Horoscopes for the Week of April 1 – April 7

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Mercury, newly in the sign of Aries, is not backing down from verbal conflict. It’s time to assert what you know, to confidently throw your ideas into the conversation, to explode rigid mental frameworks, and to make a decision. It may be time to break with energy-draining contacts.

Yesterday, Mars entered the sign of Taurus, ramping up actions that strengthen material security, ensure an abundant supply of resources, and nurture what has been initiated over the past five weeks. Now we identify our limitations and find trusted partners who can pick up where we leave off as we fully engage. Work involves consistent plodding, patience, and an inner assurance that we are aligning, in some way, with the timeless cycle of life.

Expedience may be replaced with an appreciation for fine craftsmanship. “Flying off the handle” gives way to a slow burn that motivates and “equal and opposite” reaction. Building something of worth, cooking something worth savoring, tending to the garden, making music, growing stronger, appreciating simple beauty and creating lush surroundings is facilitated by this new Martian energy. Our effectiveness, for the next six weeks, depends on a grounded, consistent, unhurried, well-planned, and unwavering approach.

On Saturday there is another total eclipse in the airy sign of Libra following on the heels of March 20th’s total solar eclipse in the watery sign of Pisces. Change is in the air. Now our attention is drawn to culminations and endings. We may be feeling those. Relationships are highlighted as we end those that have run their course, abandon old, ineffective ways of relating, and attend to our emotional cravings for love and self worth. We may be prompted to leave behind our focus on complicating distractions in favor of something simpler, more substantial, and naturally re-aligning.

What has been delayed for the past four months, giving us time to build our confidence, identify our creative strengths, and define a new direction for expansion, is over next Wednesday. It’s time to move ahead with plans for building something solid that will grow stronger and more beautiful as time progresses.

I will focus on the effects of the eclipse for each sign. Remember to read the horoscope for your ascendent sign if you know it, then your Sun sign.

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ARIES (March 21-April 21)
There is a noticeable shift this week from the planning, preparing stages into an active phase of building, solidifying, and making things more concrete. Materializing, getting it down on paper, addressing the financial aspects, and stabilizing in some way may be on the agenda. What was once a stream of excited thoughts and ideas now gets more real. Relationships reach a pivotal point. The end of an old way of being within relationships is indicated. Something changes emotionally that may bring a sense of peace. There is an end to the war, the conflict, dissension, and enmity that opens the door to entirely new possibilities within relationships.

TAURUS (April 21-May 21)

If you’re receptive, most likely you are now the recipient of some amazing gifts that enhance inner tranquility and stability. It is as though some firm foundation is placing itself beneath your feet and finally you feel grounded and supported in ways that have previously felt elusive. The total eclipse may change your relationship with perfectionism, guilt, over work, and the feeling that you’re not quite measuring up. There is some emotional framework change that clarifies your connection to something larger. Most likely that is your spiritual life, connections to artistic inspiration, or realization of all the ways you are, and have always been, supported in your life journey.

GEMINI (May 21-June 21)
This week Geminis feel a shift in their inner life that may be undefinable but reflected in some new kind of stable and tranquil approach to your work, healing, and your own health. As Mercury has moved into the sign of Aries, this is the beginning of a new cycle of inquiry, curiosity, and communication, especially among friends and professional contacts. Conversations become sharper and decisions more confident. “Energy drains” are abruptly severed. There is a new realism and groundedness associated with your thinking process. The eclipse punctuates an emotional end to old ways of expressing love, enjoying sex, and creating relationships. Room for something new is being arranged.

CANCER (June 21-July 21)

The eclipse brings an emotional end to some way of relating to family, home, and the past. There is a change in your emotional framework that sparks some insecurity and is reflected in your ability to assert your professional authority and to “direct the show,” so to speak. This time may signal the end of a conflict, some ongoing dissension, or in-fighting. Friendships from the past may be involved in some way. Your style, approach, appearance, and role within relationships may undergo significant change. Partners and marriages may present a complicating, undermining component. What you can feel confident of is that you are operating with your feet on the ground, free of illusions.

LEO (July 21-August 21)

Leos experience the eclipse as the need to end an old way of communicating or thinking mainly within the professional/career realm. Some part of your emotional framework is being reset to clear the decks for a new approach and a new attitude toward asserting authority, getting along with co-workers and protecting your health. A new realism that has entered the picture that may involve money, stability, and the importance of tranquil, workable relationships in general. It is now necessary to consider the future on a more routine basis. More attention to what you say, how you say it, and how you position yourself within relationships, for the sake of your future, matters.

VIRGO (August 21-September 21)

Virgo has recently experienced a shift in focus from the confusion and elusiveness of partnerships and marriage to the need to deal with the co-mingling of assets, trust, intimacy, and future support. This represents a new cycle that is infused with realism and groundedness. There is nothing more grounding than the prospect of a financially chaotic future. Conversations now become sharper and “to the point.” The eclipse changes your emotional framework regarding money, income, stability, values, self-worth, net worth, and priorities. It may be time to look out for number one and to negotiate from that perspective. Clearly stating your desires and knowing what you need seems important.

LIBRA (September 21-October 21)

This total lunar eclipse may affect your style and approach to life in general, and more specifically the role you’re willing to play within relationships. Complications involving the past, old psychological conditioning, ongoing dissension “within the ranks,” and money may be involved. There is the need to end some energy-draining conflict. A new realism regarding the balance between what you give and what you take may change the game. Mercury in the 7th house of relationships makes conversations sharper, angrier, more straight-forward, and more honest. A break through could make room for a new beginning. The end to ongoing conflict may become a reality once you use your leverage.

SCORPIO (October 21 – November 21)
The impending eclipse changes some aspect of your invisible realm of existence. Your subconscious mind, old memories, old psychological conditioning, and old illusions are being washed away in a wave of emotional upheaval and change. New ways of looking at the past now become possible. Old resentments may now seem illogical. Old approaches to self-improvement may become null and void. Guilt and perfectionism may be rendered senseless. An inner reorientation may be necessary. Limitations that have been with you forever may now be released. A total change of your mindset, the conversations you have with yourself, and a new level of understanding may present challenges.

SAGITTARIUS (November 21- December 21)

You may feel yourself on the precipice of some new infusion of energy that will give you the momentum you need to start something that has been delayed for awhile. Whatever it is it’s most likely an expression of your innate genius and something that infuses your future with the possibility of fame and fortune. At the very least it feels that you are finally ready to express your true self. The impending eclipse changes your relationship with your work and possibly your health. It may necessitate a change in priorities, values, and you how you manage and use available resources. Creativity must be running full force. But their may be a new patience with the process, a more grounded approach to allowing yourself the time it takes to produce something worthy of the reflection of you that it is.

CAPRICORN (December 21-January 21)
Capricorns may feel unsettled by the impending total lunar eclipse. Something is changing within your emotional framework that re-aligns your relationship to your public role, the way you assert your authority, and your life direction. Highlighted now is the extent to which you have become embedded in old beliefs, old goals, old directions, and outworn responsibilities. The need to control and direct everything may be an overwhelming urge at this time. Explosive arguments may result from your impulsive expressions of anger in response to being confronted with an uncomfortable truth. Softening is actually a more effective approach at this time, especially toward those stringent rules and regulations you enforce to keep yourself “in line.”

AQUARIUS (January 21-February 21)
You experience the impending eclipse and fundamental emotional change within the realm of future concerns. Something about your old, maybe tentative relationship with the future is being released. Old debris that undermined your faith in yourself is being removed. A re-alignment with your natural self is taking hold. What may be required is a new approach and orientation to your daily routine, to paperwork, to making sure that the true genius of your ideas are being documented and saved in a consistent and caring way. It is time to conserve your energy by re-structuring your base of operations in a way that allows for the most efficient possible use of talents and resources.

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PISCES (February 21-March 21)
Delays in the process of beginning a new creative project are coming to an end. Within a few days you will notice some previous blockage has been removed, changing the nature of your work and, most likely improving your health. You may be more confident in your ability to express your artistic and healing abilities and to connect with some mysterious source that will fuel the process. There is a change in your emotional framework that is reflected in your business partnerships, the nature of what you contribute and what you receive, and how indebted you feel, overall, toward others. You may feel most indebted to yourself at this time. It may feel like your time, finally, to express who you truly are.
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