Horoscopes for the Week of October 14th – 20th

This week Venus moves toward an opposition with Neptune, widely squared by Saturn, creating a t-square (dilemma) by sign. You are likely facing a quandary. An increased level of awareness regarding the value of thinking with your heart was recently brought forward with the New Libra Moon. Traditionally the decision-making process was thought to produce better outcomes when an objective, non-feeling approach was taken. Growth and the evolving nature of the world has made that old advice obsolete. Integrating you heart fully into your life decisions connects you with the universal love vibration and helps build the momentum necessary to change the trajectory of the world – one life at a time.

What kind of quandary are you facing? It appears to involve relationships (surprise, surprise), the unknown, the future, and what you believe about yourself and the world. Actually your heart may be telling you one thing and your head another while Saturn demands that you live according to what you believe. You may not know what to believe as you’re pressured to do something concrete to create a better future. To simplify you may be tempted to deny an aspect of yourself, your relationships, or your beliefs that desperately needs to be considered. Self-improvement projects that are guided by feelings, intuitive insights, and a degree of flexibility may be what’s needed.

Pluto, Uranus, Juno, the Sun, and Mercury create different kinds of dilemmas related to the need for a peaceful balanced life, the simultaneous need for a big disruptive change, and a world you’ve built that doesn’t really support either one. Big adjustments are required along the lines of telling the more truthful version of the story you tell yourself about yourself.

By the weekend Jupiter and Mars, both in Virgo, join forces as they harmoniously interact with transformational Pluto. Action to expand and improve your life and your skills may be taken. Overwork is a possibility, but so is making great strides toward accomplishing your goals. Your future may be profoundly and beneficially influenced through the actions and the work you do this week. You benefit from being discriminating, analytical and thoughtful about how you use your energy. (Another possibility is that some conflict grows to dangerous levels as the result of a chronic resistance to change).

Transformational energies unite with expansive energies. The last time this aspect (Jupiter trine Pluto) was “in play” was Oct/Nov/Dec of 2002 and briefly at the beginning of July 2003. You (and the world) are on the cusp of major structural change.

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ARIES (March 21-April 21)
This week efforts to resist memories and negative energies that revive confusion, loss, and sadness are rewarded. The past actually does seem consequential, though. So it’s tricky. In the interest of balance, deliberately remembering positive aspects of the past might allow you to thread the needle. Remembering times when you were strong, heroic, and persistent, even when you couldn’t see the light at the end of the tunnel, increases your confidence in the present moment. When you think about the kindness extended to you, fun times, how passionately in love you’re able to be, and how you land on your feet despite some really wild and crazy decisions, you might have to smile. Your real story is incredibly uplifting when viewed from a truer perspective. Recapturing the natural instincts of your “inner child” – the courageous, mouthy, impulsive, full of life, unedited, unconditioned version – is important now.

TAURUS (April 21-May 21)

Taking every opportunity to see things from a new and different perspective assists you making the decisions that need to me made. Future actions must be based less on the way you’ve always seen things and more on some new, unusual insights and openness. Being suspended for awhile as you consider different points of view, different options, foreign ideas, and the nature of your old world turned upside down, seems wise. Going out of your way to expose yourself to something you couldn’t imagine even last week seems important. Any chance you have to visit a place you’ve never been before could provide you with exactly the kind of mental stimulation you crave. Going to a new place by yourself (I’m assuming its safe) is better than going with someone else. It allows you to focus and to absorb exactly what you need, uninterrupted.

GEMINI (May 21-June 21)
This week you may feel less in the “driver’s seat” than you’re used to feeling and that requires some adjustment. You may begin to feel out of control of the direction of your life, unable to focus intently, unable to confidently make independent decisions, or unable to get from “here to there.” There is the possibility that disaster will not arrive on your doorstep if you allow another to steer for awhile, or if you set off on some new adventure that doesn’t fit with your original plan. Sometimes life happens while your making other plans and sometimes that’s ultimately more beneficial. You could use this time to develop the skill of having faith in the future even when you’re not totally in control. You could remember all the times in your past when you accidentally ended up in just the right place through no fault (or control) of your own. And you could choose to experience this time as an interesting and exciting way to live. Perspective is critical when Saturn transits Sagittarius, as it’s now doing.

CANCER (June 21-July 21)
This week Cancer may be feeling the beginning of the end of an old way of life. There is hope but there is also a sense of loss and grief involved. Essentially old obstacles are being removed, which is a good thing. But if you were attached to or relied on those old obstacles – or were once in love with them – a sense of sadness is understandable. This is not a step backward. It is more like a chance to immerse yourself deeper in the idea of no longer being able to nourish yourself in ways you were used to, and the pain of having to let go. Grieving is a stage in the recovery process. Once it’s done you recover, reorient, and regain your focus on the future. It’s an important step that cannot be skipped without negative consequences for your future. On the other hand it is a temporary place. You’re just passing through, not moving in and settling down.

LEO (July 21-Aug 21)
This week there is a resolution to some old conflict involving proving yourself, possibly having to jump through some inconvenient hoops, dealing with delays, and generally endure some frustrating circumstances that you may have anticipated avoiding – because you’re a Leo and therefore special, and exceptional. That is true, of course, but there are rules and protocols that don’t recognize the specialness of a Leo’s status. Now you have the opportunity to focus more intently on your goals for the future without an abundance of distraction. Keeping your eye on the ball will be easier if your perspective stays positive. Make sure it does. You’re in for some hard work. If you begin to resent it think back to a time when you were being held back and unable to fully engage your talents. By comparison this is a fortunate time. Now you can count on yourself and your creative intelligence to achieve the results you want.

VIRGO (August 21-September 21)

The omens for Virgo seem very positive this week. Despite recent setbacks there is the indication that things will be coming together in wonderful ways. Energies are set in motion to facilitate it. Venus, the giver of gifts, is placed strongly in the sign of Virgo. It is likely that you will benefit in some intangible way from a partner or in a more tangible way from the absence or loss of a partner. But mostly you stand to gain from a balanced approach to self-improvement. It is critical that you follow the rules you have set for yourself. It is equally critical that you learn how to occasionally break those rules and allow your intuition to guide your next best move. While getting ahold of yourself or a situation may not seem optional, there is the need to relax enough to absorb the invisible assistance that is now being offered. There is room for variation as the opportunity to become more closely connected to the deepest sources of your power begin to emerge.

LIBRA (September 21-October 21)

This week feels like a potential “rite of passage” for Libra. Tension that been building for awhile within the realm of relationships brings you face to face with the need to take an important first step in a new direction. As you sense how that might undermine the balance you’ve grown comfortable with, you may be tempted to pretend that you’re not ready, or that everything is fine the way it is, and that you can live with the confinement that is actually no longer necessary. This is a mental challenge, the parameters of which will be clarified around October 22nd. The timing is right, though, for you to take some concrete steps to follow through on the dreams you have for your future. “Rites of Passage” are by definition difficult because they involve the release of an old, but intense attachment. What can now be released, with some invisible cosmic assistance, is the need to uphold the facade that your life is perfect, your relationships are perfect, and you are perfect. Getting rid of that blockage moves you easily through a critical threshold as the world opens up to you.

SCORPIO (October 21 – November 21)
The Libra New Moon worked behind the scenes to stir up some new awareness regarding relationships, especially those that feel confining and dissatisfactory in some way. A passionate resolve to self-improve in a way that will indirectly release over-dependencies and fears of strong self assertion within relationships can now be your focus. Ongoing transformation, healing, and achievement of progressively higher levels of mastery is the story of your life. Highlighted now is the need to revive the past in ways that bring into sharp focus the kind of kid you were most naturally. What did you love, what were your interests, where were you especially confident, how did you express yourself, and what happened to undermine that. This kind of introspection can both unravel the mysteries of your current relationships and put you back in touch with your dreams. The omens are especially fortunate for you at this time indicating an influx of friendly, helpful, people, gifts, and rewards for past sacrifices and hard work.

SAGITTARIUS (November 21- December 21)

Saturn in Sagittarius may be bringing you back down to earth after a period of success and popularity. Your confidence may be a little shaky at the moment. What always worked in the past may no longer be working. Saturn usually asks you to do something you’ve historically resisted doing. For you that may involve a decision, a different direction and a new focus. Tuning into your deepest thoughts and feelings, through some magical means maybe, might help you identify your new direction. There is something that you love more than anything else that fear, tradition, practical concerns, and old beliefs keeps you from pursuing singularly and wholeheartedly. You may love what you are doing but you probably don’t love it the most. Soon you will be able to identify what you love most now. Then everything will change and you will be on your way again.

CAPRICORN (December 21-January 21)
This week you work on the details of the vision you have for your future. Being a quick thinker, organized, perceptive and independent has notoriously worked well for you in the past. Now you engage in some difficult, detailed work that moves you closer to the kind of future you envision for yourself. The only potential problem I see is the usual fear of failing to ultimately achieve your goal. That might cause you to overwork, over worry, over plan, and over control. What could enhance your vision and make it easier to realize is some relaxation and openness to the small voice within that could guide you and make it all easier. If you have failed to communicate your vision clearly to someone who could help and inspire you, or to enlist their help in a way that makes them feel useful and part of your life, it might be time. Consider that being more flexible could actually enhance your vision and the joy involved in making it happen.

AQUARIUS (January 21-February 21)
Aquarius may find themselves operating “on automatic’ at the moment, somewhat uninspired and vaguely aware of the need for change but unsure of exactly how (or when) to jump off of the current merry-go-round. Aquarius is craving progress, a revolution, or a rebellion of some kind that can get the familiar juices flowing. Your current direction may not be enlightened enough – exciting, futuristic, or risky enough. You crave a return to the cutting edge of life where you can be the mind-blowing influence and the leader who takes others down some off-beat road laced with magic, the promise of peace, love, understanding, a little chaos, and some wildly unpredictable breakthroughs. You haven’t quite found the new inspiring idea or opening that will set you off on a new and different track. But it’s coming and will arrive in the next few months.

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PISCES (February 21-March 21)
Pisces may find themselves locked into some commitments that stifle enthusiasm, passion, and the freedom to “jump ship” to find something new and more exciting. You may be reluctant to disappoint someone or to appear unable to follow through on your commitments. Saturn is demanding that you act responsibly but that may not mean staying put. It may be that the more responsible approach is to follow your passion, alone if necessary, and to accept the challenges and sacrifices that go along with that. You may be in need of a new life direction that faces you with some tough decisions. It’s important to share your ideas, thoughts, and visions with someone who is supportive and stimulating – someone who does not entice you into old patterns of self-sacrifice, negativity, victimhood. Do what it takes to pursue ideas that inspire you, and people who embody an approach to life that feels passionate, healthy, and self-directed.
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