Horoscopes for the Week of May 27th – June 2nd

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This week Mercury continues in retrograde motion, triggering Mars as well as Neptune. On June 2nd (next Tuesday) we experience a Full Moon in Sagittarius, emphasizing sensitivity, foreign territory, as well as communication and the unseen forces that influence what we know and how we formulate conclusions.

It is likely that available information is misleading this week. It is important to know that any conclusions you formulate are most likely based on false or inconclusive information. Neptune facilitates efforts to deliberately mislead and confuse for nefarious purposes, as well as benign omissions. The point is that what you’re seeing is not necessarily what you’re getting. Most likely it will all be transparent after June 11th. Decisions are best put off (as they always are when Mercury retrogrades, but especially now) until the end of June.

The Full Moon adds to the confusion by shifting us to “right brain activity” that is more creative and less reality based. If you’re an artist, a healer, a researcher, or someone concerned with selfless service to humanity, you have a good chance of being able to channel that available energy productively. If you’re not an artist, this is a good week to turn into one.

Now is the time to beautify and soothe, to feel more compassion for yourself and others, to take some photographs, make some music, write some poetry, and expand into emotional spaces that crave the sublime artistic energy now readily available. It is notoriously difficult to harness this quality of energy through conventional, linear means.

Relationships are always highlighted during a Full Moon, as well as endings. This one, in the sign of Sagittarius, may take us as far as we can go with a specific set of beliefs before we’ll have to start “making up the facts” to appear to be making any sense at all. If you believe that a relationship can be strong with only one of you making all the compromises and doing all the work, you may hit a wall.

If depression has constricted your emotional outlook, you may feel a more urgent need for a different, more effective healing solution. If communication has become contentious, cultivating tolerance, honesty, changing your philosophy, or putting some distance between you and another until after June 11th may help.

In this week’s horoscopes, I will identify the most likely manifestation of current energies for each sign.

Thanks for reading and have an especially beautiful and compassion-filled week.


Holly RePenn
RN., MS., NMH., RYT., C.A.P.
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ARIES (March 21-April 21)
Do not be surprised this week if you have the unexpected opportunity to “show off,” to expose what you can do, to display some hidden talent, and to perform for a wider audience. It’s an opportunity that may fall in your lap and change your life as long as you don’t think twice about accepting it. The kind of future you have previously created it in your mind is coming to an end. There is something more to be considered. An old mindset that fails to embrace your versatility, intelligence, and social adeptness keeps you from entertaining bigger future possibilities. Essentially you have come to the end of the road with your current future vision for yourself. Reviewing your thoughts and the false things you tell yourself is advised, but this week the universe will actually present you with dramatic evidence of your true potential. It will be difficult to deny.

TAURUS (April 21-May 21)

This week it appears that there is a flurry of activity related to reviewing what it is you have in your possession that can be put to better use now that wishful thinking has fallen by the wayside and the “facts on the ground” have determined it really is all up to you. Recognizing and developing your innate talents, reorganizing your resources for better efficiency, learning something new, and enhancing your ability to contribute to your own ability to survive and thrive is the opportunity. A change in your overall mindset, a surrender, and acceptance that it’s time to stabilize, consolidate, and strengthen the hand you’ve been dealt is advised. The universe is asking you to more realistically evaluate your worth and value to yourself. Chances are it far exceeds what you’ve previously assumed. You can no longer afford the luxury of underestimating your worth and that’s a good thing.

GEMINI (May 21-June 21)
It is likely that recently there has been a flurry of activity where relationships and partnerships are a concern. Most likely this signifies the ending of a tentative phase with entrance into a new phase that feels more stable. Questions or preparations have ended as you now step onto more solid ground. You are in your natural element as rapid “sparking back and forth,” activity, communication, contacts, flexibility, and social immersion are highlighted. There is joy and expansion associated with the opportunities friends and socializing can bring. This week something unexpectedly delightful enters the picture as generosity, communication, love, and “open arms” combine in some particularly joyful confluence of current or future events. The quicker you can change direction when needed the easier life will be. If there was ever a time to “go with the flow” it’s now.

CANCER (June 21-July 21)

Cancer is being nudged with information that may feel easy to ignore, convenient to ignore, but mysteriously urgent and awakening in some way. The subconscious mind is urging you to wake up and to acknowledge the fact that you need to solve an outstanding problem. There is the suggestion this week that you’ve come to the end of the road using old, ineffective methods to solve current problems. The universe advises putting an end to responsibilities you no longer care to assume, to resist your tendency to retreat into numbness, or to otherwise deny or dismiss the facts. Now is your chance to grasp what’s needed to end an issue that has spelled nothing but trouble for you. Misrepresenting the facts is never advised, but especially not now. There is too much opportunity to break free of old restriction by inviting the truth to wake you up.

LEO (July 21-August 21)

The upcoming full Moon affects sensitive territory for you. It influences the part of your life that has the potential to bring you the most joy. What is coming to an end is your feeling that something outside yourself stands in the way of your happiness. It is actually something inside yourself that stands in the way, but the universe is working to destroy that blockage. There is a mysterious process unfolding that reveals to you the true nature of what you’ve been trying protect yourself against. It is actually something very friendly, fortunate, and facilitative of the kind of joy you’ve been inadvertently resisting. This week it’s time to stop confusing the good with the bad where emotions are concerned. Sit quietly for awhile entertaining your worst fears and you will see them morph into their true, life-enhancing nature. Surrender to them and you will find the key to the happiness you’ve kept at bay.

VIRGO (August 21-September 21)

Something is coming to an emotional close for Virgo that influences their dreams for themselves and what they feel capable of achieving. There is an old emotional foundation in place that has not been fully supporting your most cherished goal. Under this week’s full Moon that foundation is being dismantled. Most likely what is being eliminated is a secret belief that you were absent on the day that true talent was being handed out. It’s a belief that has always been based on something flimsy and false and is now being thrown overboard so the truth can emerge. This week, knowing that you actually do have what it takes to manifest your most cherished goal, its time to get to work on that. This may involve making new contacts, having a few pivotal conversations – maybe with yourself – and eliminating the busy work that keeps you unable to focus on what’s truly important to you.

LIBRA (September 21-October 21)

This week their may be some burn-out that’s causing you to question your success, or your ability to succeed when it come to nurturing, or nurturing your highest goals for yourself. I think it’s all unimportant when compared to your need for love and what you’ve been denying yourself for too long. It is difficult to underestimate the life enhancing effects that a passionate love affair could bring. Love could revitalize you quickly and put an end to the confusion surrounding your apparent ineffectiveness. It’s time to recognize the opportunity for love that is coming your way and how desperately you need it. It’s time to recognize your responsibility to yourself and to let others live their lives as they will. To avoid being victimized “letting go of the reigns” is always your most effective strategy. If you cannot do that it may be time to ask for some help.

SCORPIO (October 21 – November 21
There is something about the nature of current relationships that needs to come to an end. Old agreements and contracts should be up for review. It is likely that most of your commitments are no longer leading you in the direction you want to go. Elimination of what’s not working looks especially promising for the sake of your future. Emotionally you are in need of a future that looks brighter than what you’re currently facing especially when it comes to relationships and something that satisfies on a deeper emotional level. Be willing to take a dispassionate look at what you’re giving and what you’re getting in return. Admit that something that once worked may now be null and void. Be willing to be kind but not a perpetual victim of bad choices. It’s never too late for something new and better. It’s never too late to take control of your own life.

SAGITTARIUS (November 21- December 21)

Sagittarius is coming to the end of the road in terms of what it is that provides him with inspiration. What once felt passionately alive may be losing steam. A current style and approach or the fuel for creative productivity and expression may be in need of replenishment. Love is the greatest inspiration. Finding something you love and can bond with, even if imaginary or mysterious, can revitalize the most important parts of you. Most likely that will be something you find especially beautiful in a transcendent or ethereal way. Music, art, the performing arts, things that are especially feminine, and capable of shape shifting to the whims of your imagination may be especially suitable. Something that moves you into a more joyful future is dependent on your intensely devoted relationship with an intangible source.

CAPRICORN (December 21-January 21)
Capricorn prefers a straight path to success. He has a formula that revolves around setting high goals and achieving them through hard work and intelligent, cautious planning. But now you may be in a period where this formula does not appear to be working particularly well. Things have gotten messy along the way leading you backwards into some previous time when you oversimplified reality and failed to define specifically what you wanted for your future. It is now important to acknowledge that ultimate success is not always a straight shot. It’s backwards and forwards and messy. The universe is sending you back for a reason. Hard work is not always the answer. Sometimes a clear vision of the kind of future you want and an unwillingness to compromise your integrity in the short term is more important. Up and down, forward and back, and sometimes circular is success’s trajectory.

AQUARIUS (January 21-February 21)
You may be feeling yourself lightening up, being open to more fun, more love, more sex, and more exuberant self-expression. Your emotional need to please an audience, to fit in, to prove yourself socially valuable, or worthy of friendship is losing steam. You’re more in the mood to please yourself. Your motivation has changed toward something more instinctual and sensually alive. You may feel the need to animate your life in a particularly unusual way. It is fortunate for you that you will have a willing cohort and plenty of support for your new attitude and more self-satisfying approach to life. Its been a long uphill climb to reach this current state of open heartedness. Life is meant to be enjoyed and the universe really is a very friendly place. That fact will be driven home for you in many ways this week.

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PISCES (February 21-March 21)
Pisces may be in the process of ending a phase of consistent hard work and worry regarding their ability to succeed. Either you have burned yourself out or you’re gracefully sliding into a more sustainable and enjoyable path to success that involves doing more of what you love at a slower pace. You may now be giving yourself permission to savor more of the parts of your responsibilities that you truly enjoy. You may be giving less energy to the critical voices in your head that joylessly drive you toward a more “perfect” performance. This week you will see evidence that your more laid back attitude will not cause everything to fall apart. In fact you may detect some unexpected opportunity that feels especially exciting falling into your lap. Venus is encouraging a more feminine approach to success that is free of fear, more organic, and more an expression of who you truly are.
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