Horoscopes for the Week of June 10th – 16th

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Today and tomorrow the Sun and Mars align to make available an abundance of mental energy. We may be very assertive about filling in the blanks with missing information, stating our point of view, clarifying, and dealing with anger that arises from what another says or how they say it. Angry words may be exchanged but finally some resolutions may be reached. Reckless driving is, most likely rampant today. Caution is advised. Everyone may be in a hurry and exceptionally frustrated by delays.

On Thursday Mercury ends its trek through its second of three retrograde cycles this year. After a three week period of sifting through information, reconsidering, filling in the blanks, recognizing where there is more to learn, and maybe dealing with deception, we’re ready to move onto something new.

On Friday Neptune turns retrograde and remains in retrograde motion through November. The change in direction intensifies our sensitivity and psychic abilities.

Next Tuesday, Saturn, now retrograde, backs out of Sagittarius and re-enters the last degree of Scorpio. Emotions intensify over things that feel familiar. We’ve traveled this road before, but not since last December.

Momentum is building and the likelihood of experiencing an important breakthrough that opens important doors for you intensifies. It is wise to expect a miracle over the next couple weeks, or at least the removal of a frustrating obstacle that has stalled you for way too long. If you haven’t experienced this yet try shifting your perspective so that open doors appear within your line-of-sight.

This week we release the things that keep us from making the emotional connections we crave.

Here’s to sensitively addressing your fears, to shaking up the status quo, telling the truth, listening for the truth, doing the hard things, and patting yourself on the back, – all at the same time. The Sun in Gemini facilitates that kind of versatility. Mars insists on it.

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ARIES (March 21-April 21)
Aries may be dealing with a situation in need of transformation – something that requires a significant breakthrough, the uncovering of missing information, or the ability to “tell it like it is.” Courage, confidence, drive, ambition, full commitment, and maybe a partner with special expertise and a willingness to help, is required. What’s in need of transformation now may be considered an important step in creating a life you love, a love affair that lasts, something that involves a child, or an artistic project. There is an opportunity “in the making” that hinges on an all out effort from you. Letting go of the past, or being willing to embrace a painful past may be involved. Either way, old memories and maybe something foreign enters the mix. This is a pivotal moment when everything can be changed. Your full involvement makes that possible.

TAURUS (April 21-May 21)

Taurus may sense some sudden change that, while not obvious, feels disturbing on some deep emotional level. It may represent a break through that requires your full attention, an acute focus on detail, the ability to think critically, to discriminate, to problem solve, and to sense any further change in the “direction of things.” Something valuable is at stake, though you may not be able to define what that is. Some amazing opportunity may be ripe for manifestation – or not. It depends on your ability to not “evade and avoid” using your usual excuses and “valid reasons” for doing so. Something from the past -an old pattern in relationships that has the potential to sabotage what you most desire – can now be exposed for the challenge to your happiness it represents. It is up to you to figure out how to rationally and effectively undo the tendency to revert to what’s comfortable and familiar.

GEMINI (May 21-June 21)
As Mars and the Sun align in your sign, what works best for you is confidence in your own perceptions and an assertive, highly energized approach to whatever ideas you’re currently entertaining. Any sign of weakness would be an indication to others that you are willing to doubt your clarity and to align with something lesser. This would be a lost opportunity. Compromise is not your friend this week. Your independent, courageous, style and approach to life is intensifying and you may feel yourself building momentum that will carry you through some important threshold. It’s time to come on strong with your ideas and opinions, to fight for your ideas, and to state your point of view unequivocally. It’s time to showcase your brilliance. Breaking into a new “social role” may provide you with the platform you need.

CANCER (June 21-July 21)

This week you may sense an ending of some importance. What made you feel lost, alone in the wilderness, threatened, abandoned, or otherwise confused and mystified, has outlived its usefulness. No longer do you need to exist in some no man’s land, neither here nor there, unable to “get on with it.” You may now be in possession of a compass that gives you more confidence in where you are and what direction you’re headed. A change in perspective opens the door to a more secure, happier future. Breakthroughs may come in the form of a new openness to a change in life direction, to the breakdown of an old emotional structure, to some new definition of what constitutes security for you, and the notion that dismantling old structures and breaking old rules can set you free to live your life free of fear. A different relationship with the public and a different source of income may be pivotal.

LEO (July 21-August 21)

Most likely, as you continue to test the waters, mulling over where you find support, friendship, and the tribe to which you truly belong, you will be driven to reach some conclusions and to take some actions. Finding where you belong is a matter of trust and honesty. Who responds with love and open arms to an outpouring of your most authentic self? Who enjoys and “gets” your humor. Who is responsive, communicative, and willing to reciprocate when you generously supply them with valuable information? Who recognizes your generosity and brilliance and who ignores it? You have reached some conclusions on these points. Now it’s time to act on those conclusions. If you’re trying too hard to convince a certain tribe that you belong with them, stop. Your tribe is making itself known and standing ready to welcome you with open arms. You already know who they are and where to focus your energy, so do it.

VIRGO (August 21-September 21)

The humility of a Virgo in light of their highly developed skills and competency is heart warming. There is never a time when they don’t feel the need to improve themselves in some way for the purpose of being of better service. They tend to focus on their flaws and rarely on all they’ve accomplished and how truly useful and indispensable they are. This week it pays to put some effort into highlighting your talents and your special areas of expertise. It pays to put yourself in front of more people so that they can witness, first hand, what you can do for them. It pays to believe your own glowing “press reports” and to distribute those widely. It pays to advertise, to come out of the shadows, and to stop minimizing what you contribute. “Getting the word out”, however awkward that may feel, is necessary this week. It opens doors that allow you to connect with a more artistic and imaginative way of life.

LIBRA (September 21-October 21)

For you, a much needed change in perspective may be the gift of this most recent Mercury retrograde cycle. You may have relived past experiences, brought the past back to life, revived an old interest, or otherwise stimulated a different part of your brain that’s been neglected for awhile. On closer inspection what may have changed for you is pretty deeply rooted. It involves your soul and a clarification, possibly, of what it is that feeds your soul. Yours is a “mental soul”, one that thrives on information and mental discovery that can be useful. You can get sidetracked easily, though, into focusing on feeling guilty, victimized, and confined. There is an indication that you have broken through, or are in the process of breaking through, some old confusion about what actually limits you and how free you could actually be if give yourself what you crave – if you feed your soul.

SCORPIO (October 21 – November 21)
Scorpio may be involved in a review of some complications involving style and approach to life, your way of expressing independence, wielding power effectively, or beginning something new. Finances may be the issue that confines you to a style that feels cramped and unnatural. Or a partner may feel unsupportive or unable to support you in some important way. But what matters most is your own willingness to embrace a breakthrough involving confining responsibilities, work or health issues. Waiting in the wings is an a opportunity to advance your social standing, authority, and career to align more completely with what you truly love. A chance to integrate your life in a way that takes your heart into consideration is the offer just waiting to discover whether it will be received or rejected. Time is an issue. Jupiter an Uranus rarely align in ways that so easily manifest the rare opportunities now in play.

SAGITTARIUS (November 21- December 21)

Sagittarius is strategically positioned to take advantage of the “good fortune” that Jupiter and Uranus are busily creating. Something is converging in a way that dissolves feelings of incompleteness or unattainability that have plagued you for as long as you can remember. Something that has been missing is now available, ending the cravings, and closing the circle. It is now possible for you to feel whole and self-assured especially when it comes to expressing the part of yourself that has remained hidden, cowering beneath layers of uncertainty and fear of exposure in your previous “incomplete” form. Soon you will discover new sources of power that come from feelings of worthiness. Embracing change that affects your love life, creative self-expression, children, and your social life is the key that opens the door to limitless expansion of talents, adventure, advanced education, and world travel.

CAPRICORN (December 21-January 21)
Through some manner of communication, invigorating thought process, or tantrum expressed responsibly, Capricorn is clearing the way to feel more secure in his ability to initiate change and to express authoritatively. In an indirect way he is revealing to himself the potential for a more powerful leadership role within the community. He may be paving a path that reveals just how effective he can be by courageously saying the right things to the right people. It may be time to embrace a breakthrough that is emerging on the home front, some crack in an old foundation that is begging to be replaced by something that can support the full weight of your authority and ability to enforce what others cannot. You are in the process of creating some impressions with powerful observers who can present you with what will appear to be a “stroke of luck” or an unexpected opportunity.

AQUARIUS (January 21-February 21)
This week hard work, laser-like focus, and digging deep to bring to the surface a highly developed expression of your particular area of expertise is advised. If your goal is to be successful, well respected, admired, and socially influential, this is your chance to prepare. Changing social dynamics in big ways is a goal worth pursuing especially for Aquarians. You are a game changer. On the horizon is a breakthrough expressing through the medium of communication, thought, and rebellious, innovative ideas. What you have to say can be life changing for the masses, but only is you embrace the courage needed to confidently express what you have to say. The “watered-down version” need not be considered. Waiting in the wings is the opportunity to attract a bigger stage and larger audiences. The gift of fame may soon be dropped in your lap, but only if you’re prepared.

pisces otherworldly

PISCES (February 21-March 21)
This week Pisces craves more information, information from the past, or information that can provide them with a new perspective and a better understanding of the meaning of life. What is the most important thing for you? Hint: It has to do with wielding regenerative power, with experiencing dark, hopeless periods that, through surrender, transform into pure joy. It has to do with being happiest when you’re deeply focused and immersed in something bigger than you. It has to do with the fear of powerlessness and fear of the future. It’s the ability to magically create the kind of future you deeply desire out of some “ash heap” you created. It’s compulsively complicating the simplest things when life gets too easy, and a sense of humor that refuses to die, no matter what. It is feeling inspired, hopeful, and optimistic when that would seem insane to any normal person In a word, it’s resilience. What would you add?
Verdiano Marzi

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