Horoscopes for the Week of Sep. 30th – Oct. 6th

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This week as Mars, in detail oriented Virgo, moves into an opposition with Neptune, and we’re challenged to provide some hard data for clarification. We are being required to self-improve in some very specific and targeted ways, to take action on some health issue, and to bring ourselves out of whatever state of denial we’ve been nursing for awhile. In the interest of telling the truth and in the interest of a better future, adopting more meticulous and effective methods may be necessary. Close enough may no longer be good enough.

Mercury continues in retrograde motion through October 7th. We may not yet be ready to make any final decisions, particularly as those relate to relationships.

The Sun, in relationship oriented Libra, moves into harsh aspect with Pluto by the weekend, challenging a deeply ingrained fear of change and our ability to move ourselves through some major transformative phase while keeping our sense of identity intact.

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ARIES (March 21-April 21)
As you’re being newly challenged to focus on your future, to be meticulous about the kinds of sordid places you’ll allow your mind to wander into, and to take full responsibility for the direction you choose to expand into, it is important to pay attention to the nature of your work responsibilities and how you approach those. You are freer to take on more, but this week it is critical to be very discerning about what you actually do take on. Be picky about the services you offer and who you offer them to. Be alert to those who waste your time and devour your energy. Now is the time for consistent practice to make your work feel more effortless. Experiment with certain carefully chosen methods and techniques. You are laying a foundation for spiritual growth and meticulousness is required.

TAURUS (April 21-May 21)

As you mull over and reconsider what your responsibilities actually are these days, consider the fact that your entire approach to happiness, freedom, and venturing out of your comfort zone is undergoing a huge transformation. You are being challenged to grow up and to accept responsibility for expanding your life and your own happiness. This is not as simple as it seems for someone so used making sure others have what they need while sacrificing their own needs. Carefully analyze what it is that brings you joy and pay attention to details. It’s time to bring your service-orientation to the next level. It’s time to be of service to yourself and the part of you that needs to be happy. Saturn can be a strict taskmaster. He gives more than he takes away but until you get the message it may not feel that way. You can no longer neglect your need for a bigger, more joyful life without some serious consequences.

GEMINI (May 21-June 21)
Within the realm of relationships and in the interest of being a grown-up, it’s important to make sure that compromise isn’t just another word for putting your hopes and dreams for the future on hold indefinitely. Within the realm of relationships there is a new emphasis on the future, reconciling different belief systems, and securing room for yourself. This is a good week to clearly define the essential you, what can be compromised, and what is non-negotiable. Writing it down may be helpful. There is the indication that you are laying the foundation for future success. Make sure that foundation is something you can sustain without losing an important piece of yourself. Said another way, losing an important piece of yourself while constructing foundations pretty much ensures those will be unsustainable. Details matter this week. “Little compromises” must be well-considered. Communication is likely to flow better than usual so it may be time to talk about it.

CANCER (June 21-July 21)
Action is required now to more carefully define or explain your ideas for the future, to get some hard data, and to get it “down on paper.” The ideas you convey may entail healing, enchantment, magic, an artistic brilliance or flair, and a type of effortlessness that only hard work, consistent practice, and direct experience can produce. It’s time for you to focus on the details of communication. This is the week to make sure that you’ve crossed all the “t’s,” dotted all the “i’s,” and to clearly defined your priorities. Most likely you’ve lightened your load recently or need to move in that direction. It will allow you to focus on improving your work methods your product, and yourself. In the interest of an enchanted future, fame, fortune, and more space, I advise a lightened load and meticulous attention to detail.

LEO (July 21-Aug 21)
Leo is being faced with the need to be the rock – someone who is well-established, accomplished, sturdy, stoic, proud, and successful. Chances are you could rely, at least in part, on another to be that for you in the past. For the immediate future, however, that is no longer possible. Something has changed and it’s made it difficult for you to maintain your old, somewhat inflexible, maybe child-like, style and approach. It may be tempting to focus on money now as the cure for all that ails you. A more discriminating approach to the use of your resources may be necessary. But the indication is that it’s more complicated than that and may involve some real messiness associated with love, compassion, loss, death, and rebirth. It’s time to be the grown-up, the wise teacher, the one who provides stability in love, and puts things in their proper perspective through humor.

VIRGO (August 21-September 21)

Virgo may be facing the need to let go of something that has ended. Relationships are emphasized as the possibility of letting go of “generations of anguish” within relationships is now a possibility. It is likely that you have inherited the belief that relationships are difficult, full of pain, suffering, victimization, and ultimately loss or abandonment. The universe is begging you to question that belief this week and challenging you to put an end to it before you pass it on to another generation. You are at a critical juncture where it’s important to analyze, to identify problem areas, and to work to improve your entire style and approach to life. This has important implications for the type of relationships you will create in the future. It may be difficult to let go of the past, but an amazing rebirth is now possible. You are laying the foundation for a more satisfying experience of life.

LIBRA (September 21-October 21)

This is a pivotal time for re-evaluating when and why you are creating the kind of magic that only you can create. When do you kick your negotiating skills into high gear? When do you smooth things over to create peaceful scenarios? When do you turn something ugly and useless into a work of art? When do you return balance to a situation that is in danger of becoming wildly out of control? And when do you decide to construct a “win/win” out of some relentlessly persistent disagreement? Be honest. Is it when you feel most incapable of tolerating conflict because your own peace of mind is fragile? Is it when you fear abandonment? Is it when you’re tired or especially freaked out by the poor design that surrounds you? This week is the perfect time to find more ways to use your immense talent for the benefit of causes bigger than yourself. You embody what the world needs most now.

SCORPIO (October 21 – November 21)
This is the week that healing from old restrictive habit and wounds is possible if you completely reverse your perspective on yourself, your approach, or the problem your focused on. What keeps things intractable is continuing to see them in the same way. This week reversing your position is required. You may need to hang upside down, to stand on your head, or to completely move in an opposing direction. You may need to expose yourself to new environments even though familiar ones feel comforting. You may need to listen to foreign opinions that deviate significantly from your own. You may need to listen to different philosophies of life and death – and you may need to “try them on for size.” It is wise now to doubt that your point of of view is the right one, that you already know the answers, and are smarter than the average bear. Question the assumption that if there was an effective way of dealing with your pain you would have found it by now. The timing is right for you to find the answers you need.

SAGITTARIUS (November 21- December 21)

Sagittarians may be frustrated by not having much to show for the amount of effort they’ve exerted. Actions may not have yielded the results you want and you may begin to doubt yourself. What can be considered is the need for an inner focus. Analysis and worry is no match for the accuracy of the answers that lie within. This week concentrated efforts to reconnect with your spirit in your some way can yield the breakthroughs you need. Staying “close to home,” close to your essential self, and close to the foundations and nurturing environments that have always comforted you, is a smart strategy now. A truce may need to be put in place if you are fighting against yourself, feeling frustrated for not being ahead of where you are, and intolerant of your need for more time. You can be right on schedule if you don’t insist on your own agenda and begin to cooperate with a higher, wiser, smarter one.

CAPRICORN (December 21-January 21)
Since mid-September Capricorns have moved through a final threshold. They are shifting inward to gain better control over the most sensitive inner workings of their mind and heart. A mysterious sense of confidence may have come over you as the importance of outer trappings and the approval of others is replaced with a better connection to the inner stabilizing part of yourself. Up until now that has remind fairly elusive. As a human being you are moving toward being fully “plugged in,” capable of taking control over your future without fear that something important is missing or that you are weighted down by a vague disadvantage that necessitates fear and extra caution. This week effective, bold, and deliberate action fueled by instincts, intuition and a little magic, is required to move yourself forward.

AQUARIUS (January 21-February 21)
Aquarians can have very mixed feelings about collaborations and partnerships given that their sense of identity revolves around creative freedom and independence. Compromise can feel confining or like a personal betrayal of a delicate piece of yourself. Having said that it’s time for you to experience the joy of a highly stimulating collaborative effort. Those yet to establish themselves need you and it’s time for you to be part of a team advancing a cherished goal that transcends individual effort. Your creative mind requires a new kind of challenge that transforms you, your life direction, and career. Future collaborative opportunities may arrive in the form of someone from your past. Be discriminating about the partners and projects you choose and the parameters that define your contribution and anothers. You’ve earned that luxury.

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PISCES (February 21-March 21)
The beast within is elusive and defies definition. He is therefore especially tormenting because you can only imagine what you’re actually dealing with. This week their is an indication that the beast’s confusing presence can finally be brought under control, with the game changing addition of some “hard data” – if you’re open to it. The beast, brought into the light of day, may actually appear more frightening than you sometimes imagined him to be, but knowing what you’re dealing with allows your inner strength to emerge. No longer needing to project the fear that riles beasts up when they sense you’re scared and “easy prey,” a clearer vision of the truth sets you free. An unbiased analysis of what’s most needed can now be performed. Another may actually do that for you. In the absence of fear it’s possible that your connection with your instincts will be better. Balanced with the facts, the magic that ensues can be life changing in the best ways imaginable.
Jill Stevenson Ritter

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