Horoscopes for the Week of April 15th – 21st

Yesterday Mercury moved into the sign of Taurus where it will reside until May 1st. During this time inner tempos and the pace of our routines may slow to align with more natural rhythms. Feeling rushed may be especially irritating. We need time to absorb the beauty of natural surroundings, to savor conversations, to paint pictures with words, to address financial issues, and to restock our lives with the kinds of interactions and contacts that feels deeply satisfying. Our senses provide us with a road map. The urge to touch and feel in order to know the quality of what we’re analyzing intensifies. A realization of the resources we possess facilitates every kind of problem solving challenge.

On Thursday Pluto, the planet of power and transformation, moves into retrograde motion. Pluto’s influence is intense and regenerative, but when retrograde, it tends to move us further inside of ourselves. Most of the battles we fight now take place within the inner recesses of the mind and heart. The ability to focus intently, to uncover what is hidden, and to feel especially suspicious of easy answers and superficial appearances is likely. Entrenched ideas and habit patterns kick into high gear as we intuit serious threats to our old way of being. The fight for survival on some inner level becomes more desperate. The ability to completely regenerate the body, mind and heart from the deepest cellular level may be realized.

On Saturday there is a new Moon in the Sign of Aries. New beginnings and a new, more restrained scene begins to unfold. Reality becomes more influential as we find ways to harness primal energy. We are somewhat “down to earth” as we assess how much can be done with the resources we have at our disposal. Technically this is the astrological Lunar New Year. The atmosphere on Monday colors our emotional life for the next 12 months.

On Monday the Sun moves into the sign of Taurus, joining Mercury and Mars to energize thought processes with a kind of creative intensity that is motivated by love. Now we want to be recognized for our ability to build, finely craft, reinforce, solidify, savor, and stabilize. We desire a kind of love that is constant and deeply rooted.

I will personalize the affects of these planetary changes for each sign in this week’s horoscopes.

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ARIES (March 21-April 21)
You may be taking action to build a more solid foundation for ideas that were hatched over the past month. But now, as things progress, you may find yourself having to make decisions about what is and what is not worthy of your time and energy. You’ve become more discriminating and may feel the need to step back and take your time deciding what it is that feels solid and valuable to you, what feeds your soul, and is genuinely worth preserving and building upon. In the interest of using your resources more wisely and efficiently, it’s important to recognize that your energy is one of your most valuable resources… and its not limitless. It is possible to deplete yourself exerting effort in directions that do not reflect what you value most. By May 1st you will most likely have this all sorted out.

TAURUS (April 21-May 21)

Taurus is on the cusp of a new beginning that has the potential of exposing all the crazy drama, tension, and paranoia, currently living in your head, to the purifying light of day. A period of clarification allows you to see that during the light of day its much harder to get yourself worked up about the ghosts that might be living in your closets or under the bed. Baseless fears that thrive in the darkness of your subconscious mind may now dissipate and die under the unforgivable light of a new, more conscious awareness. As your perspective changes it’s difficult to relate to what was once a life of anxiety driven, reactive incoherence. You may feel calmer, but slightly disoriented. Relationships change. You head in a new direction with more control and less anxiety.

GEMINI (May 21-June 21)
Gemini appears to be moving into a mysterious phase of transition that requires an ability to navigate in the dark. Feeling your way through a mystifying maze of elusive insights, hazy connections, strange urges, sensations that overwhelm, and possibly a calmness that feels deeply rooted but somewhat disorienting may be challenging. Old ghosts, previously banished, may return to haunt and taunt you. Accepting the fact that many things will not make sense over the next month as you surrender to the process and believe in its ability to lead you toward an important new beginning, makes this transitional phase easier. Only in hindsight will you understand its profound significance and the transformation that has occurred. A complete regeneration of the body and soul is possible.

CANCER (June 21-July 21)

Cancer appears to be moving in the direction of a new beginning that enlivens their more eccentric, rebellious, tribal, and genius instincts. Typically consumed with caring for the needs of others, striving professionally, and dealing with complicated relationships, something changes for you this week. Hanging out with friends who don’t need much encouragement to express their less civilized instincts, affiliating with progressive groups, becoming more activist, or otherwise breaking out of some “prison-like conditions” may now seem more natural. Little energy is routinely infused into enhancing your “wild side”, but its time now for things to get more exciting. It’s time for you to wake up the most interesting parts of yourself. A shake-up of some kind is in order and the more enlivening it is, the more personally stabilizing and satisfying it will feel.

LEO (July 21-August 21)

Leos are required to make significant adjustments when their ruling planet (the Sun) moves from a fire sign, in this case Aries, into a fixed earth-bound sign like Taurus. It can initially feel oppressive as the pace of life slows and reality is clarified in some unwelcome way. With a new Moon involved, instinctive urges to worry and obsess can be activated. The trick is to harness your exuberant energy and devilish inclinations to create something of lasting value. Your career and home life may benefit from harnessing your energy in the direction of beautification projects, cultivating broader social networks, using resources more intelligently, generating ideas for combining talents, and creating or affiliating with activist groups dedicated to preserving something you deeply value. Making yourself the leader, as always, will seem to be the most promising option.

VIRGO (August 21-September 21)

The new Moon combines your ability to shrewdly wield power with inner wisdom to create a bright future. It is likely that long standing challenges have taught you a lot about the kinds of methods that can create a deeply meaningful life, the courageous actions necessary, and how best to tame “enemies” (inner and outer) that block the path to an inspired way of living. How to carry out an exacting, efficient, technically simple, self-disciplined strategy to create a bright future is your strength. You are now the natural choice as the person most capable of advising the masses. While the rest of us are lacking confidence in our ability to create the kind of future we prefer, it’s time for you to share your hard won insights and methods. You seem to know how to create something solid filled with simple, but very meaningful pleasures.

LIBRA (September 21-October 21)

Long standing battles within relationships that feel mostly unproductive may have taken a toll in terms of your ability to feel. A heart numbing acquiescence may have replaced what was once a fiery, passionate, perpetually stirred up spirit. This week you may feel the urge to reclaim that kind of aliveness. It seems essential now for you to recapture the part of you that feels primal, sexy, and excited. Gravitating toward the people, places, and things that enliven your passion enables you to clarify some confusion, to reconnect with the basics of who you are, and with the essential sources of your power. This is a week when you are empowered to move your life in a new, deeply satisfying directions. Dissatisfying and frustrating relationships must no longer define and constrain you.

SCORPIO (October 21 – November 21)
Scorpio is on the verge of a major breakthrough as a phase of internal emotional work and development comes to a close. Doors are now opening that allow you access to a bigger, more visible, confident, public life. You may be tentative about walking through the door into this transitional phase. Accustomed to living with a level of emotional immaturity and inner constraint that is rapidly dissolving, this may be a time that feels somewhat intimidating. This week it’s time to sit back and allow yourself to grow into the new you. Its time to get acquainted with your new emotional freedom, to resist the urge to backtrack, and to gently release the old restrictive frameworks that grew comfortable over time. You are moving in the direction of something that feels more solidly supportive and free.

SAGITTARIUS (November 21- December 21)

Sagittarius appears to be transitioning into a phase of heightened awareness regarding health, self-discipline, and balance. Emotional over-exuberance and the failure to restrain pleasurable urges needs to be disciplined in ways that protect the inner compass and natural balancing tendencies. Sagittarians tend to overdo a good thing. It’s a chronic tendency that can interfere with their ability to control their life and to experience that pleasurable “sweet spot” that lies somewhere between deprivation and over-indulgence. This week it’s time for you to consciously cultivate moderation and to become more familiar with the pleasures of the sweet spot. This is a transitional time. The universe apparently feels that you’re ready to integrate a new approach to experiencing the best life has to offer.

CAPRICORN (December 21-January 21)
Capricorn may be getting a little too comfortable in a temporary phase of of life that feels familiar and safe. Horsing around, wasting time, kicking back, and underachieving doesn’t really sound like you, but Mars in Taurus encourages a type of laziness and ease that can be seductive. Reigniting the spark that fuels your ambition and powerful desire to win may not be that difficult. The key for you is to harness your energy as you imagine yourself back in the game. Imagine yourself trailing the pack and the practical things you could do to change that. Then start doing them. Making new contacts, capitalizing on your persuasive communication skills, and using this time to improve some area of relative personal weakness is advised. Get back to being the more disciplined and authentic version of you, even if current realities don’t seem to require it.

AQUARIUS (January 21-February 21)
Aquarius is now be at the end of a process of building a finely crafted “home” for their most valuable ideas, cherished theories, and beliefs. Your mind has existed for awhile now within a “rapid-fire phase.” You have been more capable than usual of generating enlightened and exciting ideas through some magically occurring mental associations. New theories and methods that have arisen in your mind hold great promise for humanity as a whole. Now the pace slows as you harness your energy to craft into solid form something naturally healing and beautiful. You may now be closer to being able to offer, for mass consumption, something you deeply cherish, a part of yourself, an artistic expression that reveals the most authentic, essential you. The world is in desperate need of what you have to offer. Your willingness to make it convenient, accessible, understandable, and useful, while revealing who you are, is a precious gift to the world.

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PISCES (February 21-March 21)
Resources may be at a premium for Pisces. There may not be enough hours in the day, enough money in the bank, enough support, enough confidence, enough know-how, or enough of anything that seems necessary to propel you into firing up and communicating what only you can communicate. You seem to be on the cusp of harnessing the your energy in ways that allow you to change your current attitude of deprivation. Your challenge seems to be finding a way to produce what only you can produce despite your lack of resources – or because of your lack of resources. It is time for you to discipline your routines and to maximize your resources to produce something of solid lasting value. Sometimes constraints can be the perfect alchemical environment from which magic is born.
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