Horoscopes for the Week of Oct. 21st – 27th

On Friday Venus (relationships)in meticulous Virgo moves into harmonious trine (120 degree aspect) with Pluto. Harmonious sounds good. Here’s the up side. An obstacle – like entrenched insecurities rooted in past betrayals that cause a partner to be baselessly mistrustful of you – is suddenly removed. That can happen through therapy, a karmic debt re-paid, spiritual growth, or the illuminating realization of how damaging suspicion can be, and a willingness to change.

But what if the “obstacle” holding a relationship together was the kids and now they’re suddenly removed – they go away to school, or to summer camp, or grow up and move out-of-state. The trine in this case may not feel so harmonious, depending on your perspective. Either way, relationship dynamics begin to flow unimpeded this week. Healing is most likely occurring, but it may be preceded by what appears to be unobstructed destruction.

By the end of the week, Venus moves into an opposition (180 degree angle) with Chiron. Oppositions present “opposing forces” that must carefully worked through. The opposing force (a victim, envisioning yourself as a victim, or the absence of someone or something you need) must be balanced with its opposite. Moving toward either extreme will not get you where you want to be. Compromise is key. If this opposition aspect plays out internally, chances are it will be a battle between the part of you that feels victimized and the part of you that is somewhat of a tyrant. Both sides need to moderate if a sustainable truce is to be reached.

And then there is the sesqui-quadrate aspect between Saturn and Uranus – a 135 degree angle that entails the need to carefully micromanage a situation to orchestrate much needed personal breakthroughs. Designing a self-improvement programs that eliminates a blockage (dependence, for example) may require regular measurements of progress, specific supports, critical tweaks, rewards, and meticulous attention to all facets involved in changing limiting habits and beliefs.

Mars in Virgo – the will to act – does not seem as free as his proximity to Jupiter would suggest. He may be blocked this week as Uranus inconjuncts (150 degree angle) his current position. Some major life adjustment may be needed for you to be able to take much needed action. Mercury in Libra, Mars’s ruler, returns to the position where he first retrograded on September 16th. We may get the information we’ve been waiting for to be able to plan our next act. In the interest of truth-telling, we’ll have to be honest about what we’re willing to change and what we’re not, otherwise irritability and impatience will set in and we’ll be itching for a fight.

On Friday the movement of the Sun from peace-loving and generative Libra into fixed, focused, and intense Scorpio, will highlight new aspects of yourself and your life. I’ll personalize this, hopefully in useful ways.

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ARIES (March 21-April 21)
Illuminated this week is the magnitude and depth of your power. No longer is there the need to experience inner success without the corresponding outer worldly success or vice versa. Now, through organization, association with those in power, and the specific and measurable goals you have in mind, you are able to manifest both. Magic may be part of the picture. The ability to transcend, through the force of your will, whatever limitations you’ve been conditioned to accept is possible this week. Illuminated now may be your most natural business partner. That may actually be the part of yourself that is practical, knows how to make make money, and how to power through resistance. Or it may be another person whose strengths balance your weaknesses and vice versa. The changes you’ve made within personal relationships can now be grounded in ways that support your ambitions.

TAURUS (April 21-May 21)

This week represents a turning point where you may recognize the need to cultivate an entirely new attitude toward the world. The fear of “ruin” if your current approach is disrupted or changed may hover deep within the recesses of your mind. Something that went terribly wrong in the past may continue to haunt you, to render you powerless to change, to keep you off-balance, and distort your decision-making ability. The Sun moving into the sign of Scorpio may illuminate the source of what keeps you stuck. Most likely it is a partnership, but possibly your own “blind spot” when it comes to defining who you are. Now is the time to think more deeply about who it was in your past that expected disaster if the status quo was not maintained – financial disaster, relationship disaster, or simply being ostracized in a way that cut off all support. The universe is assisting you in exposing the destructive tendencies you harbor. Seeing what’s been previously hidden can change everything this week.

GEMINI (May 21-June 21)
When the Sun moves into the sign of Scorpio, it’s time for a more powerful and passionate kind of thinking. It’s time to pull together the dynamic and the receptive – the union of mimd, heart, and action – so that the totality of who you are proceeds in one, coherent direction. Scorpio is the master of focus and directing the will to move mountains. Illumination, clarity, and spiritual guidance is all within reach and facilitated this week. So do what you must do to pull it together and avoid, at all costs, diluting yourself. The only limitation feels like a resistance to the full expression of masculine energy – feeling that you must “tone it down” in some way so as not to scare people or to close doors that need to remain open. Maybe you need to be alone to pull it together in secret. Scorpio loves working behind the scenes. Privacy may be mandatory. If you need it, insist on it, visualize it, feel it, and use your force of will to manifest brilliantly what has, for awhile, felt elusive and disempowering.

CANCER (June 21-July 21)
Cancer may be feeling burdened at the moment. But there is the possibility that you may be holding on to a burden that is no longer necessary for you to bear. Force of habit or a distorted perspective keeps you in a place that you no longer want to be, but may continue to insist upon. It’s time to examine whether or not you could let go of some responsibility. If you’re trying to change something you cannot change drop it or delegate it. For you the work is always to keep your mindset pure and reflective of the clearest possible version of your reality. Beliefs about some weird need to be punished, to keep your world small, or to play the victim need to be thrown overboard. Purging what you own may help you to uproot what is no longer effective both on a physical and emotional level. The Sun moving into your 5th house makes you powerfully creative and unusually capable of enjoying life and love. It allows you to approach life form a more playful, and therefore more effective angle. It’s up to you to make time for it over the next month. Too much needless responsibility can now be unloaded.

LEO (July 21-Aug 21)
“Individuals are not a thing or a process but an opening through which the absolute can manifest.” There is the suggestion that you have cleared some debris from the opening through some transformation involving your work, your health, or both. It is possible that you have fixed something fundamental that had been blocking your peace of mind. It may have been hidden, but insidiously destructive just the same. Now you radiate a new kind of confidence that makes you more magnetic and generous than you’ve been for a long time. Now your foundation supports your goals, your talents, and your desire to shine in energetic and brilliant ways. Now you are a clearer channel for the light of the absolute. Focus is key this week. Keep your eye on the ball and take into consideration your humanitarian leanings. It is possible to shine individually through selfless acts of kindness that benefit humanity as a whole. You capacity for achieving bigger goals has increased and your need to adjust to that may become more obvious.

VIRGO (August 21-September 21)

This week the nature of a relationship problem may be clarified. For example, you may finally see the futility of pursuing a long distance relationship because you realize your needs are not being met and distance is the problem. Or you may have been holding out for a partner to compromise and the realization that it’s not going to happen begins to sink in. You may be on a different page with a partner concerning your vision for the future and continuing to live with that may begin to seem insurmountable. It may no longer be possible for you to deny the nature of your relationship, whatever that is. The Sun’s movement into your third house illuminates solutions but they may seem massively disruptive and terrifying on some level. How long are you willing to play a powerless or long-suffering role within the structure of current relationships? How do you restore power to yourself and correct whatever imbalances exist? What you believe now about yourself and your ability to take control is pivotal.

LIBRA (September 21-October 21)

At the moment letting go of the past – particularly a belief you hold that is no longer valid – is your challenge. The belief is most likely related to relationships, your desire for perfection, and the resistance to letting go of an old agenda that fails to take into account the person you are or the person you’ve become. Relationships may feel uncertain and unsettled in some way. They challenge your “precariously balanced but outdated mindset.” As you continue to try to fit your “square peg self” into a round hole it may be time for an examination and an update of what you believe is right for you. Chances are you holding onto something very old (maybe “past life old”) that is making things way too complicated. Within the realm of relationships you may need more excitement, more freedom and independence, better sex, and more room to express the truly unique, brilliant, and forward thinking aspects of yourself. It’s time to bring that part of you to life.

SCORPIO (October 21 – November 21)
This week some of the confusion, and fluid, but unfocused, thought begins to dissolve as you reach a new level of determination. Now you may feel more like yourself – the self that makes things happen through sheer force of your will. What is most pronounced is the inventive and creative aspects of your being. Now you can make something out of nothing or something out of something that seems totally unsuited to what you actually have in mind. Your mind is powerfully focused and highly attuned to the magical, alchemical, processes that conjure up exactly what you most need at the right time. What you believe to be true about your resources is true. If you believe you do not have enough then you don’t. But if you believe that somewhere within you, or hiding in the garage, is a long-forgotten talent, an apparently useless object, or pile of junk, that if viewed differently could be turned into useful treasure, then it can. With Saturn transiting through the sign of Sagittarius, it’s time to re-examine what you “own” with fresh eyes.

SAGITTARIUS (November 21- December 21)

A clearer path to resolving old destructive patterns or to finally paying off some ancient Karmic debt may seem within reach. Especially effective methods that may assist you are those that take your physical body into consideration and alter its processes. Relaxation achieved through deep breathing or exercise, for example, can make it easier to release something that has been deeply entrenched and immoveable for ages. Sound healing, light, and color therapy, facilitating Chakra openings, can release more easily what needs to go. What is likely is that you will intuit a method, among the millions available, that would be most effective in breaking through old limitations. But, as you look in the mirror, you may see an inherited part of you that is weak and comfortable with limitation. That part of you is afraid to let go. Treat it compassionately. Find a safe, protected place within your heart for it, and notice how your desire to let go and to improve becomes much easier to manifest.

CAPRICORN (December 21-January 21)
This week you may attract disorganized, unpredictable, impulsive, dependent people in need of your unshakeable stability. You may feel that you have the inner resources to assist them, but there is the possibility they could throw you or your situation off-balance. You have a lot going on this week that may challenge your basic equilibrium. Saturn, now residing in your 12th house, increases your sensitivity and compassion, but can also make you unrealistic about how much stress you can safely absorb. It is possible to undo yourself unknowingly, to become completely exhausted, burned out, and run down. Relaxation, rest, and socializing can actually save you time, increase efficiency, and improve focus, but you may have to harness your famous self-discipline to force yourself into submission. The same discipline you’ve always used to drive yourself mercilessly can now be used to ensure balance and health. It’s an acquired skill that, despite feeling unnatural, allows you to go the distance in one piece.

AQUARIUS (January 21-February 21)
Having spent what may seem like forever in a state of suspension, somewhere between here and there, unable to act with full confidence that the dust has settled and it’s now safe to move on – it may feel reassuring to know that this suspended state of affairs is coming to a close. This static state is passing out of your life and you may see some signs that this is, in fact, happening. The question for you is how are you spending this time in a suspended state? If it’s causing you stress because you fear it will last forever, then it is likely that you will be in a debilitated state when its finally time to act. This week you may want to consider the best possible way to prepare yourself for the impending active phase of engagement. Rest, clarifying meditations, reconnecting with nature and stabilizing elements, as well as “food for thought” regarding your healing role in the world may be time well spent. Foundations can now be strengthened to better support your healing role. Developing skills that improve your ability to perform magic will be time well spent as well, however the next phase unfolds.

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PISCES (February 21-March 21)
This week you may be required to hold you own with a partner, a very strong personality, or an adversary. Knowing your limits and being willing to energetically enforce those is critical. What may be in most need of protection are the future goals you have in mind for yourself. Now you may need to be particularly mindful that what you allow to be set in motion as this week can have long-ranging affects on your ability to manifest your dreams. Pay attention to decisions involving money. It may be wise to be suspicious of another’s motives and to not underestimate their desire to get what they want even if, and especially if, it conflicts with your own desires. It’s nice to be nice, but as the Scorpio Sun moves into your 9th house, you may have to get down in the muck with another. It’s possible that you may have to get down in the muck with yourself if you’re tempted to give in, to give up, or to take the easier way out. It’s time to focus, to set limits, and to be “a force to reckoned with” when it comes to protecting your future.
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