Horoscopes for the Week of Oct. 7th – 13th

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Within your natal chart, highly active this week is your “Virgo House.” Virgo deals with self-improvement, health, efficiency, the development of effective methods, and a thrust to integrate your personality into one, purified, well-functioning, whole. Paying particular attention to details, developing a critical eye, and keeping your eye on the ball is important. Now, if you feel that anything less than perfection is failure, if you’re overwhelmed with guilt and worry, automatically inclined to neglect your own needs while tirelessly serving others, you need to refocus. Seeing your loved one’s flaws under a harsh, glaring light is cause for refocusing as well.

On Thursday Venus, after four months in the sign of Leo, shifts into the sign of Virgo. On Friday Mercury (Virgo’s ruler) turns direct after three weeks in retrograde motion. Things begin to move again. By Oct 24th all the pieces will be in place for a big move in the direction of your life’s purpose. On October 25th Venus aligns with Jupiter, the two most benefic planets in astrology.

On Sunday Jupiter and Pluto move into an exact trine – a very harmonious alignment. Expect old blockages, maybe in the form of inflexibility, to be removed. Profound healing can now proceed as a laser-like focus becomes possible.

On Monday we experience the New Moon in Libra. It’s a “seed-planting” time and Venus in Virgo (Libra’s ruler) plays a key role. She is the star of the show this week. Now is your opportunity to move deeper into work that you love as you critically analyze who you are, where your strength lie, and how purposefully enchanting your life might make everything come together like magic.

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ARIES (March 21-April 21)
The importance of being especially discriminating comes into play now. Financial security may be an issue, but it seems, on a deeper level, that trust and support may underlie a dilemma. Uninhibited expressions of love may be complicated by not knowing who or when to trust. Being friendly and open may feel dangerous to you at times. Reconciling your need to relax and to experience joy within relationships is never completely risk-free, but it can be less so. Now is the time to develop some efficient and effective methods for discriminating between who is likely to betray you and who shows no tendency for that kind of behavior. Painting with a broad brush in either direction is limiting. Now you can tune into details, use the analytical part of your brain, stop pretending, and free yourself to be the loving, generous person that you are in a more self-protective, discriminating way.

TAURUS (April 21-May 21)

It feels like a delay or an obstacle – something that has held you back or frustrated you – is about to be released, exposed, or disempowered in some way. This week you can take some steps to move past it. Your job is to let go of what is trying to move out of your life. Expect some resistance in the form of old psychological conditioning. Trading powerlessness for something more creatively enticing and joyful is now a possibility, but you must be willing to offer some useful and valuable service to yourself. Honing your artistic or creative skills may be part of this picture. Admiring artistic, creative, and musically inclined friends is nice but now it may be time to take responsibility for developing your own. It’s time to consider yourself your primary responsibility. That change must be reflected in your daily habits and routines. This New Moon allows you to set some new, more enjoyable circumstances in place. Avoid the ingrained tendency to keep things just as they are.

GEMINI (May 21-June 21)
You breathes a sigh of relief this week as you recognize the key to your success is simply moving further into your essential self. At your core, when all is stripped away, you’re about making things better, more organized, more effective, and practically useful through focused, hard work. Analyzing and fixing flaws strips you down to your purest essence. This “process” allows you to do work that feel effortless and magical. The “enchanter” is the role you’re meant to play in the world. Your methods may appear to be a series of “slight of hand” techniques that defy explanation. Your performance may appear to be an effortless, “magic wand” demonstration of instantly manifesting what is most desired. This week actively embracing more of who you are, through work that feels natural, and connects you more deeply with a mysterious source of power is important. Your healing powers are ripe for enhancement.

CANCER (June 21-July 21)
This week you continue to clean out the skeletons in your closet with more invisible assistance and more ease than usual. You have come through a difficult time and are becoming more open to change and self-acceptance through the hard work of analyzing the past and identifying what did and didn’t work. The dark cloud hanging over your thoughts is dissipating as your perspective is balanced. You begin to see more options for yourself. One of those options may be using a creative talent for communication or an artistic way of seeing the world more effectively. Art or music may now begin to express more prominently as a vehicle by which you continue to advance the healing of your mind. Monday’s Libra new Moon encourages you to plant a new seed that positively influences your foundations and your emotional security. Reject the “crazies” who may derail your new direction and limit your options.

LEO (July 21-Aug 21)
If you’ve been given a break since early June of this year, feeling less useful than usual, and struggling to find a focus for your abundant creative energy, this week you may once again find yourself challenged in a way that demands more focus. Financially your prospects improve as your instincts and attention to detail allow you to deliver impeccable service and fine craftsmanship. There is the need to analyze which of your inner resources and talents is in need of further development. Your support team may need some work as well. Something breaks open this week. The New Moon in Libra changes and refreshes you daily routine. A new seed of cooperation, justice, and fairness is planted in your mind. There is no need to fall back on overwork, self-neglect, and an undermining type of competitiveness that traditionally eased feelings of uselessness and guilt. Reconsideration over the past 3 weeks has given your perspective a kinder, gentler, and more balanced tone. Now you have the chance to make that work for you.

VIRGO (August 21-September 21)

Virgo is analytical, and this week that is a fortunate thing. Relationships require some forethought and you have the capability to design the best, most efficient, and effective strategies if you can keep your tendency to feel emotionally insecure and uprooted under control. Your stye and approach matters a lot now. Balancing your needs against the needs of another is tricky. Actually it’s a potentially dangerous situation that could end you in an untenable position if you don’t consider all factors involved, including the needs of another. The new Moon in Libra encourages you to consider that a clear assessment of what is just and fair is one of your strengths. Negotiation and creating balanced solutions is also one of your strengths, if you can avoid the tendency to engage in power struggles or the urge to destroy someone who has hurt you. Think long term and use your innate resources to make this all work in your favor. A win/win is possible.

LIBRA (September 21-October 21)

Consorting with darkness, engaging the mysterious parts of yourself, being alert to buried treasure sightings, and exposing something incredibly useful you didn’t know existed within you, is a distinct possibility this week. Your approach to life gets back on track. Your physical body cooperates once again and you can initiate something new. But the need for alone time may be more urgent as this is the most sensitively fortunate time of the year for you. The more undistracted from yourself and from your inner life you can be, the more fortunate you will be. I would advise you to connect with the deepest part of yourself – through meditation or whatever works – to know what it is you would most love to initiate this week under the New Libra Moon. This could be very significant in terms of how the next nine months unfold for you. Bold action may be required once you receive some clarifying insights.

SCORPIO (October 21 – November 21)
This week may bring some deep sense of relief or the kind of happiness that was “well- earned” but rewarded beyond what you could have anticipated. The new Moon in your 12th house of mystery is an especially fertile place these days for growing something full of potential and new life. That may come in the form of a new job that feels more exciting and meaningful, better health, membership among particularly effective and generous humanitarians, and friendships that blossom and nourish your soul. Through these experiences the deeper, maybe neglected or unconscious aspects of your life will be exposed and revived in ways that profoundly enrich your experience of yourself. Rely less on what you think you know and more on opening to the new, unfamiliar, and unexpected. Doing one bold thing that takes you out of your comfort zone can start the ball rolling.

SAGITTARIUS (November 21- December 21)

There is an indication of the need not to sink into a state of inflexibility no matter what kind of comfortable groove you’ve gotten yourself into. Something about your style, approach, and offerings, needs to be reworked, adapted, to become more flexible, meaningful, and practically useful to others. You have been getting clues for awhile that something different or expanded needs to be initiated. You’re resisting, but this week you may let go of that. Listen and analyze for the feedback you’re receiving or not receiving, the hard data, and the facts. If I had to guess I would say people need something more exiting, bold, and unusual from you. Something more enlightened yet practically useful. You may need to take some bold action to bring yourself up to speed in that regard. The new Moon in Libra allows you to plant a new seed of cooperation and receptivity to what others are craving from you. As long as it does not conflict with your beliefs or your philosophy of life, do your best to provide it.

CAPRICORN (December 21-January 21)
Capricorn is facing a challenge that involves the need to let go of an emotional coldness or inability to express spontaneously and from the heart, within their professional role. In the past suppressing your emotions was connected to your ability to succeed. But now, at this stage of your development, it’s become a liability. You may feel it as a vague disconnection that leaves you internally unsupported and ungrounded. You have progressed to the point where further progress depends on a personal, emotional, revival. Connecting with your roots in a more engaging way, and with others who may be beneath you in terms of power and influence is important. That group may make you feel vulnerable and uncomfortable in some way. Think about what grounds you. It may be the ability to recognize what is unique about every person and to nurture that in some heart felt way. This new Moon, if given the chance, may restore a critical inner connection that ensures your continued success.

AQUARIUS (January 21-February 21)
This week there are especially powerful, invisible forces at work, healing you in ways you never expected and in ways you may feel you didn’t earn. It doesn’t matter. It’s happening and it’s about to be even more powerfully enhanced as Venus moves into your eighth house of magic and deep transformational experiences. What has kept you stuck for a long time is being resolved in ways that enrich your experience of your deeper self while empowering you to trust yourself. The new Moon in your 9th house broadens your perspective and promotes new growth within the realm of relationships, and in general. Your world is opening up after a period of intense constriction. Travel if you can or plant the seed for future travel to places unknown. Adventure beckons. Time to grow and expand.

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PISCES (February 21-March 21)
Pisces is now in the mood to fight for their “way of life” which feels increasingly useful and critically necessary. While Pisces qualities have been traditionally defined as nice, but NOT necessary, the world has changed. Pisces offers compassion. Is there anything more important at the moment? Pisces offers artistic sensitivity, and holistic healing through enchanted means (art, music, energy work, inspiration). She offers connection to inner rhythms that creates balanced and inspired health/work routines. Pisces dissolves boundaries that separate. She feels intimately connected to the oceans and the entire natural world. Pisces works powerful magic through invisible connections that most of us never cultivate. After years of devaluation Pisces comes into her own. To make this all work in your favor it is important to unearth a deep inner blockage that continues to trip you up and place you on the sidelines. Be alert for cues and secret messages that can finally unlock your potential.
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