Horoscopes for the Week of July 1st – 7th

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This week I am personalizing the full Moon for each sign. Click here to read general Full Moon in Capricorn interpretation

Four years ago today there was new Moon eclipse at 9 degrees Cancer 12″ exactly opposite today’s full Moon. In some sense, today’s full Moon represents the full blossoming of some small “seed planted” at that time. Maybe the seed represented a vague new idea. Maybe it was an actual shift in your focus. Maybe it was the realization of some inner potential that could be actualized. Now we see the evidence of what kind of a seed was planted, how well it was cultivated, and what its potential actually was.

In today’s horoscopes I will attempt to clarify that for each sign.

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ARIES (March 21-April 21)
Four years ago Aries may have realized, on some level, the boundless potential of their ability to heal past emotional wounds and to secure a strong foundation for a life of accomplishment and success. You may have recognized the impossibility of achieving meaningful success without uprooting old fears, changing careers, and forging a different life direction. Finding the courage to express who you were at a very natural and essential level was the challenge. So you began to fight, to let things unravel, to instigate, to withdraw your support, to move out, to quit, and to keep things fiery and in a state of upheaval as only an Aries can do. You did it in spite of the fear you felt, the exhaustion, self-doubt, and the ever-present temptation to compromise for the sake of some shaky, unsustainable truce. Now you see that the war is almost won. Imagine the impending celebrations and fireworks this weekend are for you. You deserve nothing less.

TAURUS (April 21-May 21)

Four years ago today, Taurus may have come to the realization of how far their life had strayed from what they had envisioned their future would be. It was time to take the reigns, to turn something around, or to dig themselves out of a hole. An awareness of some untapped potential for nurturing, mothering, and healing was the nature of the seed that was planted. Commitment to a child, to love, and to the spark of life within you was a motivating force. Now you’ve come to the end of a difficult road where keeping the faith, working through excruciating pain, facing your fears, taking risk, and uncovering what could sustain you through hopelessness defined the terrain. It is likely that your life and your attitude toward the future looks different now as the result of some super human persistence. If optimism is stronger now than it was four years ago it’s time to feel proud of this hard-fought victory.

GEMINI (May 21-June 21)
For Gemini, the eclipse four years ago opened their awareness of future possibilities related to the development of some innate talents and resources they possessed. Finding the support needed to actualize your potential, given the nature of your special gifts was difficult to say the least. Trust was required and also a complete and probably painful transformation of your life. Letting go of old psychological conditioning that told you your strengths were actually weaknesses was critical as well as releasing dependencies that seemed life-sustaining but were the opposite. Finding the kind of support you needed required persistent effort, the willingness to risk failure, and working through intense periods of doubt. Now, as you look back at how far you’ve come, especially along the lines of confidently expressing who you are and what you think, it’s time to consider that this is may be what a triumph of courage looks like.

CANCER (June 21-July 21)

For Cancer four years ago represents a time when there was a recognition of the potential for independence, freedom to initiate, and self-assertion to blossom in a big way. Bringing to the forefront your own personal potential in light of taxing relationship requirements and commitments may have presented a challenge. It is likely that there was a tremendous amount of personal work that needed to be done in order for you to be able to develop the promise of your life as an individual. Dependency was excruciating for you in some way. Courage and endurance was required to do what had to be done. Most likely you are now reaping the rewards of a life and maybe a relationship that is more alive and authentic than it was four years ago. It’s time to pat yourself on the back for your progress. This represents a triumph of courage and the will to keep the precious spark of life alive.

LEO (July 21-August 21)

Four years ago your inner life resembled a diamond in the rough. Work, overwhelming responsibility, and fear of failure replaced natural tendencies to reflect, to connect with your soul, and to understand how the hunger you felt was related to languishing inner potential, disconnection, and neglect. Buried within you was indescribable peaceful beauty, compassion, deep wells of love, and a type of intuitive brilliance that is traditionally thought to be irrational and mysterious. Your relationship with work or with your health had to change. Possibly it’s been an excruciating exercise in changing deeply ingrained ideas about responsibility, work, failure, and lack of faith in the future. If you’re taking time to “smell the roses” connecting with your artistic talents, trusting intuitive insights, and feeling less disconnected, it’s time to feel proud of yourself and your progress. It’s been a long, difficult road.

VIRGO (August 21-September 21)

What’s happening now for you may represent a culmination in the areas of love, children, self expression, and the confident assertion of some very unique qualities. There was the issue of belonging – where you (a child, or lover) could find a place to “fit in” and thrive. Ideas forming four years ago gave you indications of some tremendous potential that needed support, and what it would take to bring that “seed” into manifestation. Worry, questioning yourself, concern over doing it perfectly and blowing your “failures” way out of proportion was probably part of the picture. Now you see the results of your cultivation skills – how effectively you faced your own fears, told the truth, communicated what was hard to communicate, and kept the faith. You may now feel an inner joy that is indescribable, and/or the satisfaction of knowing you tried your best and the rest is out of your hands.

LIBRA (September 21-October 21)

Four years ago you may have had an inkling of your potential for a type of sensitive leadership and emotional courage that would engender respect and inspire the masses – or at least those closest to you. On some deep level you may have felt the necessity of a closer connection between the longings of your soul and your career/life direction. But accomplishing that may have entailed for you a very disciplined and courageous approach to becoming the final authority over your life. Family expectations, deeply ingrained fear of failure, the need to earn love, and a fundamental sense of unworthiness needed to be overthrown to the extent that you would be able to freely assume your rightful place in the world. It is likely that you have made some tremendous progress in that regard over the past four years. You may not be done yet, but, in the interest of balance, its time to recognize how far you’ve come.

SCORPIO (October 21 – November 21)
Four years ago Scorpio came to the vague realization that their future held great potential for happiness and emotional security if they could figure out how to protect their material security, discipline their minds, speak more cautiously and authoritatively, or hone the skills needed to present “facts” better than anyone else. Since then you have been faced with every possible challenge seemingly specifically designed to undermine these goals. Predictably you’ve risen from the ashes, even more more brilliant and powerful, but I don’t underestimate how difficult it’s been. Most of the battles fought were against your own fears, dark mindsets, intrusive thoughts, and negative beliefs. Others were fought against an environment fraught with criticism, derogatory comments, lack of support, and general disrespect. Now you see how far you’ve come and how much more you have to protect.

SAGITTARIUS (November 21- December 21)

Four years ago Sagittarius sensed the enormous potential there was in playing a very powerfully supportive role in the world. Using their resources to create some new kind of emotional freedom that could release them and others from forms of self-betrayal and limited existence was part of the picture. Since that time you have worked hard to develop the innate talents and resources that set you off on an adventure to reunite with your own soul as you inspire others to reunite with theirs. But the road has been agonizing in some ways – a real test of strength and your ability to connect with a sense of your own self-worth. You fooled yourself for awhile into thinking you were acting responsibly by protecting your earning power rather than your sense of self-worth. If you now have a sense of how priceless you are, you’ve come a very long way. Time to celebrate!

CAPRICORN (December 21-January 21)
Four years ago, Capricorn may have become vaguely aware of how partnering with another held great potential for them. Within a partnership lived the possibility of being able to move past limitations in order to achieve something bigger and possibly more emotionally satisfying. Ted Turner said once, when answering a question about the secret to his success, that it was his ability to know his limitations and to attract people who were good at what he was not. The road from there to here has been a tough one for you. Trusting does not come easily. Stepping back and allowing another to make the decision, to release total control, to acquiesce to another’s leadership, and sharing the credit can be gut-wrenching for you. But the planetary omens tell me you’ve made some amazing progress along these lines. In this case it’s time for you to take the credit for the major display of courage this represents.

AQUARIUS (January 21-February 21)
Four years ago Aquarius may have begun to recognize that there was the need for them to do some soul searching, difficult work in order to be able to protect their health and their ability to do the unusual and sensitive work they were born to do. You became increasingly aware of some great potential lying within your ability to take full responsibility for accepting the kind of responsibilities that were crushing you. Why were you committed to responsibilities that were self-destructive, self-limiting, self-betraying, soul deadening? That was the question you needed an honest answer to, along with demonstrations of courage, and a willingness to face the unknown. The most significant work Aquarius has done over the past four years has been mostly hidden from view but inwardly you feel the progress and what a significant victory the actually represents.

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PISCES (February 21-March 21)
Four years ago Pisces vaguely recognized the boundless potential of their talents to nurture, protect, and free emotions that limited access to the life sustaining power of love. Powerful humanitarian inclinations, their own limited ability to access love, and possibly a broken heart tossed them onto a very difficult road. Confronting the profound emotional suffering of others, trying to find ways to help when you felt helpless, experimenting with different techniques, tirelessly honing your skills, finding new ways to nurture and protect, all while feeling emotionally depleted yourself is truly, as they say, a triumph of the human spirit. As you look back over the past four years it’s time to allow compassion for yourself to flow through you unimpeded. For all you’ve given when you felt little being returned, for your consistent heroic stances, it’s time to consciously absorb, into yourself, the boundless universal love that easily bypasses any of your remaining resistance.
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