Horoscopes for the Week of Aug. 19th – 25th

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This week the main event is the Sun’s transit on Sunday, from the fiery, self-involved, sign of Leo into the more pragmatic and earthy sign of Virgo. Jupiter, newly in the sign of Virgo, will be highly energized by this transit. Expansion is indicated in all areas of life having to do with work, self-improvement, health, and service to others.

Virgo’s dark side is relentless perfectionism, endless worry, overwhelming guilt, a tendency to be hyper-critical in ways that alienate others, and obsessive repetition of patterns that undermine cherished goals. If you experience these tendencies it’s time to step back, to slow down, to spend some time alone, and to seek some kind of healing assistance.

Recently I have written about the need to replace old methods, habits, and routines with something more effective. Cleaning up, being more discriminating about the responsibilities you take on and the kind of work you’re willing to do is important. Now we arrange and organize the details of life to serve the larger vision we have in mind for ourselves.

A re-energized and carefully thought-through health routine may be necessary. It may be time to purify your diet in some way, to detox, and to engage in some relaxation and rest.

Selfless service is a Virgo strength as long as you know the difference between being useful and being used. On a subtle level it’s important to open yourself to a better understanding of the value of letting go, resting, and allowing things to unfold naturally. When you find yourself navigating through disappointment and delay, it helps to realize that there is a larger plan in place that is better much better than your own.

Essentially we’ve entered the last year of a final preparation and purification – the last phase in a six year cycle of self-development that prepares you to step into an expanded social role. This is the time we make ourselves the best we can be in preparation for a new, more balanced role within relationships. This is when we address remaining personal problems and free ourselves to fully and confidently engage with the world. Most likely there is work to be done. Efficiency and careful attention to detail is key. Jupiter is supporting your efforts in big ways.

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ARIES (March 21-April 21)
You’re on the cusp of being freed up in ways that clarify your mission, the kind of work you’d most love to do, and the kind of responsibilities you can effectively take on that would bring you the most joy. The universe is freeing you to be more of who you actually are now – a big hearted, generous to a fault, lover of life, children, and mostly yourself. You are a treasure trove of unusual talent, psychological insight, and the capacity for meaningful rebellion. You will be amazed to discover that in the coming weeks, as you make more time for yourself to be alone, relaxed, receptive, and attentive to the present moment, some potentially powerful and ingenious healing technique, work of art, or beautiful method, effortlessly surfaces from the depths of your mind. And you know that it is the “materia prima” you’ve been waiting for and that the universe has entrusted it to you for a reason.

TAURUS (April 21-May 21)

Since there is not much time left for you to feel legitimately victimized by a partner, an imbalance, an injustice, a blind spot, or inability to embrace your remarkable capacity for self-healing and total transformation, it’s time to start thinking about all the practical ways you can take responsibility for creating a happy life. Interestingly your most effective strategy may be a willingness to forgo the need to be productive in any traditional sense and to make more time for yourself. For you it’s more about being receptive, increasing your capacity to receive, letting go of the need to be of service, deliberately indulging the senses, and cultivating a relationship with personal guides and mysterious entities that can make everything fall into place easily. Be quiet, stop running around trying to be productive, hang out with artists, poets, musicians, writers, filmmakers, photographers, and creative types who intuitively understand your current needs and where you’re headed. Or simply immerse yourself in the beauty of their work and the belief that you can create your own.

GEMINI (May 21-June 21)
This week requires that you be very discriminating about the way you interpret the past and the specific memories you’re willing to entertain. Circumstances may bring something old back to life and you have the option of falling into some self-critical analysis that does not serve you well. Possibly a family member reminds you of some past failure that renders you less than perfect. My advice is for you to stay open to the possibility of an energetic infusion of clarity regarding your life’s mission and how your past allowed you to shape that into existence. Maybe you remember the point at which you knew what it was you wanted to fight for, what it was you were trying to achieve and why. Your battles require courage and heroism. They are difficult to sustain if you don’t keep in mind the reason they exist at all. Something about your past inspired you to be a hero with a very specific mission. Remember this week what that was and let the rest go.

CANCER (June 21-July 21)

Cancer needs to move more urgently in the direction of a new kind of relationship with the past, with your family, the role you play within relationships, your home, and your vision for a beautifully crafted future. Since February of 2014 there has been some awareness of the need to release an old life direction, old life goals, old ways of asserting yourself, and old fears. Now is the time to start making responsible plans and to hold yourself accountable. It’s time to examine whether what you do on a daily basis is contributing to moving you in the direction of your goals. If not, do not delay in making the necessary changes. It’s time to tell yourself the truth and to connect with people you truly love and admire. It’s time to allow them to inspire you. It’s time to learn something new and it may be time for a mentor. Following your heart and instincts into new and foreign territory seems urgently important now.

LEO (July 21-Aug 21)
Virgo energy is mainly responsible for the ability to be productive – the ability to work hard in a very focused way to achieve whatever you want to achieve. Virgo makes you efficient, attentive to detail, and relentlessly driven to meet the high standards you have set for yourself. But her counterpart, Pisces, defines the type of energy that will be most responsible for your unprecedented success this coming year. There is a “settling down” or “settling into yourself” that allows you to proceed in a calm, confident manner. You feel intensely motivated by the joy of this new, more peaceful relationship you’ve cultivated with yourself. It is devoid of desperation, fear of failure, and the feeling that you’re behind schedule. You have caught the right wave and simply need to ride it. For the next year there is a perfect collusion of universal forces. You recognize your unusually well-supported position. The inner calm and focus that results allows you to make the best possible decisions and to maximize your potential.

VIRGO (August 21-September 21)

Virgos are in the midst of a major pivotal turning point, a reorganization at the deepest levels of their being, a balancing, reckoning, clearing, and release that frees them to live life more joyfully. Commitments – current and future – are carefully considered as their world opens up. Options previously unavailable are surfacing and the game is changing significantly. There are definitions you have always applied to yourself that are quickly losing their validity. Old forms and patterns in relationships are dying, clearing a path for something new. Old ways of asserting yourself that down-played your talents, creativity, and capacity for love have run their course. The universe is doing its part to realign what has historically been misaligned. Your role is to carefully consider what it is you’re willing to commit to now. The best answer may be “as little as possible” until the dust settles.

LIBRA (September 21-October 21)

One reputable theory of psychological healing and moving beyond entrenched personal limitation is the one that explains “intractable” problems in terms of the nature of the contents of our subconscious mind. If we have fears, for example, that lurk beneath the surface of awareness, those have the power to shape our life in ways that feel restricting, frustrating, and confusing. You can feel as though you’ve done everything right and still, what you most desire, eludes you. Karmic debts reside in the subconscious mind and can mess with your life until they’re paid off. For the next year it is likely that those are in the process of being paid off, that you are being freed of “past life commitments”, and unleashed from “contents” that have the capacity to undermine you. There is a purification process going on “behind the scenes” that may only be recognized through changing life circumstances. Be open to unprecedented new freedoms reflected in longstanding problems that seem to be resolving themselves.

SCORPIO (October 21 – November 21)
This week your capacity to receive love, or to receive anything that feels joyful, is highlighted and clarified. The extent to which you allow the behavior of others to determine the extent of your joy is also clarified and highlighted. It may become apparent that worry, fussing, obsessing over detail, exceedingly high standards, your critical nature, need to be useful, and assumptions that if others would be more perfect you could relax and enjoy life, is masking some deeper issue. This is a perfect time to address a diminished capacity to receive. It’s a perfect time to take a break from fastidiousness and to entertain the idea that you are ultimately responsible for healing the wound that initially closed your heart. It’s not your imperfect lover, your imperfect child, imperfect friends, or circumstances that are at fault. It’s something deeper. Time to investigate, expose, and heal that now.

SAGITTARIUS (November 21- December 21)

Sagittarian’s foundations are naturally fluid and what makes it hard for them to launch cherished goals is the instability of that kind of base. There isn’t much that feels stable, secure, and rock-solid for you, unless you cultivate and integrate the more spiritual, artistic, sublime, inspirational, and mysterious aspects of life. Those are the raw materials that provide the solid foundations you crave. Now is the right time to consider whether your life direction, career, and specific goals effectively feed off of the only kind of stable foundation you’re capable of maintaining. Do they work hand-in-glove, are they mutually dependent and beneficial or disconnected from one another. Some adjustment may be needed. It’s time for a realistic analysis of the essential nature of your foundations and the nature of your goals to see if they match up. It’s time for your future to be more carefully considered and the details of your essential, unchangeable, nature to be taken into careful consideration.

CAPRICORN (December 21-January 21)
Saturn’s long, relentlessly demanding and painful transit through the sign of Scorpio, exposing old wounds and the damaging effects they have on your ability to achieve your most cherished goals, is winding to a close. This represents an opportunity to be free of some critically undermining influence that has been deeply entrenched within you for a very long time. Most likely whatever that is has messed with your ability to experience joy and to receive love. It has kept you in a state of constant stress that might feel normal and, more ominously, like a comfortable, familiar state of being. But it’s been damaging. It’s made your life hard and your ability to nourish your soul and relationships diminished. It’s time to raise your awareness, to pay more attention to your automatic reactions, to recognize your current “M.O” and to open yourself to a calmer state of being as new and better options emerge.

AQUARIUS (January 21-February 21)
Something feels different for Aquarius now that may be unprecedented. Finally they have been forced, or voluntarily agreed, to let go of what has kept them imprisoned for a very long time. Most likely past experiences of betrayal taught them not to trust themselves, others, or the universe. Their methods for navigating through life without the ability to trust involved relentless self-discipline, over work, continual striving for perfection, honing their skills to perfection, never resting, and never leaving anything to chance. But having been faced with a dilemma or problem that overwhelmed all of their traditional methods for protecting themselves, the only option left for them was to give up or die – maybe not literally, but in some sense, on some level. So, with their backs against the wall, they gave up – and voila! Everything began to fall into place and a new approach to a more trustful way of living was born. If that hasn’t yet happened for you know that it’s an option and the time is ripe.

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PISCES (February 21-March 21)
For Pisces, the foundations of love and relationships are shifting under the influence of an “earthquake-like” transformation. Tired of the self-sacrifice involved and increasingly aware of the destructive nature of your role within relationships there may be a new commitment to change. Courage, action, and some kind of major reversal is needed at the most fundamental levels of your being. Pivotal is the love and compassion you feel for yourself, the freedom to be who you truly are, the realization that only you can undo what’s been done, and the reality of the passage of time. Life is short. So now it’s time to dig deep to find what set the current realities of your relationships in motion. There is the suggestion that most likely it was an attempt to dull the pain of feeling undeserving of love. But now you’re awake to the fact that this belief, though powerful, was never true or accurate. Jupiter is strategically placed to support the relationship changes needed. Go for it.

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