate your authoritative position in the world, Venus provides you with a way to gracefully escort that to the exit door. Professionally things won’t be this easyd again until January of 2017. Keep that in mind as you fully receive the gifts you’re now being offered.

CANCER (June 21-July 21)
This week Venus advances into your solar 9th house. As a Cancer, this is a unique advantage for you. The 9th house tends to make anything within its realm bigger and more expansive – also more meaningful. So love, support, wisdom and growth are all greatly enhanced for you through April 5th. The best way to align yourself with Venus is to immerse yourself in something much larger than you. Contemplative walks through lush natural settings teach you what you need to know as you prepare to make a major move into the future. Thinking more deeply about what nature does without thinking helps you to imitate and adopt more effective and efficient strategies. Moving into your physical body, eliminating mental and emotional distractions, noticing what you notice, listening and learning from sensation is important over the next few weeks. If you can get to the mountains (or elevate yourself to the top floor), that more accurate perspective of your place in the world heals and transforms without the usual effort required.

LEO (July 21-Aug 21)
What you owe, in both the monetary and general sense, is highlighted this week. An accounting of how much you take versus how much you give may be in order. Chances are you you don’t owe as much as you thought you owed. You’ve given a lot and a lot will be returned to you. You simply must be receptive and the scales will automatically shift into balance. The challenge is to not resist another’s contributions or support because you’re too busy feeling guilty about not giving enough – or being enough. Until April 5th your mission is to improve your ability to recognize that you are not a one-man (or one-woman show), and that you will have a really hard time playing that role. You have too much of a need to be loved. It’s time to recognize the kindness, love, and support that forcefully flows in your direction this week if you allow it. It’s safe for you to accept what others are offering without feeling diminished as a valuable contributor in your own right. The challenge is to be able to receive all the gifts being sent your way. For you that may be tougher than it seems.

VIRGO (August 21-September 21)

There may be a harsh truth you resist acknowledging or verbalizing. Most likely it keeps your “range of motion” restricted, especially within the realm of relationships. You may be an expert at “keeping the lid on” the status quo but at great personal expense. Fear and censoring what you say may be choking off the soul-nourishment you need to survive. That can only be accessed within fear-free relationships. You (or a partner) may be saying or thinking the same things over and over to the point of detachment. The issue is to acknowledge the toll that fear is exacting from taking on your soul. The issue is how to make yourself an ally rather than enemy to your soul. A good place to start may be recognizing you inherited a tendency to be afraid in relationships and to carefully edit what you said – or outright lie. Now you may sense that your survival, on some deeper level, is at stake as you follow old patterns. No matter how many times you’ve heard it before, it’s time to carefully consider that the truth does set you free. And it frees the generations that come after you

LIBRA (September 21-October 21)

There are many possibilities as Venus moves, this Saturday, into your 6th house of health and work. A health concern may be resolved. You may feel less burdened and more supported in your work. You may be rewarded for work you’ve done in the past, or presented with an option to gracefully end an unfulfilling work relationship. Hidden emotions including guilt, perfectionistic tendencies, and an overly critical approach to yourself, may keep you in a self-sacrificing role that takes a toll on your health and well-being. Physical problems are now most effectively addressed through their emotional source. You may find the reiki master, the alternative healer, the Shaman, hypnotist, or regression therapist, who can heal the source of a stubborn physical ailment. There is no indication that this will take much work on your part. From now until April 5th it may be especially easy to heal. Still under the influence of the Pisces Eclipse, there is a tendency for the right teacher to magically appear at the right time. This is a nice confluence of energies that can be especially useful and effective.

SCORPIO (October 21 – November 21)
Scorpio’s financial responsibilities – or their current perspective on those – may be interfering with the care and feeding of their soul. It may become apparent over the next week what your soul needs and what you love the most – those two are the same thing – and how restricted you are in providing yourself with the nourishment you need. Now, halfway through your time of being or feeling heavily burdened financially, it may be time for an “offer and compromise.” Old memories contain an element of guilt that may translate into some degree of financial self-punishment. It’s time to consider whether this is warranted or wise and the extent to which it takes a toll on your soul. It’s time to consider a few more balanced options and to take some responsible action that frees you to fulfill your responsibility to yourself.

SAGITTARIUS (November 21- December 21)
Sagittarius may be finding it difficult to feel grounded, supported, and spiritually well fed while continually feeling that they’re “not enough” within the career realm. Not feeling well fed is the main problem. Soul nourishment is in short supply, maybe because guilt, and “keeping your nose to the grindstone” seems to take precedence over identifying what “tastes good” and feels satisfying. You may have been aware for awhile – at least since September of 2015, that a change in your approach to your profession or career was needed. But now you may be wondering if that’s even possible. It is. The most adventurous thing you can do is to take a trip that transports you into deeper realms rather than far away places. Past life regression seems timely if you’re open to remembering what brought you great pleasure or filled you with guilt. It’s time to let go of the past by remembering what it was that shaped your work habits, your goals, and your career. It’s time to shift focus to finding ways to feed your soul through your professional life rather than simply fulfilling current duties.

CAPRICORN (December 21-January 21)
Capricorn is the sign most likely to resist Venus’s influence. Capricorn’s tendency is to prefer to be told that they need to work harder and longer, with less support, fewer resources, and lots of competition. Telling a Capricorn to relax and receive is like telling an Aquarian to be normal. It feels unnatural. Less is more this week when it comes to hard work and your familiar routines. You may find yourself thrown off your game when something you expected to be difficult is easy. You might reflexively prepare for resistance from the usual suspects and instead find uncharacteristic generosity and kindness. You may expect to be criticized and instead experience an outpouring of love and appreciation. You may expect to have to go it alone and instead find an abundance of just the right kind of support. Prying your mind open to the possibility of easy access to cooperation, kindness, understanding, and unusually pleasant communication may be the most challenging thing you have to do along the course of your daily routine – at least until April 5th.

AQUARIUS (January 21-February 21)
Venus moves into your 2nd house of money, values, and self-esteem. The wisdom of music, nature, sensual pleasure, and your physical body enhances your life and grounds you in the un-grounded way you prefer. One of your greatest assets is your ability to shape-shift and transcend in response to unclear or insufficient financial realities. It is difficult for you to feel deprived even if you are. You own a treasure trove of resources capable of supplying unlimited, intangible satisfaction in your life. It’s the resource billionaires who never seem to have enough lack. The normal rules of money management and motivation may not work for you – only because you feel full when you should be hungry, and satisfied when you should feel deprived. Still you probably need more money to achieve the independence and expansion you crave. Ask Venus (on Saturday) to show you how to make your peculiar blend of resources work better for you – and be ready for an answer that may come in a peculiar form.
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PISCES (February 21-March 21)
Things continue to come together this week. The fog lifts as you begin to know for sure what it is you love more than anything else. You’re reminded of things you’d forgotten – things that, in the past, brought you the deepest kind of satisfaction. You continue to make the connections, and complete the picture. What you’ve previously viewed as a shambles may reveal itself to be a masterpiece. Beauty that’s been hidden surfaces. Your appearance improves. You look better because you feel more integrated. Relationships bring more pleasure than hardship. The people you attract tend to lighten your load. The only “fly in the ointment” may be a skewed perspective that makes work and immediate action, for the sake of your future, seem mandatory. If you believe that it’s impossible for things to manifest easily and magically for you, that could make you an unwilling recipient. It’s more efficient for you to relax and receive for awhile – at least until April 5th.
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