Mercury Retrograde

From May 18th-June 11th Mercury cycles through his second of three retrograde periods this year.

Despite the well documented inconveniences of Mercury retrograde – miscommunication, bad information, weird malfunctioning of all types of equipment, especially computers and cell phones, transportation delays, regrettable decisions made with inaccurate or missing information – Mercury retrograde is actually proof positive of the friendly, supportive nature of the universe.

Between retrograde periods we are overloaded with information related to life’s fast pace. We must adapt and adjust quickly, responding “in the moment” to changing circumstances. Under that kind of pressure we don’t always respond in the wisest possible way. We simply don’t have time to take all factors into consideration and, in the heat of the moment, may be susceptible to letting some things slide.

But the Mercury retrograde cycle slows things down, giving us a chance to review and, if necessary, to undo or redo. We have a chance to navigate back through territory that requires more thought and a “hindsight” perspective. We have some time to clarify and to learn. Changes can often be made as long as circumstances are not “set in stone” which they almost never are.

Mercury is retrograding through the sign of Gemini. He is on his “home turf” here, capable of expressing in his purist form. Gemini allows us to put aside wishful thinking, emotional considerations, biases, and beliefs, in order to perceive exactly what’s there. During this time, he, along with the powerful energy of the Gemini Sun, allows us maximum versatility and the chance to change directions.

Curiosity is now an especially powerful motivator. We may be acutely receptive to learning new things especially for the purpose of revitalizing our “well-established” area of expertise.

May 26th and 27th coincide with Mercury’s alignment with Mars, the warrior. They meet at 10 degrees of Gemini. Second thoughts unite with actions that may be fueled by anger. Or we may be in the process of reviewing something in our mind that builds an angry momentum and the urge to act. Everyone gets a little “jumpy” as our nervous system, ruled by Gemini, receives some mixed messages. Angry words may be exchanged. Neighbors or siblings may be involved in conflict. Something you think would be better dismantled or undone may proceed forward regardless, creating anger and anxiety.

Moving into May 28th, 29th, 30th, and 31st, Neptune becomes intricately involved assuring that an already complicated situation will become more confusing, more secretive, elusive, or undermining. The truth will most likely be obscured, although, by May 31st, full exposure of something that had previously progressed “under the cover of darkness” is likely. Something of which we were previously unaware may emerge into awareness changing our perspective significantly, and possibly our plans – or someone else’s. It is predictable that none of us will take kindly to secretive methods and will be ready to “come out swinging” if we discover we’ve been taken advantage of.

The warning is that Mars in Gemini, while more than capable of holding his own in any argument, can be incredibly impulsive. We may learn a lot during this time about the interplay of communication, action, conflict, and how rules are actually enforced.

There are huge advantages to be gained by being flexible and open to experimentation during this time. Looking at things differently and being willing, if necessary, to scrap current methods for something entirely new may significantly benefit our future.

The sensitivity of your mind intensifies during Mercury retrograde. You may be highly attuned to undercurrents that usually go undetected. If there was ever a time to experiment and develop the capacity of our minds to communicate telepathically it is now. (May 18 – June 11) Ten Steps to Master Telepathy

If there was ever a time to refrain from cheating or using dishonest, unscrupulous means for accomplishing personal objectives, it is now. Obviously that’s never advised, but its worth mentioning because there may be greater temptation now to “overplay your hand.”

The tendency to miscalculate is very strong during any Mercury retrograde period, but especially this “Neptune influenced” one. Pushing through something you assume will not be detected could meet with significant opposition. Even if you succeed in accomplishing your objectives, your future options may be severely curtailed as a result.

Because Mercury retrogrades in the 13th degree of Gemini, we will not be completely ready to “pick up the pace” and proceed forward until Mercury hits that point again on Saturday, June 27th. It is worth noting, though, that Mercury turns direct on June 11th. What has been delayed may burst through the gates on that date, but it may be wise to wait until June 27th to make our final decisions and enact our now well-considered plans.

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