Horoscopes for the Week of Dec. 16th – 22nd

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How can I miss you if you won’t go away? Moving into retrograde motion, as Uranus did five months ago, can be a planet’s way of disappearing for awhile – at least in terms of its “normal” outward expression. (Rarely do I use the words “normal” and Uranus in the same sentence). Uranus “goes away” by allowing status quo patterns to take hold and progress to slow.

Globally what we’ve experienced since Uranus turned retrograde is a normalization of what was once considered new and outrageous. Mass shootings, terrorist attacks, escalating conflict, Donald Trump speech, and high levels of uncertainty, have become repetitive and predictable enough to qualify as the new status quo. Your personal life may mirror global tendencies. Something you once considered outrageous or out-of-bounds may have evolved into what you’ve now accepted as a normal life pattern.

Uranus stations direct on Christmas Day. If you’re not already feeling it, you may soon get the message that he’s back. If he feels like it he’ll throw a monkey wrench into what you’ve come to expect as your daily routine. Disruption and chaos may ensue. The pace of your life may increase.

Uranus can be shockingly effective at moving things onto a faster, more promising track. Like it or not, he’ll open your mind. Creating room for progress is his reason for being.

In sync with Uranus’s change in direction on Christmas Day is the culmination of a full Moon at 3 degrees of Cancer. It’s Sabian symbol – “A Man Bundled Up in Fur Leading a Shaggy Deer” – feels like Uranus in Aries. Indomitability, trailblazing, rugged individualism… This full Moon creates the kind of atmosphere that could make Uranus feel especially confident and right at home.

Meanwhile the Sun is winding down his trek through Sagittarius. Next Tuesday he moves into the sign of Capricorn. As the quality of available energy shifts into something more conducive to achievement – focus, self-discipline, and realism are given a “cosmic assist.” Fear of the future may evolve into a passionate focus on tackling a more meaningful challenge.

Venus in Scorpio may ease the flow of obsessive/compulsive stuff into the relationship realm, leaving us hungry for something more substantial. But she also brings elements of ease into some powerful transformational processes. Deliberate efforts to release old and toxic patterns may be richly rewarded.

The Sagittarius Sun sits at the apex of a t-square involving the nodal axis. Our attention is being directed toward ways in which over-confidence, zealotry, inattention to detail, and devaluation of the present moment, may distort our life’s direction. Or they way sheer force of our will can change everything.

Mercury progresses toward a conjunction with Pluto and Pallas in Capricorn. Our focus narrows, for better or worse, as our thought processes and modes of communication move through a powerful transformational gauntlet. Facing reality may be painful and somewhat stabilizing.

This week’s horoscopes will personalize current cosmic happenings for each sign.

I will be on vacation next week. Regular weekly horoscopes, published every Wednesday on Mosaic Astrology’s website, will resume on December 30th.

I hope the Holidays bring you an abundance of whatever makes you feel happy and loved.

Holly 🙂

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ARIES (March 21-April 21)
Aries stands to gain this week, possibly by ending something that’s actually been over for quite awhile. Or releasing something that’s not working in favor of something more effective and life sustaining. Channeling energy toward innovation and progress is important. Details matter. Something that feels insignificant or uninteresting could change the course of your life and maybe others as well. The problem may be controlling an overblown ego that prefers something bigger, stronger, or more dramatic – something more aligned with the abundance of innate talent you possess. The issue for you is the deliberate cultivation of a type of humility that sharpens your perceptive abilities. Don’t hesitate to focus on something small but innovative that could ease suffering over time, for you and possibly for the masses.

TAURUS (April 21-May 21)
This week worry may take on bigger, more intense, maybe overblown, proportions. The availability of reliable future support may have you feeling especially anxious. It may also be blinding you to the potential that could be unleashed should you decide to take this opportunity to deliberately create more self-sufficiency. Supporting yourself may feel burdensome. Actually it is often the catalyst that pushes you to bring dormant talents into full manifestation. Observe how your mind works this week and notice what you say. Identify fear-inducing beliefs – where those originated, and who they actually belong to. Give them back. If you believe it’s necessary to depend on others for stability consider the possibility that may not be true. If material dependence is the glue that keeps your relationship together you may need to understand that better in terms of how it shapes your beliefs. The opportunity this week is breaking through old thought patterns and opening doors to further development of your innate talents.

GEMINI (May 21-June 21)
By weeks end you will be moving into a space of abundance that feels deeply and richly deserved. Abundance on every level – physical, emotional, and spiritual is ripe for manifestation. The hard work you’ve done for the past year has reached a culmination point. Riches may befall you now as a result of your consistently humble, realistic approach. Cultivating competence, a disciplined approach to self improvement, better health, better habits, better methods, attention to detail, and tedious effort have garnered the favor of the universe. Interestingly though, this week may be intense and difficult for you. You may feel that you are failing to create the kind of solidity within relationships you need. This is the storm before the calm. This is a chance to reconnect with wild and unorthodox aspects of yourself that have been kept in check. Those are what can actually provide you with the stability you need.

CANCER (June 21-July 21)
It appears that you are on the cusp of breaking free of something that has stifled your creativity for quite some time. Most likely it is some old, relational, bad habit that is about to be broken. It seems you have have taken a few heroic and difficult steps in the direction of improving your health, your work environment, relationship with co-workers, partners, etc. You can be very proud of the work you’ve done attending to the details that will allow you to expand your life. Your creative expression is undergoing a massive but somewhat smooth and maybe even pleasant transformation. What you’re having to untangle in order to free your inner artist can feel complicated. Elements of secrecy, behind the scenes activity, and hidden motivations may come into play. Uranus moves direct on Christmas Day. A full Moon that day in the sign of Cancer indicates that old emotional attachments may still need to be released. But then you may be free enough to pick up the pace and direction of your life.

LEO (July 21-Aug 21)
Leo has a big ego investment in being able to lighten the mood, to entertain the crowds, have fun, and cultivate to the max anything that seems even slightly amenable to a raucous good time. But that way of being may feel more restrained than it used to be. Something worrisome interferes. Uncertainty prevails, and support you can count on may feel non-existent. Uranus is a big factor in play at the moment, virtually guaranteeing that what happens in the the near future will be something you never imagined. Expect the unexpected as they say. Most likely what is coming your way is a stroke of good fortune that you have, in the past, laid the groundwork for. The fortunate occurrences will call into question a habitual mindset that assumes the universe is not as friendly a place as it actually is – especially to those who work hard and accept their share of responsibility. You are being challenged to free your mind. This week is an opportunity to break free of thoughts that lean in negative directions. Life is looking for ways to be kind to you. Don’t dismiss that simply because its sense of timing doesn’t exactly align with your own.

VIRGO (August 21-September 21)

You may be facing a challenge that deals with breaking the rules, turning things upside down, taking the road less traveled, or engaging in some risky behavior. This is a break from the responsible style of life you’re know for. It’s a break with your entire sense of who you are and how you define yourself to yourself. But it may be necessary. There is some rigidity within you, or within those you surround yourself with, that is incredibly resistant to change. Uranus is trying to break that up in ways that free you to create something different that works better for you. Uranus is trying to free your creative instincts, your ability to express love, and your ability to reconnect with the more child-like version of yourself. Following the rules has, in a way, crushed you. This week the opportunity lies in doing what it takes to cut the cords that bind you. Is there some connection – a nurturing friend, associate, or alliance that encourages you to stay bound and restricted – more for their sake than your own? You might consider stepping away from that this week.

LIBRA (September 21-October 21)

Old habits encourage you to seek security in ways that restrict your ability to be truthful and honest about who you are. A skill you’ve cultivated to disconnect from something deeply essential allows you to distort yourself in ways that do not threaten your security. It’s time for a reconnection with your objective, rational mind that allows you to think clearly about what your responsibilities actually are – particularly within the realm of relationships. It’s time to remove the mask that allows unfairness and imbalance to make you smaller than you are. A major rebellion may need to be staged soon within your most important relationships. If you have trouble freeing yourself from fear and insecurity it’s time to ask for some help. Jupiter in your 12th house indicates that opportunities exist at this time for much improved emotional health. Sheer force of your will may allow for an essential reconnection with your most natural, powerful, and competent self.

SCORPIO (October 21 – November 21)
This week Scorpio is the architect of beauty. Building and designing places that look and feel better to the part of you that wants to be a “force for honesty in the world” is now well within reach. Your physical body may undergo some beautifying change this week as the result of a carefully designed exercise program. Everything you touch may be imbued with more value and substance. Building new, more beautiful worlds in your mind is a possibility and a precursor to manifestation. Sheer force of your will connects you with the right materials, the right people, the right organizations, and your most supportive allies. They serve as an uplifting force that encourages you to develop your most inspired creative potential. They may also serve as realistic advisors who encourage you to take concrete steps toward manifesting your most cherished goals. If there are blockages currently standing in your way, focus on freeing your mind to indulge in what is eminently possible. That is a step that will pay big dividends when the blockages dissolve.

SAGITTARIUS (November 21- December 21)

Sagittarius may be experiencing delays or frustrating circumstances that contribute to increased anxiety levels. This is a problem because the amount of creative energy available to you at this time is abundant, electric, and flowing in an “on again/off again”, unpredictable, manner. Your specific creative energy has a quality that can make it difficult to channel and direct. Anxiety exacerbates that problem. At the same time there is more pressure to create. Opportunities for professional advancement may seem newly promising and contingent upon some high quality creative output. The opportunity for you now may be the potential to break old patterns that encourage you to undervalue yourself. In this regard the cosmos is now working in your favor. First things first. A more solid sense of your true value assists your creative efforts and your professional advancement. Conscious efforts to eliminate resistance to change allows everything to coalesce rapidly in a beautiful and timely way.

CAPRICORN (December 21-January 21)
Strength is emphasized in your chart this week. It is abundant even though you may not totally trust or believe that. Your sources of strength lie deep within and circumstances may require that you dig deep to access those, but they’re there. What is important to realize is that you now have a magical ability to manifest whatever you desire by sheer force of your will. An intense focus on infusing higher levels of passion into whatever it is you want brings it into manifestation. You are capable of intense focus but this requires an effortless kind of effort. Here are my suggestions. Pick up your Tarot cards and ask which card most needs your attention as you attempt to focus in the right direction. Light some candles and stare into them as your mind wanders to a place you designate to be the exact right place. Take a long warm bath infused with lavender oil. Take a contemplative walk with no particular destination in mind and notice what you notice. Choose a youtube guided meditation that your drawn to. Unplug and put your headphones on. Listen to music you love. And if you’re really serious about willing your most cherished dreams into being, dance.

AQUARIUS (January 21-February 21)
Overspending or over-extending may be of concern at the moment. It could result in burn out, high anxiety levels, debt, or a type of loss that could take years to recover from. It could all end disastrously – but it won’t. Quite the opposite. What you think you have lost through some foolish, heart-driven decision or action, may lead to a type of abundance you hadn’t anticipated. As it turns out there is power in releasing your need for control, rationality, and the “responsible” disciplined approach. In fact, as you witness how things unfold, you may want to employ heart-driven methods more often. Eight weeks or eight months from now things may pay off in a way that is exponentially bigger and more fortunate than you had anticipated. Contacts and friends you make open many doors for you and life begins to move in a direction you had always hoped it would.
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PISCES (February 21-March 21)
Pisces tend to drift, so the narrative goes. They can be confused, head-in-the-clouds types, unreliable artists who work when the spirit moves them. Their lives predictably turn out badly because they don’t conform to accepted norms. So how is it that things are beginning to turn out so well for Pisces? Could it be because they’ve shunned accepted norms in a heart-driven effort to be true to themselves? Could it be that their methods represent a more effective, productive, balanced way of living? Could it be that their way is a step ahead of where the rest of us actually yearn to be? Inquiring minds want to know. So here’s where you are. Others are now beginning to see the true worth and value of what you produce. Or it may be that in realizing the futility of doing things their way others are now looking to those on the fringes for leadership. Welcome to your new higher status position in the world. Not that you actually care but your options are rapidly increasing. Others want what you’ve got. It was never your goal, but it’s weird how paradoxically things work out.
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