Horoscopes for the Week of June 24th – 30th

(Happiness Rains – Pamela Goode)

We are in the midst of the ongoing, universal, “great dismantling.” Energy that has reached threshold levels moves “tectonic plates,”(literally and figuratively), changing ancient structures and systems on deeply personal and global levels. It’s a necessary process to move us further into the age of Aquarius.

The physical is becoming “less dense” allowing for more enlightened ways of being to take hold. What we’ve always counted on for our basic stability can no longer be assumed permanent. Pluto in Scorpio’s purpose, now and through the summer, is to lighten our emotional load so that when the bottom falls out we can see the benefit, the opportunities opening up, and adjust with grace and ease.

Capricorn (supportive structures) has been triggered by an emotionally fired up Mars as he moves into the sign of Cancer. Last week Capricorn’s ruler, Saturn, backed out of Sagittarius and returned to Scorpio, a place he resided for a couple years prior to December of 2014.

We were just getting used to Saturn in Sagittarius and the challenge of restrictive belief systems and compromised information. That’s “on hold” as we backtrack through familiar, emotionally difficult territory. Mars in Cancer stirs up emotions as we return to dealing with highly charged, deeply embedded feelings. Mars wants to protect and defend, but also to eliminate what stands in his way.

Chiron turns retrograde today and remains in retrograde motion through November 28th. To be honest I’m not sure what that means. Retrogrades usually take us deeper into ourselves. Chiron represents the Shaman, the holistic healer, the one who takes into consideration the interconnectedness of all things when healing strategies are decided upon. Chiron works healing magic as he bridges the material world with the supernatural world.

Chiron retrograde can also manifest as maintaining poise, civility, and compassion when you’re surrounded by instability and those who are “losing their minds.” Important mentors from the past could reappear on the scene.

If you need a stroke of luck this week, Uranus and Jupiter are aligned exactly in a beautiful, fiery, exact trine to increase the likelihood of surprising – possibly magnificent – good fortune.

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ARIES (March 21-April 21)
There are things that can anchor you mentally in ways that clarify and raise your thoughts to inspired levels. Those can be cultivated this week. Mars is stimulating your need for a more stable foundation from which to launch something that requires great integrity and strength of character. It may be a very challenging project you’re thinking about taking on. It may be something that looks hopeless to others – self-destructive even – and it may require a type of bravery that few possess. It may be something that entails a type of relentless faith in yourself that will allow you to “move mountains.” Whatever it is, you need an anchor for your mind, something you can focus on, something beyond inspiring that breaks your heart and brings you strength. There are endless options including official and unofficial heroes, saviors, and symbols. Find the most powerful one and merge your mind with it.

TAURUS (April 21-May 21)

Astrologically speaking, the 12 house is often interpreted negatively as the place where we hide what we’re ashamed of and experience limitations that we can’t see and don’t understand. It is the house of sickness, powerlessness, and darkness. Ironically it is the house of buried treasure as well. The most gifted artists and brilliant scientists tend to have lots of planets (lots of energy) concentrated in their 12th house. For you, there’s lots of energy in your 12th house right now. Fears may be stimulated, but along with those, being pulled to the surface is personal buried treasure. If you pay attention, your ideas are being fueled by something transcendent. They are brilliant. It’s time to decide how to pursue them. You could ignore them, but why? You’re being set free. This is a pivotal time when you decide what will emerge from your 12th house – treasures or darkness, progress or pain, sickness or health.

GEMINI (May 21-June 21)
Being activated this week is the realization of the need for a more grounded, stable approach to life. Ongoing is the systematic unraveling of your obsession with “controlling the uncontrollable” and a growing realization of how destabilizing that focus has become for you. It may feel this will never end – that it has been going on “forever” and there is no light at the end of the tunnel. That is an illusion. Your future (like everyones’) involves high levels of unpredictability. Basically anything can happen. Your ability to enjoy life, in spite of that, is the trick. A pivotal change in focus may be all that’s required. Some reorganization within your home, cleaning up, enhancing its efficiency and comfort, beautifying, and, most importantly, making your home a more accurate reflection of you, your ideas, and what you love most, could feel very stabilizing this week.

CANCER (June 21-July 21)

Activated this week is your ability to forcefully express your natural ability to nurture fledgling efforts, new beginnings, and new ideas, into stable, solid form. Old memories of past “new beginnings” in your life may be triggered along with the intuitive knowledge of what it takes now to create strong foundations for success and things that stand the test of time. Ongoing within your relationships is “the great dismantling” of old agreements and structures that have kept you limited and imprisoned. Those are deeply rooted in a type of old psychological conditioning that is unraveling slowly and steadily. A new seed has been planted. What kind of seed and the plant it will become is still unknown. Your job is to be as nurturing, kind, and attentive to yourself as possible to ensure that the seed takes root and grows into something strong, resilient, and stunningly beautiful.

LEO (July 21-August 21)

Ongoing is the steady unraveling of an inflexible emotional approach that fuels hidden sources of anxiety, poor health, and possibly conflict. Most insidious is the temporary sense of security and comfort instigating conflict can give you. You may stir things up unknowingly, or “accidentally on purpose.” But you honestly can’t see your part in the disruption. Ironically you may think of yourself as a peacemaker. Probably you were surrounded by conflict for most of your early life. This week highlights an opportunity to recognize some unconscious patterns now ripe for transformation. Partners, co-workers, compromised health, and tense, conflicted work environments may reflect back to you an inability to tolerate peace. This is a turning point when you can begin to understand that rarely are you the victim of conflict. More often you’re the stealth perpetrator in search of some temporary emotional relief.

VIRGO (August 21-September 21)

This week you support others in ways that make them reconsider whether or not their current situation could be improved or changed in some basic way. You are the “change agent” shaking others out of their complacency into more enjoyable realms. You ignite a part of them that has been declared “dead and gone.” You play the role of the “resurrector” this week reigniting something precious that has been mired in neglect and allowed to decay. So what’s in it for you? Though you rarely think in those terms, it seems like an important question. What’s in it for you is a glimpse of what needs to be resurrected in your own life. Most likely it’s the need to lead in a more enjoyable direction, to have more fun, to laugh longer, harder, and more frequently, and possibly to open your heart to a love affair that’s been brewing in the background.

LIBRA (September 21-October 21)

Libra returns to a theme or idea that once had a place in your life but was banished as you focused on more lucrative concerns. Now it wants to be stabilized and grounded in a more permanent way. It wants to be elevated to a higher position on your list of priorities. It wants to be supported by a partner who has the means to give you more financial freedom, and it wants to be loved in a consistent, mature, “wise-woman” way – not as a passing fancy, but as something fundamental to your security and stability. It wants an honored place at the table. There are indications that accomplishing this will not be easy, but it will be quick. By next September you find a way to reintegrate what is essential but has been treated as expendable for your own emotional comfort. That’s changing.

SCORPIO (October 21 – November 21)
Scorpio, like Capricorn, experiences the “great dismantling” at a more deeply personal and essential level than other signs. In other words, this is make or break for you, life or death, sink or swim. There are indications that Saturn’s temporary foray back into your sign (Scorpio) holds great significance. This is a time that can be embraced as a rare chance to get back to your essential nature and to proceed on the unique path you were born to travel. There are remnants of emotional limitations that need to be cleared by September. You may now be receiving more specific information as to what those are. If you are wasting your time, being faced with resistance that continues to dishearten you and diminish your faith in the future, it may be time to make some fundamental, but emotionally difficult changes. It may be time to act to protect something very essential in your own life.

SAGITTARIUS (November 21- December 21)

Sagittarius navigates through familiar darkness this week that could feel unsettling. Most likely emotional material that emerges is not of the kind instantly welcomed with open arms. In fact it’s more likely met with questions like “why me” when the better question for the universe could be “in what ways is this opening new doors for me?” “What am I uncovering that frees me to experience the adventure I’ve always wanted to experience?” How is this current detour not really a “detour” but an important part of my journey to fulfill my true potential?” Perspective is everything for a Sagittarian. Automatically asking the right questions in the face of what initially appears unfortunate is a critical skill that needs to be practiced and highly developed. For you, those are “the keys to the kingdom.” Energy is neutral. You give it meaning and that’s the pivotal power you have this week to determine how your life unfolds.

CAPRICORN (December 21-January 21)
Capricorn may feel, more than most, the effects of the ongoing “great unraveling.” That could be either good news or bad news depending on your perspective. Your emotional world (and maybe home space) needs to open up. You’ve outgrown your old space. Does that sound good to you, or just more difficult to manage? If it seems better to be locked into a small, safe space, you might want to rethink that. Most likely you’ve been able to keep things small and safe for most of your life, at least from an emotional perspective. But the world is moving on and bringing you along with it. Trying to stop this train could be dangerous in a variety of ways. Maybe you could think in terms of adventure rather than safety. From one angle your life is about to become unsettled. From another it’s about to expand into something more vital, interesting, loving and resilient.

AQUARIUS (January 21-February 21)
Healing is highlighted for Aquarius this week. New energy ignites emotions in ways that stimulate healing. Chiron retrogrades, takes you deeper into your mind and heart and what emerges may feel like magic. While the cure for what ails you” may have always felt like a confusing, complicated,”difficult to access” formulation, that may have been an illusion. What begins to emerge as the most effective healing “tonic” for you is stunning in its simplicity. Most likely it’s something natural, basic, simple and fundamental. But the emotional process that allows you to finally identify what’s most healing for you has not been easy. It’s been a long twisted road full of guilt, fear, and the necessity of selflessly delivering the “perfect” remedy for others. Now it’s your turn. The simplicity of your cure is a reward for a life of hard work, self-discipline, integrity, and refusing to take the short cuts others do.

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PISCES (February 21-March 21)
We all know what it’s like to be every sign of the zodiac. An astrology chart, for example, reveals the realm of life in which we’re likely to seek out information and to develop mental flexibility – the way a Gemini does, or where we seek to deepen levels of emotional experience by exposing what’s hidden – like a Scorpio. What’s emphasized for Pisces this week is the intense need to find a balance point – like Libra. In question seems to be your approach to emotional closeness and how a chronic lack of it can throw you into some disconnected, impulsive, and unbalanced extreme. You’ve reached the end of the road in attempting to find substitutes for love. The systematic unraveling of your traditional approach to surviving without emotional closeness, is slowly progressing. The reality is that you do need more love and there is no way to effectively substitute for that. It has to be given and you have to receive it.
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