Horoscopes for the Week of Aug 26th – Sep 2nd

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Jupiter and the Sun align this week in the sign of Virgo. Jupiter is the “greater benefic”, benefitting you in countless ways, but only if you recognize opportunities for enhanced self-integration, self-improvement, and the skilled application of methods and techniques that serve you, and the world, well. Expansion of a more discriminatory approach to shaping your life, as well as the development of supportive habits that evolve into effortless routines.

But any practicing astrologer will tell you that Jupiter can be perceived as “unreliable.” Jupiter paves the way for expansion and learning by setting you free. But that may not always feel fortunate. For example, if money is holding you back, Jupiter will set you free of it. If your relationship or current job stymies you, Jupiter can fuel the energy that gets you fired. If chaos and destruction will open your mind, Jupiter brings it on.

It is entirely possible that you will finally be able to do the kind of work you love, that you will stumble on a new, powerfully effective method, and that you will muster the self-discipline to do what you’ve never been able to do before. In every realm bringing order to chaos is more easily accomplished.

Mercury changes signs on Thursday – from Virgo into the sign of Libra. The focus changes from critical problem-solving and checking off items on your “to-do list to a mental “balancing act.” Now you carefully weigh your options as you move forward with decisions. You figure out how to cooperate, compromise, and gracefully navigate through complicated terrain.

There is a super full Moon on Saturday in the sign of Pisces. Super Moons are more potent than average full Moons because of their close proximity to earth. This one will have us feeling our realizations as though there was a lot at stake. There probably is. I will publish my analysis on Thursday.

The pace of life begins to pick up speed now.
Have a great week!!


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ARIES (March 21-April 21)
It might be interesting this week for you to back away from the urge to micro-manage, to take responsibility for lighting fires under others, for rescuing them from their own incompetence, and for being the chief problem-solver. You’ve done enough and you’ve learned from the strenuous exertion you’ve had to apply just to keep your own head – and everyone else’s – above water. But you’ve lost out on a few important lessons in the meantime. Needing development may be the skills necessary to cooperate with another’s agenda, how to fit yourself into a plan that’s better than yours, to listen, and to accept, support, and cooperate with another’s proposed solutions to make it all work. You are on the cusp of bringing your “skill set” into balance. Others have a lot to teach you, but you’re a quick study as long as you recognize the importance of patience, humility, and the need for more flexibility.

TAURUS (April 21-May 21)

Your area for self-improvement may involve the cultivation of peace of mind, and that becomes a more urgent need this week. Peace of mind does not come from an ordered, predictable life, though it may seem that way if you have been deeply wounded by something you didn’t see coming. Peace of mind comes from healing that wound and love will do that. So how can you improve your love life? A reversal of whatever you’re doing now may be a good start – not because what you’re doing is completely wrong, but because thinking in reverse is a good way to get the creative juices flowing. There is a lot at stake now, whether you realize it or not, and your “work” for awhile looks more like play, relaxation, day dreaming, sexual indulgence, and sensual pleasure. You’ve dug a hole for yourself miscalculating the wide ranging effects of an “overly responsible” approach to life. This week you begin to dig your way out.

GEMINI (May 21-June 21)
This week Gemini experiences both a major mental and emotional shift. Everything changes and has the potential to be destabilizing. But if you tune into your level of comfort and let that determine your actions, you’ll be fine. Cultivating comfort and familiarity is critical as you move away from something that represents security for you. A new focus and busyness surrounding social activity, celebration, love, and friends does not exempt you from finding quiet time to imagine people, places, and things from the past that never fail to connect you to a warm, safe, comfortable place. That is your “moveable feast.” No matter where you go, what you do, and how extensively your role changes, you have the skills to return home in your mind and in your heart. It is likely that if apply the skills you’ve honed in the past, you will connect others with the world they cherish most within themselves.

CANCER (June 21-July 21)

Ernest Hemingway, a famous Cancer, was a writer known for his stark, minimalist style. He used as few words as possible to convey a clear and powerful story. This week Cancers enhance family relationships, as well as the source of their stability, through subtle, but deliberate, omissions. What you present in writing, for example, may exclude, what would normally be included. Simplicity is hard-hitting. It is now possible to apply a newly refined skill within the realm of communication. If someone has not previously been able to understand what you’re trying to convey, the changes you now make are subtle but powerful and leave the listener with little doubt as to what you mean. Less is more under a Pisces Moon. Don’t over explain when a simple sentence will do. Don’t repeat yourself. Fail to mention what everyone expects you to mention. What you don’t say speaks volumes.

LEO (July 21-Aug 21)
This week Leo works hard to organize facts, figures, and finances. The work is tedious and difficult given the dissolving nature of the passion and commitment you feel. Most likely this is expressed within the world of business partnerships, but intimate relationships may feel somewhat undermined as well. There is an uneasiness with the dissolving nature of what has previously provided stability for you, but this week you find your frame of mind and focus changing to something more up-lifting. Fresh new contacts, unfamiliar environments that provides more freedom, the exhilaration of learning something something new, and a new emphasis on beauty and love, revives your enthusiasm for life. You may witness new ways of doing things and new attitudes that change the way you think about your old habits and your new future.

VIRGO (August 21-September 21)

Virgos are a focused, efficient, productive group, prone to micro-management and not leaving anything to chance. They take full responsibility for outcomes, even when they have little control, and beat themselves up regularly for less than perfect results. They hone their skills to perfection and work circles around the rest of us. As admirable (or insane) as their methods may seem, it’s time, this week, for them to do the opposite. A reversal is in order. If it’s easier for you to think of it as developing a new skill within a different realm, that’s great. But the bottom line is that you need to let go of some control, to ease up on the brakes, and to enjoy the ride. It may be time to shock yourself back into a more balanced life rhythm by agreeing to participate in something exciting and potentially beneath your usual standards of excellence. Call an “Aquarian-type” and allow them to set the agenda. You just follow along.

LIBRA (September 21-October 21)

In the build-up to this full Moon, Libra may be feeling somewhat haunted by ghosts from the past. Being revived are past memories, long forgotten by design, most likely. Rattling the cages of sleeping dogs can stir up anxiety and leave you feeling vaguely uncomfortable for reasons you can’t quite pinpoint. The best way to prepare for this is to expect it. When someone you haven’t seen for a long time comes back into your life expect that it may be superficially pleasant but also complicated. In the aftermath of old reminders, the possibility exists that memories will be exhumed for further examination. Expect that a social occasion you are looking forward to may be a mixed bag, especially if it involves the family. The upside is that once something deeply buried is exposed to light of day it looses it power leaving you with more freedom, more energy, and better future options.

SCORPIO (October 21 – November 21)
This week it seems wise to adopt the horse-racing “jockey” as your muse. Picture him pulling together, in a split second, the fullness of every skill he possesses, combined with some mysterious sense of inner timing, to grab an unexpected opportunity to come from behind and win the game of life. There is thrill associated with watching that kind of action. There is more thrill associated with initiating that kind of action yourself. There is the need to give life everything you’ve got this week, with no holds barred and nothing weighing you down. It’s too late in the game to delay and the opportunities coming your way are rare. It’s time for you to experience the fullness of life in order to evolve to the next level of existence. Scorpios get stuck easily. Now’s your chance to get unstuck and to never look back.

SAGITTARIUS (November 21- December 21)

Sagittarius is in a position to advance their career and ambitions this week in some critical way. You may know the next practical step that needs to be taken. There is the indication that what you have been working toward gains momentum through some action you initiate. An energy shift clears the way for the realization of something big that changes everything, but it may depend on some careful attention to detail, meticulous thoroughness, the ability to maintain your focus, and to check and double check everything. That’s always been true. The difference this week is that the universe is unusually supportive. Someone with influence may step in to bring it all together for you. Missing pieces of information appear, and the skids are greased.

CAPRICORN (December 21-January 21)
Capricorns are now in the position of envisioning a bigger future for themselves. As you think about capitalizing on your strengths, you might consider that you excel at imagining the smallest details of what is needed for future projects and accomplishments. You are capable now of articulating the vision you have for the future. It may involve justice, fairness, freedom, and the means by which those will be achieved. Most likely it involves relationships that are equitable and reflect care and concern for the dignity of everyone. It appears that you may play a pivotal role in bringing into being a better world through the collaborative role you play within partnerships. You are the structurist. You provide the preparation, structure and the leadership that supports beauty. It may be time this week to communicate your role and your expertise to a broader audience.

AQUARIUS (January 21-February 21)
Aquarians are feeling the urge to rebel against their own “standard operating procedures.” Historically those may have been defined by a degree of emotional detachment that allows for maximum freedom of movement – an “I can take it or leave it” attitude that kept your options open, and allowed you to “slip through the cracks” when you sensed the heavy hand of authority or confinement reigning down. Now you may feel some frustration, the need to take more risk, to be more invested, to have more at stake, more skin in the game. The outcome for you may need to be “less certain” than it’s been in the past in order to ignite the passion and excitement you crave. There is a new sense of urgency to shape the freedom you’ve cultivated into something more meaningful. Now that you’ve escaped, eluded, evaded, and out smarted all those who’ve tried to tame you, where do you go? How do you keep your emotional life from feeling like a bridge to nowhere? Take control of the details and commit to something different.

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PISCES (February 21-March 21)
There is often too much critical thought inflicted on relationships and not enough “let’s just listen” and see where this goes.” The Full Moon has a dissolving effect this week over how you define your role within relationships. It may be wise to cooperate with the dissolution in a discriminating way. It’s not time to throw your confidence overboard, to allow yourself to be victimized, used, abused, or impaired through over-indulgence and lack of self-care. But it’s time to throw out your personal rule book – the one with the standards, formulas, agendas, and “most effective” methods for success. There is another way that embraces a flow of communication, the deep connection with subtleties that that surround you, less interference with chaos, and a refusal “calm others” with mindless actions that runs you in circles. Less is more now and it may be time to do it your way despite strong cultural opposition to stillness, intuitive knowing, and the power of adhering to your own personal sense of timing.
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