Horoscopes for the Week of February 17th – 23rd

Mosaic Artist – Charles Nguyen Van Du)

Venus, newly in the sign of Aquarius, favors doing it your own way within the realm of relationships and financial/resource management. Old restrictions are lifted and the game changes. Rebellion against rules you’ve set for yourself, or those others have set for you, frees you to initiate something new and different. It’s time to do more than chip away at whatever stands in your way. Figuratively speaking it’s time to put down the chisel and pick up the sledge hammer.

Pluto in Capricorn continues to whisper negatives in your ear – something along the lines of keeping things the same because change might bring something worse. People are prone to believe that. But Venus in Aquarius balks. She knows that bold actions, rebelliously inspired, taken over the course of the next three weeks, will likely open doors to something much better.

On Thursday the Sun moves into Pisces highlighting the most confusing areas of your life. The Sun furthers energizes the confusion or highlight it’s source – depending on your readiness for change.

On Monday, Feb. 22nd, there is a full Moon at 3 degrees of Virgo. Like all full Moons this one brings a culmination and ending to an emotional relationship with someone or something. More details can be filled in knowing the placement of the full Moon within your natal chart.

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ARIES (March 21-April 21)
This week, as the Sun moves into your 12th house, a completion phase begins. Highlighted are the inner workings of your mind and the cravings of your soul. Things that normally escape your awareness are highlighted and you are able to target what needs to be released and eliminated – most likely guilt or a sense of powerlessness. What will be highlighted is some distortion within the realms of love, relationships to children, or your signature expressive style. It will be especially easy over the next month to let restrictions dissolve if you make time for yourself to connect with your soul. Artistic inspiration flows if you resist the urge to overwork and insist on a more relaxed, “walking on the beach” kind of schedule. What will be interesting over the next month is to observe how your health and your relationship to routine responsibilities evolve. Your physical body will reflect your emotional state very directly this week. It’s valuable information.

TAURUS (April 21-May 21)
In mysterious ways what you say this week can determine your life direction. If you find yourself expressing something you normally keep to yourself, especially if it involves a deep and unusual longing, something oddly artistic, or an innovative fusion of dissimilar ingredients that you intuitively know will result in a masterpiece, it’s time to sit up and take notice. This week the universe is inclined to reveal some hidden information that makes decisions easier. The information may clarify your most natural social role, your area of innate expertise, or how you can most effectively infuse your soul into the most satisfying life direction you can imagine. You are at a pivotal turning point. You are free to move in many different directions. Given your tendency to sacrifice yourself this could be a defining moment… and a treacherous one. Will you continue to sacrifice yourself or become your soul’s greatest ally? That may hinge on how carefully you listen to what you say and the depth of your courage.

GEMINI (May 21-June 21)
Your future is now influenced in ways that encourage you to rebel against the status quo, against traditional expectations, against your old formulas, and against whatever anyone has, even with the best intentions, advised. This may seem extreme but it’s easier now to overthrow rules, even if they’re your own rules for yourself, that encourage fitting yourself into a cramped pre-designed mold. What gives your future meaning is keeping the commitments to a minimum so that you have room to maneuver, experiment, and make it up as you go along. Veering off course must be an option for you. Live and let live could be the model on which you base your future – a design where there is no need for you to sacrifice what you need for the sake of another – or vice versa. With Venus in your “future sector” for the next three weeks it’s easier to figure out how to create something innovative and authentic. Give your mind the time and the freedom to dream up something big, bold, and newly exciting.

CANCER (June 21-July 21)
It is likely that if you have been working to vanquish some old ghosts from your life, for the sake of your health and the stability of your future, this week you may notice that you have actually made some significant progress. Venus in your 8th house facilitates healing. Any new methods, new allies, or release from the past further accelerates your progress. Now you can afford to think about your future with more confidence and optimism and, as the Sun transits into your 9th house, it may be time to give yourself some space. This week is a good week to rebel against any remaining old rules you designed for yourself that may now be outdated, unnecessarily restrictive, and ineffective in terms of the kind of future you would like to create. It seems this week that your soul is more intensely craving freedom and space to express your powerful artistic urges, your healing know-how, and your most sensitive and romantic inner convictions.

LEO (July 21-Aug 21)
Leo is wise to take a hiatus from overemphasizing their own specialness. It is true that you are more talented, entertaining, engaging, and enthused than most. Your potential is astounding, but this is a week when it’s wise to tone it down a notch or two. Others need your recognition and attention. You need more practice listening, learning, and playing a supportive rather than starring role. It’s time for you to directly convey that you actually value the existence of others. This week it’s smart to tune in and to be extra sensitive to what others have to offer. There is something they want you to know about who they are. Relationship skills can benefit you enormously this week. Venus has transited into your 7th house of relationships. Now it is easy to heal the imbalances you have, in the past, perpetuated within relationships. With some sensitivity and changes in your approach, they almost seem to heal themselves. You’ll be glad to know this is only temporary. It will be time to turn up the volume on yourself again soon. Still you may find your life enhanced in unfamiliar ways this week.

VIRGO (August 21-September 21)

This week your focus shifts to the realm of relationships, your role within them, and how your responsibilities may be shifting to support your ability to commit to a transcendent, highly romantic, or hobbled relationship. Something behind the scenes, or deep within the recesses of your mind, is being healed and set free this week. The next three weeks signify a completion phase – a cleaning, clearing, and freeing that allows for a new, guilt-free, relationship role. What is most important is that you become very serious about things you sense but haven’t been able to verify. Now is the time to allow your intuition to guide you in finding the missing information you need to complete the circle. Deep insights into yourself, your talents, and love cravings are possible this week. It’s time to ask the questions you’ve been afraid to ask. It’s time to uncover a most important missing link. It is likely that the universe is mysteriously assisting you in this regard.

LIBRA (September 21-October 21)

In the astrological world it is hard to think of something more uplifting and joyful than the transit of Venus into your fifth house. For you that is exactly what is occurring today. For the next three weeks you may be in the mood to celebrate yourself and your relationships. It’s easier to feel joy now that something restrictive within the realm of family or the past is dissolving. Now is the perfect time for you to connect, in some tangible and rebellious way, with what you love or who you love. Unusual or unlikely love affairs are favored at this time. Independence and freedom is easier to protect, and children may be a source of joy, or possibly relief. It is interesting that the Sun’s transit into Pisces is urging you to connect with friends through something you love. This may be the prelude to an evolution of your work life (or overall sense of responsibility) that carries you into something more soulful, service oriented, and artistically uplifting.

SCORPIO (October 21 – November 21)
Editing your creations (children, expressive projects and love affairs) is a theme this week. Good luck with it. Your “creations” tend to be shape-shifting “works in progress” over which you have little direct control – until you surrender to that reality and allow them room to unfold in the mysteriously beautiful ways they might. Surrender is not exactly your strong suit. I get it. But the upcoming full Moon gives you the chance to reconsider and redefine what you have labeled as “failures of your own making.” Methodical, consistent, step-by-step progress toward something more perfect is not always the course of a healing trajectory. In fact, it almost never is. As you resist the need to judge or interfere, feel the wisdom of allowing something to unfold organically, in its own time, and in it’s own way. The power you have now is to shift your mindset and your perspective so that you can learn from nature’s patterns and align yourself more closely with those – as you allow others to do the same.

SAGITTARIUS (November 21- December 21)
Highlighted this week is the shape-shifting and elusive nature of your emotional foundations. For you, the kind of support you crave is rarely found within family relationships or associated with a simple and clear understanding of past patterns and how they fit together. Loss of stabilizing foundations seems to be a major life theme along with the perpetual feeling that something important and unidentifiable is missing. You may have trouble finding your “perfect” home. To summarize, the nature of your foundation is everything it’s not suppose to be if traditional success is your goal. But traditional success is not enough for you. The infusion of the beauty of your soul into your work and your professional life is your unique fundamental requirement. This week you may see how judging yourself by others standards, judging yourself harshly, or judging yourself at all prevents the type of life/soul fusion you crave. Once you understand your true goals you’ll understand how your foundational rootlessness actually serves you well.

CAPRICORN (December 21-January 21)
This week you may be given some feedback that confuses you. Others may understand you in a way that you don’t recognize. What you broadcast may convey something at odds with your true self, your true intentions, and how you actually feel. There may be a disconnection or a missing piece between what you say and how feel – or a confusing reluctance to say how you feel. This full Moon may highlight the distortions and confusion that erupt as a result. Now is your chance to change your perspective on your feelings. It’s a chance to change your beliefs about how communicating your feelings interferes with your work, your future, and your desire to reach the state of perfection. This week it might be helpful to consider the possibility that it might actually do the opposite. Some willingness to experiment with injecting your feelings into the decision-making process may be required. At the root of all of this may be harsh judgment rendered upon you in the past for stating how you felt. It’s time to move beyond those restrictions. Insight, healing and reconnection is possible this week.

AQUARIUS (January 21-February 21)
This week your financial situation requires the willingness to release some old ways of thinking about yourself as “the victim.” In the past you may have been the victim of a scam, of secret financial actions that negatively impacted your financial security, of blatantly unfair and opportunistic financial partners, or other types of powerlessness that prevented or excused you from taking an intelligent, responsible, realistic approach to financial structuring and management. It’s time for an accurate analysis of your situation, for an infusion of self-discipline, the pursuit of a bigger income, or possibly the request or demand of a bigger contribution from a partner. A future dream may be at stake that provides you with the motivation you need to approach finances differently. This is, at its heart, an old emotional issue. Now you are free to take the reigns in an area that’s been previously confusing, debilitating, or impossible for you to control. There is no astrological reason to expect anything other than future financial success. Looking ahead, September 2016 seems to mark a significant, positive, financial shift for you.
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PISCES (February 21-March 21)
Under the impending full Moon, relationships, reality, and responsibility are highlighted. It seems that recently you’ve been accepting more responsibility for the dynamics that emerge within relationships. You may be actively addressing an innate tendency to allow yourself to be victimized while working diligently to eliminate that option for yourself. You may be rebelling against old, powerless roles. This week your progress accelerates. You can expect an infusion of energy that fuels further positive change. Your advantage is greater clarity regarding guilt and victimization and how the two have worked together in the past to undermine you. Over the next two weeks, something healthier begins to replace what you’re decisively rejecting. Trusting your powerful intuition may be part of the picture. Partners seem more receptive than you initially expected. When you change everything changes. At the moment you may be in the “back-and-forth process” of proving yourself to yourself, and the Universe is enthusiastically doing it’s part to keep the momentum going.
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