There’s a Lot Going On This Week

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On Thursday Mercury ends its trek through its second of three retrograde cycles this year. After a three week period of sifting through information, reconsidering, filling in the blanks, recognizing where there is more to learn, and maybe dealing with deception, we’re ready to move onto something new. Actually the final pieces of the puzzle may not be totally in place until Saturday, June 27th. The time is coming, though, for us to receive the answers we’ve been waiting for. It may be time to voice our own conclusions especially if those have the potential to shake up “conventional thinking.” Momentum starts to build again on Thursday.

On Friday Neptune turns retrograde and remains in retrograde motion through November. The change in direction intensifies our sensitivity and psychic abilities. We are now able to pick up on subtle clues and are given the tools we need to navigate, with finesse, through problems we’ve been unwilling to face. Those problems are most likely fueled by fear. Now’s our chance to see the source of the problem and to do what it takes, whatever it takes, to fix it. According to astrologer Lynn Koiner,if we continue to ignore festering issues during Neptune’s retrograde cycle, when it turns direct (in November) we will likely be facing more serious consequences.

Next Tuesday, Saturn, now retrograde, backs out of Sagittarius and re-enters the last degree of Scorpio. Emotions intensify over things that feel familiar. We’ve traveled this road before, but not since last December. We’re backtracking through a minefield that could result in our annihilation. (Not really, but Scorpio influences tend to feel that way). Sex, secrets, manipulations, the “fear of what lies beneath” and powerlessness filters into conscious awareness. Saturn implies that we need to take some concrete action that is personally challenging. We need to do what is rational, realistic, and difficult despite our wish to believe that everything will magically fall into place.

On the other hand there is the possibility that we’ve already done the “hard stuff” and reviewing that gives us more confidence as we face future challenges. We may deserve a pat on the back, a moment to appreciate how far we’ve come, how facing our fears paid off, how honesty turned things around, and how powerful we actually are when it comes to creating the kind of future we want.

This week we release the things that keep us from making the emotional connections we crave.

Here’s to sensitively addressing our fears, to shaking up the status quo, telling the truth, hearing the truth, doing the hard things, and patting ourselves on the back, – all at the same time. The Sun in Gemini facilitates that kind of versatility.

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