Horoscopes for the Week of 11/18 – 11/24

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Today Neptune moves direct. Since the beginning of June, there is a realm of your experience that has felt stalled or suspended. In your chart, that area is mostly likely defined by wherever Pisces resides. Something has been liberated or resolved (sort of) as you begin, once again, to move forward. It might feel more like groping around in the dark actually, but at least you’re moving in the direction of eliminating or ending something. I will personalize that for you in this week’s horoscopes. (Make sure you are reading your individual horoscopes first for your rising sign then your Sun sign).

On Friday Mercury moves from the investigative sign of Scorpio into the more expansive sign of Sagittarius. The truth may be revealed to you and that truth may present a dilemma, less stability, or the realization that what once anchored you has become more damaging than helpful. What needs to end may be clarified – sort of. The truth reveals itself, but it tends to be elusive – stepping in and out of the light. One minute you know where you’re headed, the next you’re confused and overwhelmed. This is a theme that extends through 2016. The lesson? Obviously I’m not sure 🙂 but I think it has something to do with finding new meaning for your life that revolves around compassion, contributing to a cause that’s bigger than you, and taking responsibility for your thoughts because you recognize them as the interconnections that determine reality and human experience.

Effectively changing the world starts on a personal level, deep within. It seems we all have an “inner terrorist” who calls the shots, wounds us deeply, and keeps us operating in a slavish, self-defeating manner. Don’t be surprised if the “inner terrorist” is better subdued with love and compassion than anger and fear. Giving yourself some slack and taking the time to feel some compassion for your life struggle would provide hope.

The Sun confronts defeat (Neptune) with more creativity, a broader perspective, and the will to control your thoughts as well as to think for yourself. Mercury confronts Neptune with a type of rationality that says “don’t expect different results with the same strategies,” and Saturn confronts us with a challenge to tell ourselves the truth, no matter how much denial and nonsense we have to dig through to find it.

If you’re looking to change the world, look within. You are (we all are) the cause of what currently exists and the cure.

Thanks for reading and have a wonderful week.

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ARIES (March 21-April 21)
Relationships may be a source of conflict as you feel more pressure to succeed within the professional realm. Finances may be an issue, as well as conflicting desires, and commitments that continue to feel uncertain. Your new, unfolding mission relates to being more discriminating about the responsibilities you’re willing to shoulder, more self-disciplined regarding your health and work habits, and more insistent on finding joy in the present moment. After a long delay it may now be clear that you need to further lighten your load. What remains within your life that needs to be discarded? Impossibly high standards, guilt, and the tendency to feel victimized must be considered as you attempt to identify what persistently weighs you down and prevents you from gaining momentum.

TAURUS (April 21-May 21)

This week Venus, your comforting ruling planet creeps closer into alignment with the wildly unpredictable, occasionally disruptive, and always stimulating Uranus. How can you prevent this alignment from devolving into an occasion to experience relationship conflict, or increased anxiety and unsettled emotions? Remember a previous time of rapid change and unpredictability that feels sacred now, that has inspired you in the past, and, when viewed from a certain perspective, is capable of plunging you into the part of yourself that feels unchanging, stabilizing, and consistently comforting, and full of love. As the outer world loses its way, you can always find yours as long as you know where to look and what to remember. Dreams, hopes, and wishes may take on new significance this week.

GEMINI (May 21-June 21)
Focusing on telling your story this week may be easier than usual. It seems you have access to important memories you had previously forgotten that will put the pieces together in particularly intriguing and powerful ways. Those memories may involve guilt, shame, and self-betrayals, but also the incredibly inspiring aspects of your amazing ability to rise from the ashes – stronger, wiser, more brilliant, and with all of your magical powers enhanced. The world needs, more than ever, to have their faith in the fact that things can change renewed and reinforced – both on personal and global levels. Your story, your methods, your style, and relentlessness can be pivotal in providing the framework and the inspiration from which real change can emerge. It’s timely to tell the story only you can tell even if it’s just sharing some of the highlights or what feels especially significant now.

CANCER (June 21-July 21)
This week a “global spin” is put on the compassion Cancer feels and her need to alleviate suffering in some way. After months of feeling relatively helpless, it is likely that this week you will be presented with an opportunity that takes advantage of the specific kinds of skills you possess to effectively be of assistance. Communication and making the needed connections may be involved. That may happen on a small scale but the impact seems big. Your ability to notice details and to integrate them into whatever service you might provide adds an extra heart-warming measure of compassion to whatever you contribute. Cancers are unsurpassed in their ability to create a feeling of homeyness and comfort no matter how large or small the scale of their efforts. You may find your place in the scheme of things this week, the chance to fill a void, ease suffering, and alleviate loneliness – and you may begin to feel less adrift yourself as a result.

LEO (July 21-Aug 21)
This week it may be better to receive than to give – unless you’re giving something to yourself that you’ve previously sacrificed or deliberately withheld. Hard work and making a decent income are values you cherish, but this week the universe is tapping you on the shoulder to remind you that it’s ok to be generous and a little kinder to yourself. Driving yourself slavishly may not be the best strategy long term, no matter how much “guilt karma” you burn in the process. Balance is important. Paradoxically the more effectively you provide yourself with what you want, the more generosity you will be able to extend to others – with no strings attached. So go ahead and ask another for what you desire, provide it for yourself, or write it down, hand it over to universe, and put yourself into a receptive mode. Clearly defining what you want is key.

VIRGO (August 21-September 21)

This week you have the ability to not only to imagine what lies beneath the surface of consciousness, but to actually access the deeply buried information you need. You are much more creative than usual in figuring out how to unlock the doors to hidden places – both within the recesses of your own mind as well as another’s mind. To say you are highly sensitive this week would be an understatement. Your sixth sense has definitely kicked into high gear. You’re more aware of tone of voice, inflections, body language, intention, and eye contact. Your abilities border on the magical- knowing instinctively where the most valuable treasures are buried and how best to access those. Be alert to subtle, seemingly insignificant signs that tell you where and when to grab your shovel and dig deeper. Unearthing forgotten remnants of your past can be particularly helpful as you attempt to create a future full of love.

LIBRA (September 21-October 21)

Libra is feeling the urge to act, to make changes, and to express themselves independently with more ease. It may now be abundantly clear that relying on someone or something that is uncertain or unreliable is an ineffective and unsustainable strategy. Resources must be found in order to break free of what no longer works. The Sun and Mercury in Scorpio in your 2nd house pretty much ensure that you will be able to uncover hidden resources and reliable sources of support you never knew you had. Resources are not a problem problem for you. You have everything you need when you delve deep. The one stumbling block might be your “too narrow” perspective and an undisciplined mind that wanders into fearful, familiar territory whenever it feels like it. That will stop you in your tracks no matter how talented or how deep your resource base might be. Set some limits for your mind and rigidly enforce those.

SCORPIO (October 21 – November 21)
This week Neptune moves direct in your 5th house of love affairs, sex, and refining your ability to enjoy life. Now there is the suggestion that the more you enjoy life, indulge yourself with things you love, and allow yourself the forbidden pleasures you usually resist, the greater your chance for success. There is something that needs to end or something that needs to be discarded within the love/enjoyment sector of your life. If you’re in the habit of putting pleasure on hold indefinitely so that you can attend to your responsibilities, making sure all the work is done before you have any fun, this week is a time to rethink that strategy and to experiment with something different. You may be surprised by the extent to which pleasure improves the effectiveness of your efforts.

SAGITTARIUS (November 21- December 21)

Psychically Sagittarians have had lots to deal with for quite awhile. It is unlikely you are not somewhat debilitated or at least a little tired of some persistent struggle. Reading about PTSD and effective treatments recently, I was interested to learn about an effective technique that prepares a client before any discussion of past trauma begins. Time is taken, at the beginning of a session, to deepen a patient’s sensitivity to his physical sensations. He is asked to choose a chair that feels especially comfortable to him, then guided to focus on feeling where the chair connects with his back and supports his arms. He is encouraged to identify what body positions feel especially comfortable or uncomfortable and to experiment with different adjustments and notice their effects. Therapists compare this process to the preparation necessary before climbing a mountain – being in shape, having the right gear, etc. Increasing your sensitivity to what feels comfortable and providing that for yourself seems critical as you begin a new, healing, but somewhat strenuous, phase.

CAPRICORN (December 21-January 21)
Capricorn seeks to be rational and aware of the effectiveness (or ineffectiveness) of his actions when it comes to ensuring future success. But following along, understanding the twists and turns of your life, and knowing when, or how, or if, the trajectory needs to change, may seem much more difficult than usual to determine. The usual markers have disappeared or changed, replaced by weirdness, mixed messages, confusion, and less of the things that feel solid and “for sure.” The problem is that the answers you need are more elusive. Once in awhile you may have a moment of clarity, but then it becomes confusing, The universe is speaking to you from deeper, more refined, and rarified realms. Increasing your sensitivity and going deeper is the challenge. Trusting your intuition is not the same as giving up. It’s a different form of experience, a different way to learn, and the most effective way to get the answers you need from where you now stand.

AQUARIUS (January 21-February 21)
There may be a breakthrough in the fog that has defined the stabilizing sector of Aquarian charts. Possibly you’ve been questioning over the past five months whether or not you’re capable of being effective anymore. The results thus far may have seemed less than promising. But that could change gradually, especially over the next couple months. An extra dose of compassion and humility may have been what the universe had in mind for you when it conspired to make it difficult to succeed with your usual brilliance, innovative spirit, driving curiosity, and tolerant nature. What has been required is the ability to trust yourself and your decisions despite the lack of any concrete evidence that you were on the right track. You’ve had to live according to what you value most, to reject the “common wisdom” and rely on your intuition to guide you in the right direction. The pay off may take a little longer, but its coming.

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PISCES (February 21-March 21)
There is an indication that your physical body is in transition, that it’s not as reliable as it used to be, more sensitive and responsive to your changing emotions and anxiety, more in need of delicate treatment, and compassionate care. You may feel somewhat alienated from your body as emerging information from your subconscious mind overwhelms the capacity of “conducting circuits.” Some kind of new integration is required, the nature of which is unclear except when flashes of insight provide some clarity. Your best strategies would be anything that increases the amount of patience, kindness, and love you feel toward your physical self no matter what its condition. Ending a pattern of victimization or self-sacrifice within your most significant relationships could indirectly and very positively, influence your physical condition and feelings of well being.
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