Horoscopes for the Week of Mar 16th – 22nd

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This week the big influences include the impending Full Moon Eclipse in Libra next Wednesday. It’s a time when we reach the highest point in a cycle that immediately precedes achievement. It carries with it the seeds of new beginnings. Reaping what we’ve sown and Karmic debt payoffs are indicated. Hard work transforms dreams into reality.

After next Wednesday we can expect the thrust of current energies to begin to wane, setting the stage for something new.

The current dominance of Pisces energy enables our imagination – for good or bad – to advance in some wild directions. Worry can predominate if we’re not working meticulously to manifest a vision or to fix something that is broken.

The Sun and Mercury both transit into the bold, action-oriented sign of Aries. Courageous action is required to achieve the peace of mind we crave.

The influence that underlies it all, though, is the tightening Saturn/Neptune square. This represents the “sea-change” that is proceeding on schedule. What has been structurally solid and stable for eons is dissolving. What has been fluid, intangible, visionary, and imaginative is becoming solid. This alludes to everything from the water crisis to the physical symptoms of osteoporosis or hardening of the arteries. There is conflict and strife (in case you haven’t noticed) and fear. We can’t continue to rely on supportive structures that are dissolving. Believing that wishful thinking and broad visions can become a reality may be a stretch. The need to stretch intensifies. This influence is strongly felt through October.

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ARIES (March 21-April 21)
This week you end what is over and begin something new. Unlike most, and despite the depth of darkness you needed to descend into, it seems you’ve struck gold. Now you’re on your way back to the surface with the valuables you’ve recovered. As the Sun moves into Aries (Saturday) there is a rebirth of confidence and corresponding relationship changes. Unapologetically, and maybe forcefully emerging is the “new and different” you that needs a restructured space. You may be disorienting and confusing others with something new. It is critically important to stay focused over the next couple weeks. Hyper-vigilance and a sharp mind is required as you restructure the elements of your life that need restructuring. Now you make decisions that profoundly affect your future. Be prepared for pushback and be very discriminating about the compromises you’re willing to make. Methodical, objective, tireless, courageous effort solidifies the kind of future that will work for you.

TAURUS (April 21-May 21)
Currently the artful process you follow is one that requires you work hand-in-glove with your imaginative wanderings. Your imagination is working overtime and, whether or not you recognize it, the raw materials needed for some highly useful creation are flowing, like a tsunami, in your direction. Consider that it may be well worth your effort to take a discriminating look at some of the wild ideas you have or some vision of “what could be.” Now is the time to respect your imagination enough to consider very carefully which ideas hold promise – from a focused, methodical, discriminating, and analytical point of view. Be very cautious about dismissing something too easily to avoid the work it may take to get it off the ground…or, alternatively, diving into something silly. Taurus is the master of materializing new ideas. He has the patience to cultivate and craft a valuable idea into being. He doesn’t work quickly but he is persistent and tends to follow through no matter how long it takes. Consider taking on something elusive and making it real. Consider evolving more fully into the master craftsman you are.

GEMINI (May 21-June 21)
Some isolative, but highly creative, all-consuming achievement focus, ends. At least you may be wrapping up one important phase. This week friendships may be renewed, old associations revisited and new associations considered. This represents an important new beginning for you. Gemini’s are likely to start new phases of life and to renew their sense of confidence (and their sense of humor) over highly creative and imaginative conversations with fiends and confidants. It is within this realm that you remember your old dreams and configure new ones. Support for future adventures is found this week as the Sun moves into Aries and a new cycle takes hold. Some darkness within the realm of love affairs, children, or self-expression is brought into balance. Feeling more confident with decisions based on what fuels your life with joy are likely. You may feel more empowered to direct your life as you’re brought back home to the things that make you you.

CANCER (June 21-July 21)
This week you may be nudged to think very clearly about the kind of relationships you’re willing to allow into your life. Attraction to something or someone dangerously exciting may be tempting. Old tendencies may be ignited this week as you may be brought face to face with a dark, destructive, relationship past. This may revolve around your professional life or efforts to achieve your goals. Whatever the circumstances it’s wise to be very focused, very self-disciplined, very thoughtful, and discriminating about who you want to be and who you want to be involved with. By the weekend any confused thoughts of simply drifting into a better future is replaced with clarity regarding what’s at stake. You may have clear ideas about the kind of social role that can best align you with your higher visions for the future. Stay focused on what you want to achieve going forward and the kind of foundation that needs to be put in place.

LEO (July 21-Aug 21)
Your 5th house – the Leo house – is a wild place this week. Mars, Saturn, and the ever-interesting outer planetoid Phollus threaten to blow the lid off emotions you’ve been keeping under wraps. Where is the threat coming from? Everywhere – mostly friends, family, and associates who’ve decided it’s time to rattle your cage. They sense how to “get to you” or seem to see it as their solemn obligation to at least try. We all attempt to protect our vulnerabilities and to avoid situations that don’t play to our strengths. But this week that may be especially challenging for you. Mars (the warrior) is working to release some old tendency that does you no favors. Eliminating the relatively joyless cage you’ve backed yourself into would free you to be the less defensive, more entertaining soul you were born to be. It might be good if someone succeeds in getting you to blow your stack (in a safe constructive way, of course). Then, as the dust settles, you can decide if you want to go back in your cage or roam free. Phollus implies there is no going back.

VIRGO (August 21-September 21)

The opportunity this week lies within your astrological blind spot. What you are usually unable to see in yourself is brought to you in hi-def. What will be highlighted is the stuff you dislike in others that may actually reflect a parts of yourself. For example you may despise it when others are unclear and incnsistent, when they turn into escape artists, readily take on the role of “the martyr,” refuse to distinguish between wishful thinking and reality, lie, become addicted, depressed, depleted, or ineffective. They may be lazy and allow once-in-a-lifetime opportunities to slip through their fingers. This week is a chance to change some personal bad-habits and to act confidently to undo old patterns. You may feel empowered by your ability to see clearly what needs to change within you and that changes everything within the realm of relationships. If you want a kinder, more sympathetic and compassionate partner try being kinder, more sympathetic and compassionate towards yourself. Pay close attention to any critical, slave-driving, perfectionistic, self-punishing attitudes you harbor toward yourself.

LIBRA (September 21-October 21)

An extended period of self-sacrifice and loss is coming to an end – though loss clarifies lots of things and can be the most valuable part of any cycle. This is a good week to focus on what’s been lost – or willingly released – that resulted in some important gain or beautiful gift. The full Moon brings you to a personal peak and a recognitions of all that’s been accomplished through your supportive role within relationships. The end of a Karmic cycle reverses the course of things and it’s time. Now the idea of others giving back, being supportive of you, your physical health, and your naturally balancing and beautifying approach to life can be expected. Waning is the notion that you have to do it all and that the success or failure of relationships rests on your shoulders alone. This weekend you can take some action to acknowledge this new beginning and the opening of a kinder approach to yourself.

SCORPIO (October 21 – November 21)
This week the Eclipse changes your focus from intense passion, expressing love through sensual means, and sexual pleasure to something more intangible and deeply soul satisfying. The full Moon eclipse is happening in your solar 12th house, the place where all things feel complete and deeply nourishing. It’s important to have some time to reflect this week on how inwardly satisfied you feel. If it seems, on some level, like you’ve have come home, that is the result of efforts you’ve made to belong to merge with something greater than yourself. It is the result of a willingness to let go of total control while cooperating with flowing undercurrents. It is the result of efforts made in the direction of better balance even when you weren’t sure others would do their part. Despite some lingering relationship darkness, the world lifts and carries you to the place you’ve consistently longed for. Your perspective expands and you have some new ideas about how to sustain inner peace.

SAGITTARIUS (November 21- December 21)
This week Sagittarius is freed from the tyranny of the mind and elevated into a world where the most deeply inspiring and unlikely connections can be made. Being receptive to a powerfully healing source of love transports you to places where your ineffectiveness no longer matters. Things you couldn’t fix are now being fixed through the strong undercurrents of life, the end of a Karmic cycle, and the willingness to believe in magic and the ultimate goodness of the universe. A full Moon in your 11th solar house releases a source of love that’s been blocked for a long time. The nourishment it provides is something both unexpected and calming – some would characterize it as miraculous. This week you may have some new ideas about how the world works and how to align your emotional foundation with the knowledge that you are supported and deeply loved – and always have been.

CAPRICORN (December 21-January 21)
Being clarified for Capricorn may be the flaw in the big picture. If things appear beautiful, peaceful, and professionally smooth, Capricorns tend to feel that all is right with the world. But something is amiss that could be fixed with a willingness to focus on the flaw or the weakness of your current set-up. Working harder in the same direction is unwise. What’s needed mostly is the courage to act to improve your communication through a softening of your beliefs about perfection, high standards, and doing it right the first time. It is possible to end up with a masterpiece that sits on a foundation of guilt and bad feelings. It is possible, this week, that in the process of having to fix a personal mistake, the light bulb comes on and you realize something of deep value to your evolving self. The issue is developing an openness to softening beliefs that perpetuate communication weaknesses – becoming more fluid, flexible, and understanding so that the totality of what you end up with is supported by beauty and a deep sense of inner peace.

AQUARIUS (January 21-February 21)
This week Aquarians feel the shift into a more confident and courageous approach to receiving communications from unusual sources. By the weekend the focus will be a greater willingness to respond to information that arrives in mysterious ways from unknown sources. You may no longer feel comfortable dismissing higher information channels you previously ignored. Information may come in the form of a fleeting thought that momentarily grabs your attention, memories that surface for no obvious reason, and the instinctive urge to act in ways you’ve previously resisted. Old beliefs about the nature of connection and healing may be dissolving, possibly in a sea of tears. Previous judgments may seem harsh and unforgiving. This weekend is a good time to take some concrete action inspired by inner guidance and your eternal connections. Grounding yourself for the next month amounts to acknowledging, cultivating, and nourishing unorthodox channels of communication, acting on your evolving beliefs, and renewed faith.
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PISCES (February 21-March 21)
Pisces is especially blessed by the current tsunami washing over them. It is reconnective in important ways. Now it’s possible to retrieve an important part of you that has been lost. Most likely it’s an important source of nourishment and inner stability. Feeling adrift precedes any reconnection. Being “brought to your knees” by a problem that does not respond to your usual remedies is the typical universal strategy for restoring the flow. The dam is about to break, if it hasn’t already, and that changes everything for the better. What is required of you is the willingness to be adrift for awhile, to soften your stance, and to intensify your faith in the ultimate wisdom and goodness of the universe. By the weekend you will feel a shift. It’s time to take some concrete action that welcomes the lost pieces of yourself back into the fold. The impending Full Moon brings to a fever-pitch your innate power to bring what’s been allowed to die back to life. It looks like magic but it’s simply you being more you.
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